Day 1 Session 1 – Why you need an Irresistible Offer and the Foundation around it

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Day 1 Session 1

[00:00:00] [00:01:00] [00:02:00] [00:03:00] All right. Good morning, good afternoon. You guys are doing amazing. We’re gonna get started here in a few minutes. I’m gonna take you back to a screen share here just in a second while everybody gets on that, you got quite a few early people, which is great. And we’ll get into this. Hopefully this won’t take too long.

[00:03:49] Won’t take you guys too far away from your schedule today. Give you everything that I can to give you the most amount of value today possible. And then from. We’ll see you again at one o’clock [00:04:00] as we narrow down this. All right? So we’ll get back into the screen share. We’ll get started here in just a second,

[00:04:36] right? Just a quick reminder for all of you guys hopping on right now, we will go live in just a moment. We are almost ready to go.

[00:04:47] Of course, I’ve gotta get makeup on and all that fun stuff. Not really, but you get it.[00:05:00]

[00:05:07] Thank you guys all for hopping on. We’re gonna get started here in just a moment, about 30 more seconds, give or take, and we’ll start crushing this

[00:05:39] about 15 more seconds and we’ll rock and roll.

[00:05:56] All right. So how are you guys? I hope you guys have happy Wednesday. This is [00:06:00] live. It is 10:02 AM my time here in Southern California, as you see when I share my screen here. Listen, if you don’t have context with me over the past couple years, I’m gonna give you a little bit of backstory. Then we’re gonna get right into it.

[00:06:12] We’ll try to go as, as quick as possible. Those of you guys that know me personally, know that I talk very fast. I’m very passionate on what I talk about, and I only talk about things hopefully that I understand and that makes sense, right? We don’t talk about anything that’s like necessarily theory.

[00:06:28] Everything’s from experience. Either I’ve done it or I’ve coached to it, or something’s going on today in the market. I’ve got a whole bunch of screens going right now, and my va, God love her. She’s amazing, unfortunately has six. So I am left manning all of the controls and all the questions today. So if there’s a little bit of lag.

[00:06:45] Between your questions and how I can get them answered, or maybe there’s a delay in the video or something like that. That’s where it is, but don’t worry, we’ll get through it. Luckily I’m super tech savvy context twice. I’ve been in the real estate space since 2007. Ran a couple of pretty big teams in Phoenix, Arizona.

[00:06:59] Moved to [00:07:00] California seven years ago. I was one of the team plus and scale coaches over at Tom Ferry for seven years. I ran a real estate tech platform for three years called Kings and Lane with my partner Svaa. And I still coach agents but I mainly focus on the leverage the marketing and the scale part of coaching.

[00:07:16] I don’t really work with anybody that has struggles getting up in the morning or anything like that. I’m not that type of coach. I probably need that type of coach. But I’m somebody that people come to when they want a system that provides a consistent, scalable growable time driven leverageable result.

[00:07:32] That’s my brand. So I believe in this real estate economy coming up. One of the things that I’ll tell you before we get started today is, in my personal opinion, I think there’s more money to be made in the real estate space on the way down than the way is, than the way up. You’ll hear a lot of people say Oh, I can’t remember.

[00:07:46] I remember the great old days of 2005 or 2021, and listen, the wealthy agents made more money then when the broke agents made less money, then like the power dynamic doesn’t really shift. It’s just that the really good ones make a lot of money and the ones that [00:08:00] struggle continue to struggle.

[00:08:01] We’re in no different of a time right now, so everything that I’m going to show you today that I’m going to hopefully implant into your head is to tell you that no matter where this market goes, no matter where interest rates go, no matter how all of this stuff shakes out, there’s just as big of an opportunity to win right now as there is when the market’s going crazy.

[00:08:19] Hopefully they can bring a lot of value. I’ll go through some housekeeping rules here in a second. We’ll get right into it. I’ve got about 70 slides. They’re really quick. I make slides a little bit different than most people. They’re basically just so I can remember what to say. They’re not, two minutes of slide or anything like that.

[00:08:34] Hopefully we’re in and outta here in under 45 minutes. I will take questions at the end. We’ve already got a couple that have come in, so I’ll address all of those at the end. And as you guys have questions, definitely use a form on this page and I will see those here on my little email. Super fancy, super high tech notification system here, and we’ll get that going.

[00:08:51] All right I’m gonna get back to a screen share really quick.[00:09:00]

[00:09:04] Okay. Let’s rock and roll. We’re gonna go back to this fancy screen share so you can. Know that I’m not taking an app while this is happening. Let’s talk about the two day irre irresistible offer challenge. So much context that I have in the past when I’ve coached so many agents that if I were to tell you the number one thing o of the agents that I coach, that, that scale and achieve revenue beyond their wildest dreams, and the ones that either just barely make living or they continue to just barely make it, it really boils down to one thing and it’s the offer that they have.

[00:09:33] And what I mean by the offer they have is they don’t lean on pedigree. They don’t lean on experience, they don’t lean on any of that stuff. They lean on the result that they provide for their clients. So the whole intent that I have for today’s session today and the one later on today at one and tomorrow at 11 and 2:00 PM is to help you understand that the only thing standing in between you and a business that can scale beyond your wildest dreams is the offer that you give.

[00:09:57] I’ll walk you through how to craft that. I’ll give you some [00:10:00] ideas, I’ll give you some things that I know work really well. I’ll give you some things that I know don’t work really well. And then, like I said, we can take questions and all that stuff. So let’s get through this. We get back to my little where’s my mouse?

[00:10:11] There it is, right there. Some housekeeping rules. If you have any questions on the right side of this video, there’s a form that you can put your first name, email, and what your question is that’s going to trigger a little alert on my iPad. I will take all of those questions at the end. I’m not gonna do those live in the sense of as they come in, we’ll do ’em all in one big chunk.

[00:10:28] We’ve already got two or three that have already come in so far. They came in at the very beginning. So I’ll answer those at the end just so we can stay on track and keep everything honest. We gotta have a couple sessions. Today we’re gonna talk about understanding why you need an IR irresistible offer and what an irresistible offer is.

[00:10:45] Later on today, we’ll talk about branding and identifying your I Irresistible offer. Tomorrow we’ll build the offer. I’ll actually build it live with you. We’re gonna use a technology called WordPress and Elementary and I’ll actually choose one of your offers and I’ll build it for you and you can have that for free.[00:11:00]

[00:11:00] And then all of you guys can build that with me or use whatever website you have. I’ll give you all the technology you need to pull this off. I’ll give you all the assets as well. And then session four, I’m gonna get you unstuck. So this is largely gonna be like a q and a session. What’s working, what’s not working?

[00:11:15] Hey, I wanna bounce some thoughts off of you. How’s this work? Do you think that’s gonna work? My market has these constraints to it. Do you think that’s a big deal? Do you think it’s not a big deal? Session four is all about getting you to the finish line because if you go through these two days in these four sessions and you take no action, shame on you.

[00:11:34] It’s gonna get harder these next 18 months. And I don’t mean it’s gonna get harder cuz somebody’s gonna take your commission. I don’t mean it’s gonna get harder cuz the market’s gonna change. It’s just that we are seeing a widening gap over the people that really understand marketing. And those that don’t.

