10/25/2022 AMA Webinar The Real Estate Long form Blog Post with Video

Raw Transcription:

[00:00:00] Hey, what’s up? Good morning. Good afternoon. [00:01:00] You Tuesday. Got some last minute SMSs here. It’s Yeah. Good. Rock and roll. Hope you guys are doing great. Two questions in regards to YouTube ads this week and basically I think both of them could be answered in a very simple process of how we think about how we create video, where that goes.

[00:01:18] Specifically like the tools that I would use, how I would create a video based on specific market. Dynamics, Homes for sale, all of that stuff. How we create a video, how we put that on YouTube, how we create a blog post, all of that fun stuff. I’m not gonna go into great detail. You should be super creative with this.

[00:01:34] We can do this with almost like no money whatsoever if you downloaded the new Apple iOS 16.1 and Mac os Ventura. Let me show you something cool that you can do right now. I’m gonna go to my camera on Zoom. I haven’t tried this. Yeah, like I now have this ability to do iPhone camera, so watch this.

[00:01:58] If I click iPhone camera here, [00:02:00] give this a second. I now am using my iPhone as the camera for this, right? And this is important. And to color on this is garbage. I’m sure there’s a way to Fix that in Zoom. But this is the difference between using my camera and I’m holding this over here so that they can do it.

[00:02:16] If I switch back and forth between this and a $8,000 camera right now I have full control over the lighting and all of that stuff. On this camera. This is set up. This is a $4,000 lens, so don’t compare this video with this, but I will tell you this, and again, I’ll go back. iPhone camera. This is way better than the camera on your MacBook, the camera on your iPad, the camera on every, And I’m holding this, here so you guys can see it.

[00:02:44] Now. I am a little I dunno if you’d call me pink. Maybe that’s my skin color. I have no idea. But this is, this easily could do, right? I could. This is in, again, this is with the light off, so it’s still not even bad without a studio light. We turn on the studio light and that’s what that looks like.

[00:02:58] Now, if I go back to my [00:03:00] expensive stuff and I let that focus and I turn off the studio light, that’s what that looks like, right? So the iPhone it makes up for a lot of stuff that you don’t have, right? I think with yesterday’s update, your iPhone is like your best friend right now for doing something like this.

[00:03:15] You can do it in. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna create something to the effect of the four most expensive homes today in Carlsbad, California. Okay. So I’m gonna share my screen really quick. I’m gonna go over to this would be desktop one. And let’s say we’ve got this right here.

[00:03:34] So I’m gonna do a search, new search. And I think the most expensive home is 12 million bucks. So I’m gonna go minimum price. We’re gonna do 9 million. Maximum price, 100. We’re gonna go Carlsbad. I’m gonna do search and this looks like total, but right. I screwed something up, so I will fix this.

[00:03:59] There [00:04:00] is only two homes for. I think I know what I did here. Hold on. We’re messing with this morning because we’re creating all of our videos right now.

[00:04:18] Okay. We’re gonna go to.

[00:04:26] Okay, rappers, we have C R F.

[00:04:34] Oh, that should be the right page Template. Yep. That’s it.

[00:04:51] Okay, that looks like it’s working. Let’s try this again. Even though it. Yeah. Bummer bummer. [00:05:00] This is what happens when you edit a site early at four 30 in the morning to run ads on it. So let me see if I can figure out what this is here. Pages. Oh, I get it. So we have search result and we have this, and we go to pages and we go to results.

[00:05:17] Nope, we have the same thing.

[00:05:31] I will fix this on our own time. Let’s go to we’ll go to the James Grant site, so we’ll go to the grant group.com. Let’s move this out of the way.

[00:05:45] Move that outta the way. We’re gonna go to search and I am going to find everything in Washington dc

[00:05:54] There’s a city price point. I don’t know how expensive it gets there, but I’m assume it’s gonna get more than 5 million. [00:06:00] It’s gonna unlock listings.

[00:06:07] James, we gotta fix this. There’s no way I could do strike two right now.

[00:06:21] All right, So let’s say James already has a search created. Yeah, this is what it should have gone through earlier. I’m not really sure why that’s not working, James. We’ll take a look at that and get that fixed. But let’s say that we’re gonna order this by price high to low. We’re gonna go price and we’re gonna make the price go down.

[00:06:37] So the most expensive home in DC right now, that seems cheap. It’s six and a half million. Let me see if I can do this with James site.

[00:06:49] I can. Okay. This probably isn’t one that I would use. Oops.[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go order this. I’m gonna open up, I used Vimeo. You guys could use Loom, you could use whatever you want. So let’s go ahead and turn this on. We’re gonna do both. We’re gonna make the we’ll use black magic cause I think that’ll work. We’ll use the that cuz I think that’ll work.

[00:07:14] We’re gonna do current tab. So this is going to say, it’s gonna record this tab with my face here in the lower left hand corner is what it’s gonna do. So I’m gonna move this over. And I’m gonna start recording. So this is literally the video that I would record is a blog post. And I’m not gonna script it, I’m not gonna do anything else.

[00:07:33] I’m just literally going to record it. And we’re gonna talk about the most expensive homes that were listed this week or are for sale right now in Washington, DC.

[00:07:46] Hey, I hope you’re doing amazing. This week we had quite a lot of activity in the DC market, and so I wanted to take a couple minutes to just walk around what the top five most expensive homes listed in dc. Right now because what we’re seeing is inventory [00:08:00] levels go up and down almost on a day by day day by day basis.

