10/11/2022 AMA Webinar with Steve

Raw Video Transcription

[00:00:00] Okay, LA. Hope you guys are doing great.

[00:00:18] Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello.

[00:00:26] Glorious Tuesday. Go to our inbox here. Looks like we got two questions today.

[00:00:57] Good morning. Good afternoon.[00:01:00]

[00:01:02] I don’t know what soccer team this is, but you get the rest of the espresso outta the way before you get groen.

[00:01:13] A couple of you, uh, messaged in earlier that, uh, module number three for some of you, for some reason I believe we have it fixed, uh, was not accessible. So let’s see if we can, um,

[00:01:32] Let me show you guys where that’s at, so you can access that really quick. So if you click here, you go to Omni Brand Accelerator. I should be logged in as an all-encompassing admin. Sometimes this doesn’t even work with me, right? So we’ve got the content wheel that’s up week one. Uh, as you’re watching this, if you guys are joining me live, not watching the replay, you’ve got audience and CTA list.

[00:01:53] That’s number two. And I think the issue was, is this was showing, but maybe this wasn’t pulling the [00:02:00] course. Okay. Looks like the team has that fixed. And uh, there we go. That’s fixed as well.

[00:02:14] Let’s talk a little bit about how, Okay, that’s good. I think we’re okay there. Let’s just make sure all these are unlocked as well. There we go. That’s good.

[00:02:28] Oh, and the content wheel seems to be goofy here. Let’s take a look at that while we’re on here.

[00:02:49] Oh, yep.[00:03:00]

[00:03:03] Okay, so the tag works. So this, Yeah, it’s the card that they didn’t catch. Now I see what the issue is. Shane, I think I saw you or on earlier, that was the issue. The card was linked correctly, but the, Or this little tag, but the whole card is not. So, um, there’s some finicky stuff when you deal with, uh, memberships that launch in time.

[00:03:28] Okay? That should be fixed.

[00:03:32] Yeah. Rock and roll. All right, Shane got yours. Thank you for that. Okay, we’ve got, uh, two questions. Shane, I’ll start with yours because, uh, yours came in first, so we got another one right after yours. It’s kind of the same, uh, but not really. So it involves, uh, pixels. So Shane’s question was, if I go back to our inbox here, Shane says he has one pixel that I, uh, basically is on multiple sites.

[00:03:55] So his question is, should we have one pixel per ad account and one [00:04:00] pixel per website, or is it okay to use, or should we have a pixel for each ad account and a pixel for each website, right? Or can we use one that’s all encompassing? And I will tell you, I think one that’s all encompassing right now is totally fine.

[00:04:14] Uh, as we get into the YouTube, the Google display, uh, LinkedIn, and all of those ads, you’re gonna find that how we retarget all of those really has very little. Now we do put, you know, Google Analytics. We do put, um, the Google ad tracking tag on there. We do track all the success pages, and then we do remarket against all of that.

[00:04:32] Uh, what you’re gonna find is that, uh, Apple is only gonna get tighter and. iOS, you know, mobile iOS is, is only gonna get tighter. And then the ad platforms are gonna change, right Shane? Uh, to use as example. Messaged me last week that says that real estate agents, uh, advertising is gonna get tougher. And, uh, in the way that I was reading a link that he sent and I did some other research on other things, I don’t think that we have too much to worry about.

[00:04:59] [00:05:00] However, and I think I mentioned this in the course this week, Facebook is going to remove the special ads audience, uh, from, from our ability to use. And so most of you may be thinking like, Oh, If we don’t have to like use the special ads audience in the real estate space, that’s a great thing, right? And the answer is kind of, um, and the reason why the answer is kind of is you won’t be able to use targeting at all.

[00:05:21] You’ll basically just have to say like, Vancouver, Washington, plus 15 miles, and you’ll let it rip, right? And so what it’ll turn into is made the best content creator win. Um, if you guys have ever done any research, uh, between an interest graph and a social graph, In social media, there’s a big difference between the two, and I’ll tell you which one’s.