[00:11:47] So my hope for you is that you’re not one of those people that doesn’t understand marketing. Here’s the great thing. It’s not that hard. Literally this is not that hard for you to understand. There’s just a little bit of procedural things that you need to [00:12:00] go through, and once you understand the procedural excellence that you need, and we keep going.

[00:12:04] So let’s keep going here. Here’s something really important. I’m not gonna pitch you anything. At the end of these webinars, they’re like, this isn’t like a free webinar. And if I’m gonna give you so many little things and at the end of it you either love me and now you’re gonna pay me like a hundred grand or else you’re a loser, Like I don’t do stuff like that.

[00:12:18] I’ve never done stuff like that. And I wanna make sure that you understand that there is no sales pitch. And just to be like totally transparent, there’s only two ways that we get paid. Number one is you enroll in the 360 Brand Academy, which basically teaches you the ads to make your single offer stand out and completely take over your market.

[00:12:35] There’s no membership there. It’s 1595. It’s one time you get lifetime access. And we release one of those courses every week for six weeks. You get lifetime access to that. I think there actually is a payment plan to that as well. I wanna say it’s 7 45 for three payments. So it’s a little bit more, 2335 total, I think is what that boils down to.

[00:12:53] So you can do that, or the people that work with me one on one, it’s really simple. Again, we don’t go through long term contracts. It’s [00:13:00] just 12 grand up front. It’s a three month agreement, and we build essentially your entire web crm, marketing automation, and sales stack with and for you. And then when it’s done, you own the whole thing.

[00:13:10] There’s no technology that I keep or anything like that. You can do that in three payments of 4,500 or you can pay one’s 12,000. But I wanted to give you those two things because there is no other motivation on these webinars. Those are the only things that we do. We don’t sell individual courses, we don’t do any of that stuff.

[00:13:24] Those are our only two offerings other than maybe you bought the recordings for this for 45. All right? If you have questions on those or you want to know if either one of those are fit, just send the team an email daily dot steve, and they can schedule a time on my calendar. I’ll hop on and I’ll discuss whether the course or the accelerator is the right fit or if me doing all the work with and for you is the right fit for your business as well.

[00:13:47] There’s no fancy form, there’s no funnel, there’s no upsells. I don’t do any of that stuff. It’s just literally send me an email at daily, steve, and the team will get you on the calendar. Okay? So let’s get into it. Why do you need an [00:14:00] irresistible offer in your. Why do you think that is? Write this down in your notes.

[00:14:03] A compelling offer will always beat a convincing argument. What do I mean by a convincing argument? That’s you going into somebody’s home, sitting on their couch or at their table and begging them to use you because you have the best commission rate, or you have pedigree, or you know everybody in the market, or you are a quote unquote local expert.

[00:14:21] That is a convincing argument. A compelling offer is something that’s so good. They’re willing to overlook a convincing. You be maybe in the market for a Chevy Tahoe, right? And maybe, I dunno how much Chevy Tahoes are, maybe they’re like 80 grand or something, what, whatever they cost. And you could go to the Chevy dealership and the Chevy dealership could say, Here’s the Chevy Tahoe.

[00:14:41] It’s the best Tahoe in the world. It’s fully loaded, it’s $80,000. And oh, by the way, we are the number one volume dealer Chevy in San Diego. And you’re like, Okay, great. I don’t really know what that means. So now you have to argue with the salesperson to determine if you wanna buy that Tahoe, right?

[00:14:55] Whereas the second dealership says, Hey, here’s this Chevy Tahoe, it’s 80 grand. I [00:15:00] hope you love it. And listen, if you buy today, I’ll give it to you for 40. Now that’s never going to happen. We’re never gonna get 50% off a Chevy Tahoe by just walking in. But if it did, now we have a compelling offer that is 10 times better than a convincing argument.

[00:15:13] That’s what I wanna help you build. When you have a compelling offer, you’re gonna avoid commission negotiations. That won’t happen as much. And here’s what I found to be true, at least in my own business. You’ve probably found this as well. Clients don’t negotiate commission in absence of value.

[00:15:26] You guys have heard that before, right? In absence of value, people negotiate the money. I actually don’t think that’s true. I think they negotiate based on a lack of different differentiation. I think that’s why they really, they don’t know why you’re different and they don’t know why they should use you over everybody else.

[00:15:41] The 91 other agents that they know. I hear all the time when people say things like, you have to do marketing so that this client doesn’t work with their uncle. Listen, if I’m somebody’s uncle, I have a bunch of nieces and nephews I want all of them to use us for their services.

[00:15:55] Of course, I want them to use it. So it’s not bad if you work with your uncle, I’m [00:16:00] making the assumption that if you work with your uncle’s a bad agent, that’s a bad marketing. You don’t wanna think about it that way when you have a compelling offer, we get to circumvent all of that. So let’s get back to this.

[00:16:10] It’s much easier to recruit to, right? If you’re looking to grow a team and you’ve got a competitive advantage in the market, and you’ve got something that drives leads and appointments all over the, all over the place, it’s really easy to recruit and it doesn’t make the entire business focus on one avatar, right?

[00:16:25] You guys have probably heard this in the past the Hero and the Minions model where everything’s all about one agent and they’re the celebrity and everybody else just runs around in circles hoping they can generate more business. And again, that’s not a bad business model, but you don’t have to go that route if you have a compelling offer.

[00:16:42] Here’s something that I talked about on a webinar a couple weeks ago when Zillow was buying homes and say what you want about Zillow. I’m personally not a Zillow supporter in any means, and it’s important that you should understand that I have no agreements with anybody. So I, I do that on purpose.

[00:16:56] No affiliate deals in regards to things that I’m contracted to talk about or anything like [00:17:00] that, because I want to tell you what my honest opinion is on everything. And if I can’t do that, Then what’s the use of it? No one asked their Zillow rep when they were selling their home, how long they worked for Zillow and what their quote unquote track record was.

[00:17:12] It was either they liked the offer or they didn’t, they liked the process, or they didn’t. So you get to side skirt all the things that we deal with, day in and day out when you have a compelling offer. You might be asking, what is a unique irresistible offer and what will do for my business?

[00:17:27] By definition, an irresistible offer is an offering that provides certainty around a unique result. I would screenshot this. An irresistible offer is an offering that provides certainty around a unique result. It removes all doubt for the client based on the solution they’re seeking. So if they wanna sell their home, then your offer should tell them, Hey, if you sell your home with me, I will give you 100% certainty that you’ll have an amazing.

[00:17:52] Experience and I’ll get you more than anybody else, that wouldn’t be the offer I would create, but you get where I’m going with that. Let’s talk about the components of [00:18:00] a successful irresistible offer. Number one, it’s focused on the result, not the process. And I’m gonna give you some examples in a minute.

[00:18:07] It’s focused on the result, not the process. Number two, the value of the investment must be a multiple of the result, right? Or the result you could say at the opposite way. That would be true as well. The value of the result must be a multiple of the investment, right? So if I’m selling you something for example, R 360 Brand Academy you should not pay 1595 to us to make 1595.