[00:08:03] And you know that we’re committed to giving you everything you need to know to be an expert in Washington DC real estate. So I’m here on my website. If you guys want this direct list, just email me directly, I’ll give this to you. These are all the listing, but we’re gonna change these from price. And we’re gonna make ’em the most expensive first.

[00:08:20] And let’s just go line by line. This is a commercial piece. We’re gonna ignore this right now because we’re not talking about commercial real estate. We’ve got one for 4, 9 50. This one’s over on P Street, one of the best neighborhoods in my opinion, that you could live on right now. This is a very exclusive home.

[00:08:34] I’ve actually already been through this one personally. You’d love this one if you want something turnkey and ready to go. We’ve got this other wor one on Williamsburg Lane Northwest James. I don’t know how you would say that. But this one, if you want the sprawling estate, if you want the big land, if you want privacy, this is the one I would look like.

[00:08:50] Let’s say you wanna be downtown. Let’s say that you’re in the thick of everything and you want, huge walkability. You want the coffee, you want access to everything political within your front door. Then I [00:09:00] would consider this one on 15th Street. Same thing on the one on 19th Street, but you wanna know what I think is the most unique one in the entire market, is this one that we saw the other day.

[00:09:08] It’s been on line for about three days now. The one on Parkland Court, I went through this, the other. And what I found is that from a value to square footage perspective, I don’t think you can get a better home than this one right now. Now the market’s crazy right now. Some are sitting on the market for months, while others are selling days.

[00:09:27] It’s all over the place right now. So this is not something that I would necessarily hop outta your chair and schedule an appointment right now. But if you want a private link, I’d be more than happy to send it to you because I think this right now, if you’re in the luxury segment in Washington, DC real estate, this is your best option as we speak right now.

[00:09:45] And the reason why I think so is because now a lot of this is furniture that is not gonna stay with the home. Some of this looks like it’s staged, some of it’s not. But you literally could move in this home tomorrow. I, like I said, I’ve already gone through this home. It’s literally as turnkey [00:10:00] as you can get.

[00:10:00] It’s within this school district that everybody loves. There’s my favorite coffee that’s three blocks around it, around the block from this. It’s got some of the most amazing views in dc. This is the home you wanna go and listen. I’m being honest with you guys. This is not my listing. This is somebody else’s listing.

[00:10:16] But I think this is one of the best buys in DC right now. If you have any questions around what’s getting listed on a, on DC on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis, the best deals, the most expensive deals, the investor opportunities, the, row homes, the towel homes, whatever. I’ll give a link below in the blog post where you can reach out to us and my team will set you up on a personal search that will only give you.

[00:10:39] To homes that you’re looking for, that will allow you to stop wasting time on Zillow and looking at 90% of the stuff out there that doesn’t work. All right, so those are the four most expensive homes this week in dc. I hope you guys are all crushing it. Message me below if you have any questions. See on the next one, I’m gonna stop that video and we’re gonna call this Washington [00:11:00] DC

[00:11:05] most expensive home. Today is 10. What is today? 10 25.

[00:11:14] And you notice if I just copy this link and open it in another tab.

[00:11:20] This is how it. Hey, hope you’re doing amazing. This week we had quite a lot of activity in the DC market, and so I wanted to take a couple minutes to just walk around what the top five most expensive homes listed in dc. Now, the audio’s a little outta sync with my voice, and the reason why is because I’m using this twice, Once on Zoom and once in that yours will be in sync and you can move this video wherever you want, but we always wanna reference our website to do this.

[00:11:45] In Vimeo, the cool thing about Vimeo is you can edit. And so I’m gonna go over here to trim. It says it can’t be trim. It can, it just hasn’t been processed yet. So I’m gonna cut off the end. I’m gonna cut off the beginning. That’s a good three minute video. I’m gonna [00:12:00] upload this to YouTube, then I’m gonna create a blog post.

[00:12:02] So let’s pretend that we already did that. Let’s pretend we already created the YouTube video. It’s already up there. Now we need to create a blog post, so I’m gonna copy this link right.

[00:12:15] I’m gonna go over to my blog and here’s where it gets interesting. You can do this, I’m on HubSpot. You’re, you can do it easily on WordPress, same thing. So we’re gonna go to, where is my Real estate? One California Real Estate,

[00:12:30] and the title of the blog post is going to be, What Can You Get or The four Most Expensive Homes. For sale in Washington DC their week of 10, 25, 20 22. First thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna paste that video link right there. We’re gonna make this. 1200 picks wide. So it takes up the whole thing. And then the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put all those listings in here.

[00:12:59] [00:13:00] Okay? So we’re gonna go back to this page here, and I’m gonna click on this image. I’m gonna right click, Maybe I’m gonna use this image, maybe I won’t. Copy, Copy, image, address right from my own website. Go back to the blog post. I’m gonna go to insert image right here, and I’m gonna click right here. Add image from a.

[00:13:20] Again, WordPress has this feature as well. It’s gonna pull that image preview,

[00:13:27] select import image,

[00:13:32] select the image. Okay, so now I’ve got the image in the blog. So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna go back to this. I’m gonna copy the address and the price, go back to my blog post.

[00:13:49] I think it was listed for three.

[00:13:57] I’m gonna make this a heading two,[00:14:00]

[00:14:02] and then I need to give attribution. So in this, on the bottom it probably says, listed with somebody, right? Let’s go find it. I think it’s gotta be on everyone. There it is right here. So I’m just gonna copy this, paste it right there. Now I’m gonna copy the description.

[00:14:36] Now, I don’t know. So now if I go to preview this of course it’s gonna freak out on me. Hold on.