[00:05:41] Winning interest graph means when you log in a TikTok, like I watch a lot of, um, anything to do with marketing automation, anything to do with keeper Infusionsoft, anything to do with HubSpot, anything to do with, uh, video creation or camera technology or lighting or drums. I watch a lot of drum stuff. For some reason in [00:06:00] my, in my YouTube feed right now, a lot of old Game of Thrones highlights are popping up.

[00:06:04] Uh, and maybe they know that I watch House of Dragon. I’m not sure how those two would be linked, but I, I’m sure they have it somewhere, right? Uh, so every time that I go into my TikTok or my YouTube feed, I constantly see videos about that. It really has nothing to do with who’s creating the content. It has to do with what content is being created.

[00:06:21] That’s what’s called an interest graph. Uh, TikTok right now is winning like crazy on the interest graph, and you guys can correct me if I’m wrong, but very few people. Uh, log in a TikTok to see what John Smith posted today, or Steve Olson posted today, or Tony Robbins posted today, or Gary Vare. They don’t consume TikTok that way.

[00:06:42] Most people go to, uh, their feed and their followers are who they follow or are definitely within their feed. But every time you see somebody, you know, you see 11 that you don’t, and those are all based on what they think you like. Um, now if you’re logging on a TikTok for the very first time, it’s gonna be the super stereotypical stuff, [00:07:00] right?

[00:07:00] It’s definitely gonna be a lot of girls, a lot of dancing, a lot of like, you know, what, what they think everybody wants to see. But then when you start commenting, you start liking, you start sharing, you start creating your own content. Then the TikTok algorithm starts to figure out, The Steve guy like watches, Every time we show him a drum video, he watches the whole thing.

[00:07:19] Every time we show him a bowling video, he only watches five seconds. So let’s not show him any bowling videos. So the algorithm over time adjusts to your interest, and then you go over to what’s historically been the case inside Instagram and Facebook. And that’s been the social graph. And what I mean by the social graph is, is people were more interested in getting updates from other people that they.

[00:07:41] Or that they follow. So you notice on Instagram, if you look at your feed right now, I’ll pull mine up here. And I know you guys can’t really see this, but if you look at the feed right here and you know I look here, like if I go to everybody that I follow, so the first one I follow, I follow [00:08:00] second post, I follow, third post, I follow.

[00:08:03] Fourth post, I follow fifth post. I do not, that’s an ad. Six posts is an. Seventh post I follow, not eighth post I follow. Ninth post. I follow. I follow. So out of the first 10, 11, I follow 12, I follow 13. I do not. Okay. So out of the first 13 scrolls on this, three of them were people that I did not follow or they were ads.

[00:08:27] I think two were ads, one was a recommended real. Uh, and the rest were all people that I follow. Now, if I click on reels, which I don’t really consume too much on this, Again, real number one, don’t know who this person is, real. Number two, don’t know who this person is. Number three, I know who. That’s Nick Saban.

[00:08:45] Number four, fine. Number five, No number six, No number seven, No number eight, no number nine. Uh, that’s an ad. Like this is all, this is Instagram’s way of getting to compete with, um, [00:09:00] TikTok. This would be an interest graph, right? So there’s a whole bunch of things that are like all over the place. And the reason why I’m telling you this is that on Facebook, No matter how you create content, whether it’s organic or whether it’s paid on Instagram, whether it’s organic, whether it’s paid on YouTube, whether it’s organic or it’s paid.

[00:09:17] TikTok, same thing. We can remarket all of that activity without ever having to worry about iOS 14.5, right? Because we are remarketing activities that they never leave the app. So, uh, the way that you would, let’s say that you’re doing a bunch of one minute videos and you’re running ads against it. Right?

[00:09:35] We have two campaigns right now that are killing it. We have three that are just totally bombing right now. And, uh, so after this call, we have to go in there. We have to do some diagnosis, figure out what’s bombing and what’s not. But no matter what’s working on that, we have some that are video views campaigns, some that are website traffic campaigns.

[00:09:50] We have a couple lead ad ones. Uh, we’re trying to get away from lead ads as, as much as. Um, and I have my own reasoning for that. I won’t share it with you because I, I don’t have a proven [00:10:00] thesis. So once I get to the point where I believe that I have a proven thesis, I’ll share it with you. Why we’re trying to get away from.

