09/27/2022 AMA Webinar with Steve

Questions from this week’s session:

  • How long does the pillar content need to be?
  • You mentioned NOT to use YouTube – why is that?
  • How much ad spend do I need to be investing to see results?
  • When will the descript video be up?

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Raw Video Transcription

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Rock and roll. Okay. Right. I think we’re good. Um, so do me a favor, if you guys have any questions, I’m gonna leave my email up here cuz we’re, we are using a new link right now and when we use a new link, people get, uh, turned around and I totally get that. So I wanna make sure that before we get going, we’re about four minutes in right now.

We’ll get started. I’ve got, uh, four questions that came in that will answer then if you guys wanna join me live, that’s totally good. If not, I’m just gonna answer these questions and this will end up being a short one. As long as that takes. So we’ll just refresh here, make sure that support queue is cleared out and we’ll be good to go.

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Yeah. Okay. All right. Let’s rock and. So you guys have an amazing Tuesday. I listen, The Omni Brand Accelerator was launched last week. It was a very quiet launch. I think over the next coming days, we’re gonna get very loud about it, so more people will come in. Uh, we’ve got about 28 people so far that have joined us early, which is amazing.

Uh, the course dropped yesterday on week one. I don’t expect all of you guys to have already consumed all of that. I in one. It’s 85 minutes. I think it was 11 videos is what dropped yesterday. Week number two will drop next Monday mid-morning as well. We’ll continue to do that all the way through week six.

Uh, my intention for these webinars actually very simple. Number one, we wanna make sure that we give you everything that you can to have success in this content creating journey. It’s probably the most important thing, uh, over everything and to get your questions answered. So I’m not going to use these to teach, so you’re never gonna get on these webinars, and I’m not gonna give you something new that’s not in the accelerator.

Everything’s in the accelerator. The purpose of this, Is for you to come on with me, uh, to get unstuck and to get everything you need out the door. And, sorry, I’m trying to manage, uh, don’t have any moderators today. Um, it looks like we may have chat set to only the host and I’m not sure what’s, um, what the deal is here.

Let me see. Chat previews. That’s good. Yeah, I don’t know what the, what it. Oh, there we go. I think I gotta fix now. So host some panels is totally cool. If you want everybody to see it, that’s totally fine. Um, but re really what the, what the main thing that I wanna make sure that we can get to, uh, today is to get your questions answered.

Because there’s nothing worse than going through an accelerator or a course or group coaching and getting everything that you need, and then be like, Well, I don’t understand video number three. Or like, what do I do here? Like, who do I ask for for help? So then you gotta submit like, A support ticket and wait nine days for a response that you note doesn’t count.

So the purpose of these videos Tuesday at 11 o’clock is for either you to email me a question before, uh, that would be one way you could do it. You could send it at members@steveolson.co. We’ll answer ’em on this video here. Uh, the second ways you hop on this webinar live, you put it in q and a, and I either answer it right for you with a screen share or you know, just in dialogue like this.

Or I can promote you to a panelist and you and I can have a conversation around it. We can go back and forth. Here’s what I know to be true about your business, is that if you’re probably going through a struggle in your content creation or ads or conversion or whatever funnel you’re looking at right now, chances are there are multiple other people that are going through the same issue as well.

So my recommendation to you is that when we do go through those challenges, that you use this as the ability to ask a question again, either in the q and. Uh, you can do it in chat. You can do it, uh, and I’ll promote you. We can have a discussion or anything like that, but this is meant to get you completely unstuck.

Uh, from that so that you can continue on that client’s, uh, journey or content creation journey, however you look at that. All right, So here’s the four that I have. I’m gonna go line by line. These are actually very simple questions. Most of these, um, were addressed somewhere in the course, but nothing overly, uh, specific.

Like there were no specific videos, but they totally make sense. So, number one, here’s what I wrote down the question that came in. How long does the content need to. Uh, that was the question word for word as it came in, and I’m gonna assume that you’re talking about pillar content. So remember from the accelerator course that we have pillar content, which is the big content that would be like the five to 10 minute content, and then we have short content that’s created from that pillar content, right?

So the pillar content may be three things that you need to know before you put your home on the market for sale, if you’re in the real estate space and. What I would do with the little tiny pieces of content around that would be one minute chunks for each one of the, one of those three things. So if it’s like, get an early home inspection, paint the house, and, um, spend $5,000 on curb appeal, right?