[00:14:45] Let’s show you what this is gonna look like. So I’ve got the video up here. We’re gonna put like how we help and then we’re literally just gonna put homes, we’ll type up.[00:15:00]

[00:15:41] So we would just highlight this. Obviously we’d go to Link. Same thing in WordPress. I’d go find my content, One of your pages, it’s called Let’s Talk Real Estate.

[00:15:59] There it [00:16:00] is. Insert. So you’d link all this stuff out, right? And so we would do this with every single listing that we did. And the reason why we wanna embed these in the blog is because if we just embed a save search, this is gonna change every single week. So again, I’m gonna go back to my, let’s go to the previous listing.

[00:16:19] Now it’s three five. So I’m gonna click on this photo. I’m gonna right click, copy, image address, go back to the blog post and I’m just gonna do the same thing.

[00:16:29] Image add. Image insert from URL paste preview looking for images. Yes, that’s go and import that. Import selected, select it. There it is right there. Again, go back to the listing. Exit outta the photos. Copy the address. That one’s for three five.[00:17:00]

[00:17:02] Shift enter, select both. Let’s make this heading. Two. Go back to the listing. Copy the description. Oops. Now, I don’t know if you can do this in your market. You should be able to. It’s no different than doing this in idx. Paste it right there. Copy this again. We always want to give like attribution to the listing agent.

[00:17:26] You have to do that, right? So I think we put it under the price right here. Listing courtesy of, So we’re gonna go back down here for three five. We’re gonna go all the way down to the bottom cuz that’s where it is on James’ site. I don’t know why it says question mark there. That’s goofy, but we’re gonna put that below here.

[00:17:46] And again, if we save this and we go back to the preview, let’s see what we have now. So we’ve got, this is how we work together. This is the video and you’re gonna have a little thumbnail on it. I don’t have a thumbnail, but we’re gonna talk about it here. If we hit play. [00:18:00] Hey, you’re doing amazing. This week we had quite a lot of activity of DC so there’s that video.

[00:18:08] Now you’re listing all these, you have the descriptions of the property. You have the price. You could link to this if you wanted to. I don’t think you need to, cuz remember when this property is no longer listed, that link’s gonna break in. Most MLSs, it’s going to break. So I’m not gonna worry about this at all.

[00:18:23] I’m gonna put the description. I’m gonna say, Hey, we took this out of our mls. We gotta give attribution to the, if the listing agent, I think on ours, and I know ours looks like ridiculous right now to fix this after the web, Oh, there we go. Now it’s working. That’s super bizarre how I did that. Yeah, ours, ours includes the agent and Hilton Highland.

[00:18:41] So I, obviously I’m not gonna put their phone number on it. But I’m gonna copy this and I’m gonna put that in the blog post. And then same thing. I’m gonna click it, I’m gonna write click copy, image address. So this is IDX Broker. What I, this is what we use. James Grant, I believe uses Showcase idx.

[00:18:57] And I believe if you use I Home Finder[00:19:00] the same thing. I don’t know off the top of my head who uses I Home Finder. I think Maya did.

[00:19:14] Let’s see if Maya still has it. Here. Let’s go to Berkeley.

[00:19:21] Na. Yep, I think it is. Let’s just go search all.

[00:19:34] Let’s see what pops up here.

[00:19:42] Yes, this is yeah, this is I Home finder. Yep. So there it is. Copy, image, address, same thing. So it doesn’t matter what you use, we can use it. Okay. So if we go back to the blog post, we don’t need to link these out. Cause again, that’s gonna, that’s gonna be broken. And then [00:20:00] so we have, this is how we, you work with us.

[00:20:03] Home homes mentioned this week. This is the image, this is the price, this is the description. We want to give attribution. We want to tell them that this came from the mls. We’re not plagiarizing, we’re not saying that we’re the listing agent, we’re not trying to steal your listings. Like we’re not doing any of that crap.

[00:20:16] We’re literally just saying this is what sold, or this is what got listed to the most expensive. Now, underneath this, I would take this video right here and I would run it through script. So let me show you how I would do that. So I’m gonna go to Vim. I’m gonna click here. I’m gonna download this video and I’m gonna do the lowest possible quality of it, cuz I just need the transcription.

[00:20:37] So I just downloaded that. Let me get out of this full screen mode. Let me show you guys how to use the script. This script.

[00:20:50] There we go. Took a while for that to find it here.

[00:20:55] And then we’re gonna go to, Let’s go to my workspace, we’ll go to Real Estate, We’ll go to New [00:21:00] project, and we’re gonna say W D C Test, Enter. And now all I’m gonna do is go to my downloads folder and I’m gonna download this right in here. And it’s three minutes long. It’s automatically gonna transcribe it.

[00:21:13] We’ll give this a minute to work.

[00:21:18] Sometimes I forget, I have a VA that does all this for my account. You pay $30 a license. But the cool thing is you can go in there and all the videos that they do, you can have access to this as well. So we’re gonna give this as 50% done. Again, we’re using a super low risk file cause I don’t care about the video, I just want the transcription.

[00:21:38] And I think while that’s doing it they did just change their pricing and it used to be unlimit. Transcription now. I think they capped it. So I think we’re on this plan right here. It’s 30 hours of transcription per month. So if you take, 30 hours times 60 minutes. We just use three minutes out of 1800 every single month, right?

[00:21:58] So if you were doing [00:22:00] one hour long videos divided by 60 minutes, you could do a video a day for an hour and you still wouldn’t run outta space. That $30 plan’s no brainer. And if you have two users, you get to double part. I think we have three users on ours. So let’s go back here. Transcription should be ready.

[00:22:15] Of course it’s taking its sweet time cuz I don’t need it.

