10/18/2022 AMA Webinar with Steve

Raw Notes from Session:

[00:00:00] Let’s get this started. That’s the first thing that Zoom says. So because Zoom said it, I’m gonna say it now. Uh, good morning, good afternoon. Give you guys all a quick second to get on. Hope you’ve been amazing with a good Tuesday. Don’t have any, um, other than a couple random. You know, hey, I’m stuck on here.

[00:00:25] No questions this week in regards to, uh, Facebook ads and all that stuff. So my hope is, is that you guys have those live, they’re pushing and you’re testing that, That’s what my hope is for you. Uh, I want to tell you one thing before we get into how to create a social proof campaign on Google Display, and I will put this in the actual Google course as like a bonus section from today’s, and we’ll do it in the webinar recordings as well.

[00:00:47] Um, the only way that you are going to figure. How any of this stuff works is to put money behind it. It’s the only way that this works. You can’t, like there would be sometimes, um, you know, I have literally, uh, [00:01:00] back, going back to my office days when we had like a YouTube setup. I had like a lot of the stuff that I have on the computer or on the uh, desk right now that you can’t see.

[00:01:07] I can have all these buttons and a MacBook and everything all over the desk. I used to have this all on a big table and I’d have like these huge TVs and all these lights and two cameras up there. And if I told you the amount of times when I have, literally, I’m thinking of one time in particular back in February where I literally did two days of, um, solid course record.

[00:01:28] And, uh, I realized that the audio, um, the cable, I think it was the cable that we were using was bad. So I saw like on, I have a Little road, uh, uh, I think it’s called Podcaster Pro or something like that, the first version of it. And on it you can see the audio levels doing this. So from the stage in the office, I could see that, you know, the audio was getting pick.

[00:01:51] But then when we went to go down, and this just happened with this week’s Google ads as well, to listen to it. The audio was just like this whole time, it was super muffled and, and [00:02:00] I went through everything. I could not figure out what it was. And so a buddy of mine said, Take every cable that’s connected audio and video and just replace it.

[00:02:07] So that’s what we did. I bought a whole bunch of more XLR cables and replaced it and it worked. So I think it was the XL out cables. I have no. . But my point is, is that sometimes we can put all this effort in and we believe there’s a good output and it just doesn’t work. You know, sometimes that we take all this time and we put all this content, we run ads, and the ads bomb and sometimes super polished contents does super really well, and sometimes the really rough content does really well, right?

[00:02:34] But you’re never gonna figure that out. You need to let the ads platform and the consumer tell you what works and what doesn’t. My recommendation is I show you guys how to build this social proof campaign and Google ads, uh, or Google display ads. Don’t put a whole lot of time into it. There’s really only a couple key components that you really need to be focused on.

[00:02:54] Um, and as long as you get those right, the ads will work. Okay, So here’s, here’s what, how I want you [00:03:00] guys to think about this. Number one, um, we want to take all of the listings that we have sold in the past, I would say 24 months, and we want to create a Google display campaign that. Three bucks a day that you’re gonna run, uh, to two different audiences.

[00:03:14] Number one, all of your web traffic. And in this week’s accelerator, when it gets reposted, you’ll see how to set those audiences up. I’m not gonna show you how to do that today, cuz you can go through the course for that. And number two, I would pick your entire city. You know, and, and I would just let it run couple bucks a day and we just continue to add content to it because our goal is to convince the entire market that we are their only perceived choice.

[00:03:37] Okay, So this is really easy. I wouldn’t overthink this. Uh, I’m gonna show you guys how to do it. I’ll give you the Photoshop files of what I’m gonna build right now. Obviously I’m gonna use sample images cuz I don’t have your guys’ local images. Uh, but we really just need to create a landscape image and a square image for every property you’ve sold.

[00:03:54] And we need to have Google display just. Tape those in perpetuity so that as people visit the website or people. [00:04:00] You know, doing whatever they do on the web, they see the stuff over and over and over again. Now, I don’t want you to get nuts on targeting right now. You can go in there and say, people that like Zillow or realtor.com or in market for a home, this is not that campaign.

[00:04:14] Don’t worry about any of this. This is going to be, um, Think of this as like a citywide farming campaign. We wanna touch everybody in the city, and I want everybody in the city to know that I am their perceived choice. We’re not gonna get ninja targeting for this specific campaign. This is more like a, a general big time like, um, farming campaign for lack of a better term.

[00:04:36] So the first thing that we need to do is we need to build the images. That’s the very first thing we’re gonna do. So I’m gonna share my screen here and we’re gonna go to desktop. I think it’s desktop. Yes. Here it is right here. Let’s move this over here and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna create a new file in Photoshop.