[00:10:06] Um, but I can retarget any of those activities. Like I can retarget, if you click on an ad, if you like, if you comment, if you message me, if you play a video, I can retarget all of that stuff. So my goal is to get as many people to stay on the platform as possible. And the reason why I wanted to stay on the platform, I actually don’t, cuz I don’t own the content, but I know that Facebook wants that.

[00:10:27] So the more that I do what Facebook wants, the easier things get, the less money I have to. The more times that I spend trying to get people off of the platform to go do what I want on my own website, it’s more expensive. I own that content. But depending on where you are in your growth journey, um, it may take you longer to get there.

[00:10:45] So, Shane, the, the, to answer your question, uh, right now in regards to the pixel, I’d put the one pixel on every site. I think you mentioned you had three websites. I’d put it on all three websites, but understand that. I don’t know, within six months in the [00:11:00] real estate space, that pixel’s all gonna be, you know, but worthless.

[00:11:03] Now we can still, So let’s say that Shane has a, um, let me see if I can get my iPad connected.

[00:11:18] I didn’t think I was gonna use it for this webinar, but We’ll, we’ll try to hook this thing up really quick. Give you guys one of my famous, um, drawings here.

[00:11:35] Okay? Camera three. Is this working? It is iPad Pro. Okay, So let’s say that Shane creates an ad that says, um, Let’s get outta the eraser thing. The ad would be something. You know, three reasons why you should still buy a home in Vancouver right now he’s got a video right here. Shane gives reason number one and says to [00:12:00] watch reasons number two or three, click here, right?

[00:12:02] Then we send them over to a page who just has a headline, one long form video that he gives the three reasons right here. And then he get clicks a button here that says something like, um, click here to do something right. And then when they do something, Maybe this is like a schedule call with Shane, right?

[00:12:24] There’s this little calendar that’s a little form. We’re gonna call this a call. Now, I don’t know that this funnel, so this would be a Facebook ad. This would be just a landing page with no squeeze, and this would be a call schedule page. And then obviously Shane would have a, you know, Thank you, Paige.

[00:12:41] Here’s what happens next. Let me, let me turn off the, I know you guys can’t see that, but here’s what happens next. So we can still put the pixel on this page, on this page, and on this page. And we can still tell Facebook that, Hey, every time somebody sees this page, I actually, I, I [00:13:00] view that as worth, um, you know, $150 maybe, maybe sh every time somebody sees this, like one outta 20 people go.

[00:13:10] Right. And one out of 20 people that go here and schedule that call, Shane can convert like one out of 10 of those. And so I, I’m totally making these numbers up, right? But my point is, is like we can still tell Facebook that I wanna optimize for this page, and you can still put the Facebook pixel on that and call that a lead.

[00:13:28] And that way when people go all the way through, Facebook will now learn. Oh, okay. Every time Shane runs this ad right here and they go through this funnel and they hit this page right. Shane says, That’s good. So let’s find more people to do that. We just can’t take actions based on that, right? We can’t remarket people.

[00:13:47] If they’re on iOS, they won’t do that, but Facebook, because it sees that conversion pixel will say, Oh, okay. We think that’s really good right there, so let’s go find more people that will make it that far in the funnel. That has not [00:14:00] gone. Right. Um, it’s just the, the dynamic stuff that people really got away with.

[00:14:05] We can’t do any, uh, any of those things, but, um, there are other ways that we can do that on Facebook to use them. We can, we could use a video funnel, right? So you could, you could launch one video right here. Once they watch, like we don’t, we don’t have any of this stuff right here, you know, watch this. If you wanna learn why I would buy a home, uh, reason number one, why I would buy a home in Vancouver right now, and then everybody who watches a hundred percent of this video goes into an audience.

[00:14:31] Then we show them video Number two, everybody who watches a hundred percent of that video goes into video. Number three, everybody who watches a hundred percent of that video, we can send a ad that says, if you want to buy a. This is how you schedule a call with me. That remarketing funnel we could do that is super easy to put together.