[00:22:22] Normally it’s really fast, like five, 10 seconds. I’m not sure what’s taken so long this time. Here we go. Now it’s going.

[00:22:38] The reason why we wanna put the transcription in the blog post is for s. So we wanna make sure as you guys are running these blog posts, if you’re talking about, Vancouver real Estate, Washington, DC re, DC real estate, Carlsbad Real Estate, San Diego, real estate, whatever real estate, you wanna mention that as many times as you can.

[00:22:56] So don’t just say real estate. Every time you say real estate. Say [00:23:00] Vancouver real estate. Say Carlsbad real estate, Say wash, because that’s all gonna show up in the trans. So now we have this transcription. We have a bunch of errors in here. I don’t care. I’m not going to change it, but I’m not gonna copy it here.

[00:23:11] I’m just gonna click share. I’m gonna go to export. I’m gonna click text and I have plain text in. Include the name of composition. I’m gonna turn that off. Markers yes. Ignore and text. Yes. Include speaker labels. Now I don’t really care about that. I want timestamps every 60 seconds and every paragraph break.

[00:23:29] I’m just gonna copy the clipboard just like that. Go back to my blog post. Come down to the. And I’m gonna say raw video transcription. You don’t say this. People are gonna be like, Dude, what’s up with all these spelling errors? I’m just gonna pa this is why I don’t type because I can’t even do it. Un bold.

[00:23:49] That make that heading Number three. And so now what happens is when we go to save this, You have a [00:24:00] video up front. You have how we can help. You’re gonna have five listings right here. Four listings right here. Picture headline, price. You have all this copy, picture, headline, price, all this copy. Now you have raw video, trans tra.

[00:24:13] Oh, not transaction transcription. That’s gonna drive me nuts. I’m not gonna use this anyway.

[00:24:25] So if we had four listings with all this copy on here and the transcription and the video, this really quickly turns into like it could easily be a 10,000 word blog post. And could you imagine? And if I didn’t have to teach you how to do this on right now, this whole process would probably take me 30 minutes total.

[00:24:43] And if you did one of these every single. And this is what you are blogging on every single day. So we would talk about what you need to do when you sell, what you need to do when you buy, what happens when this happens. The most expensive homes. The cheapest homes, the newest homes, the what’s sold this week, the cheapest sale this week, the most [00:25:00] expensive sale this week.

[00:25:01] Like your level of content is literally unlimited. That you can do. Now here’s the greatest thing, because I did the four most expensive homes for sale in Washington DC the week of 10 25. That was only, I could do this, I could do this blog post if I wanted to every single week, cuz it’s probably gonna change every single week.

[00:25:20] And maybe next week this listing is, 3 8 99. Great. Put it in next week’s blog and say, we featured this one last week and it was a hundred thousand dollars more expensive. It went down a hundred thousand. We’re just looking for content so that when this gets fed to Google, I see Washington.

[00:25:36] Let’s see how many times it’s mentioned Find Washington. Of course you guys would spell it.

[00:25:51] We need to say, Oh, you know what, we would include this city. You’d wanna do that. Put the city underneath here. I did not do that. So the address right here, then the city underneath [00:26:00] it, then the price you’re gonna wanna mention, Washington, DC as many times in the transcription. This is a short three minute video, so we couldn’t say it like too much.

[00:26:08] And then when you import the photo, One of the things that I should have done, if I click the photo and edit it, I alt text. I want to put 1712 19th Street, Washington, dc most expensive homes for sale this week. We want to tell Google Hey, this is what this photo is, and hit apply. So now we just name that.

[00:26:40] So if you do this, I’m telling you right now, if you like, we’re gonna launch a two day challenge probably in the next couple weeks. You guys will have access to it at no cost, but don’t sign up for it. If you wanna pay me double, that’s totally fine, no reason to. But we’re gonna do a two day challenge that talks about how to create an irresistible listing offer to take more listings in 2022 and 2023.

[00:26:59] And then that’ll be [00:27:00] followed up with an upsell to take the brand accelerator, right? Which you guys are in right now. That’s why I’m saying don’t pay for it. You guys already get all of this. There’s an upsell on how to buy the recordings for 150 bucks. Again, you guys have all of this, so don’t worry about it.

[00:27:12] But one of the things that we talk about is creating that irresistible offer. That could be your home sold in two weeks, or we’re sell it for free or your, multiple offers in your home in seven days, or we’ll pay you $5,000 or your home sold in 90 days, or we’ll buy it from you.

[00:27:24] That’s what we call an irresistible listing offer. Now all we have to do is create content that says this is what’s going on right now. Hey, by the way, if you want us to this is where I would put your home sold in 21 days, or we will sell it for. The no term listing agreement, or you would say like the day by day listing agreement.

[00:27:53] Whatever your unique offer is, that’s where you’re gonna put it. And we would just list this under the video so people know exactly. This is exactly how I interact [00:28:00] with this business. And what you do now is you have long form video right here. And again, I recorded this when I was on the webinar right now, so it’s hard for me to think and eloquently talk about this, but yours is gonna be a little bit more polished than mine is.

[00:28:12] It’s gonna look a little bit better. You’re gonna use a better thumbnail for this. You’re gonna put this on YouTube. You’re gonna put all this into the description on. , then you’re gonna embed that YouTube video right here. You’re gonna put Washington, dc. If I go over here, all I’m gonna do is just what I probably should have done is just copied this.

[00:28:36] Oops. Can’t see my own cursor.

[00:28:48] Oh, that looks ugly.