[00:04:53] Again, I’m gonna give this to you guys. We need a 1200 by 1200 and we need a 1200 by 6 28. So I’m gonna change this [00:05:00] to, Yep, sorry. Set the C M Y K eight bits totally fine. Hit create. I’m in Photoshop right now. I’m gonna go to Layer new art board and we’re gonna call this one Google. 1200 by 1200. So now it’s gonna create this.

[00:05:15] I’m gonna go to Layer new art board again, and I’m gonna call this one Google Landscape, and this one’s gonna be 1200 by 6 28. So now if I zoom out a little bit, you’ve got both of these. You’ve got a square image, and now we’ve got the wide image. These are the only two image formats we need. For this campaign, and we’re just gonna create these over and over and over again.

[00:05:36] So now what I need is, I need a couple things. Now I’ve told you guys this before. I’ll tell you guys again. Um, you need to have some level of a mark for your business. And if you go to mine, there’s really two marks that we use. There’s three, there’s my initials up here, the, so there’s the Omni Brand Accelerator Mark.

[00:05:53] And if you go to my homepage, You’ll notice that we use this rocket thing for all of my, like personal one-on-one [00:06:00] consulting that I do. So no matter what you see me run ads on, you’re either gonna see the, So that’s gonna be largely for content driven stuff. You’re gonna see this little scale meter. This is gonna be for the Omni Brand accelerator, which you guys are in right now.

[00:06:12] Or you’re gonna see this rocket and that’s when my team comes in and does everything for you. Right? So depending on what I want people to consume, I’m gonna use these little marks on every single thing that we. Right for you. It could be an Ex XP logo, it could be a Keller Williams logo. It could be a Windier logo, it could be a a Coldwell Banker logo.

[00:06:31] We don’t have to use something of yours. Now, if I’m gonna put a lot of money behind ads, I would probably prefer it not be your brokerage unless you own the brokerage, cuz you’re given your brokerage, like free ad dollars. Like, I don’t know. I, I wouldn’t do that, right? But I, you know, I’m different than most.

[00:06:47] I would come up with your saying. So you might be asking like, Okay, well where do we get these marks? Uh, it’s really simple. You need, you need illustrator for this, but we’re gonna go to flat icon.com and you can find it right now. So if I go to, let’s say that I [00:07:00] want to do, uh, something about drums. I’m just gonna type in drum right here, and this is gonna give me all those.

[00:07:05] Now I want, uh, outlines only, and I only want black. And so let, like, this is super cheesy. I wouldn’t use this. I would find something more modern than this. So I’m gonna keep going down. That looks, that looks a little bit more modern. I like this even better cuz it’s simple. This one’s okay, but it’s super like cliche.

[00:07:25] Um, I would try to find something as modern as possible. That’s a base drum. Actually, I would use this one. That would be easy. If I was in real estate, I would go house. And again, like, I wouldn’t use this, this is like super cliche, right? I would, I’d stay away from the windows. I think the windows look horrible.

[00:07:43] I wouldn’t do any of that stuff, right? So maybe none of this I would use, I, I’d use more towards like, let’s say your, your USP was cash offers. So I would search cash. Um,[00:08:00]

[00:08:01] I’d look for one of these. And so let’s say it’s gonna be this one. You, if you download an SVG file, it gives you the ability, again, if I go back to my site, you see how this is my teal color, and that’s the black, that’s the teal, that’s the black. If you download an svg, you can open this up, an illustrator, and you can change all these colors.

[00:08:16] That’s what you can do with an svg, a p and g file. You cannot, uh, I think I paid like 10 bucks a month for this. It’s super cheap, uh, and I use it all the time. Literally every logo that you guys see I download from Flat Icon. It’s like that’s where I get everything from. I think it’s a really good value for that.

[00:08:33] So we’re gonna ignore that for right now, but that’s where I would get that. So what I want to do is I’m gonna go download from Unsplash, just some home, home pictures, right? Let’s say this is one, move this out of the way. Download that. Let’s say this was a, a listing photo of mine. Uh, let’s say that. I’ve downloaded this.

[00:08:55] You guys have seen me use this a thousand times before. Let’s say that’s a listing photo of mine. [00:09:00] Exterior. Let’s say that this one was a listing photo of mine.

[00:09:13] This one was a listing photo of mine. Let’s get a couple more here.

[00:09:24] You mean unlock? Oh, am I already on? Um, that’s a paid one. Un splash plus. That’s new. Let’s say this one was one. Download this.

[00:09:40] Let’s go find one more.

[00:09:45] Let’s say I sold this one. Okay, so I’ve got all my images. So now what I want to do is I want to come back here and I need to create an image set for each one of those. Okay? So because this is real estate based, I wanna brand me, Oh, and yeah, I’m sharing my screen. I want brand me as, [00:10:00] um, you know, the agent in, in real estate.

