11/08/2022 – AMA Webinar – How to create short form content at rapid speed

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What do I need to start creating short from content fast?

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1108 How to create short form content

[00:00:00] Hey, what is good? Hope you guys are crushing the day. Finally, the days finally come in Southern California where we have rain today, first time, and it’s gotta be close to like a year. Uh, let me see if I can go double check to make sure we are good on the sound.

[00:00:36] I hope you guys are rocking and rolling.

[00:00:42] We are good on sound good. So I’m gonna give you guys all a few seconds. Thank you for hopping on. Uh, no chat on these so you don’t have to worry about, uh, any of that. And if you are need to refresh the page, then [00:01:00] do so and we’ll, we’ll, we’ll get live. So while you guys are doing that, I’m gonna set up this screen here to make sure I can share my screen.

[00:01:08] I don’t know that I’m going to need to, but you never know. You never know nowadays.

[00:01:16] Okay, so here are the rules. Uh, it’s really simple. On the right side of this video is a form, and in that form is where you ask questions. Now, when you ask questions, I get a little ding on my iPad right here. I will take those questions live. Uh, the question we have today revolves around how would you create like a really, really good quality video without a whole bunch of equipment?

[00:01:37] Uh, and I’m gonna show you something like really, really simple that you could make banger, as my son would call it, banger uh, videos with almost no tech what. So let’s get into it. Uh, I’m gonna go double check this really quick. I’m gonna open up my little notification emails here and make sure that we’re good.[00:02:00]

[00:02:01] Awesome. Okay. Good?

[00:02:14] Yeah. Good. Good.

[00:02:26] Yes. Rock and roll. Yeah, we’re gonna cover, So Nick, uh, good question. We are gonna cover that today, so let’s get into it. Uh, question. We have, uh, a couple things you, you probably see on this page. It’s a new video format. I got some feedback that you guys want searchability, which we all want searchability, right?

[00:02:44] So we’re doing everything we can to make sure all this stuff is, uh, completely searchable, which it is now. So on the member new member dashboard, which is just Steve olson.co/members, uh, you can search every webinar in there. It’ll all be in there. Um, question we got today is if I didn’t have a [00:03:00] whole bunch of video content and I wanted to go all in, they didn’t say all in, but I’m gonna inject that they wanted to go all in on video marketing with, with, uh, short.

[00:03:09] And guys, if you go to, I’m gonna see if I can upload or if I can go to a YouTube video. I’ll put this in in the show notes. So I’m gonna go to YouTube. Let’s go to the MacBook Pro screen here. And I’m gonna go to, um,

[00:03:31] see if I can find a video that we watched here. Um, No, no, no, no, no. I won’t use stupid videos.

[00:03:44] I’ll put it in the show notes cause I don’t know if I can, if I can find it, but I will tell you those that are gonna go all in with YouTube shorts, like you’re gonna kill it. Right. It’s still in the infancy if you do it right. Right. Everything is about thumbnails and it’s about titles. You get that right and you’ll totally kill it.[00:04:00]

[00:04:00] So the question is, is if I wanted to get into this and I didn’t want to invest in all this like stuff, what would you get first? And my answer would be, uh, really simple. I would do this in, in, in, in this very specific order. Okay. The first thing that I would use is my phone. Okay. So whatever you guys have phone, whatever you guys have for a.

[00:04:21] Assuming you have, um, I would say like an iPhone 12 or newer or anything within the last two gen generations of like a Samsung gal, uh, Gallery Galaxy, this is gonna be totally fine. Um, you’re gonna use the big camera on the back. Don’t use this camera. I know you wanna see yourself. Don’t worry about it cuz you can always edit this in post.

[00:04:41] What I would do is when I use the camera, You know what we probably could do? Why don’t I just share my screen. I bought this like fancy little adapt this. I never use it, but let’s use it right now. Give this a second. Let me see if this pulls up here. Oh, nope. [00:05:00] There we go.

[00:05:05] So we’re going to, There it is, right there. So if I switch to this, um, this is what you see. So we’re gonna go to video and what you would do is you’re gonna use the wide, right? So when I use this is what I’m looking at when I talk to you guys. Um, I want to use the wide, We don’t wanna call anybody from thermal here.

[00:05:23] That’s weird. That should have been, uh, silenced. Um, we wanna do everything with wide. And we’re gonna make it wide. That’s it. So if we do that and we just keep it wide just like this, that’s all we need. Okay. So one thing that we want to do once we have this in wide is we wanna frame ourselves to where I’m, and let’s see if I can, if I can, Do this, right?

[00:05:45] I know the colors are kind of weird, but I want to frame myself to where I look like that, see how my head’s like kind of warped and it looks really long right here. The, if you look at where I’m holding the video, the video or the camera is literally directly right on me. It’s not way up here. So my, you know, I have a double chin worse than [00:06:00] all of you guys.