[00:18:31] That would be a waste of money. That’s a wash, right? You should be able to make 10 to a hundred x that investment based on the strategies that we teach you and to make that a no-brainer. Selling a home is no different, right? When you agree to pay us a percentage of your commission or of the home, a price of your home to sell your home.

[00:18:47] Then we’re gonna give you an amazing result. So the value of the investment must be a multiple of the result. Third thing I wrote down, I don’t know why this keeps freezing. All right. You need to be able to explain it in two [00:19:00] sentences or less. This is probably the hardest part of the entire exercise. You must be able to explain it in two sentences or less.

[00:19:07] Number four, dog whistle Marketing must supply. How many of you guys have heard of dog whistle marketing? Dog whistle marketing is really easy. It’s that when you blow a whistle and you’re in a neighborhood, the only people that hear that whistle are dogs. The other humans don’t hear it because it’s not a whistle for humans.

[00:19:22] So your offer must directly call out your ideal perfect avatar client if it. It’s it’s no good. You don’t wanna focus on it, right? Number five, they have a foot in the door component. I’ll explain what that means in a little while. Meaning there’s some entry point into the offer that makes it really simple for you to communicate that offer with people.

[00:19:41] Another way you might say, this is like lead magnet. That would be another word for that. This is what our foot in the door stuff looks like. If you go to our homepage, you can get our conversion script, our top tools for business scale and the financial model that I’ve coached so many agents to in the past.

[00:19:55] There’s no charge to access this stuff. You just need to gimme your first name and your email, and then we’ll send [00:20:00] you an email with those. This would be called a foot in the door marketing. Now, you’ve probably seen other people do things like this where they offer you something for free, then they offer you something for $7 and $90 and a hundred dollars.

[00:20:12] That has its own place. We don’t need to worry about that in real estate. This is literally, Hey, if you want to get this for free, hop on my email list. I’ll add you to the daily blog. I’ll give you the lead magnet, and if in the future you ever choose to work with me in any capacity, great. If all I do is give you value all the time, I’m okay with that as well.

[00:20:28] That would be an example of foot in the door. All right, number six, it utilizes A how much and buy when approach. Write this down. It utilizes a how much and buy when approach, right? Nothing is measurable unless it’s how much and by when. When people tell me, Oh, next year’s gonna be the year I’m gonna scale my business.

[00:20:45] Why? We always ask what does scale your business mean? I need to make more money than I made this year. Great. How much money did you make this year? Oh, I don’t, 160,000. Okay. When you say maybe, do you mean you made one 60 or you think that’s where you’re gonna end up? Because if [00:21:00] we don’t have clarity on what the target is, and by when it’s really hard to hit it, a compelling offer is no different.

[00:21:08] Let me give you some ways to pour gas on the offer for maximum effectiveness. Number one, you need to add scarcity to it. Could be a limited time offer, right? It could be something that once I coached an agent that moved to a brand new market, and this was long time ago. And it was really important because in her previous market she was number one by a long shot.

[00:21:29] She owned her area. Husband got a new job, Kids got into this new school, happened to be in a new market, so she moved, it was cold. She kept the business going in the previous market and she said, Steve, I’m gonna hire you as my coach for one reason. I need you to get me to 30 listings within six months.

[00:21:44] Because once I get 30 listings, I know the business compounds itself. Now, this was back in, I don’t know, 16, 17, maybe 2016. And I said, Okay how much money do you need to make on those 30 listing? And she paused and she said what do you mean I, I need to make a lot of money, right? And I said is your current [00:22:00] business gonna keep going?

[00:22:01] And she goes, Yeah, of course. And I said technically you don’t need to make any money. And she paused again. She goes, Ooh, I like where you’re going with this. And I said, What if we said the first 40 listings you take, you’ll do it at X price, and once you take your 40th listings, the deal’s done. And she goes won’t everybody wanna work with me at that discount?

[00:22:17] I said, Sure, but it’s gonna boil down to your discipline to not have that happen. And so we worked up with a plan. We did everything from a one day listing. We did a 1% listing. 79 listing. We did a whole bunch of different variations of this and different markets than we were today, right?

[00:22:33] She scaled really quick and now she’s a massive agent in her area. Now, a lot of you on the other side of this web are like, Oh my God, I can’t ever do that in my market. My broker would lose their shit and look, chances are they might lose their, there’s shit over it, right?

[00:22:46] But at the end of the day, people are so wrapped up in commission up front because every single deal matters. They’re not looking at the big picture. And again, I’m actually not gonna talk a lot about discounting today, later today and tomorrow. I don’t think you need a [00:23:00] discount. She had a unique offer that was prevalent, and the benefit wasn’t really the cost, although that was the thing that she talked about.

[00:23:07] The benefit was, I’m only doing this until this date, or until I hit this number, and once I do it, it’s over. If you wanna sell your home at a significant reduced rate and still having to do all the work, because I know I need to prove my work here in this new market, I will do it at this price. Did she get hate in the market?

[00:23:24] Yes. Did a lot of agents say they weren’t gonna show her listings? She still offered full commission on the other side, right? They just thought, Oh, this person’s gonna ruin the boycott them. Like everybody said, We’re gonna boycott Zillow. And how did that work? And, when you have a good enough offer, the competition, like essentially is rendered irrelevant, right?

[00:23:43] That’s the power of a good offer. Number two, add community to the offer, right? When you, and I’ll give you an amazing example of community that just happened with the World Series here a little while ago. Probably the best one I’ve ever seen. We’ll talk about that here in a second. But when you can add community to it, people tend to wanna [00:24:00] feel that like they’re part of a community, they will follow you.

[00:24:02] And you’re probably thinking In real estate, how do we add community to selling your home? Trust me, you need to get creative. But that’s the very value in doing something like this because most agents aren’t creative. They’re run of the mill and they do the same thing as everybody else. They go to a conference and they see three people on stage.

[00:24:16] The three people do this, and they’re like, Oh, I’m gonna rip off and, duplicate or deploy or, whatever. The r and d, right? And then all they are is just another commodity in the market. And if you guys don’t think the consumers see through all this crap, you’re freaking nuts. Just start asking your friends, Hey, what do you love about real estate marketing?

[00:24:33] And what do you hate about it? It may shock you what they tell you. Number three, giving them more than one option will help scare your conversion. This is super important. Giving them more than one, even if it’s a perceived option, even if the option is like ridiculous, you should never take it. Giving them more than one option will always scale your conversion.

[00:24:52] An example of this would be like the New York Times, right? You have the basic. Subscription that they’re looking at right here for, I think it’s like $3 a [00:25:00] month or, yeah, 3 75 a week. Or you can take the all axis, which is digital and video and all that stuff for 6 25. And they put that in the middle with a very specific blue color and the little thing on top that says best value.

[00:25:12] There’s a reason why they do that. And then there’s the really expensive one to right to, It’s literally just there. Write to stand in your notes. The most expensive option in most cases is literally there only to make the middle option more appealing. Most people don’t understand us about marketing. It is only there to make the middle option more appealing.