[00:10:03] So one of the things that I’m gonna do for that is I’m gonna use my so for that. And so all I’m gonna do for this is I’m gonna come create my first image. I’m gonna drag it onto the. Make sure it’s in the square over here. Here we go. Make sure it fits. You can change it by doing Command T. Just dragging the things right there and I’m gonna go center it.

[00:10:30] There we go. So now we can do whatever we want with this photo from here because the, the call to action or, or the, What I’m gonna do is going to be in the text of the ad, not necessarily the image. So what I wanna do for every one of these photos, I’m gonna go find my logos here, open up creative cloud logos.

[00:10:50] I’m gonna go find my, so there’s right here. So I’ll drag this. I’ve got, so this is probably gonna look good with black. So I’m gonna drag the black one over. [00:11:00] And I’m gonna put this down here and I’m gonna make sure with every single photo that so is on every photo that I do. And again, so I’m gonna come over here to these two, I’m gonna hold down option.

[00:11:13] I’m gonna drag it up to this landscape one, and now

[00:11:21] let’s put this down here. Click on the photo command t. Make this small enough to fit right here. This is probably gonna look better in this anyway, which is good.

[00:11:34] Okay, so now do you see how I put that here? But this so doesn’t look like it fits, right? So I’m gonna delete that black. So I’m gonna go back to my logos here. I’m gonna go find my white one, which is right here, and I’m gonna drag it on top of there. So that looks a little bit better, but this time I’m gonna put it up.

[00:11:54] I’m gonna hit enter. So the only thing that’s on these images are my initials, because I use that as my [00:12:00] mark and the photo that I sold, this is totally good. So I’m gonna click both of these art boards. I hold down shift and click both of ’em. I’m gonna right click on ’em. I’m gonna click Export As, and I’m gonna save these as PNGs.

[00:12:13] Now they’re gonna be kind of big files because uh, those are big files that I put in there. That’s totally. I don’t need transparency on either one of ’em cuz there’s no transparent elements. And I’m a hit export. Now I’m gonna go back to my desktop and I’m gonna make a new folder. This is gonna be called Real Estate Social Proof Google Display.

[00:12:35] And what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna create a new folder for every one of these addresses. So this one was 1, 2, 3 Main Street and I’m gonna save them right there and then now I’m also gonna save this as real. Google display ad

[00:12:53] template on my computer. I’m gonna go find that exact same one that I just did. I’m gonna save it in [00:13:00] that, so at least I have a copy of that. Now I’m gonna do this whole process all over again with my next listing. So I’m gonna go back over here to my listing files. I’m gonna drag that right there, see where that went.

[00:13:11] That went on the landscape one. So I’m gonna command T see if I can make this look good in L.

[00:13:22] Again, I’m not showcasing the property. I’m not trying to get clicks to buy it cause I already sold this. Now the white one doesn’t look good, so I’m gonna hide the white one. I’m gonna select the black one, hold down options so I can make a copy and drag it up there. And that looks good. I’m gonna put this right there cuz I think it probably fits in there better.

[00:13:42] And I’m gonna leave that one right there. And I’m gonna do the same thing. It’s turn off this other image. I’m gonna hold down option. I’m gonna, whoops, drag it onto this one. Hold down Command T. That’s pretty good. I’d probably do that. And then again, [00:14:00] see, this black one fits really good right here, but it doesn’t really fit over here.

[00:14:02] Now I probably could drag it up here. Command T. I just wanna make sure it’s somewhere to where. They know like they keep on seeing those initials. So again, I’m not gonna overthink this cuz the consumers don’t care either. Hold down, shift, select both, right click Export as it’s automatically gonna take my previous two settings.

[00:14:28] I’m gonna go back to this. This one was uh, 1 3 5 Main Street

[00:14:35] and I’m gonna save them both in here. Let’s do the next.

[00:14:45] That put it in the landscape one first, which is fine

[00:14:53] Command t to make that a little bit bigger.[00:15:00]

[00:15:07] That’s pretty good. I’ll take the, So I’m not gonna mess with it then. I’m just gonna put it up here.

[00:15:15] And let’s do the same thing. We’ll turn that other image off. We can delete those other ones.

[00:15:25] I can delete the layer, hold down option. Drag this over here, put my logo on top of it. Okay? Hit command T.

[00:15:42] It’s good. And then actually, yeah, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t really change anything about that. So I’m gonna close both of the art boards over here. Well down shifts, like both right click export ads. Again, same. Don’t need to change any of this stuff. Go back to my [00:16:00] social proof. This one’s one 50 Main Street.