[00:06:00] Don’t worry about the double chin. It’s not way down here. Looking it up, like up at my nose. It’s literally going. I would say the camera is probably going directly to my chin. So again, if I go back to that view, it’s like, And I’m, I’m just talking, I’m looking right at the camera, just like that. Okay. Now, when, when you film like this, uh, I would put this on iPod and have it up like this on the tripo.

[00:06:25] And the, the second thing that I would get, I wouldn’t worry about audio at all right now, cuz if you’re in a room, I’m in a 12 by 12, you know, office here in my house, um, nothing significant. Uh, hardwood floors, everything that’s on the wall is all posters, right? Glass posters. It’s, you don’t have any sound deadening.

[00:06:43] That’s why I use this mic right here. Um, but you could easily use your iPhone mic because remember this iPhone, it’s only going to. If I’m framing myself like this, this is only, I don’t know, 14 inches from my face. It’s really [00:07:00] close, right? So we don’t need to worry about like room echo or anything like that.

[00:07:03] It’s gonna be totally fine. Okay? So we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna put that right in front of our face. Um, if you need somebody to hold it right now, like go get your husband, go get your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, mom, dad, whatever. I’m just tell him like, Dude, hold this phone right here still.

[00:07:17] I don’t care if it’s moving a little. That’s totally fine. Like if I’m, uh, let me see if I can go back to this. If it’s moving a little bit like this and you’re recording your thing, that’s totally fine. I’m not worried about any of that. Okay. We just wanna start talking. So the first thing is we’re gonna use our phone.

[00:07:33] That’s the very first thing. The second thing that we’re gonna use, uh, just got a little ding here. Yes, I will deal with that in. I’ll answer that next, Mike. Good question. Um, the second thing that I would get is I would get a light, right? And by light I mean like if we go on Amazon right here, let’s see what we can find.

[00:07:59] Uh, we’re going [00:08:00] to go to ring light and some of these are combo lights. You can just, you can put your phone right on them.

[00:08:11] I’m telling you, as long as it’s daylight. So see how this is kind of yellow light? This is kind of white light. This one get for, for a whopping 30 bucks. This gives you, uh, this nasty orange light and then the white daylight. You want daylight. So let’s click on this and let’s see what this looks like.

[00:08:32] Here’s what I love about this one. It’s that the phone holder is in a different position of the light, which I actually like a lot. That’s really good because now you can put the light above you and you can just kind of like, my light up here is, is way up here, and it’s coming down at this angle. It’s not right in my face, coming straight at now.

[00:08:49] This isn’t a reason to like freak out and try to figure things out like this. This one works really well because the light is on a tripod and it mounts the phone a different way, and it looks like [00:09:00] for $30. Um, 10.2 selfie ring light was 65 inch tripod and phone holder for livestream makeup. Upgraded Demoable, l e d, Ring light for TikTok, YouTube, Zoom leading photography.

[00:09:12] This is it, 30 bucks. This would be the one that I would buy. So I’m gonna leave that up. I’ll, I’ll put that in the show notes as well. Uh, that would be what I would buy. Second thing or the third thing that you’re gonna do right now. So we’ve got our. , it’s 18 inches in front of our face. I would film, You could do everything in in this way.

[00:09:30] If you know how to crop, then you film it like this, or I’m sorry, you’re technically gonna film it like this. You’re gonna use this camera facing you, right? You’re gonna film it like this, and then in post you’re gonna turn the video like this and crop it. If you don’t wanna worry about cropping it. And you don’t have any desire to go like YouTube right now or anything like long form content and you just wanna like, Crush out shorts.

[00:09:51] Here’s why I’m telling you, vertical video’s gonna win. Right now Instagram is pushing shorts like nobody’s business. TikTok, we know where tick’s going. We don’t do a whole lot on [00:10:00] TikTok cause I don’t get a whole lot of traffic for the consulting stuff that we do. So TikTok Organic is not really a strategy that we’re overly focused on.

[00:10:07] If you’re in real estate though, and you’re selling real estate, TikTok, 100% The secret to TikTok, and I sell that and tell you this as if I have it figured out, I don’t. Um, what, what you need to be paying attention to on TikTok is. Locality, Right? So if you sell homes in Seattle, Washington, every TikTok I watch, you need to be talking about Seattle real estate.

[00:10:29] You need to have Seattle hashtags. You need to have Seattle in in. Even in your descriptions, you need to have Seattle and the content. The more that you can tell TikTok, Seattle, Seattle, Seattle, Seattle, Seattle. Now it knows, Okay, this guy’s talking about Seattle. Like we need to show it to people that like Seattle stuff.

[00:10:47] There’s other real estate influencers out there that are really good with storytelling, but the reach is huge. Right. And it’s really fun to get on TikTok and see a video that got like, I think our highest one on one channel got like 50,000. Nothing came from it, but [00:11:00] you know, it’s a fun vanity metric to see how that stuff goes.