[00:28:52] There we go. Okay, that looks a little better and we should probably make this heading.[00:29:00]

[00:29:04] That looks better just like that. So we want Washington DC to be on all the photos. We want it to be mentioned as many times because we wanna start creating this content to where when people start Googling things like this, we show up in search. And I’m telling you, if you have your site indexed, this will show up on search.

[00:29:20] It will not take long because this is very unique, specific. Hyper targeted content. It’s not generic. So the questions that we asked earlier is how we would use if we didn’t want to get if we didn’t want to create influencer level content, how would we use the market to do this?

[00:29:38] Could you do this on with market stats? Yeah, 100%. You could do this on market stats, you could do it with charts, and I believe we even have some down.

[00:29:49] Like right here. If we go back over here and we scroll all the way down to the bottom, let’s open this in a new tab. So here we talk about mortgage rates and where they’re going, and then we talk a [00:30:00] little bit about, listing charts mentioned in this video. These are just charts that are embedded from our mls.

[00:30:05] Nothing significant, right? Here’s the chart that talks about where interest and the, this is already outdated, which is crazy. I think I mentioned. Where does this say right now? 6.94. So it, it shot up right here to five seven and it took a dip and it went back up. That seems a little low to me, maybe that’s where it’s at.

[00:30:29] Here, I think it was,

[00:30:37] eh, So mortgage . When was this video? This is crazy. This video wasn’t even a month ago and it already went up a point. Yeah. September 16th. Almost a month. Exactly. A little bit over, over 6%. I, Some of you guys are quoting seven and eights, right? So that’s why it’s okay to keep recording this content over and over because [00:31:00] in just 30 days this blog post is already, I.

[00:31:03] It’s literally irrelevant, right? Because the interest rates went up so far. So there’s a bunch of different ways that you can create this content. Now, I didn’t put the transcription in here, I probably should have cuz that’s gonna tell Google a little bit about what the video is about. But that’s how I would create big content and I wouldn’t like, again, I, This is a five to 10 minute video.

[00:31:25] This was taken right off my website, right off my website, right off my. And this is just a transcription from the video and you’re done. I’m telling you right now, you create one of these blog posts every single day. Put a good amount of effort into it. Make sure you’re not phoning it in. Make sure you’re honestly analyzing the market.

[00:31:44] Make sure you’re talking about what happened today versus last week or last month or whatever. Like literally don’t phone it in. Pull the listings off your site, post it in the blog post, then put the transcription below, and then every day I’m gonna, I’m gonna leave screen share. [00:32:00] We go create YouTube ads and we say, Hey, my name’s Steve Olson.

[00:32:03] Listen, I just created a video with the four most expensive homes that were listed this week inside Washington, dc. If you wanna see what those are, do me a favor, click this video, I’ll give all those to free. No registration, no email, none of that funny stuff. We just wanna help. All right, click here, see on the blog post, and we put $5 a day behind YouTube ads on that, right?

[00:32:20] Could you imagine doing that every single day on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google. With just doing this strategy alone and indexing on Zillow, having all that traffic come to your site, and of course we’ve got popups that say, Hey, join our email list and all that stuff. Once we were to publish this live, it doesn’t take long before people start to recognize it.

[00:32:40] And this content is evergreen, meaning You’re not always saying New homes for sale in Carlsbad. Give us your email address cuz those ads go dead really quick. This one strategy with YouTube ads alone. Forget Facebook, forget TikTok, forget Instagram, forget Google display, forget LinkedIn, Do organic on all of that stuff.

[00:32:58] But if you were to put $5 a [00:33:00] day behind YouTube, exactly how I showed you to do it. I tried as hard as I could. To keep this week’s YouTube accelerator under 35 minutes because YouTube can become very big, very quick. So I try to do it really simple. I think at video three, I even I started to go deep, but then I stopped myself.

[00:33:15] So maybe we’ll create some more videos that are a supplement to that. But this process of creating this blog post, I’m telling you, is like it’s wildly effective. It works very well, and it positions you as the expert. And we’re using the data that’s already out there. We’re not plagiarizing.

[00:33:32] This would be no different as if we embedded a list of homes for sale on our blog posts. It’s no different. We’re just putting it there so it lives there forever. We’re giving attribution to the listing agent. We’re not letting anybody. We want you to think that this is our listing, right? This is not our listing.

[00:33:47] We’re just telling you these. Were the four most expensive homes this week. Tomorrow I may do the most expensive home sale, that’s sold this week. At the end of the month, I would do like az central.com, which is, I think in the [00:34:00] top. This is crazy. Az central.com is one of the most traffic sites in the world.

[00:34:07] Like it’s in the top. And do you wanna know at least the last time that I researched this? Oh, look, they got a little mini tornado in Phoenix. That’s crazy. One of the most trafficked pages of their entire site was the notable sales this week in Phoenix. And if we go to search sales and Phoenix do you see all this stuff like is private, that you don’t have to pay a hundred dollars a year or whatever. All this stuff is paid content. And look, if they wouldn’t put this behind paid content, if it didn’t work, and I’m telling you, if you go to Alexa Ranking, it’s Alexa. It’s not Alexa. Oh, maybe it is.

[00:34:58] End of service notice. [00:35:00] Oh I think it’s Alexia.

[00:35:13] No they took that down. Okay. So if we go to AZ Central,

[00:35:22] Global ranks 6,008 50. Do you have any idea? How hard is it? It’s to be in the top 10,000 websites in the world. This is crazy how high that is. And if you know anything about web and seo, like these are unheard of stats that that people are getting. All right? So if Arizona Central is pay blocking that, but from, back when I was in media days, these were their most popular posts, right?