[00:16:08] Open. Okay, So we can continue to do this over and over and over again, but we don’t need to. So now we need to go create the campaign. Uh, and this is gonna be like, I want this to be as simple as possible. So I’m gonna go over to Google Ads here. We’re gonna go to Display Campaigns. New campaign. New campaign.

[00:16:23] Again, And this one’s going to be, uh, we can do brand and awareness and reach or we can do website traffic. I really wanna do brand awareness and reach, cuz I just wanna plaster this in my market. So I’m gonna click there and then I’m gonna select display and then I wanna send them to a page. Like this page is what you guys should be, uh, just kidding.

[00:16:43] Not this page, page. Like this structure of this page, headline, Why you should watch this video, this video right here. In your case, if you were doing real estate, this would be a, you know, uh, um, four things you need to know before you sell your home. Who does this? Really good is [00:17:00] is Sam Evans or Owens, I don’t know what it is at consulting.

[00:17:04] I model a lot of his stuff and he just goes over a Google. That’s all he does. He writes everything into Google Doc and he just talks about it, right? I think that’s totally okay in the real estate space, and you’ll see us start to do these as well, where he says like, These are the 11 things we’re gonna help you with.

[00:17:17] This is what happens through our seven days. This is how much it costs and this is who should join. This is who shouldn’t. He has all these tabs, or we can give you examples. This is totally good. This is like your virtual listing presentation, right? Very simple. Video, how to get started. I mean, there’s no frills on this website whatsoever.

[00:17:34] So same thing here. Would you like our help with this? You know, here’s what we cover on all the, all the weeks. Here’s some of the frequently asked questions. This, these are the options to join. There’s some social proof of people we’ve helped before. It will give you an option to join us. That’s it, right?

[00:17:47] In your case, it’s going to be, you know the seven things you need to know before you sell your home in whatever market you do, a little Google Doc share where you talk about it, and at the end it’s like, Would you like our help selling your home? Great. Here’s a button where you can schedule a call. [00:18:00] You don’t need all this other stuff.

[00:18:01] You can put social proof if you want, but you need to keep this really simple, right? Simple scales, right that down in your notes. Simple scale. So we’re gonna go, um, over here. We’re gonna go display. And you know, from my argument, I’m just gonna use this thing, although we’re not gonna run it there. And we’re gonna call this real estate

[00:18:24] Omni Present, uh, Listing Ads

[00:18:34] continue. Nope, don’t wanted to work about any of those. I haven’t launch those yet, so I’m gonna go enter my own location. I’m gonna type in San Diego,

[00:18:48] Carlsbad, California. Uh, I don’t know where that is. Let’s try that again.

[00:18:55] Target. So I wanna show everybody in Carlsbad. This is gonna tell me right here, I’m gonna go [00:19:00] from 10 billion to 64 million, which is crazy. And then I want people that are, are present in here. I don’t want interest, I want present, right? I want them actually living here. English is fine. Not gonna mess with any of that stuff.

[00:19:14] Optimize, best add show on all devices. No options set. No data feed. Start right now. Leave all this the same. Hit. Next I’m gonna spend $3 a day on.

[00:19:26] CPM is cost per meal or cost per thousand. So how much do you wanna spend for every thousand times this gets shown? Uh, I have no idea. So I’m just gonna put $10. This is saying, you know, based on who you’re targeting and your budget, um, is your average cost per a thousand should cost you somewhere between a dollar 80 and four 60.

[00:19:46] On the low end and on the high end, uh, it should get 6.6 to 11,000 based on your, your budget. So I’m gonna take that down to $3[00:20:00]

[00:20:00] hit next. Add targeting. So we have to do who it’s shown to in the demographics. So, um, keep in mind, in real estate, we can’t really screw with any of this stuff, so we can’t mess with like age or any of that, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it. So I’m gonna leave that alone. Um, but you could go to, um, Like placements, you could say like, I only want this on specific websites.

[00:20:26] You could say that I only want this on specific YouTube channels. You know, maybe like, um,

[00:20:40] I don’t know if I can find this here. Oh, there we go. So let’s say I only want this on people that live in Carlsbad, that go on to 10 news.com.

[00:20:53] Oops. a.com.

[00:20:58] Okay. I want NBC San Diego. I [00:21:00] want Fox San Diego. Uh, I also want Union Tribune, or I think it’s San Diego.

[00:21:12] I don’t know what it is.

[00:21:17] No reason to try to figure this out. That was right. So I’m gonna copy this. I’m gonna go back to my ads. This is, if you wanna put it on specific websites. This is what I’m doing right now.

[00:21:37] We’ll let this load, make sure why this is taking so long. So to see how there’s 150,000 impressions available, that’s fine. I’m not spending $10,000. That’s totally enough for me.