[00:11:02] Um, if you’re not, Most of those views are completely pointless. Like there’s no reason to create content for that type of stuff unless you’re, you have like maybe some national referral network or you’re recruiting for a national brokerage. Like that would be a reason to go wide. But we wanna make sure in short form content you are, you are telling the algorithm in every way, right?

[00:11:22] We tell it via audio. Um, if you’re like, uh, for example, you may not realize this, but on YouTube, uh, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, everything. This little San Diego logo is getting indexed on video. It is. So if you’re like me, I probably have no joke. They’re not in here. I moved them all outside cuz it’s getting crazy.

[00:11:42] I probably have 10 different six Cubs hat. Different colors. Black logo, white logo, black top. You know, I, I’m really trying to find a, um, if you guys ever find a link with this, you should email me, but my fat head is a seven and. I wear now seven and [00:12:00] five eights. I guess my brain just continues to expand seven and five eights to Teal.

[00:12:04] San Diego hat can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know that it would look good in videos. Um, but it’s more just a branding thing, right? Uh, but if you, if you were creating local content and you were in San Diego, but you’re wearing a Cubs hat and then a San Diego hat, I’m gonna tell you the algorithms are gonna pick that stuff up.

[00:12:20] Everything in here, um, I. It’s pretty obvious that of my four posters up here. One is the used to the other one’s, Dave Matthews Band, then Pearl Jam, then Pearl Jam, and then this one over here. Uh, that’s a 30 zero punk band we used to play with, uh, long time ago. Uh, that’s being indexed by video. So in the videos being indexed, all your words are being indexed, the subtitles are being indexed.

[00:12:42] The images in your video are being indexed, The titles being indexed, the descriptions being indexed, and the comments are all being indexed. So the social channels take all of this data. And they run it through the algorithm and they say, Oh, this Steve Olson guy likes to talk about real estate agent growth.

[00:12:57] So anytime we see the term real estate agent, [00:13:00] maybe we should include him in the feed, right? The people that are really successful with, with organic social, again, I’m not one of them, um, but I will tell you they have this figured out and they pay attention to the data and they’re super precise in the content that they create.

[00:13:15] It’s not just throw it to the wall. So if you are in real estate, which all of you on this webinar. Then the content I would be creating is what got listed this week? What’s for sale, the top sales, uh, that happened this week? What you need to know before you write an offer. Where are interest rates going?

[00:13:31] Should you sell your home? This three step process of writing an offer, like, and you wanna relate that, number one, I, I hope all of you would relate that to selling a home because he or she with the most amount of listings is gonna win in this new market. Right? Um, but we wanna relate that all to your local part of real estate because you, Steve Olson, is never going to index.

[00:13:50] It’s just not right. Unless you have like a household name, like maybe Ryan Sirhan or Frederick Eckland or Josh Altman, or any of those guys that have tv. Uh, they’re [00:14:00] probably not going to rank, so I wouldn’t overly focus on making your name as the primary. That will happen consequently because of everything else you do, right?

[00:14:09] Um, so step number one, uh, phone. Main camera, step number two, ring light, that’s it. 29 bucks. I’ll put the link, uh, to this one in the description, and you guys can buy that one. You can get it probably here. We can get it overnight, right? If you have no patience and you can get it, you know, overnight if you want.

[00:14:28] Uh, you’re gonna use that. You’re gonna put the light 45 degrees off your face coming down, and then the, like, you may think, like right now, I’m using this lens that I’m using on this camera. Total piece of crap. Uh, it’s like 300 bucks. Um, you can tell the background’s not blurry. Like it’s, it’s not sharp at all.

[00:14:46] Like it’s just not a very good lens whatsoever. Uh, but because I have a fairly expensive lighter, a really expensive light in front of me, and, and the room lights are turned way down, then it’s. First I’m lit up and, and [00:15:00] the back isn’t so lit up like the, the the, what do you have? The recess lights in the ceiling are turned almost all the way down.

[00:15:05] They’re, they’re on a little bit, um, but not by much. It’s really just, you know, the little colored lights I have in the lamp back there. I’ve got another one over here just to, um, I dunno if that’s, we should look to see if that even makes a difference. Um, um, ah, a little bit. It’s on now. It’s off. Just kidding.

[00:15:27] Now it’s off. Yeah. It really doesn’t make that much of a difference, but it’s on over there. Right. Don’t even need that. So I would turn the lighting in your house down and or in the room. I would turn it down to where it’s very subtle in the background. It’s dark, but you’re all lit up. And I would just, I would try to get.

[00:15:44] Um, as many shorts in this format out as I could every single day. A short can be up to a minute. Remember, we can post it on Instagram, uh, reels, Facebook reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts. Uh, you technically could do, um, LinkedIn, [00:16:00] although it’s gonna crop it and it’s gonna look kind of weird. But on all the other main organic, uh, channels, it’s gonna work really well.

[00:16:06] Uh, just remember. Local. So step one is phone. Step two is light. Step three is dark in the room, and for 98% of you that can carry you through a thousand videos, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Now, the only reason to spend more money on top of that, Is if you are going to use it in other ways and you want full control of light.