[00:14:52] The targeting on that chain is literally Vancouver plus 15 miles, and then you’d have like video one list, [00:15:00] video two list, video three list.

[00:15:07] And we would just have this one video right here in this list, this one VI video right there in that list. And then everybody who was in V3 list, we’d run this. Now, how much would I spend on that campaign? A lot. I, I’d spend as much as I, like, I literally, I’d put a, I’d put a hundred dollars a day, be behind this campaign.

[00:15:26] Uh, to enhance the Facebook video view, audience would boost be as effective as running an ad. Our boosted videos count towards the video view audience. Uh, every that’s a good question, Shane. So, um, the question is to enhance the Facebook video view, audience would boost be as effective as running an ad.

[00:15:42] Our boosted videos count towards the video view audience, or only ads counted. Lastly, can we boost on property videos on our personal page? Okay. First part, a video view, no matter where it comes from, Count. So it could be organically posted, it could be a boosted, um, post, or [00:16:00] it could be, uh, uh, a video that you upload to the ads manager and run it as a video of use campaign.

[00:16:05] It doesn’t matter where the view comes from, it will go into that audience, right? So if you already have like a super engaged page and you’re going live all the time and you’re posting videos and Facebook is pushing you. Some of you in the future won’t have to run any ads because you could just retarget based on that.

[00:16:19] Lastly, can we boost a property video on our personal page? They tested, um, a little while ago. Uh, the ability for us to run small boosts from a personal page. I don’t know that that’s still the case. Um, if I go to my Facebook page, I don’t think you can do it anymore. Um, but Shane, in all fairness, I have not tried to do this and, uh, it’s been a long time.

[00:16:45] So if I go to my,

[00:16:53] Yeah, it looks like if I go to the last time that I put share comments, most relevant, share straight. If you’d send a [00:17:00] message or to, I don’t think you can. I don’t think you can spend any money personally.

[00:17:07] Yeah. On, on your personal page. And I don’t know that you would want to. I really don’t. Um, only, only because there’s some transparency issues that like maybe. You just don’t want your ideal client looking for you. You can control the brand much more from the Facebook page, but I would, I would get used to saying like, if I want to create a video right now, the first question that I, that I should be able to answer is, what do I want them to do next?

[00:17:31] So I create this really good video, whether it’s on a camera like this, or whether you’re using your phone or whatever. Can I say like the next logical step after this video? And if I can, you’re probably on to something, right? So lists of things tend to work really well. Um, If, if you want to get all the way down to, like, again, I would, I would be thinking in the real estate space, I would be thinking as much as possible what your unique selling proposition is.

[00:17:54] What, what your value proposition is, right? What makes you different from everybody else? [00:18:00] And once you get clarity on that, I’d build a a one page. Like sales page, I would not multiple, not any of that. I would just focus one time that walks everybody through, uh, the example from top to bottom. Um, and this could be a, a loom video that you record that walks you through like a, a, a Google doc of, of your process.

[00:18:18] This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I would just give everything away. Uh, but making sure that before they click the button to say, I wanna talk with Shane or Steve or whoever else, uh, they know why they’re scheduling that call. That’s the number one. When people say like, The Cowardly funnel or call funnels don’t work.

[00:18:34] It’s not that they don’t work, it’s that people don’t understand why they should schedule a call with you. That’s the issue, right? So like right now, if you believe that Sunday or offer Pad or uh, Open Door or any of those, or Zillow offers when those existed, um, if you believe that that was what you should be doing, people would schedule a call because they know this is like, I have questions about selling my home direct to Sunday, or, or, you know, Redfin, whatever the issue is.[00:19:00]

[00:19:00] Uh, but when you’re just a generalist and you give a lot of content and you ask people to schedule a call, people may still have questions. Um, but you may need to get a little one. There’s a really good, and I haven’t tested this,

[00:19:18] um,

[00:19:23] uh, it’s uh,

[00:19:33] Bummer. I wish I could find the site that I looked at the other day as somebody that wanted us to consult with them, but they had a little mini funnel that said something like, Uh, if you have a question about marketing, ask us here. And then every week she goes live on Facebook and she just answers all the questions.

