10/04/2022 AMA Webinar with Steve

Questions from this week’s session:

  • Do I need a blog or can I just use Social Video?
  • How will 14.5 affect my pixel?
  • Do I need Final Cut Pro or can I just use DeScript?
  • Is an iPhone fine for video or do I need to buy a DSLR camera?

Raw Video Transcription

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[00:00:00] Hello? Hello, Hello? Hello? You guys doing good? Let’s give you all a couple minutes here to hop on. We’ll do a refresh here in one of our lovely pages.

[00:00:24] Ola, do me a favor and use q and a if you have any questions.

[00:00:35] We’ve got four so far. Uh, maybe I can’t count. Nope, there’s four. And then one little housekeeping thing based on this week’s gig here. Let’s see if I can move this over here.

[00:00:52] Okay. I think we’re.[00:01:00]

[00:01:09] Trying to clean up my screen here so I can show you guys this stuff. Okay. All right. Rock and roll. So housekeeping. Um, I want, I was going through the course yesterday. The, the weekly drop that hit on Monday. It was recorded about, uh, I don’t know, a week ago or so. A couple of ’em were over the weekend, kind of some ones that we had to redo, um, early last week.

[00:01:31] We recorded next week, so I did like literally a marathon of like 11 videos all morning and the freaking mic wasn’t. I dunno if you guys, if you record a lot of video, you know, like when you start to look at the raw files and there’s no audio, um, you know that that’s happened. I’ve recorded songs in the studio before and the kick drum mic wasn’t connected, like stupid, stupid, stupid stuff, you know, Uh, that happens, right?

[00:01:59] [00:02:00] Yes, Shane. Ouch is exactly right. Okay, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna copy that. Okay, Mike, I got that question and actually somebody else email. Yeah, something very similar to that. Okay. So Mike, I’ll get that as well. Shane, Yes. Ouch. 100%. Okay, so housekeeping. Uh, at the end of every video, write this down to your notes.

[00:02:21] It doesn’t matter what you’re making a video about if you’re in the real estate space. Shane, I’ll, I’ll tell you this. Uh, James Grant and I talk about this a lot. If you’re gonna run an ad for, like, a new listing, you can use the primary photo of, of the listing if you wanted to. I would still use that opportunity to, uh, still create a video.

[00:02:38] So I would, do, you know, I, I would have, um, I’d use your iPhone or Android, whatever you have. I’d open up the camera. Let’s open it up right here. And I would turn on cinematic mode, and I would use this. So if this was, I don’t know if this is bigger to see this framing right, but I would frame myself like this [00:03:00] maybe about an inch above my head, you know, at the very lower part, kind of like how I’m framed right now in the video, right?

[00:03:05] Little bit’s face up here, the bottom of the video somewhere, you know, on just below your rib cage, right? That’s. That’s the correct framing to do and I would just, I would talk in front of it. Hey, my name’s Steve Olson. I’m a real estate agent in Vancouver, Washington. Listen, I’m making this video cuz we just signed a listing.

[00:03:20] It is the only home in Vancouver. It’s under 650,000 that has four bedrooms, uh, that has this feature and it’s priced. At a price that I think is pretty, is gonna shock you. So if you want more details on this, if you want to get access before the entire public sees it, click below, I’ll send you all the details right to your email.

[00:03:38] Now, by us saying we’re sending all the details right to your email, we’re automatically telling you like, you gotta gimme your email to do this, right? So it’s very important to mention that you don’t need to do the background in the home, you don’t need to be in the neighborhood, You don’t need to have a monument.

[00:03:50] This could be at home. Your background could easily be the kitchen. Let me turn this off. So I’m gonna kill my battery. . It could be in a background like I have here. It could be in your kitchen, [00:04:00] it could be in your bedroom, it could be anywhere. Cuz remember, the focal point of the video is just really right here and, and right here.

[00:04:06] What’s right here. Nobody really cares. You know, they don’t pay attention. And the ones that do listen, they’re not gonna buy from me anyway. Right. Uh, so the housekeeping deal that I, I wanted to say, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna show you what we do on, on some of the branding things right now, and if you guys have seen any of our one minute videos, you’ve probably seen these before.

[00:04:24] Um,

[00:04:32] Okay, we’ll share the screen here. We’ll go to desktop number two. Uh, and you’ll see that at the end of every one of our videos, we put something like this at the end of. Right, because we need to tell them specifically, like, Thank you for watching this one minute video. If you wanna keep going, this is how you do that.

[00:04:48] So we use this for the square videos. We use this for the vertical videos. And keep in mind, like the reason why this is to the right is because on Instagram reels and on um, [00:05:00] YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, the comments are all right here on the. And that’s where we put the link. Or you can type in six week brand.com, right?

[00:05:10] Uh, in Facebook and in LinkedIn, the comment, that link is up in the description above, so that’s why the arrows are up there. So you can either type in six week brand, that would be totally, I keep forgetting an apple. You can do this now where you can, um, click it right from the image, which I think is great.

[00:05:25] So you can type in six week brand.com and that’ll take you to the Omni Brand Accelerator. Or you can click the link. Because all our Facebook videos are square and then everything else, all our vertical videos, you gotta go, you know, to the right. Right. Really important to understand that because even if it’s like, go get my lead magnet, like there should be the next logical step in the video.