[00:16:30] And one of the things that a lot of people on YouTube and everybody else that do these tech reviews, one of the things that they don’t get right, um, is that yes, it’s amazing that these phones, this is the, uh, this isn’t the most recent one. This is the, I think 13, not the, whatever the new one’s called, the 14, uh, the cameras.

[00:16:45] And these things are unbelievable. But make no mistake, the hole for light is only that big. It’s. , right? Um, the whole for light in DSLRs is, you know, much bigger and it can get up to like this big, depending on the lens you’re using. So they can let in a lot more [00:17:00] light, which means the image is just gonna look better.

[00:17:02] It like, there’s so many more benefits. Is it worth spending three to $7,500 on one of those cameras to create one minute shorts? The answer is 100%. No, it’s not worth it to do it. I would use your phone for all of that. You never need to buy a DSLR camera. If you are going to do property walkthroughs, if you want to go do marketing for listings, uh, and I’ll talk about this here in a second.

[00:17:26] Uh, if you wanna do any of that type of marketing, you wanna do interview marketing, you wanna start a podcast, you need something a little bit more professional, maybe something that looks like this, then yes, I would invest in a dslr. Yes, I would get a mic. That sounds really good. You know, there’s a couple other things you need to get to do that, but for most of you, We’re not even looking to do that.

[00:17:45] In fact, if you have the New Mac operating system, you can use your phone as a webcam right now, which is amazing. Right? Totally amazing. Um, I don’t know if I, if I can do it live on this. I’m, I’m not prepared to do it, uh, or prepared to set it up, but you totally can do it. [00:18:00] Very easy to do, uh, which is gonna suit 99% of your needs.

[00:18:04] So like all this equipment that we’re told we need to go buy for what we’re doing every day in the real estate space, we’re not gonna do it. Uh, I mentioned earlier and, and, uh, Mike, that question that you just sent in, uh, put it through for organic videos with shorts. How would you do that for a property?

[00:18:20] Videos? Right. So when you take a listing and you go out to the. And, uh, you’re meeting the photographer, maybe the staging is done or the painting kind of all finished. Uh, then what I would do is I would have your phone and I would go to probably the 10 most popular features of the home. I’d do vertical video just like this, and I would just do a quick pan, like lock your, lock your elbows, do a quick pan, just like.

[00:18:47] Or you could do a quick pan just like this coming up, if it’s got a great view, you can do a quick pan coming up 45 degrees like you wanted. There needs to be movement in the. It’s gotta be movement in the video, master bedroom, [00:19:00] bathroom, kitchen, view, front of the home, foyer, whatever, foyer, foyer, however you say that.

[00:19:04] I still dunno how to say this. After, you know, 18 years in the business, um, whatever, whatever is the highlight part of the, the home we wanna take as many short like. 15 to 45 second or little short burst videos that we can have. So now we go back to the office and we have this library of vertical video com, uh, content.

[00:19:24] And what you wanna do is simply just write descriptions and all of that, and you’re gonna, you’re gonna use the only statement, right? The only home for sale with four bedrooms, and if you under 3 million in Carlsbad, California. That would be an example of the only statement. And we’re gonna sprinkle those short videos.

[00:19:40] Instagram reels, Facebook reels, and YouTube shorts in between all of the other content. And listen, this isn’t just when the listing is live. You can do this whenever you want, right? It’s you’re just, you’re just showcasing real estate. And again, would it look better if you had a $10,000 dslr? Sure. But it’s not gonna give you a better result.

[00:19:59] [00:20:00] It’s gonna be the same exact result. Um, there was a video that I watched the other day with a TikTok creator. I don’t know how much she makes. It’s an obscene amount of money. And she went over a tech stack and it was literally a $20 mic that hooked up to the bottom of her phone. This, and a ring light that literally clamped onto her phone.

[00:20:15] That’s all they used. That’s it. And this girl, if I could remember who she, it was like 40 something million follow. And the brand deals are crazy. Even the brand deals that she makes a lot of money on. It’s the ring light on the phone. It’s the mic on the bottom, it’s the phone on a tripod, and that’s it.

[00:20:29] There’s nothing more, you know, nothing outside of this. Um, your phone can do a lot more than I think you think it can, right? It’s, it’s a pretty amazing piece of device. The most important thing that I would do right now is I would index on just like throwing as much stuff to the wall as I can, meaning like some content.

[00:20:50] Out of focus, Uh, some content’s going to work. Uh, can you find me please? There we go. I think I’m in focus now. Uh, [00:21:00] some content’s gonna work. Some’s not right. That’s totally okay. Right? And remember most of this vertical video stuff, this keeps dinging. You guys keep asking questions. No, most of this vertical video stuff, it’s gonna be seen by a bunch of people and it’s never gonna be seen again unless you’re social stalking people, which I know people do.