[00:25:33] Let’s keep going. Number four, add a viral component. The example that I’m gonna give you here in a second is example of number two and number four built into number one. How many of you guys saw this story? Mattress? Mac won 75 million betting the on the Astros winning the World Series 75 million bucks.

[00:25:51] It took him a 10 million bet. But he made 75 million. Okay. How did he do this? He told all of his mattress clients. He said, Hey, if you buy [00:26:00] a mattress from me over three this year, then if the Astros win the World Series, I will refund 100% of that mattress to you. And you might be think. And the Astros had the best record, I believe in the MLB this year.

[00:26:12] And they won the whole thing. Maybe the Dodgers did, but the Astros, I think were a close. And so he was onto something here. So what he did is he went to the market and said, Hey, your mattress is on me. If you buy it, it’s over $3,000. And the Astros win the World Series. How did he pull this off?

[00:26:26] What was really easy, what he did is he bought a lottery ticket or he went to Vegas and said, Hey, I’m gonna put 10 million down right now that the Astros are gonna win. I think they were like a 31 30 to one odds at the time. So he was out 10 million. But he was hedging the fact that he could sell enough mattresses to make more money than the 10 million he invested in it that way.

[00:26:47] If the Astros didn’t make it, the marketing, the compelling offer was, Hey, I’ll give you, I’ll refund your entire investment back if they win. That was as compelling offer. And look, if they win, I don’t know how much he’s gonna have to refund, but he’s [00:27:00] not gonna have to refund 75 million in mattresses.

[00:27:02] I can tell you that much. In fact, I probably should have done this before this 75 million in mattresses, assuming they were all $3,000 mattresses. That means he would’ve sold 25,000 mattresses in a year. I don’t know how many. Sold, Probably not 25,000. So he now has the ability to say, I support the Astros.

[00:27:21] I put my money where my mouth is. I’m a diehard Astros fan. And this guy walked away with a huge payday. And in fact, I think it’s the largest payout sports spent that’s ever happened in Vegas, to the point to where some of these are gonna take big hits, having to pay this out. That would be an example of probably one of the best compelling offers I could come up with right now.

[00:27:40] Let me give you some other examples of irresistible offers. You guys have all seen offer pad, right? Get your cash offer right now. Another one would be home. Go did a cash offer today. And you might be thinking like, Steve, I don’t have enough money to buy homes. Don’t worry about that. These are just offers home light big here in San Diego and I they’re pretty big in a lot of major [00:28:00] markets, but they give you pretty much every option.

[00:28:01] You can sell your home to them. They can finance it, they’ll. List it with a broker referral, they’ve got a lot of options with that. You’ve got 72 sold for those of you guys in the Phoenix, Arizona market and a couple other markets. This is more of a process to getting your home sold, not necessarily how they’re gonna buy it.

[00:28:18] I would be leaning towards something like this in your market, if I were you right now Greg Hagan, the guys over at 72 sold, super smart guys design of the website effectiveness in the funnel. I’d give them a one outta 10. Not a very good design. Not executed very well. But I heard at one time my, if you’re on this, you heard me talk about this the other day, that at one time US 72 sold had 10% of the Phoenix markets listings, 10% value.

[00:28:45] That’s the benefit of a compelling offer. 10%. That’s freaking. Open door, right? You, I made a lot of content this week about open door, laying off 18% of the workforce. But guess what? Opendoor is going to continue to crush the business. They’re just like [00:29:00] Facebook and everybody else. They gotta go through some layoffs to make ends meet right now, to make sure they can stay lean and stay operative.

[00:29:05] But a really good, compelling offer. You wanna know what all these have in common.

[00:29:12] None of them have an agent face on ’em, None of them. It’s all process driven. And it’s really important that you understand that. It’s really important that you understand that there is no agent face on this. There is no avatar, there’s nothing, right? Super super, super important. If you were writing taking notes right now, I’d be taking notes.

[00:29:32] Okay, let me give you some bad examples of what agents think and offer is. I hate doing this stuff cuz I don’t ever wanna be, com like accused of bashing other agents because I think this is such an amazing industry, but I’m gonna do it anyway because I think a lot of us fall guilty to this.

[00:29:46] Number one, when you have taglines that say communication, experience, integrity I don’t know anybody who sees that on a website and says, You know what? I’m glad they mentioned communication. I think I’ll call them. Do you wanna know why nobody cares about this? Because [00:30:00] it’s a standard, it’s expected, it’s not a benefit.

[00:30:04] If you don’t have good communication, you shouldn’t be in the industry. If you don’t have experience, you shouldn’t be in the industry. If you don’t have integrity, you shouldn’t be in the industry. So don’t use things like this. Here’s another one. I made this up. I didn’t take this from anybody, but my average is 98.619%.

[00:30:18] List price to sales price. San Diego, North County, Coastal and single family homes back in 2014 look great. That may be true. But nobody cares. The consumers don’t read this and say, You know what? I’ve been looking for somebody with a 98.619% average, and I’ve been looking for the number one single family home seller in North San Diego County 10 years.

[00:30:41] Nobody takes action on this. Again, they may be true stats, but nobody cares. It doesn’t cause movement. You wanna know what I think is wrong with the industry, and I’m gonna offend some people saying this, It’s this slide right here. It’s the fact that a lot of us believe that if we publicize how we rank in the industry, somehow that means a [00:31:00] better consumer experience in the end.

[00:31:02] And what you know is it’s not true. Now, you could make the argument that if I’m ranked in the top two 50, then I probably have a pretty good, practice and a pretty good client delivery system and all of that stuff, because if I have a crappy client delivery system, that nobody’s gonna work with us, right?

[00:31:17] So there’s some attached benefit to being on this. But here’s what you know, and here’s what I know. These lists aren’t even real. You have to submit to centralized tracking system across the country. I know quite a few agents that do well over a hundred million that don’t participate in this.

[00:31:31] And if even one agent in the top 20 doesn’t participate, then it’s inaccurate. It’s not a valid list. Consumers, do they pick agents based on where they rank? Some may I don’t know. They might I don’t personally think that’s, if they were to rank the top 20 traits of an agent, they want to.

[00:31:50] I would probably say where they rank in the market now, they expect experience, they expect pedigree, they expect good process, right? But I don’t think anybody cares [00:32:00] that you’re the number one agent in North County since 2014 that sells. Like they just don’t care about it. And then we go on social, we say, Hey, like we’re ranked, We’re so happy, we’re so humbled.

[00:32:08] Dude, you’re not humbled, you’re bragging right now. You know what I’m saying? So I’m suggesting that we don’t create a business around an avatar. We create it around an offer because the offer will win a hundred percent of the time. We’re gonna pause here cause I’m getting a little bit of alert that the stream is offline.

[00:32:27] Standby.

[00:32:39] Okay, I think we’re good now. I lost it there for a second. So nobody benefits from that, right? So don’t do that stuff. Here’s the next thing that I put down. I am ranked hire part-time Agents are bad, don’t work with a part-time agent. I coached somebody in a very big market to put out a direct mail piece, not at my advice or anybody else’s.