[00:19:47] It’s one of their biggest. Lead gen funnels out there now. She created a whole brand around this. This wasn’t one funnel they just turned on, you know, today to hope that, you know, it worked. It wasn’t like that at all. They, they’ve been doing this for years, so they’ve got a little bit of an audience [00:20:00] on there.

[00:20:00] And a plus, I think it’s kind of cool when somebody can ask a question and then they go live and they get spoken about it. I think. I think people think that’s, um, that would be interesting to do. Could you do it locally in a real estate space? 100%, yes. But you have to put all of your effort into driving everybody into that specific, uh, funnel, if that makes sense.

[00:20:18] So for some of you, that’s a good idea. Some of you maybe not, right? Um, So, uh, Shane, to get back to your, to your main question, I, I would put the pixel on everything. Uh, but until you really get a, a really firm handle over, this is how I talk to the general public and this is how I’m gonna send them to working with me.

[00:20:38] Um, it, it’s not really gonna make that big of a difference and I don’t know that I would go inside of the ad account and really focus on trying to get that super ninja, uh, because right now you’re not really gonna see any vi value on it. The thing that I would be paying attention to is what I wrote on the iPad, where if you had a sequence of videos that if people watch them in order, Um, it would be like by the time they watch video number three, four, or five, then [00:21:00] it’s time to ask for the appointment that I think you will do really well, that I think you can easily do Vancouver plus 15 miles.

[00:21:06] I don’t think that you need to think overthink, like that would be something that I would want. Like, um, if, if I did a, uh, If I did a series on just Carlsbad Real Estate, or let’s say it was investing in real estate, right? And I wanted to do the greater San Diego area, right? I would create a five video series that talked about number one.

[00:21:27] Um, You know, what are the top three markets I would be investing in if I wanted to buy a home to develop in San Diego, right? I’d think about market A. These are reasons why market B. These are reasons why market C. These are reasons why. If you have any questions about investing, you can go to Steve invest.com.

[00:21:43] I don’t know that domain, but you know, whatever you have, right? . Um, and then, you know, you can ask us a question there and I’ll address at one of these videos. Then when they watch a hundred percent of that video, again, this is gonna be expensive because we’re not just paying for a through play. We’re we’re paying for people to watch a hundred percent.

[00:21:58] Then we put them in audience one, and then [00:22:00] everybody’s in audience one. We give them the second video in regards to investing. Hey, these are the three most common things I would look out for when writing an offer on an investment property. If you plan to develop it, and the reason why you wanna be that clear over your list.

[00:22:13] If you think about how I just word. Uh, these are the three things that I would pay attention to in a contract. If I was considering buying an investment home that I wanted to develop, I literally just called out my ideal client. That’s what I did by doing that, right? If you’re looking to buy a rental home and Airbnb at, with, you know, $1,000, that’s great, but I’m not talking to you.

[00:22:32] Right. That that’s not, and I don’t, I don’t mean that like negatively, but you are not the client that I’m trying to talk to right now. So instantly when somebody wants to buy a home and Airbnb, which is gonna get, it’s getting tougher and tougher to do in San Diego right now, um, they’re gonna hear the opening parts of that video and they’re gonna say, Oh, this video’s not for me.

[00:22:50] And you might think like, Well, I still want that investor. That would be great, but make videos for that investor. You have to be specific. And within the first couple seconds, people need to understand why am [00:23:00] I watching this video? And then we just keep giving like more and more and more and more, um, and to where they’ve seen video number five and boom, we’re asking for the appointment.

[00:23:12] Um, so, uh, Shane, I think actually I’m looking at your question right now. What about uploading my total lead list and then running ads to that list? These leads came from my listing ads over the last couple years. Can we do that with Facebook ads? Uh, no. You, you, that that was actually the other question that I got the second question about today too.

[00:23:29] Would I take. CRM database and upload it as a custom audience. And the answer would be yes. I, I would 100% upload that as a custom audience. You can do that with Facebook right now. I believe you need to have at least a thousand matches before it will let you run ads to it. Um, which I think most of you guys have.