[00:05:46] And what I mean by next logical step is if you’re talking about. Um, how challenging it is in San Diego, California to buy a home over $2 million. Right now, the lead magnet needs to be something that is like the next step of that series of videos. So if I’m [00:06:00] creating my content, that’s what these past two weeks have been about is, you know, trying to identify what your lead magnets or your call to actions or your overall funnel looks like.

[00:06:08] Then most of your businesses, it’s really. The first one, the fir, the, the end goal for most of you guys is, I need you to schedule a call, Right? Or an appointment, some level of an appointment, whether that’s face to face, whether that’s over the phone, Could be a Zoom appointment, uh, could be anything, right?

[00:06:24] That’s the end goal. Well, what’s the next logical thing that I want to get before that? Well, I want, I need you to acknowledge that somehow you’re qualified, right? And registering for homes for sale or locking up content could be one way of that. Content’s gonna be a lot easier, right? So I would always go, like we talked about in the course, I would always go to like, three things you need to know before this.

[00:06:47] Uh, Jeb Bland, one of our coaches and I recorded a video yesterday that we’re gonna release, you know, probably later this week or early next week. And we talked a lot about dentist automation of all of all places, right? And um, it’s funny cuz I had to go to the [00:07:00] dentist this week and, and, um, I was, I was for sure that I had like 50 cavities on my bottom left, right?

[00:07:06] So I go into the dentist and I love my dentist. I think she’s amazing and, you know, go every six months. And she’s like, anything bothering me? I’m like, I’m like, yeah. My whole freaking mouth, like, we’re, I’m gonna make you rich today. And she goes, Okay. She goes, Your last visit was fine. So she goes, I find it hard to believe that in six months, like you have a whole bunch of cavities, but we’ll, So sure enough we do x-rays and we do all that stuff and there’s no cavities.

[00:07:27] And I’m like, Okay, well then my jaw’s broken, like something’s wrong. And uh, she’s like, What kind of toothpaste do you use? I’m like, Oh, the Crest White stuff. And she goes, For how long? I’m like, I don’t know. That’s all I use. She goes, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Like you have to use normal toothpaste. If you want to use the whitening stuff, you can use that for, You guys may know this.

[00:07:45] I didn’t know this. She goes, I would only use that for a couple weeks in a row. Then I would go back to the other toothpaste and she goes, You’re an amels. Probably like really sensitive if you’re using an electric toothbrush and you brush hard, you know, Too much details or too many details. I know, but I started talking to her about the [00:08:00] practice and Jeb and I were talking about this, and when you think about dentistry, it’s like, People think about dentist for two reasons.

[00:08:06] Number one, I have a checkup coming, or number one or number two, I’m trying to avoid it because I don’t want to go through dental work, right? I think that’s how most people view a dental office, right? Uh, a lot of people are very nervous. It’s one of the most common fears out there is, is Dennis work, believe it or not.

[00:08:19] Um, which, you know, like I’m terrified of lightning, right? I don’t understand the dentist fear, but you don’t understand the lightning fear. So I have a lot of like, empathy towards that, right? So I ask her like, What do you guys do for marketing? Or how do you get people through? She goes, We basically just give discounts and it’s first time, we’ll, we’ll do like a free cleaning or free x-ray or free consultation, and we just, we hope we can get them in here and that the service is good enough that they’ll come back.

[00:08:43] And I said, How does it convert? She goes, Well, I don’t have a number. But I think it converts good enough because, you know, we have a waiting list right now and, and, uh, you know, so I think we’re doing. So we talked about the content thing and the way that I would look at it from her is like, hey, there would be like a whole bunch of content of how we do work and a little bit of [00:09:00] social proof and what people say about us, and you know, what a price structure is.

[00:09:03] All those things then would take them a little bit through the process. And then, you know, the lead magnet in her case would be like the five things that you need to prepare for. For a root canal. Um, three, three side effects that you may experience after doing significant dental work in a good way. Like, you know, how will life change once you do dental work?

[00:09:21] Right? Um, all those things, even in the dentist space will work. But it’s only going to work for people that think they need dentist work right now. It’s not gonna work for somebody who has no desire to do dental work, but she doesn’t wanna work with anybody who has no desire to do dental work. She only wants to work with people to do dental work.

[00:09:38] So at the end of every video, I would have like a, an image and I can give you a Photoshop file. Uh, I can put it in the members there if you guys want of, of the two files that I just showed. So you guys can edit it and do whatever you want with it. We do a 1200 by 1200, which covers all our square videos, and we do a 1920 by 10 80, which covers all of our vi vertical videos, and it just takes them to the [00:10:00] next step, right?

[00:10:01] But it needs to be something, like I said, that takes them to the next step from a sales journey. So if you’re making a lot of like, I know James and I have talked about this, Shane, you’ve heard me talk about this as well. Like I believe everybody between now and the end of the year needs to go on a listing.

[00:10:16] Like, you need to have a, how many listing appointment am I gonna go on between now and the end of the year, right? So if you know that you’re on a listings push between now and the end of the year, um, like that’s the only content that I would create right now. I would only create content around selling your home.