Let’s say those were your three things. Well, one, one minute video would be about painting the house. The other one minute video would be just a section about curb appeal. The other one, I don’t even remember what the first one was. A pre home inspection. That would be a one minute video. So you’ve got your pillar content.

That’s the entire story. And then you’ve got the one minute content that are little chunks from the pillar content. So the question is, how long does the content need to. No shorter. I would try to make all the content at least five minutes long, but no longer than it takes you to get the point across. So sometimes that’s a five minute video.

Sometimes that’s a seven minute video. Sometimes it’s an 11 minute video, but it could be. A bunch of different links. I wouldn’t talk just to talk. Um, I have a tendency of time to time to overexplain and ramble sometimes, especially if it’s something that I’m like super passionate about for these type of sales videos.

I wouldn’t do it that way. Right? I would get right to the point. I’d be very succinct. I’d be very succinct. Uh, in my point. Uh, I would tell stories that illustrate the point that you try to get across. You can use stock footage or popups or any of that stuff when you get really. Good at video editing, whether you’re doing it or somebody else, but I would not try to make a 12 minute video just because you think 12 minute video.

Um, Is what makes sense now. Uh, Mike, I think this was your question in, in the actual course. Uh, I do say that bigger content will always outperform shorter content. I think that you need to think about YouTube very strategically. And here’s how I think about this. And again, I touched on this very lightly last week when I created week one.

Uh, but I probably didn’t go into enough detail. Uh, the reason why I wouldn’t lot rely on YouTube as much as maybe you think you should is because number one, they have control over your. But number two, that may be the very reason you want to go after YouTube is because they have control, uh, over your content.

What I mean by that is that if any given time, YouTube now decides, Hey, you know what? Maybe we don’t think YouTube or maybe we don’t think long form content. Is where the market is. Maybe it’s all short form content. Instagram, we’ve seen them do this countless times before where all of a sudden they’ll roll out this new algorithm, um, or a new feed update, and your content just bombs overnight.

Social media platforms are different than YouTube. YouTube definitely is a social media platform, but in a different way. It’s not a feed base like mask consumption. I think people, the majority of what people use YouTube for is to Google. Certain things like how to, how do I do this? Or how do I do that?

Or What about this? Or what about that? That’s what most people use YouTube for. And in the course, I actually tell you, um, how to research specific topics so you can get your channel or your videos or even Google search rankings up as quick as possible because Google already told you what people are looking for, but that’s not this question.

You mentioned not YouTube. If you want to create a following, uh, in the. Ether or in the, you know, big space of YouTube as it is. And maybe it’s not just about a specific market, maybe it’s not about, you know, this type of client you work with on the doctor’s side or on the attorney side, or if you’re in real estate, it might not be like a specific city, right?

If you want to go super wide with it and you know that, hey, this YouTube opportunity could be big for a little while longer, I think YouTube is still in its infancy over what people are gonna have the ability to do. It’s just my opinion. I’m no YouTube expert by any means, but I still think YouTube is in its infancy over the influence that it’s gonna carry over the next 20 years.

You know, give or take, um, who knows? Maybe there’s gonna be something that knocks off YouTube in the video consumption space. That’d be a pretty big feat. But, uh, it’s definitely. Um, you would not wanna put your content on YouTube because you were worried about an algorithm change or you, or maybe you’re really heavy on shorts or you’re really heavy on big thing and you require them after viewing big form content to take a next action.

Cuz remember, YouTube’s goal is to keep people on YouTube. That’s the only thing they care about. Watch as many ads as possible. Click the ads, of course. So the advertisers are happy, but the most important goal YouTube has is to keep them on the platform. So if you’re new in the YouTube journey and you only got a video or two up, keep in mind that if the end of your video, it’s YouTube’s goal not to reward you.

It’s not to reward anybody else, it’s just to keep them on the platform, right? So if you don’t have related videos that are very good at the end of the video, YouTube’s gonna say, Hey, you may like all of these. And guess the videos. They’re gonna. Other videos like yours, which probably means competitors.

So again, good reasons to do it, bad reasons to do it. Um, it’s really boils down to a choice of what you’re doing the way that we’re thinking about YouTube and what we’re doing going forward. Is that the medium format content or sometimes the, the entire content, um, is gonna go on YouTube, but we’re really gonna use YouTube to push shorts really, really hard.