[00:23:45] So to get a thousand matches, you probably need to list of over 2000 people, cuz it’s probably about a 40 to 70% match rate. And it, cuz it, Facebook’s gonna look for the registered email versus what they gave you. And if it can find a match and it’s gonna [00:24:00] say, Yeah, we’re in there. Now you’re never gonna know how big that list is.

[00:24:02] It’s gonna give you these crazy numbers. Uh, but if you try to run an ad against it, it will tell you there’s not enough people in it to run an A and then, you know, it’s under a thousand people. Um, you can, you can’t do it with Google, um, until you hit $50,000 in ad spend, lifetime ad spend. I heard they were taking that down to $5,000.

[00:24:18] I don’t know that they’ve done that yet. Um, But that you can do it with Google it, you know? And again, if you’re, if you’re spend. Five to $8,000 a month on Google, then you can get there in a matter of, you know, in under a year you’d be able to do it. That is very valuable. Uh, and they wanna make sure that the people are doing it understand how Google works.

[00:24:36] So that’s why that ad spend is there. I, I don’t think they personally wanna support it for people like you and me that aren’t spending, you know, $8,000 a month. So that’s probably where they’re coming from for that. But for people that I know that are using that, it’s super valuable. You can get really ninja targeted on Google.

[00:24:51] But keep in mind, we can also set up audiences on Google based on what pages people see that hasn’t been blocked yet. Um, So [00:25:00] we, there’s ways that we can get around that, but yeah, you need, uh, first name, last name, email, phone, uh, and then if you have their city, great. Most of us don’t, they, they don’t give you that city when they, when they submit as leads.

[00:25:11] So that’s probably something that I wouldn’t worry too much about Shane, but. Ideally first name, email, and phone. You’re gonna get a pretty good match on that. And then again, the ads that you wanna run on that, we want to do two different versions of ads against that list. Number one, I wanna do a video view campaign that just rotates and perpetuity.

[00:25:29] I, I don’t ever wanna shut that off. The second campaign would be, this is how you and I work together. And I’d run both of those at a few dollars a day to that list. And I would, I would just be looking to change creative every couple weeks just to, just to tweak what that. So that you’re omnipresent with them all the time.

[00:25:46] This is not one of those campaigns. Shame that you’re spending 30, 40, 50, 60, $80 a day. I’d, I’d say based on the size of the list, I think anywhere from three to $8 a day is probably what I’d be looking at right now. And then you can push [00:26:00] that based on the results. Because again, we don’t wanna, like, we don’t wanna slam them with ads that we don’t know works.

[00:26:05] Because if, you know, if, if people start clicking, I don’t like this. That’s gonna hurt your deliverability on that. Good question.

[00:26:16] Um, okay, so the question is, is how, how big does my list need to be? I think, don’t quote me on this, but depending on how new the list is, I think it probably needs to be over 2000.

[00:26:29] Um, how you, you will not know, um, Shane. So there is a tool that you can use,

[00:26:38] Um, let me share my screen again.

[00:26:45] Email list or validator. The price on this is all over the place. Uh, email list verify. So if you had a list of 2000 emails, cost you a 5,000 [00:27:00] emails, Shane would cost you $15. And what you’re paying for right there is you’re gonna upload your entire list and they’re gonna give you this list back. And that list is gonna say of your 2000 leads, uh, 1800 of them are legit.

[00:27:13] Do 10,000 for 24, and I think it’s just one time. I don’t think you, you can do monthly. Oh yeah.

[00:27:25] So it looks like this. You could probably integrate this with keep, and every time an email came through, you would be able to send it over here. They would validate it. Um, and then if it’s validated, you can use it. If not, I would just delete the lead. You can’t do anything with an invalid lead anyway.

[00:27:39] This would be one. Uh, I know there are others. I mean,

[00:27:48] let’s say we have 7,560 bucks.[00:28:00]

[00:28:04] That’s a lot.

[00:28:08] Uh, Sync Automatic cleaning. How many emails do you have? 5,000. So if you have 5,000 up to 10,000, looks like you can pay $50 a month and you can put, uh, as many through this, clean your email list on a near daily basis to ensure accurate data.