[00:21:22] Um, nobody’s gonna go watch a video three months ago on your Instagram feed or your TikTok feed just doesn’t work that way. So, Figure out what you can talk about naturally and just do it over and over and over again. If you notice some of the short form video that we post, uh, although we’re trying to get a lot better with it, we always take the short form video and we try to drive everybody either to an offer or we drive them to the blog post.

[00:21:47] I don’t put any short form video like, Hey, pay me, you know, the $4,500 a month for three months, You know, consult. Like, I don’t ask for any of that stuff on organic video. That’s all retargeting because I don’t know about you, but I’m never gonna be like scrolling through [00:22:00] Instagram reels and then somebody’s like, Pay me a bunch of money and I do it.

[00:22:03] That’s, that never happens, right? So we take all the organic content and we just take the long content, we make short content, we lead it all back to the blog. Everybody that watches the blog, hopefully they take us off on one of the offers, on the blog posts, and then from there we either retarget them or we email them for the people that are a right fit, either to join the Omni Brand Accelerator or you know, one-on-one consulting, if it makes sense.

[00:22:24] But that’s like the far second thing in the real estate space. Here’s how I think about that. As much micro content as possible with the phone. Like I said, this is the only home with whatever this listing. Like you could just go literally, um, if I can get this back on here, I know that you’re not really gonna see a home or you’re not gonna see a home at all.

[00:22:45] But if I’m,

[00:22:50] Come on, why is this not connecting? You can do it. You can do it, Mr. iPad.[00:23:00]

[00:23:00] Da, Nah, nah, nah. Okay. Maybe it’s not. , how bizarre it works sometimes doesn’t work the other time. Okay. So you can go anywhere, even in the front of the house and you can kind of come up 45 degrees like this or come over 40 or you know, 50 degrees this way or however you wanna do this and just do these little short clips.

[00:23:18] And you know, if you work a neighborhood, like let’s say that there’s a neighborhood in, in Seattle that you really, you know, you really want to be a part of. And I would go to the neighborhood and I would just get some vertical panning shots like, And up to a home like this, I would zoom in and out to a home like this.

[00:23:36] I would do a video walking down the neighborhood talking about why I love this neighborhood. I would do the three different types of architectures. Go in front of one home, swoop up. Stop. Go in front of another home, swoop up, stop. Go in front of the third home, swoop up, stop. Go across the community area, like whatever you need to do to create as much horizontal or vertical content as possible.

[00:23:55] Sorry. And just repurpose that as many times as you can. Save [00:24:00] it in a Dropbox folder so that you have alt, Label it correctly so you know what it is. And this will give you like ongoing content to use for a million different reasons. Now, cool thing, you may be in front of like the most desirable neighborhood in.

[00:24:15] And you’re creating this content. And in that video you’re saying this is the most expensive home for sale in, you know, whatever woods, Seattle. And that may be a TikTok, right? But then the next time you may, you may have like one tip that for people that wanna sell your home, and you could say, Do you wanna sell a home that looks like this?

[00:24:31] Here are three things you should consider before you talk to an agent. Lincoln Bio or Lincoln description, right? And then that leads to your blog post. That doesn’t matter that that pan on that property happened to be one of your listings, or it happened to be a home that you just randomly liked, or a door that you liked, or a view that you liked.

[00:24:49] The actual home itself is irrelevant. It’s just a background part of the video. You guys with me on.

[00:24:59] How many of these, Yeah. [00:25:00] So Mike, how many of these would you create? Look, I, I’m gonna tell you, all of the social algorithms are are not gonna let you reach a hundred percent of your people. It’s never going to happen, right? So, as many as you can, that’s the answer. As many as you can, just after every video that you create, every short, every long form.

[00:25:19] And if I had the, my, um, oh, it’s charged now, but I have a little, like, you guys have seen some of mine, I put a tripod on here first thing in the morning. I literally put my camera on here. Let me see if I can do this without screwing, breaking something here. There’s normally a mic right here that sticks off.

[00:25:39] I open up the screen so I can see it just like this, and I literally put. On the floor, I extend the tripod, obviously, and it sits at 45 degrees right here. And for probably 10 in a row, I’ll just talk to it, right? One 30 minute seconds, 30 minutes, you know, shorts, one minute shorts. I try to keep ’em super short.

[00:25:57] I hit the record button, stop, record, [00:26:00] stop, you know, upload it to the server. Uh, Jenny, my wife, or uh, two VAs that we have. We’ll take those and I’ll edit those down with captions and all of that using the script. And you know what’s funny is I found out that everything that I did last week, nobody even realized I did it.

[00:26:12] So nothing got posted. So, Even me, the person that’s telling you guys to do this, we still have operational pain about around getting this out every single day. The point is, is that you just continue to push it and then you’ll see what works. You’ll see what doesn’t. Um, does it need to roll up to your pillar content?