And then I’d probably say 30% of the content will go on the YouTube channel. Ours is really small. We’re just starting, It’s like 85 subscribers. It’s nothing significant. Um, we do spend a fair amount of money on advertising on YouTube, and you’ll find that you will go through bumps and subscribers with ads and then you’ll lose ’em.

Like they, it’s kind of an ebb and flow. Um, I never really look at that a as a, as an indication of how our ads are doing because I’m not running ads to get subscribers. And I think in the latest YouTube update, correct me if I’m wrong, uh, Cindy, but, um, I don’t think YouTube algorithm is giving precedent to people with 10 million subscribers anymore because I think they’re finding that there’s good content.

With, with creators all across the subscriber base. And you know, look, if I told any of you guys like there was a hundred thousand dollars prize for whoever got the most subscribers in a week, you would find a creative way to go out there and get a ton of subscribers, right? I don’t think that’s where the money is.

Um, so let me get back to the question you mentioned, not YouTube. Why I would do YouTube if you wanted to go big with reach in regards to a wide market. Now you might be, again, a real estate agent in Wichita, Kansas, and you may create some very good real estate content and put it on YouTube, and you be able to be able to grow that channel.

But the odds of all those people looking to move to Wichita or being in Wich. Probably not that high, right? So if that was the kind of content you were creating, then I’d probably go blog and then I’d use ads. I’d use the Omni Brand Accelerator to run ads, to build that blog. That’s where I would go if it was more like, Hey, I want to be like the influencer to recruit as many real estate agents to my extended team as possible.

100%. That is a YouTube channel, because we want YouTube to take that content and we want them to spread it as much as possible because the more people to consume that content, the better we’re gonna. So I would just think about, Cindy, where you want your content to be in regards to who you want to see it, and how much control you ha you, you, you have around that.

All right. Uh, let’s see. Any, We’re good on that. Okay, cool. Nothing in private. Awesome. Question number three. How much ad spend will I really need to pull this off? Uh, we haven’t even gotten to that part of the accelerator. That’s a great question. Um, when you say how much ad spend you need to pull this off, I’m assuming what you really mean is how much money do I need to spend before I get my first result?

That would be the thing that, that I’m looking for. Um, if there was an easy rule of. Anytime that I run ads for any reason, whether it’s video views, whether it’s lead ads, whether it’s a buy this thing, whether it’s a set that appointment, whether it’s to sell your home, what, whatever your objective is, right?

But the moment when that prospect turns goes from a lead or a prospect to a paying client in the real estate space, that may be like a listing agreement signed that may, um, Could be a purchase contract signed. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t view it as a closing because you can’t really get closings from ads.

You can get clients and client signed contracts and contracts get us closing checks. Right? But you can’t really get a closing check from a Facebook ad if you, if you catch, catch my drift. If you’re tracking the point to when they become, they become a paid client. Right. I would be looking to acquire that paid client at under 20% of top line revenue at that point.

So if you earn a thousand dollars from that client when they agree to work with you, the most amount of money that I would try to spend right now to get that client would be $200. Uh, in the real estate space, we’re, you know, we’re spoiled a little bit. If my average commission check, I’m gonna pull out my calculator here.

Let’s say it’s 650,000 and I’m gonna get two and a half percent commission on that, that’s 16,002 50. So if I multiply that times 20%, that means the most amount of money I’m gonna pay for that client is $3,250. Now in most markets, We don’t need to spend anywhere near that, especially with the way that I’m showing you guys how to do ads, right?

Because we’re doing, you know, pillar content, short videos to drive to the video retargeting to get a lead magnet retargeting from a lead magnet to get an appointment, right? You really think about everything that we’re building during the six week accelerator. That’s the funnel I’m helping you implement.

Um, the more video that you run, the more people that watch your short form and medium form video, and they do it over and over and over again. The great thing is, is that you’re never gonna run into ad fatigue with this type of content. Facebook’s never gonna say, I’ll see if you’re running too many video ads right now.

We think people are watching too much of your content. It’s the very thing Facebook wants us doing. It’s the very thing that YouTube wants us doing. It’s the very thing that Google wants us doing. It’s the very thing that Instagram wants us doing. So the reason why these are so impactful is that we’re feeding the algorithm with ads that the, the platforms want us natively doing anyway.