[00:21:56] But keep in mind, I’m only putting this on these websites that are [00:22:00] also people that live in Carlsbad. So if you’re looking at Fox five, San Diego from, you know, Miami Beach, Florida, this is not going to show to you. And I’m not sure, like that’s probably one of our biggest,

[00:22:17] our biggest websites. I’m not sure why that’s not showing up.

[00:22:22] We’ll see what else shows up for San Diego.

[00:22:27] Here we go.

[00:22:33] So now let’s see if that jumps. Uh, that jumped 10,000. So let’s go see what other sites we have out there.

[00:22:44] Oh, that eye news source. Uh, we already got NBC seven. We’ve already got Fox five. We’ve already got 10 news. Ooh, CBS eight. Didn’t get that one.

[00:22:58] I’ve never even been to that site, so I’m not [00:23:00] really sure. Let’s see what it goes to. Ooh, that’s a big one. Another 30,000 impressions. So they use it a lot. Uh, K U s. I never heard of that one either, but I really don’t check this stuff, so enter

[00:23:20] right. That one’s not a big one. Nobody cares about K U S I and that’s a garbage site.

[00:23:27] Times of San Diego. They do Google display, cause there’s a big fat Google display right there. So I’m gonna copy that. I’m gonna put that here. Add one placement that’s gonna go from 1 92. Nothing. All right, so I’m good with those. So I’m just gonna run it to everybody, but I’m only gonna show it on these sites, right?

[00:23:46] Optimized targeting, I’m gonna leave alone. I don’t care about optimized targeting. If I want to add Target, I don’t wanna do any of this. I’m gonna go to next and all I’m gonna do now, let’s say that this was my landing page. My business name is Steve ols. And I’m gonna upload [00:24:00] all my images. So I’m gonna upload, uh, upload right here.

[00:24:04] Upload from computer, go to my desktop, go to my social proof. Let’s upload the two main street ones. And because we already did this design and Photoshop, we don’t have to crop it here. It automatically works. I’m gonna upload some more. Let’s go do the other ones. Oh no, we’re only gonna do this one campaign, and I’ll explain how this works in.

[00:24:25] So I’m gonna drive them to that page. I’m gonna use these logos. I’m gonna change my logo. I’m gonna use my, So I’m not sure what, Oh, that’s cause I’m in a different account. All right, that’s fine.

[00:24:52] Oh, bomb.

[00:24:58] That’s probably why we don’t use the, [00:25:00] so it’s not the right aspect ratio.

[00:25:05] Okay, so you know what I’m just gonna use,

[00:25:13] we’ll use this one cause I know that one’s square don’t have any videos and so headlines. Sold in Carlsbad, California.

[00:25:30] Sold in under 12 days in Carlsbad,

[00:25:37] so I would use the exact one, right. Uh, Carlsbad Home Sold long headline. The only home for sale. With four bedrooms and an ocean U sold in October, 2022 [00:26:00] descriptions, that’s gonna be a description as well. So do you see how I start to add, like, all these different things? What happens is, um, it, it starts to create all these different versions of these display campaigns that are gonna get displayed all over these, all over that.

[00:26:19] Right. Uh, of course you’re gonna spell check everything. The only Home for Soul for Sale.

[00:26:30] So we’re gonna come up with as many different versions of a headline and a description as possible. Um, sold with Facebook and Google Ads to a, I wouldn’t say who sold it down would’ve been. Sold with Facebook and Google Ads

[00:26:53] sold with our exclusive ORDAY launch process.[00:27:00]

[00:27:03] I think that’s good. Don’t worry about url, right? Cuz we’re gonna, we’re we’re gonna drive every one of these traffic. So a page like this that talks about why we sell homes. And then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna say create ad. So that’s one ad, let’s create another. Responsive display ad. Same thing.

[00:27:19] Business name is Steve Olson. We’re gonna go add images again. Upload, upload. Let’s do the second property.

[00:27:33] Upload both of those.

[00:27:40] Steve, use that same logo again. Headline number one. Sold in Carlsbad, California. Sold in 12. This one was. This one sold in 14 days.[00:28:00]

[00:28:01] You don’t need California cuz I know it’s Carlsbad. David Peltier. Okay this, So this one would be, um, what is going on here? There we go. So another headline would be, uh, record sale. If it was in, you know, the Neighborhood of Waters End. So remember, because this is all local, I know all this stuff. Like I know where that, I probably know where that home is.

[00:28:27] I probably know what waters end is. I know all of that stuff, right? So we’re gonna go back here to long headlines. The only Home for Sale with five bedrooms and a sauna in Carlsbad.