[00:10:32] I, I’d make as many one minute videos about preparing you for it. What, why you should do it right now, Why you should wait. Who wins? Who loses? Who should sell in the fourth quarter? Who should wait till the spring and listen. As, as good as we think we are at at marketing. Um, I, I had this told to me a couple years ago, As good as we think we are at marketing, you are never going to convince somebody that wants to sell in March to sell in October unless the, the market is like [00:11:00] guaranteed to take a complete nose dive next month.

[00:11:04] Or next quarter. Or next year, unless people know it’s gonna take a nose dive, your marketing is not good enough to cause somebody to move. Now, over later. Now, if somebody wants to list their home at November 15th and you can convince them that maybe November 1st might be a better date, that’s totally different, right?

[00:11:20] But the people that wanna list next year because of school, because of work, because of the spring selling season, because of holiday travel, because of whatever reason, you are just not that good to convince them otherwise. So we’re not in the job of trying to convince all these people that don’t wanna do anything right now that they should.

[00:11:37] We’re in the job of marketing effectively and putting so much content out there that the people that have no choice but to sell right now believe that we are their only perceived. That’s what we need to focus on right now. Whatever I, I’m looking at the attendee list right now. I think everybody thought this is in real estate, so, um, we’ll, we’ll just stay on the, on the real estate topic right now.

[00:11:55] Your job is to un uncover and understand that yes, the market [00:12:00] is down. Yes, sales are down. Yes, pricing is starting to adjust. We’re feeling it across the board. Not huge numbers, but it is being felt. Um, if you understand that, you know that between now and the end of the year, there are still going to be, you know, 50%, 60%, 40%, however, money, you know, lower or high sales.

[00:12:17] You know that that’s going to happen between now and the end of the year. So our job is marketers is to go find those people. It’s not to convince the general public to ignore the news and sell your home right now because I wanted commission check. That’s not our job. So if you’re making videos around selling your home, the lead magnet should be around selling your home.

[00:12:35] Six questions you need to ask every agent before you think about. Selling your home, Should you get, you know, five reasons to get a, um, pre-inspection before that does, Uh, six, six ways that you can stage your home for under a thousand dollars before you sell your home, Right? Anything that, that somebody who is actively in the process of selling your home, you’d think, okay, they would take this lead magnet.

[00:12:56] Now, the challenge that most of you are gonna face, right? [00:13:00] Is that you’re gonna put this squeeze page up and you’re gonna put this lead magnet up and it’s gonna cost you like $30 per registration. You’re gonna think, Oh, this thing bombs. But the more specific you make the lead magnet and the farther you put down the funnel, that lead magnet, the more that lead’s gonna cost you.

[00:13:15] Okay? And that’s just how the stuff works, right? If I tell you, um, you know, a lead magnet that works really well, uh, a little while ago that, that I worked with somebody down in. Oh my gosh. Uh, I’m gonna say Pacific Beach. It wasn’t Pacific Beach, uh, um, uh, Ocean Beach. Right. And I’d say I was just down in O Ocean Beach the other day with Marjorie.

[00:13:40] Yeah, in Ocean Beach, we just put together a quick lead magnet of the five best taco shops in Ocean Beach, and that was the lead magnet. And we were getting $1 registrations on that, right? All it was was a, a picture, a headline, a map link, and you know, the description, whatever we found online, nobody had to like, make this stuff up.

[00:13:56] Like we didn’t have to come up with any creative, We just had to copy and paste into a Word doc, [00:14:00] make it a pdf, and deliver it in an email, right? Um, you could do this with, you know, the top five most popular neighborhood. And your thing, and you could do neighborhood one, you can take the paragraph off the HOA page and you can have a link to all the homes for sale neighborhood two.

[00:14:13] Like we can make this super simple. Don’t overthink this. We don’t need to write like MIT quality papers to get really good. Like if I’m thinking about moving to Carlsbad, I’ve told you guys this before. I think we have like no pizza. Like to speak of here. What do we have? A couple good pizza places. It’s funny, I had pizza yesterday for lunch, but, um, like I just don’t think we have amazing pizza, right?

[00:14:38] So I, I would come up with a, if you’re live in Carlsbad, where are the closest five best spots to get pizza? And maybe they’re not even in Carlsbad, right? Maybe you gotta do, go down to Slot Beach or Encinitas, or, you know, San Marcus or, or La Joa, whatever. That’s going to convert. But again, if your goal between now and the end of the year is to take listings, make the lead magnet all about listings, all right.

[00:14:58] That needs to be at the [00:15:00] end. I will share those image in this recording. I’ll put that in in the description below so you have access to those Photoshop files and that final image. You guys can edit those however you want. All right, let’s get into four questions. Uh, I don’t think anymore were added since we started.

[00:15:14] No, we did not have any more questions, but if you do have any questions, put ’em in q and a. Uh, not chat. I’m not gonna, I get too, uh, I don’t wanna watch anything anymore, so just leave it in q and a. Okay. Number one. Uh, do I really need a blog or can I just use social video? Yes. Um, the answer is yes to both parts of that question.

[00:15:32] Do you really need a blog? No, you actually don’t. Uh, would it help? Yes, it will help. And the reason why it will help is when somebody consumes your video or goes to your website, we wanna give them as much opportunity as possible to keep clicking around and learning about you, if that’s true, overwhelming for you right now, and you don’t want to get the blog up and the videos and the call to action and the squeeze page and the thank you page and the email.