[00:35:47] The most expensive home sold for 3.6 million, right? $1 for six months. So they’re already giving you the roadmap to success. All you guys have to do it is do it [00:36:00] on a local level. And I’m telling you, if you submit your. To Google for indexing takes three seconds. Your site will start to index right away.

[00:36:07] You’ll wanna make sure that I have my big content, I have my blog posts, and I have my unique selling offer. I realize going to the Brand Academy, the Omni Brand Academy, that we probably need one specific session only about how to create your unique selling proposition, right? I know the, week number two kind of covers it, but it really deserves its own deep.

[00:36:26] So I’m probably next Wednesday and Thursday or maybe the week after that, I haven’t scheduled it yet. We’re gonna do a two day challenge, so where I can help you guys build that. It’ll be free for everybody to join. If you want the recordings, it’ll be like 150 bucks. Again, you guys will get it for free, so don’t worry about paying for that.

[00:36:41] But it’ll be probably two, two hour sessions a day for two days in a row where we uncover how to build a irresistible offer so that you can take more listings this year and in the next year, so that everything that we’re talking about in the Omni Brand Accelerator can all roll up to right, Because you can do all this content,[00:37:00] the most expensive homes for sale, the new listings this week, all of that stuff, and you can get really good, but if you don’t know where to take them from, You’re gonna get known, but you may not see the business jump because people don’t understand how to engage with you.

[00:37:12] You know what I’m saying? So I think that irresistible offer is gonna be really crucial. And again, it’s just a one page, like sunday.com or Offer Pad, or when Zillow offers was still running. Something that says, Hey, in one page you can read about everything that we do, and this is how you engage with us.

[00:37:28] And then all we do is just create. Long form video, short form video that just circles all the way around that offer. And I’d be willing to bet. Once you do this for a while, you may not even need to spend money on advertising. If you do it right and you write your content, you get very specific on it.

[00:37:46] You could get to a point that from an SEO perspective, if you really clean up your site and your site knows that okay, this Steve Olson guy he’s only talking about Carlsbad Real Estate, so let’s just put him at the top of Carlsbad Real Estate. I don’t [00:38:00] think it’s, it’s not gonna take you more than 60 days for you to start to see organic traffic come in.

[00:38:04] It will happen that. But you gotta be hyper focused on it. All right, so I hope that answers it today. This blog post isn’t gonna get published because obviously I’m talking about Carlsbad in Washington, DC I just wanted to show you that, like you don’t have to download photos, then edit the photos, then upload the photos if I was on.

[00:38:22] Let me see if I can log into real pages, One of my fake WordPress sites. W P login and we’ll see if I can just show you this on WordPress.

[00:38:52] Okay. The way that I would do this on WordPress, Oops. Thought I was sharing my.

[00:38:58] So again I’ve got my [00:39:00] property search right here. I’m gonna go create another blog post right here. Add new, I’m gonna say most expensive.

[00:39:28] I believe you can just come here. Go to, Plus there’s two ways we can do this. Okay. See where it says So here’s what I did. Let me cancel outta this. I clicked insert image. And you’ll notice right here it says insert from url. So I’m gonna go back to my page here, and this isn’t even my site, it’s James site.

[00:39:45] I’m gonna click on the image, right click, copy, image, address, and I’m gonna paste it right there at enter. There’s the image done. That’s all you have to do. Don’t have to download it, don’t need to re-upload it. You don’t need to do any of that stuff and or work just [00:40:00] fine. Again, if you were coming over here to James’ site, and this was yours, I’m gonna copy this.

[00:40:06] I’m gonna go back to my WordPress post. Don’t need caption. We can put a caption in there. I’m gonna convert this to text.

[00:40:26] Go back to my post. Go find the price. 3.5 million.

[00:40:33] Go back to the post. Copy this.

[00:40:41] And then, do you remember we have to give attribution.

[00:40:47] He uses bright mls, if I’m not mistaken.

[00:40:54] And then we just keep doing it over and over again. This is the exact same way. So if we were to preview this now this is I don’t think I have this on. [00:41:00] Yeah. This is just a sample where we build our templates. But that would be the same thing, right? No different exact same thing. We just have a video.

[00:41:08] We’d put everything above it and that’s how we would do it. So like I’m telling you this stuff it will rank and it will rank very fast because people are googling this. And matter of fact, we should probably do like an SEO ranking challenge. I bet if you did five posts a week, I bet it would take you.

[00:41:24] And assuming you’re, if you go to how to submit, Website to rank on Google. I think it’s Google not developer partners. It is called Google.

[00:41:53] My Yeah, Google. Google something console. That’s it. This would be, I’ll post this anything that Neil Patel says, [00:42:00] you should just do

[00:42:08] Google Search Console. That’s what it is.

[00:42:16] Yep, that’s what I was thinking of. Google Search Console. If you have Google admin or Google apps, you just log in, it’s free. You have settings, you submit your domain. You don’t submit the domain, you actually submit the site map. So if you don’t have, and I don’t think we have it on this, all you would do is go here and you would go to plugins, add.

[00:42:38] And you would just search site map. And then if you have Yos seo, it’s already included, you can do this. And oh, they did this again, where they’re not saying how many installs. So if you’re using yos or all in one seo, those are really common ones. You can use this one. Compatible. Compatible let’s just install this one.[00:43:00]

[00:43:02] Activate. And it’s probably gonna put it under settings.

[00:43:09] There it is right there. Yeah. We’ve used this before. So you’re gonna do all of this stuff. You’re gonna set all this up and then it’s gonna give you a link. And once you have the link there it is right here. It already gives you the link. So if I click this link, this is the site map. Now I’ve only got five pages on here cuz this is just a template page.