[00:26:30] All of you guys are registered for the two day challenge that’s coming up tomorrow and, and Thursday. Don’t pay for that. You guys already get that for free. I’ll give you all the recordings after that if you can’t join me live. But once you have the offer and you know that my offer locally in the market is.

[00:26:44] You know, your home sold in 14 days or, you know, we’ll cancel, or the day to day listing agreement or, um, multiple offers on your home or four days, or we’ll cancel the listing agreement. Like whatever your offer is, now we have something to create that all of our short content can lead up [00:27:00] to. Right. So if I’m talking about, let me give you an example.

[00:27:03] Um, I, I, I’m not gonna put that on there, but if I was creating a short video right now and 72 Sold, which is a company in Phoenix, Arizona, which I think is doing a pretty good job in regards to creating an offer, um, 72 sold. If I was creating short form content, and that was my offer at the end of the day at, at the, the onset of the video, I would talk to something to the effect of, Hey, listen, in the Phoenix Market six months ago, we had 4,512 homes on the market, which means everything was going multiple offers.

[00:27:32] Everything was selling over listed price. It was super stressful, nobody loved real estate. Fast forward six months. Right now there are 41,600 homes on the market. The market has completely exploded with listings right now, multiple offers are no longer the norm and believe it. It’s even time to negotiate if you’re thinking about buying a home.

[00:27:50] Now, why is this? While interest rates are high, pricing is out of reach for a lot of people, and a lot of people are trying to capitalize on the equity that they already have right now. So if you are thinking about selling [00:28:00] your home, there’s three things you need to know before you sell our exclusive process@seventytwosold.com outlines all of those.

[00:28:07] I’ll put the link in description. It’s still a great time to sell, but only for a specific group of people. Click the link below to find out if you’re one of them. That would be like, I would create those videos over and over and over and over and over again, right? I would, I would come up with, with as many variations of a video like that as I could, and I would just keep making sure that I always use my local city hashtags, right?

[00:28:30] If you guys ever wanna, uh, figure out like what your hashtags are, here’s how I would do it. I would go to Instagram,

[00:28:39] share my screen here. I’m gonna go search for, I’m gonna search for a city that’s not mine. Oh. I don’t really normally do this on my computer. I’m just gonna do San Diego. Easiest way to do the hashtag San Diego. And this is gonna tell you right now what the dominant, so, So obviously we wanna use San Diego, right?

[00:28:59] 31 million [00:29:00] posts. I’m probably not going to get, um, Yeah, . My, I I just got your, uh, message 70, you know, Look, Greg Hags a great guy, right? But, but, uh, it’s, it’s, it’s definitely a, uh, it’s a unique cup of tea. Um, so, uh, in inside Instagram, so like my use, use as an example, uh, if I did Phoenix, Right here. I know that Phoenix got 10 million posts.

[00:29:27] Phoenix, Arizona got 781,000 posts. Phoenix AZ got 945. Phoenix Tattoo. We’re not gonna use that. Phoenix Nails we’re not gonna use uh ya. Phoenix. We’re not gonna use that. Phoenix Suns, eh, maybe not photographer. Not that. But here’s the thing, You may think that you want to use Phoenix realtor. And Phoenix realtor, believe it or not, got 140,413 posts, which is great.

[00:29:50] And your market, Maya? There’s a but look, I want content. Um, Oh, that’s funny. I know. I’m like that. This brings up like, uh, [00:30:00] nostalgia. Me seeing all these people I know. Um, my buddy Chris Morrison over here, uh, broker. I don’t know how many of these people are getting looked at by clients, right? So if I’m gonna, if I’m gonna find like a post that I think is really good, right?

[00:30:16] So let’s say that I believe that this post right here, it has 16 comments. This is from Ashley B Sells AZ, and it’s in Phoenix, Arizona. So Ashley says life starts all over again, which gets crisp in the fall. Uh, it’s finally chilling Arizona. I’m excited. So we’re gonna look at her comment. And, you know, she’s obviously an attractive girl, right?

[00:30:34] So she’s definitely gonna get a lot of like, gorgeous, and, you know, I wanna snug all these creepy freaking comments. I don’t know why people do this stuff, but you wanna filter all that stuff out, right? She’s got all her hashtags in here. Um, but we wanna see is there engagement that looks like it’s coming from consumers?

[00:30:48] And my my gut would say that it, it, it, it’s not right. So I probably wouldn’t be using Phoenix realtor because I don’t know how many consumers follow Phoenix Realtor. But if I come back here and I go back to [00:31:00] Phoenix, I go to real estate or I, I would even say like Phoenix Dream Homes here in the luxury space.

[00:31:10] I probably spelled that wrong one post. Are you kidding me?

[00:31:19] Um, Maya, I would, I would probably look to capitalize this on, on this hashtag because there’s only been one post on this. And that was back, uh, 205 weeks ago. Um, if you started posting around luxury content, this would be good. Like if you were in like where we used to live, I’m sure this might be Arcadia.