[00:15:54] So if all of that sounds like a lot, the one thing that I would sacrifice right now would be the blog, believe it or not. [00:16:00] I would focus on. Good lead magnets. First I would put all the video on social and then later on down the road we could build the blog. Um, I do not talk about then in the course, but that is a great question.

[00:16:10] Uh, I, I will tell you, if I look at our internal communication or conversions rather, uh, I don’t know that I would tell you that it’s more or less because of the blog, the more content that you have. Like, I know everybody’s, I know what everybody that’s on our site looks at. I can run reports on all of that.

[00:16:25] So any of you guys that are members, like I know exactly how many courses you’re looking at, how many times you log in, what page you look at. Like I know all of that stuff, right? Um, do I have enough quantifiable data to say if we didn’t have a blog at all, would we be able to grow a. And the answer would be no.

[00:16:39] And some of the most successful people I know don’t run a blog. They run one really detailed landing page, and this totally applies, um, in the real estate space as well. And, and we could do one long form, um, landing page and you could make that your entire thing. Let me give you an example. This is, this is just a guy that I don’t [00:17:00] know, Uh, I think his name’s Amod.

[00:17:02] I’m not mistaken. Me move this over to my screen and I’ll give you guys an example of like a one page.

[00:17:15] That’s tough too. Okay, so, uh, this, he, he, I think he sells this for like 10 grand or something like this. And for coaches, he’ll say, Hey, we’ll build you like a pipeline, right? So he tells you like, this is what it’s about. If you wanna do this, join the call tells you a little bit about it gives you all these videos.

[00:17:31] This is what it is, this is what you need to learn about. Result, you know, uses all these fancy terms to get you confused that you think that you need to be as smart as him in using this. And, um, you know, again, Like profit packaging definitely uses, you know, weird terminology, but you know, whatever it is what it is.

[00:17:48] The guy, I think he prints money. I know a couple people that know him, but all this is, is one very long sales page. And let’s say that you watch all these videos and you’re like, Yeah, you know, I like this guy. I think he can build my pipeline. So I’m gonna book a free [00:18:00] pipeline call. And he is gonna tell you another video.

[00:18:02] And I’m assuming this video’s probably gonna say like, This is what we do on the call. This is how you do it. But then you scroll down, here’s where it gets interest. You scroll down and all this is, is social proof reviews. This is why this works. This guy’s amazing. I did this, I made $10 million in two hours.

[00:18:18] I didn’t have to do anything, right? That’s what all this stuff is. If, if you guys are in the real estate space, this is all Zillow reviews, right? Or Google reviews, Yelp reviews, whatever you guys are pulling. These are all screenshots and in Facebook groups and posts, it doesn’t matter where you get the reviews, literally doesn’t matter.

[00:18:36] All he’s telling you is like, Look at all these people. They all got success. So like, why wouldn’t you get success if you worked with us? Um, I don’t know how long this page is, but I didn’t expect it to be this long. Um, and this guy runs a very similar funnel that, that we do. He, I mean, he follows everywhere on the web, right?

[00:18:54] So could you have, and even in real estate, could this be your entire site? And the answer would be yes. You don’t need a [00:19:00] blog to run. Right now, if you wanna build a brand long term, and I think this is, yeah, it’s a ClickFunnel site. If you wanna build a brand long term and you want people to have an, you know, get an omnipresence with you and they want to consume at any given time and they want to know that, you know, you know, DC real estate, or Modesta real estate, or Vancouver Real Estate or whatever, um, then a one page website.

[00:19:23] May not be the best thing, but again, if I’m on a listing, push right now the, the formula and you can just go to 90 day pipeline.com and you can, you can read everything that I, I just showed you. That format will work totally fine and you don’t need a blog to do that. Now, is it easier to make that than it is a blog?

[00:19:38] No. That’s gonna take time, and I promise you that wasn’t his first version of that. You probably tweaks that every week. To make it better, more impactful or better video or better call to action or different colors or, you know, because when you spend enough money, you start to realize that some of those little tiny changes, you know, make a difference.

[00:19:54] So the answer to question number one, do I need to blog or can I just use video on social? You don’t need to blog, [00:20:00] you can start all of the stuff I’m talking about with social. I would just make, make sure that earlier on the housekeeping thing, always have something at the end of the video that says, this is how you take the next step.

[00:20:09] Right? I would never make a video without that on it, ever. I’m not saying it’s a waste of. But it’s a waste of time. Right. Um, I remember my, one of my professors in, uh, college, my, my, um, marching mar our drum line professor, uh, Bill Meldrum. Uh, I wasn’t much of a practice person back then, at least not marching percussion.

[00:20:29] I played my kit every single day. I was a music, uh, education major for, uh, three fourths of my college career. And, uh, you know, we had one of the best drum lines in the country. I think we ranked number three. And, um, if you, if you look at like, there’s like a snare line in the middle, then bass drums on the left, then tenors or quads on the right.

[00:20:46] Then a bunch of symbol players up front. And typically you, you tend to find the most talent be people on the snare line, then on the quad line, then bass, then symbols. Not always the case, but that’s kind of how it is. I was one off the center, right. My super close friend who I’m super close [00:21:00] with, still to this day, Ryan was number one.