[00:32:55] They took it from another company. They made it their own. They sent it out to [00:33:00] thousands of homes, and the picture on the front of it was a mom who had messy hair, a messy house, kids running around, things in their house. Her phones barely like hanging on with her shoulder like this. And it literally said something on the postcard, I can’t remember what it said, but it said something like, Don’t work with an agent like this.

[00:33:16] And what they meant to say is you need to work with agents that are focused. What everybody saw was don’t work with a white female that’s overwhelmed by kids because they don’t deserve the business. And it was rough. What they went through because of that was very rough. So make sure that you pay attention over the type of marketing that you’re putting out there, because for every good piece of intent, maybe some bad intent as well.

[00:33:37] Here’s another thing. I like the practice of shaming renters, right? Do agents really believe that this type of messaging moves they need with clients? Like I saw short the other day that said my clients complaining about 7% interest rates while they’re paying a hundred percent interest rate to their landlord.

[00:33:51] And again, it’s true. Mathematically it makes sense. But when I see that marketing from an agent as a consumer, do you think I look at that [00:34:00] and I say, That agent’s, right? I need to stop being a dirty, nasty look like renter. What a bad term. And I need to go buy a home. So nobody ever calls me a renter again.

[00:34:10] Nobody thinks this way, it doesn’t work, right? And again, it’s not an inaccurate line, it’s an accurate line. But the emotion we’re trying to transfer right now is by telling people that hey, life could be better, right? You could be, have more control and build wealth and all that stuff and all the financial numbers behind it.

[00:34:28] There are many other ways to tell people it’s better to own a home than to rent, than to tell them you are dumb for renting. But again, people still do it. I wouldn’t do it if I were you. This type of call to action, right? You guys have all, you guys probably all have one of these sites. A boom town or a market leader or a conversion, like when you’re only offering is like homes for sale.

[00:34:46] Nobody gets excited to work with you. You have to chase them. And I hear this all the time, Steve, Facebook leads suck. You’re freaking nuts. Technically you guys are all Facebook leads and I’m looking at the attendee list and I know pretty much [00:35:00] everybody on this list. Like you all came in from a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube post.

[00:35:04] So how would you like it if I told you guys all sucked? You don’t suck. It’s just that the offer you put out there for homes for sale doesn’t elicit any emotion in the process. So then we’ve gotta chase ’em down like crazy. We’ve gotta call ’em 400 times, we’ve gotta send 35 emails. We’ve gotta text message them and half of them are like, This is spam.

[00:35:22] Don’t ever call me again. I hate you. This is why I hate, like it’s just a bad process. And again, it’s not because these are bad leads. It’s not Facebook’s fault, it’s not YouTube’s fault, it’s not Google’s fault, it’s not Instagram fault. It’s only the fault of the offer. If you offered to sell cheeseburgers today and you sold a 10,000 cheeseburgers and then you called every one of those people that bought a cheeseburger from you and said, Hey, did you like the cheeseburger?

[00:35:46] And they said, Yeah. I’m so glad you liked the cheeseburger. Would you like to buy a franchise from me? No. I don’t wanna buy a franchise. I don’t understand. You like the cheeseburger. You bought the cheeseburger from me. Why don’t you wanna buy this big franchise? [00:36:00] Because all I wanted was a cheeseburger.

[00:36:03] I don’t wanna buy a franchise. That’s how most agents treat lead generation today. They say, Hey, here’s a cheeseburger. Here’s a cheeseburger. Thanks for taking the cheeseburger. Would you like to invest in 10 million in real estate? No. I just wanted a cheese. I don’t wanna do all that stuff right now.

[00:36:16] And then we start blaming lead sources. We need to change the message. We need to change the process. And I’m telling you, your lead conversion will scale. And I’ve got I could give you hundreds of examples of agents that crush this right now because they’ve relieved or released their dependency on Zillow and idx, and they finally made the jump to go all in on content.

[00:36:36] Because when you go all in on content, the brand scales. People already know you before they meet you. And when you have a compelling offer, you make it really easy for them to say yes, right? That’s the power of the offer. Let me get back to this. So that’s another one. Again I don’t wanna bash it, but it just is what it is.

[00:36:53] Okay. Here’s some ads that I see. Again, I just googled Phoenix Homes for Sale. I don’t know who these agents are. I didn’t even look at the website. So again, nothing [00:37:00] against these specific agents, but if I’m looking for homes for sale, I just here’s the offer. Live MLS feed updated every five minutes.

[00:37:07] I don’t really know what consumer cares about that. Automatic new listing notifications. Okay. That would be cool. Free to sign up. That’s great. Real estate stats. Oh, okay. That’s fine. Track listings in my area. First time buyers downsize, relocation, upsizes neighborhoods. Norter like now saying Hey, if you have a pulse, like I wanna marry you.

[00:37:28] That’s all this says. Here’s the next one. I screenshotted new listings added daily in Phoenix, Arizona. Okay. Search real estate listings. Great view Phoenix, Arizona listings. Okay, you already said that. Accurate data. Why? I expect that. No ads, no idea what that means. Interactive maps, like we’re giving everybody all these things, but the consumers don’t care.

[00:37:49] They literally don’t care. But we’ve gotta fill it in because Google tells us to fill it in. And it only gets worse from there. It’s not that these aren’t true, like I said earlier, and it’s not that they don’t have merit, it’s just that [00:38:00] the consumer has no idea why this matters to them. Write this down in your notes.

[00:38:04] It’s hard for people to find value in a person, but it’s easy for them to find value in a process. And I don’t mean value and use a professional, That’s not what I mean by this. I’m saying that if you had to pitch a or a process this is 90 reasons why this person is, this is 90 reasons why this process is great.

[00:38:26] Which would you choose? They’re gonna choose the process

[00:38:31] almost every single time. Okay? So it’s really important to understand that. Next thing I wrote down here’s probably the easiest way that I can explain this to you. Dr. One says the surgery’s gonna be one hour whenever that surgery you’re gonna have, and it’s gonna take three days of recovery with a hundred percent odds of success, a hundred percent odds of.

[00:38:48] And it’s gonna cost you $2,500. I’ll give that to you again because you’re gonna need to remember this. Doctor. One says, The surgery will be one hour and we will have three days of recovery with 100% odds of success, and it’s gonna cost [00:39:00] $2,500. Okay, cool. I need a second opinion. So we go to doctor two.

[00:39:03] Doctor two says, Hey, the surgery’s gonna be one hour. It’s gonna take two days of recovery with 100% odds of success, and it’s gonna cost you $3,500. Okay? So same exact surgery. It’s gonna take one hour. But this case, you have one less day of recovery, but it’s gonna cost you an extra thousand dollars.

[00:39:20] What’s the difference? The doctors use what’s called a dog whistle in their marketing. They’re speaking to very specific people. They both provide the same result with slightly different paths. To get there, it’s the exact same surgery. It’s an hour, right? No difference there. But anyone who chose option number one is likely price conscious in making decisions.