[00:31:41] Let’s see if, um,

[00:31:52] AZ Homes.

[00:31:56] You know, Rafter house is probably, [00:32:00] some designers are gonna be in there, views are gonna be in here. You know, Definitely like these are all Acadia Homes. Right. Again, weird looking at our. Old neighborhood here. Maybe I should, maybe I should have chosen a different market so I don’t get sidetracked. But whatever market that you focus on inside your local area, just start googling inside Instagram, the hashtags around that and try to stay away from the obvious ones, right?

[00:32:22] Cuz the obvious ones, number one, they’re gonna get buried really quick. You’re not gonna get any traction we want. Um, I, I remember, uh, taking a hashtag course on the future.com, the future with no. S company great, great Instagram marketing company. And uh, they said that you should choose two or three high velocity hashtags that have like millions of followers, probably five to six, that have like a little bit, and then two or three at the bottom.

[00:32:50] That have like very little, that maybe you want to take over. If you can kind of blend those, like if you have 10 hashtags on your post and they all have 40 million posts on it, you, you like, it’s gonna be pointless [00:33:00] cuz you’re never gonna cut through that mess. Right? You want a, a good dose of whatever, uh, a good dose of, uh, I would say a healthy dose of, um, what’s the word I’m looking for?

[00:33:10] Healthy mix of hashtags. Like some big, some middle, some small. That’s how you wanna do it. But if you’re doing multiples of these every day and you’re staying on reels, try to stay away from photos if, if possible, and you’re giving it away. I’m telling you, like everybody says that you, that you should do this.

[00:33:26] I say that you should do this. You know, we need to drink our own medicine. When we say these things, when you use hashtags effectively, organic still works. It’s just that people aren’t willing to put in. Literally they’re not willing to put in the work. Right? So again, Maya was 72, sold. Like it’s like it or love it, you know?

[00:33:43] I don’t know. It would be interesting if you could pull how many listings they and buyers that they, they repped this year. Uh, and especially last year. My gut would probably tell me it’s probably in the thousands. I heard that at one time they had 10% of the market, 10% of the. [00:34:00] Like good offer, bad offer, great leader, bad leader.

[00:34:04] Sleazy, not sl. 10% of the market is 10% of the market. That’s unbelievable, right? Um, that’s the power of a compelling offer, right? And a million different ways you can do it right. Um, a million different ways you can do it. That’s what the two day challenge starting tomorrow is gonna teach you guys on how to do it right.

[00:34:21] When selling offer, then all we do is talk about it all the time. That’s all we do, right? I, I remember a drummer that I used to play with, His name was Sam. He lived in, in, um, uh, now that we’re on the Phoenix top, Didn’t live far with us, lived off Osborne in like 48th street or so, or something. Not sure why that’s, uh, important.

[00:34:40] Um, but Sam had a very successful financial, um, career. I, he was in a financial analyst for like, one of the big funds. And uh, I remember one day he told me, this was years ago, we were in our early thirties. He goes, I’m gonna quit and I’m gonna go on tour. And I said, Okay, great. Like, can I live vicariously through you?

[00:34:58] You know, I already did all that, have no [00:35:00] desire to go back to it. But you know, every once in a while I think about it and he goes, Well, I’m gonna spend my entire day going on as many auditions as I can, hoping that I can just get on tour. When I get on tour, I’ll create video content. The video content will get me the real gig.

[00:35:12] Like he had a very good, good process around this. And this was right. I mean, I’m 40, uh, what are we in 20? I’m 40. This was probably late twenties when this was happening. YouTube wasn’t big back then. It was just rolling out. Facebook was just rolling out, like social media back then is not what it was today.

[00:35:30] And I remember every time we would go to a show or every time we would go to guitar center or we’d be at a bar, whatever, Sam would always say, Hey, my name’s Sam. I’ve been drumming since I was six years old, and I’m currently holding auditions to go on tour before the end of the year. Is there anybody that you know that I need to be talking.

[00:35:46] I mean, he said this to everybody. We came and guess what? The guy went on tour. No, he didn’t. You know, I don’t know that he ever actually made it. I should look him up. I don’t think he ever actually made it big or became like a rockstar, but for, you know, the, the, the early midlife [00:36:00] crisis that he was going for, he achieved his dreams and it was all boiled down to, he took every moment of communication and he told them, This is what I want.

[00:36:08] This is how you can help me. This is what I. This is what I want. This is how you can help me. This is what I do. You in the real estate space is the exact same thing. This is what I want. This is who serves. And this is, you know, this is like, I’m just literally telling you this is how you and I interact.

[00:36:23] Right? Um, get told as an example, Maya, you don’t need to buy billboards. You don’t need to sponsor the Arizona Cardinals. You don’t need to go on the, you don’t need any of that stuff. You just need a compelling offer that you are willing to talk about until the end of. I think Phoenix, East Valley. I don’t know the West Valley, all that well.