[00:21:01] I was number. Um, and I got there just on, you know, because I’ve been playing since I was seven, you know, super confident player. And I remember Bill looking at me and goes, and he would say things like, Dude, I’m not saying you didn’t practice, but like, you’re not practicing. And he’d say like, Eh, listen, I’m not saying you suck, but you kind of suck right now.

[00:21:18] You know, that was kind of his passive aggressive way of saying like, you need to get your stuff done. So I, I’m not saying that like putting video only on social would be a bad thing. It won’t, You will have great things, but you will lose control over the brand because like we’re seeing with Instagram and you know, a bunch of changes right now, Facebook’s a about ready to make some changes, not, I think in a really good way.

[00:21:38] Um, Shane, I think if you’re still on, I, I did read up on that, on that, um, thing, and I think they’re just really trying to push vendors. I, and I have a Facebook rep. I, I sent her a message and she said, No, I can’t find anywhere that it says they are going to prevent any real estate agent from running any ads.

[00:21:55] They are going to kill our ability to put listings in for sale portals. Like, you know, [00:22:00] like, like Facebook’s, Craigslist and all that. We will not be able to list housing opportunities in there anymore. That is true, but creating video content, like what we’re doing right now will not be affected at all. So that’s question number one.

[00:22:12] You don’t need a blog, You can do it video only, but I would have it in my head that eventually I wanna get to blog status. Right. And you could say it. No problem, Shane. Um, you can say even that, like my blog is my email. That would be totally okay too, right? You could totally do that. Um, It’s just where you wanna go.

[00:22:30] Second question I got, how will iOS 14.5 affect the pixel? So in one of the videos that released on Monday, I showed you guys how to take, uh, I think it was five key audiences, right? All video views, all page engagements, all lead magnets, all uh, website traffic. And I can’t remember what the fifth one was off the top of my head.

[00:22:50] Uh, video views, page engagements. All website traffic and all lead magnet traffic and there was a fifth one. I, uh, my mind’s blanking right now in [00:23:00] order to. Um, an audience to get built from the, uh, all traffic. We have to put the pixel on the website and then a pixel. Uh, also controls every time somebody sees Dash success in the thing, that’s not going to fire a hundred percent because if they’re on an Apple device, it’s gonna block all of that, right?

[00:23:18] There’s nothing we can do about it. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t set it up right? Because if anybody’s using, uh, Chrome, which you know, and you can run, uh, you know, you guys can run traffic ads. To desktop only, and that will get you around to that. Now is it gonna be more expensive than mobile? Yes, it will. Um, it will be more expensive than, than mobile, but you’ll still be able to do it.

[00:23:39] If your audience is wide enough and you’ve got millions of people in it, you’ll be fine. It’s not, you’re not gonna suffer. Um, if you run it to desktop and mobile, 85% of that traffic’s gonna be on mobile, right? So you’re gonna lose that opportunity. So that’s Shane or, um, I, I mentioning Shane, cuz you were talking about Facebook.

[00:23:55] This was from Michael and, uh, Michael. I, yeah, you’re on right now. So, [00:24:00] 14.5 is going to affect the pixel. Uh, but if you know that like you’re gonna go very heavy on the website, like we’re gonna drive all the traffic to the website and you really wanna retarget that, then uh, I would run web, uh, or desktop only adds.

[00:24:13] Now if I only had an ad budget, A thousand dollars a month, you know, and I’m just trying to warm this thing up and all of that. I don’t even worry about the pixel, cuz it’s the, the budget is just not big enough. It’s gonna take you a while to season that up. I would focus more on the page engagements and the video views.

[00:24:30] Uh, next week we’re gonna get to the Facebook ads campaign. We’re in the process of recording all this right now. You’ll see that. Uh, and I give you guys a lot of examples and in regards to how we, how we structure the Omni Brand Accelerator, but there’s like a whole ton of videos that I create that are just, you know, one minute chunks of everything else that we’ve done.

[00:24:47] And at the end it says, Hey, go join this. And we show that to the entire audience, right? Everybody in the country. That’s, I think our audience lists are like entrepreneurs. Um, Page [00:25:00] admins. There’s real estate agents, there’s, uh, service professionals. There’s, um, I think there’s like six or seven key audiences, and it’s like 90 million people.

[00:25:08] It’s a huge audience, right? So campaign number one is like, just show all these videos to everybody over and over and over and over again, and keep charging me a penny per video view, right? I don’t really care about conversions, I don’t care about any of that, right? For all of those generic videos as I’m gonna call ’em, meaning they.

[00:25:24] Advertise in a specific order. They’re not, There’s no funnel approach to it. It’s just, Hey, you may like this content, and if you do, you could go to six week brand.com and you could sign up if you wanted to and activate the discount. But I’m not expecting any conversions on that whatsoever. Zero. Although we do get ’em right.

[00:25:41] The second campaign is more videos but are more specific, and they talk about more of the process as to how the Omni Brandand accelerator works. And that second group of videos is only run to that first group that watched all those other videos. So the general public doesn’t see video number two, video group Number two, the only [00:26:00] people that see video group number two are the people that watch video group number.