[00:39:40] and anyone who chose option number two is likely convenience or value conscious in making decisions. Now, it’s not that one offers better, both offers work just as well in getting clients. And you might think that most people would choose option number one because it’s only one day longer of recovery, and it’s a thousand dollars less.

[00:39:59] And I’m here to [00:40:00] tell you, and all of my experience in real estate coaching and in the ad industry before real estate, you would be wrong. A good portion of people will always choose the most expensive option that has added value or convenience because it’s just what they’re trained to do. It’s the difference between buying a purse at Macy’s for 300 bucks and spending $4,500 for a purse at Louis Vuitton.

[00:40:20] They’re the same purse. Sure, maybe one lasts longer, but I don’t know that the Louis Vuitton, and I say this, my wife has a Louis Vuitton purses, so nothing against Louis Vuitton, but I don’t know that Louis Vuitton is going to outlast. The other purse by 15 times to justify the investment right there.

[00:40:35] There are people that are gonna choose that just because it is the perceived highest option. Let’s talk about the easiest trap to fall into when creating an irresistible offer. We talked about this a little bit earlier. You need to try as hard as you can, not to discount unless there’s a compelling reason to do it.

[00:40:52] I told you earlier about the offer that was really cheap to get to 30 listings, and the only reason she did that, I think the number was actually 40, if I remember [00:41:00] correct. The only reason she. Is because in her business, she believed in her specific market. She was in Canada by the way, that in order for her to get what she needed outta the market, she needed to get there as fast as freaking possible.

[00:41:12] And we needed to overcome the objection of you’re new to the market and we don’t know you. So what was the only way that we could overcome the objection of you’re you to the market and we don’t know you? And that in her case was to discount. I’m suggesting for everybody on this right now, you don’t go that far because I don’t think you need to do you are only attracting a small part of your ideal client base when you discount.

[00:41:33] So you may have access to 500 listings in your market and only, it doesn’t matter how good the offer is. Sometimes the offer is so good people, they steer away from it because the offer’s too cheap. Or, hey, if you only charge me that amount of money, then I don’t think you’re gonna do a good job.

[00:41:46] I don’t think you have enough money to market my. You have enough time to call me. I don’t think that your sign is gonna look good. I don’t think you’re gonna be, really good at negotiations. So there’s just as many objections that come up when the offer becomes so cheap as to when it’s [00:42:00] not. All right.

[00:42:00] Let’s talk about q and a. I’m gonna look at my email really quick. Looks like we had a couple come in.

[00:42:12] Yep. Okay, good. I got that one. Yes, Denise. I will get that as well.

[00:42:22] So that’s it. That, that’s 40 minutes into it. I wanna talk about q and a really quick. So I’m gonna go back to my email. I got my little iPad here. I’m gonna go line by line. Looks like we’ve got seven total, so I’m just gonna deal with these. I’ll try to summarize them and give ’em to you as they are right now.

[00:42:35] So number one we just talked about this, but this came in just before the thing went live. Would you do 1% listings? The, A 1%. Would be a competitive offer that I, that would be very successful in your market. However, it’s going to hold you hostage with money. So the only reason why I would do 1% listings would be that you believe that you needed to have a hundred listings in your market and that you believe that all the profit was gonna come off of the referrals [00:43:00] or the leads that came from the listing.

[00:43:02] A lot of you guys know this. Our first team that we launched in Phoenix was an re and short sale team. And I think at the height of it, we were doing I, I know at one time we had over 240 active impending listings at one given time. And if I told you that I would wanna get back to that place, like I, I never wanna do that again.

[00:43:17] That was very stressful. It we made it work because it was all banks and enterprise clients. So it’s not like we had 240 individual clients that I had to call every week. If that would’ve been the case, forget about it. But I will tell. There’s probably a number of listings in your market that once you get to it, you don’t really need to lead generate anymore because the amount of inbound opportunities from those listings are so significant that it just feeds itself.

[00:43:40] If I had to take a guess at what that number is in today’s market, it’s probably 25. If you had 25 listings, you probably wouldn’t need to spend a dollar other than marketing those listings. You’d have enough inbound opportunities on that. That would be probably the only reason that I would do a 1% listing offer.

[00:43:55] Or like I said, and we would do this very strategically. If you were working with me [00:44:00] one on one, we’d be able to fish this out. But if you were new in a market and you really wanted to dominate and you needed to make a splash right away, this would work. However, that’s gonna come with a cost. The cost would be, agent hate and frustration.

[00:44:12] And here’s another discounter. You gotta be pretty immune to do. Not to say you can’t do it but what are you gonna more people love you or your checking account, right? That’s how I would look at that. So I hope that answers your question. If you don’t submit another one on there John and be clarity.

[00:44:26] The second one, this is a long one. Let me see if I would oh, what do I mean by foot in the door? Marketing really simple. It’s asking something small in exchange for contact information, so it would be like a lead magnet. So if my offer was, if I went back to lemme go back to the screen share here and I’ll get back to one of the

[00:44:46] if my offer was buying and selling has never been so simple. It was a home light offer. Then I would be thinking of little tiny league magnets that lead up to this offer. So it could be like the three things you need to know before you sell your home [00:45:00] five things you should consider to before you sell your home, direct to a whatever you call it, institutional buyer or investor.

[00:45:06] I would come up with all these lead magnets that address all of the small concerns they have around that. So that way when it comes time to pitch them sale wise, they’ve already, you’ve already fished through most of that. And this could be delivered in part of email marketing as well. They don’t have to opt in for all this.

[00:45:20] They can opt in as one and you could give them all those things sprinkle out over the next 30 to 60 days. But you need to put some foot in the door marketing out there. That leads up to the big ask. Okay. So again, if it’s buying and selling, it’s never been so simple and home life’s main thing is referring deals to agents or buying the homes direct, then I would have lead magnets that say something to the effect of three things you need to know before you sell your home direct.

[00:45:43] Should you sell your home on the open market? What happens when you sell your home to an investor? How many offers does it take to break? Break a record? Like I would have pdf reports around all this, and I can tell you from experience, you may think Oh, nobody downloads this stuff. And I’m telling you, they do.

[00:45:58] If the offer on the lead [00:46:00] magnet is strong enough and it’s clear what they’re getting, they will download it. You guys have done that on our side as well. And again I don’t know who wrote this? I have your email address. I don’t have your name, so I’m not gonna call it out on this, but if that didn’t answer the question, just use the q and a again, and I will answer that as well.

[00:46:16] Make sure this one didn’t come in. Okay. What if I can’t buy houses? Should I still do a We buy houses funnel? And the answer would be yes. You just wouldn’t say we buy houses. I wouldn’t say that. I would say something to the effect of maybe you go find investors that are gonna do it. Maybe you’re gonna have like you, you may have four or five investors right now.

[00:46:37] I wouldn’t do that and cover like the entire county of San Diego because the worst thing that you can do is run an offer that says, we buy homes to millions of people in San Diego, but your investors only buy in Claremont or Pacific Beach or Carls matter, La Jolla, not all the other cities. Cuz you’re gonna, you’re gonna waste money there, right?