[00:28:37] No, there is no, uh, Shane. There is no top end limit to how many you can put in a list. I’ve worked with companies that, that have millions. The only thing that you can’t do is you can’t technically, um, you can’t buy lists anymore. So Shane, you couldn’t go to like Black Book Data or Cole Realty resource and download all of Vancouver and then upload [00:29:00] that as a custom audience.

[00:29:01] Uh, Facebook, you will lose your ad account over that. Um, I don’t know how they’d figure that out. But, uh, when you’re buying lists that are that broad, like you, that’s just broad targeting anyway.

[00:29:17] So again, if, if you have like Shane, I think, if I remember right, weren’t you running ads a while ago? Nationwide, but only only writing Vancouver copy. Are you still doing that? I know we did that with Maya for a little bit in Berkeley. Um, yeah. And how, how has your communication rate been with those.

[00:29:48] I’ll wait. I’ll wait for that response. Um,[00:30:00]

[00:30:00] Two ads. One local, one nationwide. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t think that’s a bad idea for other, other of you guys. There’s eight of us on right now. If, if you’re, if you are in the real estate space, I. About half of you are in the real estate space. Um, you may think like Carlsbad, California. Well, I know that like, everybody that comes to Carlsbad for vacation lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

[00:30:21] Right. Cause it’s a, it’s a five hour drive. It’s, it’s still, I would say relatively affordable. When you think about coastal California, we’re, we’re still under $2 million on average. Uh, so we still have a lot of resorts that aren’t like $800. So I would be running ads. Every time we took a listing in Carlsbad.

[00:30:38] I’d be running it in Phoenix plus 15 miles. As what? As, as well. There’s nothing wrong with that. Um, how many people know Carlsbad around the country? I don’t know. But I also don’t know that you should worry about like, trying to figure that out. Let let the algorithm tell you right. Um, the, the goodness of that ad weird way to say that is gonna be solely predicated over how good the [00:31:00] copy and the creative is.

[00:31:01] So if you have shitty copy and shitty creative. You may get a lot of results on a nationwide post, um, but they may not be good post. But if you’re really good, like you, one who I think does a really, really good, good job of of national creative and, uh, let’s, let’s go take a look.

[00:31:23] If we go to concierge auctions, I don’t know what they’re spending right now.

[00:31:33] Oh, that’s right. They sold to Sotheby’s. I forgot about that. Um,

[00:31:43] no, no, no. Oh, yeah. That’s their logo.

[00:31:49] Good for them.[00:32:00]

[00:32:03] Yeah, this is it. There’s their logo right there. Uh, so that’s a Ca Sotheby’s, which is kind of weird. So if we go to view it, so let’s just go view their page. This is them, right? So 59,000 people follow the page. Concierge auctions.com. This is definitely them, right? So if we go to page Transparency, you go to see all, Go to ad library and you’ll notice it.

[00:32:31] It’s not gonna tell us who they’re running it to, Right. But look like I’m, I’m telling you that they’re already like, they figured this out. Right. And here’s what I mean by this. They, because they’re a real estate company, they cannot run this to rich people that drive a Porsche that live in, uh, Lake Tahoe.

[00:32:48] Like they, they just can’t do that, right? Uh, but you can see in the first two lines it says, No auction north of Seattle. No reserve auction, Boulder, Colorado, Uh, Seafield [00:33:00] Australian, Alka, Austria, uh, Portland, Oregon. Montana, Switzerland. Like, they’re calling this out in the very first couple lines because they’re saying, Hey, if you’re looking for a Manhattan Beach, California or Pasadena, California, they, they’re all using the same syntax.

[00:33:15] So they’ve already told you that this is working right now. They would be like, These are a little bit different than the properties we sell. Right? Um, but if you were going after this where people were actually looking at this, um, they, they, they’re already telling you right here. Oops.

[00:33:38] Yeah, there’s version one, Good 21.

[00:33:55] Oh, this is, looks like it’s a lead form. This is what [00:34:00] they’re driving them.