[00:26:04] And then everybody who watch video group number two, they go into campaign number three. And campaign number three is like, you need to buy this stuff. I know you’re consuming here. I know you’re watching this. You need to buy this stuff, right? In the real estate space, it’s the same thing. I’m gonna talk about super generic stuff on the market, the five pizza places, all of that stuff I’m gonna talk about, you know, what areas they’re selling, what areas are not, what price point mover, what is moving, what’s not, what happens with interest.

[00:26:28] Are they gonna go up? Are they gonna go down? And then everybody who watches all of those videos that we’re running all the time, we’re gonna go to to campaign number two, we’re gonna show them more videos, right? That first group that watched all those videos, we’re gonna show them more videos and the people that watch for those videos, we’re gonna ask for an appointment, right?

[00:26:46] That’s essentially what we’re doing, like across every ecosystem that exists. Google Display, YouTube, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. That’s the funnel, and all you have to do is layer this stuff on [00:27:00] as you go. This isn’t something that any of you guys, I can’t do it. Maybe you can, like on Friday, we can’t have this epiphany and say, Wow, I’m gonna set this whole thing up this weekend on Monday.

[00:27:08] I’m gonna be like a famous brand locally. I mean, you probably could do it, right? I’m not saying you can’t, but. There’s some mental thought process that needs to go through this, right? So, uh, to get back to it, if you wanna get over, I know that was a long answer for 14.5. Um, if your budget’s huge, pay attention to it.

[00:27:25] If it’s not, don’t even worry about it. I wouldn’t even set it up. Um, next question I have is, do I need Final Cut Pro or can I just use to script? And the answer is, you can just use to script the only, and in the bonus course, if you guys saw this, that’s on the left hand, uh, sidebar, you’ll see how we edit video files or something like.

[00:27:42] Um, if you watch those two videos, I think they’re each like 15 minutes long. One is how I edit video and Final Cut Pro. And the other one is how we create short form content in script. Um, and I realized in the two demo videos that I made in script, I don’t think I included that. I think I put a button at the end, but I don’t know that I included the image that I showed [00:28:00] you earlier, and that was just me trying to put a demo video together.

[00:28:03] I’ll upload some other samples so you can see exactly what it looks like. But the answer is no. You don’t need to use Final Cut Pro. I only use Final Cut Pro to fix the audio because this microphone picks up, uh, at, at the tonal range of my throat. I’m on the lower end of, of tonal range. It picks up my breathing more than somebody who has a higher voice.

[00:28:22] And so I wanna take all of that out. It takes me two minutes to do it. Maybe not even, maybe takes me 30 seconds. And then I’m really quick with making cuts and Final Cut Pro. Cause I’ve used it for a while. So I just run every video through that. I take about, you know, if it’s a 15 minute video, I, I’ll take, it’ll take me like maybe three minutes to do the entire edit.

[00:28:40] If it’s a one minute video, it’s nothing. It takes me seconds and I’ve done, Um, it’s not necessary if you don’t wanna do it. In fact, if I’m just doing iPhone video, I would just go right to the script. I wouldn’t even worry about Final Cut Pro. Uh, you can still cut off at beginning and the end. Make all your splices in script.

[00:28:55] It’s not hard whatsoever. Uh, I just use Final Cut because it’s just what [00:29:00] I’ve always used, you know, since we switched from Premier Pro a couple years ago. Um, but it’s 100% not, uh, not required. Good question. Okay, cool. Um, this was asked earlier and it was asked before, um, is an iPhone only a temporary solution or do should I go out there and buy like a dslr?

[00:29:22] My suggestion would be that you do not need to buy a dslr. Um, actually that would be the last thing that I would buy. Uh, and I think the iPhone 14. I have a 13 pro Max, but I’ve heard the 14 is even better based on some of the reviews that I’ve looked at. But using this camera in cinematic mode, like. It is probably gonna be the best image that you can get.

[00:29:42] So the first thing that I would invest in right now before I did anything with video equipment is I would, I would make sure I’m doing it somewhere where I like the background. Right? Um, and if you get like, somewhat of a legit light, and when I say legit for right now, it could be a $75 ring light off Amazon.

[00:29:57] I think that’s totally okay. Right? [00:30:00] Cause if their ring light is big enough, um, if you’re, if this is your phone, And the ring light is only like this big, It’s just bigger than the phone. That’s gonna make it very harsh on your face. But if I’m holding the phone and the ring light is like, um, I’ll move this over here.

[00:30:14] If it’s like this big, like I would say like, I don’t know, 18 inches wide across or whatever, if it’s 18 inches wide across or bigger, that’s gonna push the light out. It’s gonna soften your face. It’s gonna look really good. Um, I don’t think that you guys can see, I know I’ve shown some of you guys this light before.

[00:30:33] But if I try to go up, No, let me flip that wrong way. This it? Yeah. So that’s where the camera is. This is what I screen that I share. This is the screen that I reference for notes and stuff like that. But the light that I use is big. That light is like 36 inches wide or that the soft box is, it’s not the light.

[00:30:53] You can see it right there in the, um, reflection. Uh, and that. Like, to give you guys an example, you know, I’m using a a [00:31:00] $4,500 camera right now. If I turn off the light, that’s what I look like. That’s the difference between good light. Doesn’t matter how good the camera is, if you don’t have good light, like it’s nothing.