[00:46:53] So you wanna be really thoughtful. We’ll talk about that later today and on tomorrow’s build, how you can do that. I think that [00:47:00] actually works really well. And the best of three options, right? Just blist your home as is for a flat fee, 5 95. We buy your home direct for market value in its current condition or full blown listing, and we attract many different buyers, it may shock you.

[00:47:14] I think that consumers have gotten used to not doing open houses lately. And I don’t know anybody, you guys may have different experiences. I don’t know anybody who actually likes to have open houses. I don’t know anybody who loves to have 21. I don’t, I’m in real estate. I’ve been in real estate, more than I’ve been in anything else.

[00:47:30] And the thought of me I remember when we sold our last home I did an open house and we had, I think the busiest it ever got was maybe like six or seven groups at a time that fricking drove me nuts. Like they’re trampling all over thing there, looking in medicine cabinets.

[00:47:42] They’re trying to look for any hints of whatever. And I just, I don’t like it, right? And I’m in the industry. Imagine what your clients do. I don’t think you have to be the one to buy the house. I think you, we can come up with some strategic options to do it. So that, that’s really important.

[00:47:56] Do we need, do I need a new website to do this? I don’t know if you need a new [00:48:00] one or not. The, what we’re gonna build on is gonna be on WordPress and elementary. And for all of you guys that bought the recordings, I will give you all of those. But live on the webinar, I will show you how to build it not as hard as you think it’s going to be.

[00:48:12] But you need WordPress in elementary. You could put it on a sub domain. You could put it on its own, domain if you want to. If you already have a well built out website right now and you can’t add elementary or landing pages to it, I don’t know that I would disrupt the whole thing unless you’re just completely not happy with it and you wanna start over, then I would start over.

[00:48:30] I don’t even think you need ibx. Like I would still get IDX Broker or showcase IDX for 50 or a hundred bucks a month, but I would no longer put all of my eggs in ibx your homes for sale on my website. Cause I just don’t think people care. And again, that could be wrong. When you create the small content for this or you’re getting ahead of me.

[00:48:47] Cindy when you create content that, that goes ahead of this, I think you mean the small content that surrounds the offer. What media is best. And I will tell you vertical shorts is all I would be creating right now. [00:49:00] Like I would, and you guys see me do this on our Facebook I don’t know where my tripod is, it’s over there.

[00:49:05] But in the morning I basically take this camera. You don’t need this camera, you can just use your iPhone. I turn it on its side, I put a tripod on here, it points that way. And I just record for 10 minutes, as many one minute chunks as I can come up with whatever’s in my head. Whatever we’re talking about today, whatever’s working, whatever’s not, I take the ST card out of this, I put it in my Mac, I upload it to the server and either my wife or our VAs will edit those down in the shorts.

[00:49:29] If you did a couple of those every day and all of those rolled up to your big offer, it’d be game over. Don’t even need to spend that much money. But I would only do it in vertical, one minute short format because that content is crushing right now. And I think everybody would agree that it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

[00:49:47] See that was a duplicate mark. I answered that question on number two, so I’m gonna skip your question. Would you stop IDX ads? No, I wouldn’t stop IDX ads. I’d keep them going. But I think of them [00:50:00] with a different I think of them with a different perspective. I would think of them as if you could get $4 leads in your market for homes, new homes for sale in Seattle, Washington.

[00:50:09] Let’s see. And you have an ISA team that’s called texting and emailing. It’s gonna be profitable. You can convert 1% on that all day long, right? So I’m gonna be very clear. They’re not gonna love you. It’s gonna be more of what can you do for me now? You’re gonna have to chase, you’re gonna have to work for some clients.

[00:50:23] You don’t want. That’s going to happen. But I would lead those into the content. So the very first thing I would do is run new homes for sale in Seattle, Washington. And then from there I would immediately say, Hey, here’s your new homes for sale. Thank you for registering. And right away I would get them into the content machine.

[00:50:39] I’d tell them right about the offer that you have, and I’d get them right into the blog email. I’d get them right into retargeting, and I’d immediately course correct right there. So think of that as like a gateway drug to getting, everything else going. That would be the way that I would think of that.

[00:50:52] If you’re in a market where your lead costs for IDX or new homes for sale ads is like 8, 9, 10, 11, $12, the [00:51:00] process that I would show you, especially in the 360 Brand Academy you’re gonna get leads for much less. And these are gonna be much more engaged leads than anything else. Sorry, my server’s blinking over there pretty hard.

[00:51:11] Okay, next one. Would you brand yourself or the offer, I can’t believe I didn’t put this in the slides. I’ll talk about this later today. Your brand and the offer are two different things. Okay. And the easiest way that I could think about this is Taco Bell and a combo number one if I remember what a combo number one is, I love being burritos from Taco Bell.

[00:51:31] It’s like my go-to if I’m on the road and I need something quick. But I think a number one is a burrito Supreme and a soft taco and a drink or something like that. It’s I dunno, eight bucks. And they’re saying like, Hey, you could buy a drink, a burrito, supreme, and a soft taco or whatever it is.

[00:51:44] And if you bought it all a carte, it’s gonna cost you $12. But if you buy it as a combo, we’ll give you a discount. The combo number one is the offer. Taco Bell is the brand. Okay? And the great thing about the offer is they could be market specific, they could be cycle specific. An [00:52:00] offer that worked two years ago may not work today.

[00:52:01] An offer that works today may not work two years from now. But the great thing about compelling offers is you can change them whenever they want. It has brand, right? The brand is just who honors the offer. The offer is just the result you give your client. That’s a great question. I should have had multiple slides about that.

[00:52:17] Good on that. I think we got a couple other ones that came in. Mr. Melville is the 1:00 PM a repeat of this stream? No. All four streams are unique and different. So the 1:00 PM is going to be like the exercise of how you crafted in your local market and the things that I would look at and the questions I would be asking.

[00:52:35] That’s more of a how to webinar. Tomorrow. The first webinar is going to be how you would take the idea that you came up with today later on and actually put that in web format. And then webinar phone number four is getting you unstuck. Good question on that. What are some irresistible offers?

[00:52:51] Alexia says, or is that Alexis? Or I, Sorry, my eyes suck right now. It’s Alexis. Sorry, Alexis. What are some irresistible [00:53:00] offers for new agents? Great question. So by new agent, I think you probably mean like maybe you’re newly licensed overall. I wouldn’t go to the money. I really wouldn’t. I would.

[00:53:10] Here’s a couple things that I would do. Again, I want all of you guys to dominate listings. I don’t want anybody look and you can make just as much money with buyers right now, but you have to be really clear with them. Meaning this is who wins, this is who doesn’t. And if you’re outside of who wins I can’t help you because this stuff doesn’t work, so I really want you to get Sorry. Gonna refresh that there. Alexis, I really want you to get focused on helping people sell their home. If that’s the case, then everything that we’re gonna cover later on today, I think even as a new agent, you can do and by new agent, I’m gonna put words in your mouth, Alexis, this may not be true but maybe you don’t have the budget of maybe Like I have, right?