So they’re willing to give us a little bit of a head start with some of this stuff because they know it works, right. Um, if you were selling something for 500 bucks, I think a hundred dollars is your budget, right? Uh, when we first launched a very cold ad campaign for the Omni Brand Accelerator and we got everybody in at a, a pretty good discounted rate, or I think it’s probably on full prices, 1595.

I think everybody that joined early is in its 7 95. Uh, there were a few people that joined that it cost us right around, I think $211 to acquire that client. Just being like totally transparent with you, That’s scalable for us. It’s a little bit more than 20%, but I’m okay with those numbers, right? And, and we’ll figure out how to make ads, make ’em a little bit more impactful in the sales process a little bit better.

Cuz remember you can have amazing video content. You could have an amazing, um, client, um, building sequence, uh, meaning, uh, what’s the word I’m looking? Your lead conversion on the site could be great, but if your sales follow up sucks you, you’re not gonna be at 20%. It’s gonna be much more expensive. Any part of that whole thing that breaks everything, breaks with it.

You can’t have an amazing offer and bad sales follow up and ex expect to be profitable. You can’t have an amazing offer, but a horrible landing page with a great sales follow up and expect to be profitable. It just doesn’t work that. Um, if I had to put, like, if you’re not spending any ad dollars in right now and you’re like, Where do I get started and how much do I need to spend to get to my first result?

I think a starting of like $1,500 a month total ad spend, and within two or three weeks you will have, like, you’ll see a. That this is very profitable, right? It happens. It happens really quick, right? But it’s gotta be video based and you have to look at the data. But don’t worry. In future accelerator courses, uh, or week reviews, I’ll show you exactly how to look at the data.

What do we push, what do we pull back? And I’ll, I’ll do this with our own data alone. So I would say if you have no ad spend right now, $1,500 would be where I’d, where I’d. Depending on your market, uh, where we live in Carlsbad, California is 120,000 people. So if I was only going after 120,000 people right now in Carlsbad, I’d do a couple things right now.

I’d get the video view campaigns, which release next week. I’d get as many of those up. For three to $15 a day as possible, I would get the Google add or Google display campaigns up as soon as possible so I could follow everybody around, both with new lead generation and remarketing. Uh, those would be the two things that I would focus on right now.

And it will be a matter of, literally, it will be a matter of days, uh, that you will see people start to say like, Geez, Steve, we see you everywhere. Google in the real estate space, especially if you’re local. It’s your best friend. I will tell you right now, it will out produce Facebook. It will out produce Instagram, cuz right now, as of this video, today’s September 27th.

Um, It’s, it’s the only one that you can still uniquely target people locally and you don’t have to worry about all of Facebook’s rules or, or this ad getting approved or that ad getting approved. You can target still very well. There are a little more challenging campaigns. You gotta watch ’em a little bit more, but once you understand it, it works very well.

Um, uh, One thing that I’ll tack onto this one of the campaigns in regards to initial ad spend to pull this off based on that question is that most of you guys are not running a camp. We’re not even running it. We need to launch it right down too. Uh, but we are not running campaigns that when somebody googles your name that you control the first ad spot on there.

Like that’s one that I would do right now. So if anybody, um, I think I saw James Grant earlier on. If anybody’s googling James Grant, you know, real estate like James, you need to show up number one, you know, on that ad. And we’re talking, this is like $2 a day. Unless James has like 10,000 people a day googling him, right?

I don’t know how many people a day goo you. Uh, you can probably find that with Google Insight. Um, but even if it’s like Steve Olson, that’s a very common name. There’s a famous skater, there’s a famous photographer, uh, there’s a writer like, you know, Steve Olson is not like Joe Smith, but it’s not some crazy name either, right?

Do I want to take the traffic, um, from everybody else? And the answer would be yes. I wanna take everybody’s traffic. I’m looking for Steve Olson, the writer. Great. I’ll show you where he is, but go to my site first. So we’re gonna run campaigns that just say Steve Olson again, that campaign in regards to your overall ad.

One, $2 a day wouldn’t spend much. Right? We just wanna make sure that, And I don’t even care if they click it. I like, that’s the great thing about Google. You could show all these display campaigns if your, if your objective is website traffic, you only get billed when they click. You don’t, you get everything else for free.

It’s like unlimited branding with no cost. That’s why it’s great. Um, so the, the budget that I would start with would be $1,500, maybe a thousand dollars, and I would work on scaling that as soon as you were able to find out that formula that I told you earlier. And most markets, 18 to 20% is the magic number of, of new clients acquisition.