[00:31:07] So the first thing that I would invest in would be as big of a ring light. That so you can spread that light out as possible, um, and you can get into an area to where you can turn the lights down a little bit. The iPhone does this obscenely well and. If, um, I switch this, like that video, in my opinion, I think that looks, I think that looks just as good as what I’m on right now.

[00:31:28] The, the background’s blurry, and I know you probably can’t see it right there, but if you were watching that video on social, that, that’s a really good photo. That’s a really good video. I don’t even think you need to do it. In fact, on the new Apple ecosystem, you can use your iPhone camera now as your webcam and it will connect with your computer wirelessly works great.

[00:31:47] I have it on my other Mac. I haven’t upgraded this one. Um, to the beta software, but the full software, I think is coming out soon. Uh, so you’re gonna see like, thi this, I, I like, this is my opinion. I hate saying this cause I love DSLRs. [00:32:00] Um, or mirrorless, I think. iPhone 15 and past I I right now, it’s still obvious.

[00:32:07] Like if you know somebody who legit knows how to film and they know how to tell stories and they know how to focus rack and all that stuff, like you can’t duplicate that on a phone, right? It’s, or it’s, I would say it’s real, it’s really labor intensive to do it right. Plus you can’t, it’s hard to connect audio.

[00:32:22] There’s some like limitations, but. One or two more phone versions. And I’m telling you, it’s gonna be really hard to justify like a $7,000, you know, mirrorless camera. Like these phones are getting that good and they’re already probably there, right there. I wouldn’t get a phone. I would get the light after I got happy with the light.

[00:32:38] And remember, I don’t want the light. Like if I could do this, I, I would, I would show you if the light was right on my face. It, it would be a totally different look right now than if it’s way up here coming down at about 45 degrees. So you want to up and down, maybe not right in front of your face after I got light and good.

[00:32:54] The next thing that I would do would be audio. I wouldn’t even go to the camera. I would go to audio. I’d use a better mic. [00:33:00] Uh, you could buy an exterior recorder, you can connect the mic to your iPhone. There’s a million different ways you can do it, right? But that would be the next thing that I would learn how to do, is to get better audio that’s more full that cuts through that.

[00:33:10] You don’t have to worry about exterior noise or, um, you know, I have a really, really good mic in one of my cases down here. It’s a sender, 4 51, I think is what it is. I think it’s like a thousand. And in the studio, Unbelievable guitar mic, Uh, really good overhead mic for, uh, drums. And I used to have it, if you guys remember when we, you know, before we let the, uh, or before my office lease, uh, expires.

[00:33:33] It used to be overhead and coming down and in a, in a well acoustically treated room. That was an amazing mic here with wood floors and, and posters all the way around the room. Like sound, just like echoes everywhere. That mic sucks in here, even though it’s a thousand bucks. This mic works a lot better.

[00:33:49] It’s only, I think it’s 3 99, this thing, this uh, little arm. I don’t know how much this is. Maybe a hundred bucks or 150 bucks or something. Um, couple other things you have to use to make this work. This [00:34:00] mic’s great. There’s not really any echo, but the mic has to be right against your face if you put it over here.

[00:34:05] You can’t really hear too well. It’s gotta be literally right in front of your face for this thing to work. Um, because of the type of the mic it is. So, uh, I’m actually not a fan, believe it or not, of having this on the shot. I don’t like that it’s on a shot. Um, I did the over ear mic for a little while that made the back of my head tender.

[00:34:21] Like, cuz I think I was always kind of like going like, This, you know, so that didn’t work. The clip on mic I think worked really well, but I was sick and tired of like putting the mic on, running the wire, putting it in my pocket, turning it on, turning like it was just too much. Whereas this, I turn on the road caster, I pull the mic down and I just start talking.

[00:34:38] So those would be the things that I would look at, and only once you got to the point to where you feel like you have sound good and you’ve got lighting good, then I would start to invest in the camera. But my gut tells me, uh, that by that, You probably won’t need to, like, you just won’t need to do it. Uh, so that, that’s what I would do.

[00:34:55] iPhone is totally okay. Um, I think cinematic mode is [00:35:00] iPhone, um, 12 Pro and newer. It might be on the iPhone X I don’t think it is, but I could be wrong. It’s been a while since I’ve had those. Um, But I think if you have an iPhone 12 or newer, and I think Android, I think every Android within four years has, has their version of cinematic as well on, on it.

[00:35:17] And again, if the room’s relatively quiet, the, the audio on the camera, it’s gonna be totally fine. You’re not even gonna need, you know, anything like that. So, uh, good question on that. Okay. Unless we have any other questions?

[00:35:33] No, I think we’re good. So, takeaways that I would do from here, Number one, um, There was a, uh, somebody I used to work with, a Tom Ferry, uh, real estate coach, uh, Marty Hale went to Traffic and Conversion. This was the first year. I haven’t gone to Traffic and Conversion. I don’t know how long. Uh, we’re overwhelmed with soccer right now.

[00:35:50] It’s crazy and I just couldn’t get out. But she posted a screenshot of somebody that I follow. I actually don’t like him very much. He’s a real estate guy, like one of those invest no money down real estate [00:36:00] guys. But his content’s good, right? He’s really good with content. Uh, he told people that his team posts over 500.

[00:36:07] Times a week five hun. Now this is across short form video, long form video image posts every platform 500 times a week. And what he found is that when he does that, um, they don’t have to spend that much on ads. When he only posts a hundred times a week, uh, it doesn’t really, you know, they can’t feel too much of a difference.