[00:34:03] The actual, you know, purchas thing, right? So my, my point is, is, is that if you guys turn into property, you know, people, um, I promise you that even though they’re probably running this nationwide, uh, the way that they’re writing copy and the way that they’re clicking again, if they, let’s see if they can, uh, I lost them.

[00:34:29] So like I told you, there’s my drum posts,

[00:34:36] there’s our buddy here.

[00:34:44] These are just videos. This is just them saying, Hey, we do a lot of this cool stuff. Subscribe.

[00:34:56] Yeah, So they, they do, they do a, a fair, that’s all [00:35:00] good. Um, they do a fair amount of this, but they’re calling out on the ads. So this is a really good a, this is a really good example if you’re in the real estate space, especially if you sell something that’s specific and I wouldn’t like, The last thing that I will tell you is I don’t think that you need to worry so much.

[00:35:16] About, Oh, my market’s smaller. That market’s big. I, I can’t tell you, like, I was always fascinated when I went to Arizona State, how many people we had that, that went there, that were from, you know, Southeast Asia, that were from India, that were from, uh, we had a fairly big China Chinese population. Not a whole lot, I don’t think from, from, um, Western Europe.

[00:35:36] But like I always thought it was crazy that in Arizona State it’s a big university, right. But I always thought it was crazy. When you live so far away of like all the places you think of in, in the United States, like how did you come to Tempe, Arizona? Like, that was just crazy to me cuz I didn’t really think it was that big of a deal, but apparently it is.

[00:35:54] There’s advertising that works or there’s an engineering degree cuz that they were very heavy, uh, Southeast Asia, [00:36:00] in India, in our, in our engineering. I think maybe there, ASU has a really good engineer. I, I don’t know, I wasn’t an engineer. Um, but what I’m telling you this from a perspective of is don’t automatically assume that just because you think your market’s small, that people around the country aren’t researching it.

[00:36:16] Facebook, if you give it enough budget and your creative and your copy are good enough, they will figure out who your buyer is. I promise you they will figure it out now. If you only have a $300 a month budget for Facebook ads in the real estate space, I don’t know that I would be running nationwide ads.

[00:36:33] I think you’re, you’re probably gonna get hurt with that. I think you need to have a fairly sizeable budget to do that. Uh, in that case I would do your city plus 15 miles. I think that would be totally okay. I hope that makes sense. Um, No problem, Shane. I saw your thing. Good, good, good on the questions. So, um, two things.

[00:36:51] Put your pixel on everything. Understand that within six months, I think in the real estate space, the pixel’s probably gonna be dead anyway. So use the remarketing actions on the actual ad [00:37:00] platforms. Um, I released 12 videos this earlier this week. I think there was like five that were released over the weekend, and another seven released on Monday.

[00:37:08] I am going to do a version two of that that is only on the real estate side of it. So basically the same 12 step process only with real estate video ads. Uh, it’s very simple, uh, or very similar. The only difference is instead of that, we’re gonna run San Diego plus 15 miles instead of like you.

[00:37:25] Entrepreneurs and page admins and all of that stuff. Uh, and that’s real estate based stuff. Uh, but the actual funnels the exact same. We retarget based on video views. We ask them for a call. It’s literally no, no difference, right? So, um, look for that. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get that out this week.

[00:37:41] Maybe this weekend I can get to it when we launch the next round of, of real estate ads. Uh, maybe we’ll do that with the national step as well, but you’ll see how the, the, the polarity or the, the parallel. I don’t know how I’m, how I’m trying to say that the parallel nature of running those ads from a coaching perspective and a real estate’s really the same.

[00:37:59] So look for [00:38:00] that soon. Uh, any questions members at Steve Olson co. If you’re stuck, uh, let me know there, We’ll answer ’em on these Tuesday webinars, or the team or myself will get back to you via those emails. We’ll probably answer those on the webinars anyway, cuz chances are, if you have the question, somebody else has the question.

[00:38:15] So let me know there. Otherwise, that’s it for today. I’ll see you guys in a week and, uh, crush those video. I think Google’s next week. So, uh, I think that’s gonna be the most, uh, valuable platform that you guys will know once you understand that. So look forward to that. See you guys all soon. Yep. Awesome.

[00:38:33] Thank you.