[00:36:41] I, we were in Arcadia before we moved. We lived in Gilbert for a while before that. Um, but I will tell you, I think it’s perfectly posed for, uh, for poised for a very, very good offer. Even though there’s a lot of inventory. I said 40,000, I don’t know. The number’s not that high, but it’s significantly up from where it was.

[00:36:57] Right. I think that market is perfect for an [00:37:00] offer, even though it may seem like they’re in freefall, especially parts of the east. I don’t think it really matters. I think you just need to say, Hey, um, this is our offer. This is how you work with us. This is who works with us. This is who doesn’t. Um, I would actually argue in real estate, you guys may disagree with this.

[00:37:15] I think there’s more money on the way down than there is on the way up. Uh, that’s just, I’ve always seen it that way. And if you’re worried about a market correction right now, if you’re worried about inventory spiking, if you’re worrying about days on market increasing, if you’re worried about any of that, like, trust me when I tell you, there is more money to be made right now than there is when it’s competitive because most of the industry is running for the hills right now.

[00:37:35] Most of the industry is going through layoffs right now. Most of the industry, erroneously and stupidly are pulling back on advertising right now. The great ones understand that when, uh, what’s the line that I keep telling you guys when, when blood is in the water scale is on sale? Like, they understand that right now.

[00:37:52] And the more that the media says all midterm elections are gonna screw everything else, and the more that media says Facebook’s gonna go on, You know, I, I read this morning on [00:38:00] business inside of the Facebook’s gonna go through a series of layoffs because advertisers are cutting ad dollars. You could, you could look at this at one or two ways.

[00:38:08] Everybody’s cutting ad dollars. So should I, Everybody’s cutting ad dollars. I need to triple down. If now I’d be tripling down. Even if it means you need to take 10 listings to only sell four, that’s totally okay. 10 listings to only sell four. I’m, I’m there all day long. Right? Of course, I’ve gotta let down six people.

[00:38:26] I’m not gonna bring them success cuz the market’s not as competitive as it was, you know, nine months ago, 18 months. But what do you. , right? Um, if they wanna sell, they will. If they wanna price it right, the sellers will. If they wanna stage it, they will. If they don’t, your job is to do everything that you can to make sure that we can get them a desired result.

[00:38:45] That’s it, right? So, um, before I cut you guys loose, here’s where my head is right now. Number one. As many of these shorts as you can every single day, that’s the most important part. But Steve, I don’t have an offer yet. Don’t worry about the offer yet. Message me. If you want [00:39:00] more details, that can be your offer for right.

[00:39:02] As many of these as you can get the ring light for a whopping 30 bucks. I’ll put the link in the recording notes description if you want the exact one, but it was like the fourth one on there, right? Uh, get that and then talk about as much as you can, as local as you can with the content to lean in the seller’s favor.

[00:39:21] We want this to lean seller. We don’t want it to lean buyer, okay? So once it le and then do this, literally, um, you may shock yourself that if you do five of these a day, Um, what your result after a week would be. I can’t tell you how many times we go on pushes, especially when we start running ads to all the followers on social.

[00:39:40] Um, you know, Peyton soccer coach last year is, you know, very famous, very well known soccer coach, uh, came up to me probably two weeks ago and he goes, Dude, I’ve never learned more about marketing than I had these last two weeks. I said, Great. What are you doing? He goes, I’m just watching your videos. And I said, Oh, that’s like, I don’t know ’em on that level, meaning, He’s, he’s Peyton’s ex soccer coach.

[00:39:58] Right? That’s, that’s, and we went [00:40:00] to Brazil with him. And so we’ve got some, you know, deeper level context than most. But he would’ve been the last person, and technically it was his wife. It wasn’t him. They said it, but they would’ve been the last people. That I would’ve expected to hear feedback around marketing for.

[00:40:14] That’s the power of short form video at a high cadence. So that’s what I want you to do, right? If you take nothing from the six week accelerator, if you don’t implement anything, if you don’t build your offer, if you do nothing with the website, if you never get involved with email marketing, if you do none of that and the only thing that you do is commit to short form video, your, your business will grow.

[00:40:34] I promise you. But one video every three weeks, I can tell you, doesn’t do anything. It’s completely pointless. Five videos a day, three weeks. You’ll never look at marketing the same way ever again in your life. It’s all about cadence. It’s all about what can you give them Now it’s all about giving everything away for free and when you get it right, so we reward you.

[00:40:55] All right? Any questions? Uh, this will always be the link that I go live on. You’ll always use the form on this. The [00:41:00] form may change in regards to what I ask for, but it’ll, it’ll always be the form on this. That’s how you ask questions. Uh, let me know how I can help crush your. And, uh, hopefully all of you guys will join me tomorrow.

[00:41:10] You’re all already in for the two day, uh, irresistible challenge and I can help you build that offer. I’ll give you guys all the recordings and we’ll go from there, right? Love you all. Have an amazing Tuesday. Go vote. We’ll see you on the next one. Peace out.