[00:43:27] But this is, you’re gonna literally take this link and this is the link you’re gonna give to. And then Google’s gonna index this, and right away you’ll do it. So if you start to put together this type of content, number one, like the secret to this this, I’ll cut you loose with this will not work.

[00:43:42] If you cover like 10 counties and you’re gonna do like San Diego today, then La Jolla tomorrow, then Delmar the next day. It will work, but it’s going to take forever. Cuz now Google’s crap this guy seems like they’re like Zillow, but we don’t really know what they focus.

[00:43:56] So we, But if it’s. All Carlsbad or all Encinitas [00:44:00] or all Vancouver or all Washington DC or all Westfield, New Jersey or all like you will rank quick because it’s like you could talk about kitchen accessories and could you rank for kitchen accessories? Sure, it’s gonna take a long time. But if you only created a site on lenders like KitchenAid Blenders or what’s the famous one?

[00:44:20] Not oyster. Vitamix, right? If you only did Vitamix blenders like you would kill it. A company that does really well with this, if you just Google espresso machines, and I promise you, they’re gonna come up.

[00:44:38] It’s a company called Seattle Coffee Gear. So these are paid good housekeeping, Best Buy, whole lot of love.

[00:44:49] Amazon Bed Bath and Beyond. There it is. Seattle Coffee Gear right there. First page. These guys, if you guys ever wanna buy a espresso machine and you wanna research the, they have [00:45:00] arguably the best YouTube channel in the world. And they literally go through every, Here she is right here, She goes through every single espresso machine that’s worth anything.

[00:45:10] And I’m telling you, she’s already. What like I’m telling you to do. They didn’t write any of this. This is all coming from, the manufacturer site, but she does these little reviews and I don’t know what this is. This looks like a rocket. Yeah, it’s a rocket espresso, Moza, Fido, whatever. 2,900 bucks.

[00:45:30] Check this out.

[00:45:34] 55,000 views for a rocket espresso machine. If you don’t think YouTube works, I’m telling you, you’re. Now this, Oh, Steve, this video’s three years old. It’s a freaking espresso machine. This isn’t Mr. Beast giving away $30 million to homeless people. This is a how to use a espresso machine and all the way up is, That’s it.

[00:45:57] That’s all this is. So you just have to [00:46:00] get on. If you get super specific, Google will put you on the first page because it knows, okay, this guy, like all he talks about is Carlsbad. That. And guess what? When people start to Google Carlsbad, and look, we’re doing this, we’re launching this right now. We had a whole San Diego version.

[00:46:15] It did. Okay. We’re gonna scrap that and we’re gonna move everything to Carlsbad. We’re gonna do personal growth and business growth on the same site, but all real estate will be all Carlsbad. And all we’re gonna do is try to siphon off anywhere from eight to 18 sales a month because we’re willing to put in the work that, it’s 30 minutes a day.

[00:46:30] It’s nothing. Sign. But this is how you create the small content or the blog content that leads into the irresistible offer, right? So that’s like the supplement to YouTube. All these videos by the way that you’re doing, where you’re doing your share screen video. I’m sure somebody asked that earlier in q and a, Where did I see that?

[00:46:49] Oh, and chat. Yeah. Mike the, You would put that on YouTube. That would not be on Vimeo. I just used Vimeo because that’s my easiest screen recorder. I also use Loom and Vidyard, but if I used Vimeo to [00:47:00] do it, I would go over to Vimeo, and once I was done recording it, I would download. The full version video, I would upload it to YouTube.

[00:47:08] I’d write my description in there. I’d put all my links in there, and I’d embed the YouTube on the blog post. I would not embed video. The reason why is because I want, and again, This is your reason why Seattle Coffee Gear 270,269,000 subscribers, they’re uploading videos every day. Look at this.

[00:47:32] Three slow brewer coffee makers to buy in 2022, 2000 views in two days. Th if this is coffee stuff, right? Some of these are getting 5,000, 4,000, 5,000, 3000, 14,000, 5,000, 10,000, 14,000. I don’t know about you. Do you have any idea what this store is worth because of this YouTube channel? It’s crazy.

[00:47:53] Like it’s nuts. How much this is worth. Again, if you’re at a channel and all this was, is three best [00:48:00] Carlsbad Homes for sale. Three best home inspectors in Carlsbad. Three. The three most famous coffee shops in Carlsbad. The more that you mention your city, the more this channel’s gonna do.

[00:48:11] And we don’t need whatever city that you’re in, you don’t need. Shane, I think I saw you earlier, Vancouver, Washington population. You’re probably the same size as us. No you’re double 180 2 7 92. I think we’re 1 15, 1 14, 4 11. And I’m telling you, I’m gonna show you guys that we will be able to do this in a small city, what I would call small city, cuz I’m a big city person that sells, 2000 homes a year, give or take.

[00:48:40] We should be well over 5,000 homes a year. Like everybody else, inventory is down, right? So we easily could do this easily and Shane, your market is much bigger than ours. Totally easy to do, right? Hope that was valuable. I hope that makes sense. Trust me, this level of content, everybody at the conferences is talking [00:49:00] about Oh, it’s content, content, but nobody gives the specific how-tos and what to do because it gets overwhelming.

[00:49:06] Everybody’s I don’t know how to do this stuff. I just showed you how to create. And I don’t know how many word count that blog post would be, but if you were doing five listing chunks plus the transcription, I bet that’s probably close to a 10,000 word blog post. You optimize that and you get really specific about what you talk about and you clean up the transcription a little bit.