Doesn’t matter what business you’re in, those numbers almost always hold true. Uh, and if you can do that with, uh, somebody who didn’t know you right now. Somebody who knows you later, then I think 20% is totally fine. Um, alright. This question is more of a, a, uh, housekeeping question. When will the script video be up?

So, I think in one of the middle, not, I think in one of the middle courses, uh, or sessions in this week’s accelerator course that dropped, uh, we talked about releasing a bonus course that just shows you how I edit video and Final Cut Pro and how we use the script. To chunk these videos down. That’ll be out this week.

Hopefully that’ll be out. Uh, and in the bonus area, area, section of the dashboard by Thursday. And that’s just gonna be a screenshot of me clicking and telling you exactly why and what I’m doing. It’s not overly produced. It’s a very raw video. Uh, for those of you guys that don’t know what to script is, let me open this up in the page down here will show you sharing screen.

Let’s go to desktop number two. Just script is nothing more. Then, uh, give you the ability to take video and audio. You can do screen recording and transcription as well, but it gives you the ability to create these, like, really cool, uh, let’s go to use cases here. Go to video editing. So it gives you the ability to create like these cool little, um, Transcriptions.

You can edit it based on the word. You can do fancy transcriptions. That’s the number one thing that we use it for. Um, could you edit audio? Yes. Can you do anything from, uh, color grading? No, not really. So you wanna make sure you’re recording something as, um, as clean as possible out. Again, just use your iPhone.

Don’t use anything specific. Right. But this would be the app that I, I would use, and literally if you edit something into script, like if I took this word worked out of the transcript, it would delete it outta the video as well. Like it works really well. And for I think pricing. Um, we’re this super expensive.

I think we pay 30. Yeah, we’re on this one only because, uh, we transcribe a lot, so I need that 30 hours. I have two users for this, so that means every month we can transcribe 60 hours worth of video. Uh, that’s really important to do. Really important to do. Um, you can do this on Rev. You can pay other services, but this is bit built in.

Yeah. Rossi. I just saw your Christmas or your Christmas, your chat. Just, just script is amazing. It’s the, it’s, it’s the best piece of video editing software that I think has come out in the last 15 years. Uh, we use Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro a little bit more than anything else. And I’m telling you, 80% of our workflow now, whether I do it, Jenny does it or our VA does it.

It’s all into script. Uh, it’s a great, great platform. So you could probably start out with the $15 plan. Um, Publish pro. No idea what that is. Batch file, export. We don’t really use that. Uh, custom drive prac, We don’t care about that either. Really, We’re just paying this for the 30 hours. Otherwise, I think you can probably get away with the 15 part.

Uh, so good on that. Ross, you, I’m gonna close this answer off. Thank you for that.

We agree.

Okay. Uh, last, I don’t know if I understand the question. Um, I’ll, I’ll answer the best way that I know in regards to batch batching content. In a perfect world, On Mondays, I actually did mine this morning. I didn’t do it yesterday. We didn’t have time. We had a little kids. We were out all weekend for soccer, and then we had a little kids breakdown on Monday, so I got a little off, off schedule yesterday.

Um, but the question is, is uh, is, you know, do you do it once a day or do you batch content? I think that’s what you mean by that question. Um, I used to be a everyday person. The emails get written every single day. My follow up is done every single day, cuz I just like the daily cadence, right? Uh, life for me right now is very hectic.

We’re very busy. We’re onboarding sales people. Uh, soccer is in full swing. We just kicked in last weekend. It’s seven days a week. So I’ve got a compressed work day. I’ve coaching calls that I have to do. I have sales calls that I do like. There’s a lot, right? So I never used to be a batching person. Um, but I did start batching as of two weeks ago, and all batching looks like for.

Is to sit down at this desk and I will change, like I have like this little app on my phone just to try and fool you guys that we actually do rerecord, but we’ll change the color of the video to whatever. These are little aperture lights that are a hundred bucks each in a normal lamp post. Um, I’ll change the video or change the light every video, if I even remember to, I’ll let the camera roll and I’ll just pick five topics that I wanna talk about that I know I have the ability to give good insight with.

Um, again, five to 15 minutes, nothing more, nothing less. I’ll batch it all at one time and then I’ll spend later on that night editing all those videos down that gets uploaded into our server that’s here in the home. And then that way, uh, one person of VA and Jenny. Us to that server. For those of you guys don’t know, Jenny’s my wife, um, she does a lot of the micro videod.