[00:36:27] Right. Um, so it was, it was pretty interesting takeaway. This, this, uh, screenshot that he, she uploaded. It was just, Uh, of a slide. You know, like, like, um, you need a video editor, you need a content creator, you need a social media poster. And, and, uh, you know, there needs to be an influencer obviously to do all this stuff.

[00:36:44] But, uh, number four is that the content publisher publishes 500 times a week. I thought that was interesting. Um, we obviously don’t do that. I would love to be able to do that. I think that would be great. Um, but in order to do that, the only responsibility that you can have as an influencer is. Turning on the [00:37:00] light, turning on the camera, starting your stuff, Record a bunch of stuff.

[00:37:03] Let somebody else do everything else. That’s the only way that works. I don’t know anybody can, that can film and post at that level. That’s, that’s like crazy. Um, but start, start where you are right now, right? That’s all you need to do. Last thing I’ll tell you before I cut you loose. Don’t overthink the content, just like as many one minute chunks as you can do right now.

[00:37:21] Don’t even worry about ads. I’ll walk you through that whole process these next couple weeks on every platform. Don’t worry about any of that. Just start getting in the habit of saying, I’m gonna talk about one thing. I’ve got a listing goal between now and the end of the year. I’m gonna take 24, you know, listing appointments, and so all I’m going to talk about every day is selling your home.

[00:37:39] That. And every time I have a little idea of how to sell your home or what to do to sell your home, or who should sell your home or how to interview agents or what to do to your home, or what happens if a bad inspection comes in or how long does closing take? Or do you get to cash the earnest money right away when somebody puts that in escrow?

[00:37:54] Like all those things people are looking for that are very close to making decisions. I [00:38:00] would be creating content like that that’s agnostic of. I wouldn’t call out that it’s October 4th. I would just say, if you’re thinking about selling your home right now, three things you need to know, right? So that we can take these videos down.

[00:38:11] Put ’em back up. Run ads against them. Kill the ads. You know, throttle ’em up, throttle ’em down. Eventually you’re gonna have a library of 275, 400, 500, maybe even 750 micro videos that all we’re doing is just running. 20 of them is ads at any one given time for a few bucks a day. And the ones that kill it, sure, put a hundred bucks, 200 bucks, put a thousand dollars behind it a day.

[00:38:34] And the ones that don’t, you just throttle back. This is what Facebook wants you guys to be doing. So next week, when you’re not, not next one, assuming you’re following these webinars and orders, I know some of you joined, uh, yesterday, so we’re talking about a course or a, a lesson section, uh, an accelerator of week two that you don’t have access to yet.

[00:38:53] But next week we’re gonna dive into how we’re gonna take all this short form content and actually create the first version of [00:39:00] Facebook ads and how to ascend them through that process. Facebook, in my opinion, if you guys aren’t running video view campaigns right now and moving them through a specific process is probably the easiest platform to do this on right now.

[00:39:12] But if you understand how Facebook, you know, uses that campaign data to move them from one step to another, Google, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, it’s all very similar. It’s just that Facebook is the easiest one to learn on. Right. Um, Facebook viewership is diving right now. Uh, their stock is, it, it’s, I mean, they’re losing users, right?

[00:39:32] Uh, this is why I keep telling you that, in my opinion, I think Google’s gonna rule the world. Um, so the, the quicker you can get on this, the better it’s gonna be. Shane sent me an email, Shane, if you’re still on, like, you know, saying, Hey, there’s a change coming. Uh, do we need to go all in on Facebook before this change happens?

[00:39:47] And I don’t think the change is going to happen that, that Shane. Recommending. I don’t say that in a bad way. I just, that would blow me away if, if they did that. Cuz I like literally iOS 14.5 like crushed Facebook [00:40:00] advertising like overnight. It just, I, I heard numbers of upwards of 40% pulled overnight when that happened.

[00:40:05] Right? So that’s why you’re seeing lead costs down traffic’s a little bit down in regards to. How much you’re investing. So I don’t think it’s a question of do we over-index on Facebook? I think it’s like, look, as long as Facebook has the traffic and as long as they can give us one penny video views or, or 10 cent, you know, 10 cent clicks, we’re gonna use it.

[00:40:21] And then when that doesn’t work anymore, no big deal. We go to what works then, right? We’re not Facebook people or Instagram people, or TikTok people, or you two people. We just put the money where the attention is for as long as the attention’s there. If it’s not great, we go where the attention is. But in almost any instant square or vertical video is gonna work across every platform.

[00:40:40] All right, Hope that was valuable. Any questions, let me know. Remember, send those to members@steveolson.co. If you have a question throughout the week. Um, actually two of these I answered in a video directly to them, but since they were asked, I answered them on here as well. Or you can just show up to the, uh, webinar and you can ask your question in q and a.

[00:40:55] I’ll take ’em there as well. Uh, look for the Facebook. Next Monday, [00:41:00] uh, I think we have some of those tech things figured out in regards to sending you the right emails on Monday morning. So no more of those little Snap foods next week. I’ll see you then. Any questions, let me know. Be powerful Tuesday and uh, go crush those videos.

[00:41:12] All right, talk soon.