[00:49:25] Cause you know, seo, it does matter. You need to be able to, I think they say it needs to be written at a fourth grade reading. But if you clean that transcription up just a little bit, you spend a minute and you take all the US out of it and the misspellings and the punctuation. No more than two minutes.

[00:49:40] I wouldn’t spend all day and this, clean it up, put it up there, and you launch this every day. And then you put a short clip on it on every piece of social, linking back to it. You have YouTube linking to the whole thing if they wanna see the specific homes, you do that on a day to day basis, plus put a couple bucks behind it on YouTube and maybe Facebook and Instagram.

[00:49:59] The traffic will [00:50:00] grow, I promise you, and in a year you will have a brand asset that like people will just contact you on a daily basis because you control all the local content. You don’t even need to leave the house. You could go out there and do tours. There’s no reason to. You already have all the data right now.

[00:50:17] You’re just not using it in the way that you are supposed to. Using it in would I embed sorry, last question that I didn’t see. Would I embed a new homes for sale in Carlsbad? Yes, I would. So let me tell you how I would do that really quick. Again, we use IDX brokers. So I’m gonna go to widgets apps.

[00:50:36] Speedy, Ooh, they changed. Oh no they didn’t. Okay. Speedy widgets,

[00:50:45] click here and whatever. I’m gonna go find Carlsbad. New listings, two week get speedy. I don’t know if 12 is the way that we want to do it. [00:51:00] Yeah, that’s what we wanna do. So that’s exactly what I want. So I’m gonna copy this. I’m gonna go back over to my blog post and at the very. I’m just gonna put current new homes for sale this week in Carlsbad, California.

[00:51:23] Click here. I’m gonna go to Advanced Source Code all the way to the bottom.

[00:51:30] Delete this. I’m gonna paste my bed code. I’m not gonna see it here. My preview looks weird. I’m gonna change just to heading three. I’m gonna save it. Where’s my preview? It’s gone.

[00:51:49] So again, this would say the four most expensive. Oh, I’m not sharing my screen. I’m sorry. Thank you for calling that out. [00:52:00] So all I did is went to IDX Broker and I embedded. The current home sales this week. Current new homes for sale this week in Carlsbad, California. So now I’ve got, Look how many more times.

[00:52:10] I have Carlsbad, California mentioned on this. So if I do Command f Carlsbad

[00:52:20] shows up 26 times on this page. Now this isn’t about Carlsbad, this is about Washington dc so it’d show up even more. If I was doing that. So this is gonna be static, right? This image is always gonna be there. This image is always gonna be there. These, this is going to change day by day based on what’s for sale right now.

[00:52:42] So if they click on this, obviously they’re gonna go off and they’re gonna click the, listing details. I go see that, right? That’s fine. But again, you may put, if you’re gonna do most expensive homes for Carlsbad, then you would say, viewing this blog post later, Here are the current most expensive for sale homes for [00:53:00] sale in Carlsbad, California.

[00:53:01] And this would be a dynamic listing of all of those blog posts again, like we’re doing this so that Google says Okay, this guy’s Carl. We want, we wanna rank him. And I’m telling you somebody that I wouldn’t, I won’t say I took credit for it, but Breasty Ranch, Homes for sale.

[00:53:22] These are all ads. Zillow, Breasty, Ranch Realty, not them. Trulia Lu Team. Mova, Remax. Point to Homes. Ruby Home Living Breasty Ranch. That’s a new one. There it is right there. Bcr. So Sam Smith, I coached for years and, he was able to build. Now I don’t think this site like necessary looks very good, but it’s wildly effective and the guy generates leads like nobody’s freaking business.

[00:53:49] So this is a different take. Like you guys know that I’m not I’m not a fan of just saying Here’s homes for sale, cuz it doesn’t create brand. But when you start to, to take the data that you already have and [00:54:00] create video content and you make it different than everybody else, now you’re positioning yourself as an expert and all you’re doing is giving them the data they already have access to.

[00:54:08] You’re not creating anything. You don’t need to invent anything. You’re just doing what you already know to do. That’s all this is, trust me, when I tell you, like I told you in this week’s webinar release, that if there was one thing that I would get hyper focused on right now is like getting really comfortable with YouTube ads.

[00:54:25] Because that, like I’m telling you, like this is the last thing I’m gonna tell you, I promise. There’s a Jeff Lewis and Ryan Sirhan video where Ryan talks about the difference between 30 minute Netflix shows and one minute take talk videos, and he goes, What’s the only reason you watch Netflix? It’s because you want a story.

[00:54:41] You want drama, you want happiness, you want pain, and you want a message. Something like that. And he was specific and he goes, Why do I have to sit down for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour to get that when I can get all of tho that same level of dopamine in a one minute video, six times and six minutes?

[00:54:56] And he goes, That’s where video content is going. And you are seeing [00:55:00] major houses, major movie production houses or studios starting to create short form, like content. The, it’s going to happen. I’m just suggesting with real estate, you guys get ahead of it because you’re going to get rewarded right now, and YouTube is your key to all of that growth.

[00:55:17] It’s not going anywhere. Facebook’s gonna continue to screw realtors. It’s only gonna get harder. Instagram’s gonna follow. TikTok is gonna be like, Wait a second, Facebook’s doing something. Do we need to do this? Google controls everything and. Because it’s content driven. You don’t have to play by the same rules that you do on social and interest graphs.

[00:55:34] Google’s totally different. All right? So trust me when I tell you this, even if it’s all iPhone videos like I talked about on this Monday’s release, just get comfortable doing that and see what that looks like. All right? I love you all. I hope this is valuable. Any questions let me know and I’ll I’ll see you on the next one.

[00:55:49] All right, Talk soon.