[00:28:45] Sold, uh, Steve Olson. And then we’re gonna go down here. We’re gonna copy this. This is gonna be a, cuz remember, they’re never going to use a long headline and a description of the same one. So that’s always our first description,[00:29:00]

[00:29:03] our how our listings are still being sold for top dollar. Even in today’s market,

[00:29:22] your home sold in four days or we will sell it or free, whatever your USPS are. So now if I go back up here again, I’m gonna see show more and Google’s gonna create all these different versions of these ads based on a square. Based on a, you know, no image based on just a text image based on just a vertical one.

[00:29:47] Like, there’s all these different versions that they’re gonna put out there. Now, ideally, it, this icon is the same as this icon right here. I, I wouldn’t do two different ones. Right. Um, but we wanna keep running these and, and all we’re gonna do with this one, it’s [00:30:00] again, it’s gonna go to the same page, right?

[00:30:01] We’re just gonna say, create. So now we have all these different versions of the ads that are running in this campaign. So what Google is gonna do will create a third one, just because we did do, uh, three. So again, business name is Steve Olson. Images, Let’s go load the other images. We’re gonna upload, upload from computer, and now we’re gonna do the, you know, one 90 main street or whatever the other one was.

[00:30:23] Was it this one?

[00:30:29] Let’s click outta here. I don’t know. Yeah, we already did that one. So we did the ugly looking one, the modern one. Now we need to look at

[00:30:45] Shane. If you have a, uh, I had a little hand raise from you if you have a question. Just, uh, put that in, uh, q and a.[00:31:00]

[00:31:07] Right. So it’s not 1 35. It’s 1 23. There we go. So we’re gonna upload these.

[00:31:21] Again, I’m gonna assume that you have your thing on here, right? So this is going to be the biggest home sold in Carlsbad, California, the biggest home sale in Carlsbad.[00:32:00]

[00:32:15] So you can abbreviate. That’s totally fine. Remember, So we got those a lot. You know, the only home for sale with a pool.

[00:32:28] And four car garage sold in 2021. We can do that. That way you guys know you can use other ones, right? So we’re gonna copy this long headline. We’re gonna put it down here.

[00:32:45] Your home sold in four days, or we will sell it. Or free. Right? Whatever your USP is. Now [00:33:00] again, it’s, it’s like people know, you don’t have to say biggest home sale. They know it’s a home cuz they can see a home, right? They know that. And it’s gonna give you all different variations of this based on what it thinks is gonna convert well, that automatically knows your colors from that.

[00:33:13] Right? And so we’re gonna continue to do this and I wish you could control the button. I don’t think, I still don’t think you.

[00:33:23] Call action text right there.

[00:33:32] Yeah, you can select a pre preconfigured one, but we’ll leave that.

[00:33:41] So again, then we’re gonna go to create ads. So what we’re gonna do now is every time that we sell a listing, like legitimately, I would go back, I am not kidding. I would go back and I would find 25 listings that you guys sold previously. And I would build this campaign, I would build an ad for every single one of them.

[00:33:56] And what Google is now going to do is once you launch this campaign, [00:34:00] it’s gonna say, Hey, a lot of people like this brick home. So I’m gonna show that a little bit more. The modern one’s not doing as well. So we’re gonna throttle that. This one’s doing really well. So we’re gonna put the majority of budget to here.

[00:34:10] But it doesn’t matter how many ads you put in here, the budget is always going to be $3 a day. So whether I have one ad right here, or I have 50 ads right here, it’s always going to be $3. Now you could always, uh, I don’t think that you can turn it off. I think you have to trash it, unfortunately. Um, maybe once you launch it, you can turn it off.

[00:34:33] You don’t have to trash it. But as of right now, if you don’t want this to run, you would, you would trash it right there. I’m pretty sure that once you turn this on, and I should have. I should have done this in a live account, so I can see, Uh, but once you turn it on, you’ll see all these in a list, and I do believe you can just toggle it on if it’s not doing very well.

[00:34:49] But again, the, our, our billing process on this or our, the way that we’re advertising on this is not to get leads. Sure. If you want to click and, and learn about our, our sales [00:35:00] process, you can totally do that. But my goal is right now, um, I only want to show this to people. That live in my area, because my goal in doing this is I just want to continue to, um,

[00:35:20] Yeah. Um, in, Oh, okay. So Shane, uh, uh, Shane, I see both of your things now. Totally good. Uh, and actually the, the other question is, is the exact same. So, um, I don’t know why some of your show is public and Shum, some don’t. Make sure you guys, unless you don’t want other people to see your question, that’s fine.

[00:35:41] Um, can you advertise, uh, buyer sales? The answer would be yes. You can do that as well. You, you, but you have to say like, we represented the buyer. That’s all you have to say. I think in every market, and maybe your market is different, I think in every market you can advertise buyer that you were the buying agent that sold that.