[00:53:45] If you had $20,000 a month on social ads every month, like I’ve done this before in my own business, I’ve done it for other people. Like when you have that kind of budget, it’s game over. Like you get to cherry pick the best clients, $500 a month, thousand dollars a month, [00:54:00] $2,000 a month, $3,000 a month. It will be profitable.

[00:54:02] You will be able to grow the business, but you can’t cherry pick clients. You get above that five to 7,500 mark on social ads in your local market, assuming you’re staying local. It’s game over. So Alexis, in your case, what I would do if you’re a new agent, I’d still come up with a listing offer. I’d still come up with a, the three ways to sell your home in today’s market and make it so irresistible that people would start the call.

[00:54:24] And then at the actual closing table, if you need to throw some risk reversal, Hail Marys out there saying Hey, maybe we don’t sign a six month agreement. Maybe we sign a day to day agreement. And what that means, and I’ll even give you the cancellation right now, is that if at any time you don’t feel I’m doing what I need to do to sell your home for the most amount of money possible, sign this cancellation.

[00:54:43] And boy is friends every listing other than Rios, cuz they don’t work that way. Every general listing that we signed in Phoenix, Arizona had that cancellation is part of our listing. And and the hundreds of listings that I signed over the years out there. You wanna know how many people have canceled on me.

[00:54:59] One, one did [00:55:00] cancel. It was really bad, meaning it was a bad, but you know what I wanted outta that as well. He wasn’t a good client and because he wasn’t a good client, we weren’t being good agents, and it was just a bad result, right? It just didn’t work. So we wanted outta that as well. So the one day listing really worked really well with us.

[00:55:14] If you needed to negotiate the money, I would negotiate the money, if you feel that’s necessary. I don’t really think it is, but once you have the offer, then at that point, Alexis, it’s literally just daily content and shorts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, you could do TikTok. TikTok will work, but they’re net they’re because they’re in scale mode right now, they’re gonna cast that net a much, much wider and much farther.

[00:55:35] So yes, you’re gonna get more views on TikTok, but in regards of what that’s going to mean for appointments and all that stuff I don’t think, I don’t think it’s gonna benefit. Okay.

[00:55:47] Denise just says Hi from Whistler. Hope you’re doing well, Denise. Not gonna answer that. It doesn’t seem like there’s any question there. Or maybe you could enter too quick and I’ll look for here in a second. Alexis, if that doesn’t answer your question, let me know again and I can further address it.

[00:55:59] I think you do the same thing [00:56:00] that everybody else, you put the ad budget behind it that you need to for one minute shorts a day, put on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube shorts every single day for two months straight will change your life. I have two channels out there that we do shorts for that are really successful for this coaching part of the business.

[00:56:17] We’ll start, we’ll launch another YouTube channel for that and you guys will be able to see the birth of a nothing channel and how quick shorts will grow. Now, it’s not just as easy as, talking outta your bud and saying whatever you want. There has to be some thought in it and what you talk about it and titles and thumbnails and all of that stuff.

[00:56:34] But with this short video content it’s not going away. In fact, I’ve heard that Netflix and Amazon. Are all putting together content right now that are feature like rich content in very 3, 5, 7 minute segments. That you’re gonna start seeing that some of these 30 minute shows or 40 minute shows or one hour sitcoms, they’re gonna get compressed.

[00:56:57] Because people have not, a lot of people have a lot of time to [00:57:00] binge 30 minute shows. Everybody has time to binge one minute videos. And I think that’s what TikTok exposed. YouTube’s gonna go really heavy on it. Facebook’s trying to figure it out. I don’t know that they’re gonna get there. Instagram is there with reels.

[00:57:11] It’s not going away. So if you figure out that offer Alexis, and again, later on today, hopefully I can make that easier on you. You build one page around it. That’s it. Not a bunch of pages, not, we put everything on one page so they can take action on one page and then all you do is create micro content on that and just for a month, go organic with it every day.

[00:57:30] Don’t even worry about spending money on ads, right? If you wanna focus on a neighborhood, great. I’d probably focus on a zip code or a city. I don’t know that I would do neighborhood cuz turnover is just not there. I think you guys are probably seeing, like farmers right now are struggling because the turnover is just not there.

[00:57:46] So we’re having to cast a wider net. I don’t know that Brian not Santa, is it Santa Clarita, Not Santa Clara, like Ventura County up there, right? I don’t know if I was I was just up in Westlake Village in a Agora Hills, I think at a drum [00:58:00] Thomas Lang Bryant, if you. Did a private drum lesson up in Westlake Village.

[00:58:04] I went up there a couple months ago and had an amazing time. Never really been up there. It’s great. I think it’s awesome up there and I don’t think that’s quite your area, but I don’t think it’s far. But I don’t know that I would if I was living in Riverside, California, I wouldn’t do Inland Empire.

[00:58:16] That’s too big. I would do Riverside. If I have Carlsbad, there’s 120,000 people here right now. I think there’s probably 200 something homes on the market. We probably average around three 50 with about two weeks worth of inventory at any given time. We’re a little bit higher than that right now.

[00:58:30] But Carlsbad, is, that’s plenty of a market, big to do, one or 200 deals a year. You don’t need to go wide for this. You need to go very specific. The second thing I’ll say without Alexis is if you can make your offer relevant to the market you serve. So we could say we buy homes, that would be an offer.

[00:58:47] Or we could say, we buy big homes in Carlsbad, California. That’s a dog whistle message. We buy homes. It’s not dog whistle, that’s a generalist offer. We buy big homes [00:59:00] crappy homes. We buy ocean view homes, we buy condos. We buy town homes in Carlsbad, California. Now all of a sudden I’m telling the clients, Oh, this guy buys homes.

[00:59:09] I know what type of home and I know where, and I either fit within that mold or I don’t. The challenge or the success around this is that you pick a compelling offer that has a big enough market cap that you can focus on, and that’s wide enough to where your content creation skills never expire. That was it on that.

[00:59:27] Okay. Alexis, again, I know you got the longest answer there. Hopefully that’s is good. We got some support tickets

[00:59:39] here. Nope, I think those are all answered. All right. Any questions, let me know. Send those questions to daily, Steve Or you can use the form on this. The link for all four sessions is this page, so the link’s not gonna change. It will always be this page. You’ll get another email 15 minutes before 1:00 PM today.

[00:59:58] I’ll give you another email tomorrow, 15 minutes [01:00:00] before 11. Then another one 15 minutes before too. And then we’ll have a course that gets launched that has all the recordings in it for those of you guys that paid the whopping $45 for recordings. And you can take this however you want with the recordings other than getting the recordings.

[01:00:13] You’ll also get the templates and all the slide decks that I use as well. You can use those however you want. If you don’t want the templates, if you don’t want the slide decks, you just wanna join two days and take notes and implement what I say. That’s great. Never gonna be a charge for this. And you are totally good to go, right?

[01:00:28] I love you all. Have an amazing Wednesday. I will see you in a couple hours. Thank you so much for joining me, and I’ll do one more check on questions. I think we’re good. Let’s refresh that. Yeah, we’re good. Thank you so much. I will see you guys soon.