Content Ideas for YouTube Ads

[00:00:00] So now that you have a little bit of an idea of how to run a YouTube ad, who to run it to, how to target and all this. Now look, you’re gonna run one right now and you’re gonna think it’s gonna do great and maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Um, the game with YouTube ads is all targeting, right? And so, right, right in the get go, like get really broad with targeting, see what your results are.

[00:00:18] If it’s not desirable, then start to shrink the targeting down. Uh, don’t play with income or age or any of that stuff, cuz in the real estate space we can’t do that. If you’re outside of the real estate space, that’s totally. Um, but start playing with targeting in a little bit, uh, in, in regards to what they’re looking at, what sites they’re visiting.

[00:00:34] Are they looking at Zillow, Trulia, a realtor? Are they looking at financial sites? Are they looking at your local news sites? Like you can get really gra with that. But from a content perspective, this is what I would be doing. I would be thinking about. Like again, if you were a real estate agent in, um, Portland, Oregon, right?

[00:00:51] And, uh, you know, the market’s going like this every single month, so I would’ve no problem creating a long form blog, uh, blog post that just talks [00:01:00] about where the average price per square foot is in October of 2022, I would do a loom video, like where you’re sharing your screen and your photos like in a little circle on the bottom left corner.

[00:01:09] And I would just go over like what the market is doing right now. Maybe that’s a 5, 10, 15, 20 minute video. Nothing significant. We’re gonna upload that long video over to YouTube, and then we’re gonna transcribe it, make a blog post, just like we talked about in week one. And then the YouTube ad. I wouldn’t take that long video and run it as a YouTube ad because nobody’s gonna watch that long video.

[00:01:29] But again, if we get our phone, And we say, Hey, my name is Steve Olson, real estate agent here with Ex XP Realty. Listen, I just created an 11 minute video talking about exactly what you need to know based on today’s market conditions, if you’re thinking about buying home. So if you’re in the market for a home, great.

[00:01:44] Click this video. You can watch that video. No squeeze, no, You know, you don’t even have to register for it. Just give it. If you have any questions, we’d love to help. Otherwise, I’ll see you on the other side. And then we’re just making these 25 second videos telling them, Hey, if you wanna watch, This is where you go.

[00:01:59] If you wanna have [00:02:00] access to this, this is where you go. Now some of these you can run to squeeze pages. Some of them it may need to be blog content. If I were you, , I would be trying to get as much engagement as I could with YouTube ads and my website, and it only run the squeeze content to everybody who’s already engaged with me.

[00:02:17] It’s gonna be a little bit more expensive to do it that way, but I promise you people will be far more engaged with your content by the time they give you their email address, first name, maybe phone number, depending on if you’re asking that, uh, asking for that or not. Uh, they will be a lot more engaged, even though the cost per lead will be much.

[00:02:35] Now if your average cost for lead on Facebook for a content based ad is $7, you know, assume this is probably gonna be 15 to $18, but again, They’ve already watched the content, they’ve already engaged with you, and now they’ve told you, Hey, I’ve already consumed all this stuff over here. Now I want to give you my contact info.

[00:02:53] It’s a much better registration, and I would argue from a brand perspective, uh, your brand’s gonna go a lot farther [00:03:00] with this process than just asking for contact details. Every single time. Uh, so again, stay in the real estate space. Uh, what happened this week with new listings, The five new homes that hit the market this week?

[00:03:11] Uh, three neighborhoods that I would consider if I wanted an ocean view right now under two and a half million dollars. Uh, the five cheapest homes for sale right now in Carlsbad, California. Uh, the top five restaurants that local only locals know about in Carlsbad, ca. Um, average sales price of Carlsbad, California.

[00:03:27] How many months of inventory in Carlsbad, California? Like you, you could create a video a day. around real estate. You know what, what you need to know about the contract. How much money should you put down in earnest? What happens if you get a bad inspection? What happens if the home doesn’t appraise? What happens if, uh, the home catches fire while you’re in escrow?

[00:03:45] Can the seller unilaterally back out of content or back out of the contract? Right? Um, what’s the five most important things of the real estate purchase contract You should know before you buy a home in Carlsbad, ca. , all of these are long form blog post content [00:04:00] ideas that I would put on the website. The video would be, Hey, we just put under contract three homes last week.

[00:04:05] And one of the things that I found to be very relevant is that none of them knew the correct amount of money to put down from an earnest money perspective. So we recorded a 12 minute video that teaches you exactly what you need to know about earnest money when buying a home in Carlsbad, California.

[00:04:19] Click this video and I’ll tell you all about it over there. So the long form video. Explains the entire concept, the short form video that we’re gonna run as an ad on YouTube directs them to the blog post. I hope that makes sense. Look, this one strategy alone, by putting just a few dollars behind it every single day and learning from it and getting better with the content tracking, uh, the audience tracking and who’s consuming what, and then having your call to actions on the blog post.

[00:04:44] Even if you have none, even if the only call to action on your website was text this number for an. , I’m telling you, you do enough of this and you’re gonna go to listing presentations and they’re gonna say, Wow, I, I feel like I already know you. I’ve seen all the videos I know about all of this. Uh, really somebody that [00:05:00] I look up to, um, in the HubSpot space, uh, teaches something that’s called, um, uh, not asking You Shall receive.

[00:05:08] It’s so impactful. I can’t even remember what the, what’s called, I’ll, I’ll come up with it later. But essentially the gist of everyth. , um, they ask you, listen, I think is what, what, what his framework is called, and his his understanding is just to say, Hey, all your clients have all these questions, so just answer all the questions and make that the learning center of your website.

[00:05:27] You can make it shiny. You can do the business card crap. You can do the homes for sale. Sure. Do all of that stuff. But at the end of the day, like homes are commodity. You know what I mean? Anybody can go open a home. The people that are willing to give access to the insights of how to win in today’s market, especially with interest rates going up, inventory levels being all over the place, whether you’re in a high inventory level or low inventory, uh, level market, the data, the strategy, the, the insider tips, that’s what they’re after, right?

[00:05:54] So give that to them, Trust. , um, you know, you can’t squeeze somebody [00:06:00] talking about earnest money. They’re not gonna give you their info for earnest money, but when you give all that stuff away, they’re gonna feel like. You know, this is exactly what I was looking for, and this person gave me exactly what I needed.

[00:06:10] So because they’re willing to give everything out up front, they’re the natural person that I should be calling. That’s how I would be thinking about video content and YouTube ads. I said this at the beginning, of course, I’ll tell you again now, if there was one thing in all six of these modules that I would double down on, it would be module number one.

[00:06:26] Cuz you need that for the content like wheel understanding, right? And didn’t think that even might be. Uh, number two, when we talked about your. You don’t even need an offer for this. You just need an easy way for everybody to get ahold of you. Right? Uh, if you just went through module number one and understood the content wheel, and then this module, which is week number five, how to really get Ninja on YouTube ads, you’d leapfrog your competition pretty much overnight.

[00:06:49] Uh, nobody wants to do video. They’re terrified of what they look like. I don’t like what I look like. I’m on video all freaking day long, and I still don’t like what I look like, but I know that video’s the most [00:07:00] impactful sales. that exists, and I, I hope you figured that out by now as well. So trust me, uh, if you have questions on how you would launch these type of content or what you would make videos on, bring it up on the Tuesday, webinars, I’d be more than happy to, uh, help.

[00:07:13] All right.