Um, but they can access it on the server, and then once it’s done, they move it to the next folder, and then that’s when we know to post it and run ads against it. Um, it’s, I, I found, and I wish I would’ve known this or known this, noticed this earlier. I found that when I’m able to write out my topics and notion, that’s what we use to organize this whole thing.

You could use Trello or Monday or a Sauna. They’re all the same. It’s just what you like the best, right? I don’t think there’s anything, um, significant from one to the. Uh, but I found that every time that I consume something on YouTube or I see a, a reel or a short or a TikTok video or I read something or in a podcast that sticks out with me, I just open notion really quick.

I write that thought down in con my, what the board we call content creation workflow. And then when I go to batch the content, I just, um, like I just hit it one after another. Now, there would be some times when I’ll edit the video, I’ll put it on the server and Abby or Jenny will look at it. They’ll just.

That sucked. Delete that one. Fine. We delete it. If it doesn’t make sense, we don’t post it. So not everyone is a winner. Right. Uh, in fact, one of the videos that I made this morning is that if your expectation of every piece of content that you put out there, uh, is that everything always wins, and if it doesn’t, you’re all in, uh, or you’re all out.

This is not going to be a joyous process for you. Right. I can’t tell you. I mean, even going back to like the kinks and Lane Days or the Phoenix Real Estate team, when we first got into digital advertising, The amount of content that we created that I thought like this was gonna be amazing. That bond, like for the most part, more more stuff bombs than, than has success.

Because if it was easy to create success around everything, like there would be no competition, it would just be he or she spends the most amount of money, wins all the business, but it doesn’t work that way. Right. And you should be grateful it doesn’t work that way because that’s what evens the playing field, right.

So I, I am, uh, again, if you asked me this three weeks ago, I would’ve told you no. Uh, but I 100% and am a fan of batching right now. Um, do you have to do it in, in video content? No, you could do it in blog post format where you just write everything as well. It’s probably a little harder to do that, in my opinion.

Um, I was, I think in college when I, when I majored in music education for the first couple years, I was very used to just going down to studio, sitting behind the drums, playing for a little while, getting the practice in and leaving. So it was very like, What can you do for me now? Type of music, performance practice.

Music practice, not performance. And I think video’s the same way for me. I don’t really have to get overly prepared to get in front of this mic. I really have to turn on like three pieces of equipment, a light, you know, make sure that the settings are set, move the mic. You know, up and down, get that in front of my face and just hit the record button.

And like I said, some video content that comes out is, I think is good. Some of it I don’t really think is good, but the only people that matter. If it’s good or not, or the people consuming it, they’re the ones that are gonna vote. Right. You guys have heard me say before, like the only vote that you can get that scales your business is one with somebody’s checkbook.

Because when you ask somebody, Hey, would you list your home for me with this thing? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I would totally list my home with you. That’s amazing. Are you thinking about selling? Yeah. Good. Will you list your home with me? Well, I don’t know. You know, like that’s voting with their checkbook. Oh, I, I totally pay a thousand dollars for that.

Great. What’s your email address? What do you mean? Well, so I can send you an invoice. Well, no, I’m, I like, I don’t wanna buy it right now. I’m just saying like, if I was gonna buy it, I would pay a thousand dollars. Oh, so you wouldn’t pay for it. Right. That’s what I mean by voting with the checkbook. And, and, and businesses that understand this at a very high level, they understand that like, that is the only metric that matters.

It doesn’t matter what your team feels about the content. It doesn’t matter what you feel about the, or how you feel around the content. It only matters the results that you. And our job is to continue to create this over and over and over again until the marketplace, whatever your marketplace is, votes with their checkbook and that vote with their checkbook is profitable to you.

Sometimes the most boring content wins, Sometimes the most entertaining content wins. Sometimes you don’t need to do video at all. You need to find your voice in regards to what you can do, whether that’s video, audio, uh, written word. I, I, I don’t really think it matters. I just think. That whatever you do, you need to push it as hard as you can.

I will tell you that on every single social media platform, LinkedIn included, uh, the one thing that everybody is pushing more than anything else is video. So I’d love to tell you that. Look, you could probably never do video and you’d be okay. I’d be lying to you if I told you it was not going to be an uphill battle.