[00:35:56] That’s totally fine. So I would go through the list of every sale that you have, [00:36:00] and I would, you know, I wouldn’t disclose details. I wouldn’t say that. Sales price, I would leave all that out. You just want people to know, like, this guy’s busy, he’s busy. And again, this is a couple bucks a day. Uh, based on this, this is saying that on a $3 budget, there’s 290,000 impressions available and they think that every single day, um, I’m gonna pay somewhere between 77 cents.

[00:36:24] I’m gonna, I’ll, uh, reshare my screen here so, so you guys can see what I’m talking.

[00:36:31] This number right here, Google is saying that I, every day I’m gonna spend somewhere between 77 cents and $2 and 30 cents every time a thousand people sees this. So they think that, um, For $2 If, if my ADD does really well, they could potentially show this 34,000 times every single day. I think that’s probably a little bit on the high side.

[00:36:51] I would assume that this is probably gonna get shown a few thousand times every day. But where else can you spend three, do $3 and get like hundreds, if not [00:37:00] thousands of impressions over your social proof. Everybody else is telling you like, Oh, well the social proof is the reviews. And I agree, I do think reviews are really good, but when you give review, especially on Zillow, all you are doing is feeding Zillow, seo.

[00:37:13] That’s all you’re doing. And they realize, like, you know, Zillow one day, and this is, I don’t, you know, this didn’t come from anybody that I know at Zillow, but Zillow’s like, okay, how do we get. 150,000, 200, 300, 400, 800,000 agents to give us back links on our site for free. Oh, I know what we do. We will convince everybody that reviews are the way of the real estate agents.

[00:37:32] So if you can do a review and then link back to their website, that gives us a back link. Right? And then we know that if they have reviews on Zillow, they’re gonna post those other places as well. So we’ll just allow them to embed that and what, what all that’s. Is feeding the machine. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, that’s totally okay.

[00:37:49] Uh, but I will tell you, creating campaigns like this that are very low budget, that just always run and always change and you turn some properties on, some properties off, you push some, you [00:38:00] throttle some. And it’s just one of those things that you look at, I don’t know, once a week, once every two weeks.

[00:38:04] This isn’t anything that’s crazy. Uh, you’d be surprised at how quick you can create that brand of being like that omnipresent real estate. Everywhere you are. You could do this with anything. Coaching services. You could do it with a, we buy houses for cash. You could do it with, you know, quick offers. You could do it from, you know, we’ll find your home in a week or we’ll pay you, you know, a thousand dollars of closing like any USP you can think of.

[00:38:29] We can do this with social proof, but the easiest way to get over any sales pitch is to convince somebody that you are their only perceived on the. Um, somebody asked me the other day, Could I do this with homes that I showed? Yeah, you could do it with literally everything that you want. If you were showing homes every day and you wanted to take a picture of a home that you showed and then you wanted to run a display out of it, homes you showed this week, you could 100% do that.

[00:38:52] There is nothing wrong with doing that. Whatever it takes for you to show the market that you were live and active every single day, um, in the real estate [00:39:00] space, it’s the easiest way to do it because we just say our city. Plus, these are all the websites that I want this on because you know where that’s, that all the traffic is.

[00:39:07] You could leave all the websites out and you could have Google put it everywhere, but now it’s gonna show up on like, Candy crush with 11 year olds playing, like those are lost opportunities. My gut would, would, would go to tell me that a bunch of 17 year olds are probably not on NBC seven, San Diego or whatever that domain is every single day.

[00:39:26] So even though we’re telling Google, let’s target everybody, all ages, but I only wanna put these on this website. You’re you’re saying, I want all the traffic from that website. That’s what you’re. Right. So that’s kind of how you get around that. I would come up with a list of every site in your market that has any level of of domain authority that has traffic, and I would put those on at Apple Notes, and I would just copy and paste all of that to my targeting and I would let this stuff rip.

[00:39:50] Like crazy. And I’m telling you, because you know that everybody, your market goes to all these big sites, you all but can, can guarantee that your ads are gonna get shown. [00:40:00] Now if you put 30 sites, Shane, I’ll, I’ll use Shane. Like, let’s say Shane wants to target Vancouver and maybe he believes that a lot of people from Portland are coming from Vancouver.

[00:40:09] So he is gonna pull all the Portland new sites and all the Vancouver new sites, and he’s gonna start with that, right? And he may say that the cost per click like isn’t working. It doesn’t mean the ad’s not working. It means that somebody else or a bunch of advertisers are paying more money and they’re beating you.

[00:40:24] So the first thing that I would do if you’re not getting clicks or views, is I would increase the budget to see if you’re just too cheap on that. I’d start low and I’d go high, and I’d see if that manipulates anything. But again, This isn’t something you can figure out right now watching this webinar.