It will. Right? Video is king right now, especially, I should probably, I’ll send you guys a Ryan Sterhan video with Jeff Lewis and uh, they were talking about the difference between TikTok and Netflix and Jeff Lewis believed that like long form content with Netflix wasn’t gonna make it. And Ryan said, Nah, I disagree.

But then Ryan had an interesting point and he said, You know what everybody wants entertainment, drama, a story and a result. Something to that effect. I probably totally, but. But he’s like, When you can get on TikTok and get all four of those things in one minute, why would somebody wanna watch sit down for Netflix and watch a 15, a 50, one minute mini series when they can get on TikTok?

And literally I’ll just, you know, you open up TikTok and in a matter of seconds you can continue to go through all. I’ll look that Garrett, Phil, Um, you can go through all of this content and, and create that story or, uh, consume that story. Right away. Right. That’s why, um, I didn’t expect to see Garrett live there.

That, that’s great, Garrett. If you ever watched this, hope you’re doing well. Um, but people have the ability to consume those stories in very short form content and listen, it works. That’s why TikTok is eating everybody’s lunch right now. And look, are the best performing TikTok videos attractive women doing weird things?

Yes. And there’s everybody else, right? So I’m not attractive women that can do funny things on video, right? Does that mean I shouldn’t be doing TikTok? Absolutely not. You guys all should be doing TikTok in the course. Last thing I’ll tell you, this was the last question, so if you guys have anything else, put it in the q and a.

Otherwise this will be the last thing. Some of the best videos that are out there for local professionals. Only have dozens or hundreds or low 1000 views. Um, there was a podcast from Joe Polish who talked about a guy, I think he’s an attorney, if I’m not mistaken, most recent podcast. And he talks about, they create very specific content for very specific areas like how to, like, I, I can’t remember the example he would use, but I’m not far off.

You would say, like, how to contact Southwest Airlines if your flight was delayed coming outta Phoenix Sky Harbor. Like you would think, Okay, nobody on YouTube is searching for that, but the ones who do. And the ones who watch that are very targeted consumers. And that’s what this whole video is about.

Like you can create all these videos that only get 50, 60, 70, 80, a hundred views, but the ROI on that, on those videos will be huge if you understand the specificity of what YouTube can do now for what you guys are doing and what I’m doing most of the time, it’s not that local. But again, roasty, because I, I saw you like if you wanted to create one video on YouTube, The three types of homes that I would buy in this high rise in, in Hoboken, New Jersey, and why you should do it, like I would literally say the best floor to live on in the W residence in Hoboken, New Jersey across from, uh, Joe’s Pizza.

Like again, is anybody ever gonna search that on YouTube? No. But when somebody Googles best Pizza and Hoboken Best Walkable Pizza, that video’s gonna show up. And, and although you may not get. 10,000 views on that. The dozens or the hundreds that you will get will be very impactful views, and chances are they’ll convert at a much higher rate if you have it set up right in the description with links.

And when we get to the YouTube section, we’ll talk about all that as well, especially as it pertains to ads. All right. Uh, so listen, I hope those were, uh, I think we’re good.

Yep. Looks like chat is good q and a. Those are all answered so good for that. If you guys have any questions, remember it’s q and a on this. Ask that I’ll, I’ll address it. You can do it in chat. I prefer you keep it in q and a. Um, you can send a a message on Tuesdays at members@steveolson.co. That’s where these came in today cuz that was an email that went out when people joined.

Um, And it’s funny cuz two of you that that sent me in questions are not on the webinar right now. So hopefully you watch this, uh, recording. These recordings will be posted. I’ll put those in the members area. It will be its own co course. We’ll put all the questions that will answered. I’ll, I’ll give you the, the transcript and we’ll put all the questions in the notes so that you know that this asked me any, anything session.

Include these four questions, right? So we’ll put those in the notes as well. Every Tuesday, 11 o’clock, it’s a different zoom link every Tuesday. It’ll always be in the dashboard. Click there. That’ll be the link cuz if I’m on it then you’ll be on it as well. I can’t be on a link that you don’t know about cuz we create these at the beginning of every single month.

But that will be in the dashboard. Look for that link there. Uh, any questions? That’s it. I hope you guys are all, uh, crushing your Tuesday. I’ll get the recording out, uh, today or tomorrow depending on when Vio gives this to me and I will see you for the next drop. Any questions, memories@steveolsen.co. See you on the next one.

 All right, talk soon.