[00:40:37] This isn’t something that you are going to, you know, plan or watch YouTube videos. This is something that you’re gonna put together. You’re gonna launch, we’re gonna wait a couple days and we’re gonna see what the traffic looks like. Uh, Google is not as fast as Facebook. It takes a little while longer to warm up Google.

[00:40:51] So if you don’t get the instant results you’re used to with Facebook, that’s totally okay. Nothing you need to freak out about. It will take a little bit more time. But I [00:41:00] will tell you, if you have one of those little marks and you use it effectively, This is super powerful, I promise. All right. Um, I think unless, uh, everything else,

[00:41:16] um, what language would I use for a buyer sale? Uh, yes. So if I go back to my, I, I, I think it would be relatively similar if I go back to share my screen or go back to my desktop. And let’s say that I represented this home as a buyer, so I’m gonna let all this go. I’m gonna go to apply change. Let’s go create a new ad responsive display ad.

[00:41:36] I’m gonna drive that to this. My business name is Steve Olson. I’m gonna go find my images. Oops, I don’t wanna learn more. I’ll just go select these. So I sold this one as a buyer agent, not as a listing agent. I would, I would talk about the journey of what it took to find this one, right? So let’s delete this logo.[00:42:00]

[00:42:03] No videos and I would say, um, sold rep, presented buyer on.

[00:42:31] I would say things like Buyer was able to move in under 20 days. That’s probably too long. Let’s put that over here.

[00:42:49] Negotiated.

[00:42:54] Under sales price, Uh,[00:43:00]

[00:43:09] I would say buyer moved within 20 days. Like, you know, this could be 41.

[00:43:21] So do you see how this is like, again, like don’t put too much thought into how you do this, right? This is just like you’re just telling a story. That’s all we’re doing right now. We’re telling the market like, Hey dude, like we kick ass man. Like we’re in the business every single day. This is what we do.

[00:43:38] Right. So don’t overthink these. Just make sure, I mean, obviously tell the truth, like don’t lie about any of this stuff, that you’re gonna get in trouble for it. Um, but you wanna make sure that you’re just telling a story. Would I put the buyer campaign and the same thing as the seller campaigns? 100%. I would, This is literally just a social proof campaign.

[00:43:55] We are telling the entire market on all the big websites that you guys wanna hack [00:44:00] growth. This is how you’re doing. Cause when I go to. Some of the bigger sites like, you know, nbc, San Diego, I can’t remember what it was.

[00:44:13] I think it’s, yeah. Oh, it’s just NBC San Diego. When I go here, like let’s just look like, how great would it be if your ad showed up right there? You know, this is another ad over here. This is another ad right there. This is another ad right here. This is another ad right there. I click on Dr. Harvey or divas danced their way into the spotlight.

[00:44:38] There’s another ad right there. Touch. There’s another ad right here. There’s another ad right here. This is an ad right there. This is an ad right here. This is an ad right there. Like this is an ad right here. You guys can see that I’m looking at Chad Smith’s Vader Drumsticks, like there’s ads all over this freaking page, [00:45:00] right?

[00:45:01] And so all you have to figure out is the amount of money that I budgeted, is that enough to get people on this? If it is, great, if it, if you gotta spend more, that’s fine too, but I promise you we’re disrupting the, the, the flow of their daily content. And if, and Google’s really good at creating like, Tons of different variations of these ads to create the omnipresent thing that you need to be a part of, right?

[00:45:24] So just like, start with this right now. Don’t worry about retargeting, don’t worry about audience. You know, all that crazy stuff. That’s all in the, the, the, um, accelerator that will be released today or, or by midday tomorrow, I’ll show you how to create all those ninja custom audiences. Don’t worry about any of that stuff right now, just get this stuff going and I’m telling you.

[00:45:42] $3 a day, $4 a day, $2 a day. Just get it turned on, set it and forget it. Continue to add content to it, and I promise you you’ll get feedback really quick. Just make sure that you have some level of a mark that you can put on everything that you do. All right? Okay. Cool. That was it. You know, like I told you, it was gonna be easy, um, [00:46:00] fairly straightforward.

[00:46:00] If you guys have any issues with the, uh, members area, let me know. That’s how you do it. I will upload those Photoshop files into the members area so that you guys can, you know, Do whatever you want. It’s really like easy, There’s just two art boards in it, but you just have to drag stuff on it and type it out.

[00:46:14] Uh, and that’s, that’s about it. So that’s the webinar. If you guys have any other questions, I’m here for you. Send us an email members@steveolson.co. We’ll address it there. Otherwise, I’ll talk to you soon and I’ll get you guys an email once the rest of the course gets launched. All right. See you then. Yep.

[00:46:31] See you guys.