Day 1 Session 2 – The Framework of a successful offer and how to create your own

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Day 1 Session 2

[00:00:00] [00:01:00] [00:02:00] All right, so you guys all hopping on, Give me about a couple more seconds and we will get started here momentarily.[00:03:00]

[00:03:46] All right. Welcome. We’re gonna get started here in just a few seconds. Hope you guys are doing well for this glorious session. Hold on. We’ll be right with you.[00:04:00]

[00:04:46] All right. Welcome to session two. I hope you guys are doing amazing. Happy Wednesday, 1 0 2 my time. So couple minutes behind here. We’ll give video just a quick second to catch up here. I think we’re [00:05:00] okay. I think that was just a little shakiness in that going. And for some reason you cannot hear me use the question part to the right of this video or below it, depending on what you’re looking at.

[00:05:10] Let me know and I will get it back on my trusty notification. Super high tech email, app on iPad. I’d be curious how many of you guys still use an iPad? While everybody’s getting on I if I didn’t do these live broadcasts or webinars or video coaching calls I think that I would, and I don’t get me wrong, like I’m an advertising and a tech guy by trade.

[00:05:32] This is all I do. This is all I ever do. But if there was one thing that, that I could have, like if I could get rid of everything but the drums don’t count, never get rid of the drums. I’d even get rid of all the guitars, but I wouldn’t get rid of the drums. But it’s the drums aside.

[00:05:47] If I could get rid of everything and just run a business on a couple things, I think all I would have was is my, I’m a car person, so I’d still have the cars I’d have my e-bike and I’d have an iPad Pro on my iPhone. [00:06:00] I don’t really think there’s really anything else that I would need to use.

[00:06:05] I think I can do the entire business like just on that, right? I think the technology now is that good? Where you didn’t need to do it, but I’m curious. I bought the iPad, the very first one that came out. I knew it was gonna be a game changing thing for me going forward. And I’ve had every single version of the iPad since I did not buy the newest iPad.

[00:06:22] I think that one was a total joke release. First time I’ve ever said that about Apple ever. I think they totally botched it. Now, if your iPad’s two generations old, it’s an amazing iPad. If yours last year iPad, it was, it’s pointless. Okay, I’m gonna get back into my screen share. Found a way to go full screen this time.

[00:06:39] So two day irresistible offer challenge session number two. Okay. Like last time, if you have questions, you need to use the question part, and I will answer those all at the end. Doesn’t matter what the questions are, could have been from session one. Maybe you didn’t get your question answered earlier.

[00:06:54] Could be from session two that you’re gonna go through here in the next 30 minutes. Or it could just be where do you get [00:07:00] your San Diego hats in? Why you wear San Diego hats in all your video? And the answer would be, I don’t know. I just like it. And that’s what I’ve always done. I get just as much hate as I get praise for it.

[00:07:10] But at the end of the day, keeps my head warm and prevents the forehead glare from the camera. Okay, so we do already have a couple questions in today to yeah, even though that’s initial, we’re just gonna stay disciplined. I will get those all done at the end. But let’s get into it.

[00:07:25] So in this session we’re gonna talk about actually crafting your irresistible offer. So if I go over here and keep my mouse down to this thing let’s talk about housekeeping. Very similar from earlier today. I’ll go full screen on this just so it’s easier for you guys to have. See if you have a question, use the thing to the right.

[00:07:43] I’ll get ’em all here in my iPad and I will answer ’em at the end. Just like I said earlier this morning we covered understanding why you needed an irresistible offer and what specifically an irresistible offer is. So you should have clarity on that so far. This time we’re gonna talk about branding and identifying your I [00:08:00] irresistible offer, how to come up with a formula or the formula that you should use.

[00:08:05] To identify your irresistible offer and why it’s super important. Tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock Pacific time, we’re gonna build the offer, the webpage. I’m gonna give you guys a bonus not to pay for anything, but like a little challenge at the end of today. And one of you, I will build yours for you and deliver it to you on a silver platter that way you guys can see me build it in real time, which will be really fun.

[00:08:25] And then session four, tomorrow at two, we’re gonna get you unstuck. I told you earlier this morning, there’s quite a few more of you on right now than there were earlier, which is great. But there’s no sales pitch at the end of this. I don’t have, anything crazy to sell you. We only take money two different ways.

[00:08:40] One time, one way is you join us with the 360 Brand Academy. That’s a one time membership where you can do three payments of 7 45. I left that out this morning. And that’s the six week accelerator on how you run ads. Offer, or you may want me to do this for you so that you own your entire technology stack.

[00:08:57] And we do that in three months sprints. [00:09:00] Most of the clients that have taken me up on this offer finish everything within three months. And that’s 11 9 95 up front, or you can make that in three monthly payments. So 4,500. If you wanna continue, great. If it’s done by then, that’s fine too. Just wanna make sure we can help.

[00:09:13] If you have any questions on that or you’re curious to how that works, just send us an email at daily, Steve And my team will get you on the calendar and I will get everything answered for you. And if we’re a fit, amazing. If we’re not, that’s fine too. So now that we have the sales stuff out of the way and you know that there’s no sales pitch at the end I wanna go through a quick recap for quite a few of you that weren’t with us this morning.

[00:09:35] A compelling, always be a convincing argument. This is like the root of everything that I talk about. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then building your offer today is gonna be very difficult. So if you have any questions around what a compelling offer is, I would be asking those right now so I can answer that at the end.

[00:09:52] Hold on. It’s a duplicate. Let me get that off there. What is a unique irresistible offer and what will it do for my [00:10:00] business? An irresistible offer is an offering that provides certainty around a unique result. An irresistible offer is an offering that provides certainty around a. They’re looking to differentiate ourselves across the market so that people don’t ask us, What’s your commission rate and how long you’ve been at Coldwell Banker?

[00:10:17] I’ve never heard of Keller Williams before. They ask all these weird questions, not cuz they’re weird clients, it’s because they don’t know the questions they need to be asking because we didn’t give them an offer that was good enough. So hopefully this challenge you of that bogus challenge that we face every single day.

[00:10:32] It also removes all doubt for the client, for the solution they are seeking. I’m gonna give you some examples of irresistible offers again remember we have open or offer pad here, Get your cash offer, one of the better offers that’s out there right now. We also have home go. I personally have not seen these, but they’re coming up on a lot of paid searches right now.

[00:10:52] So my gut probably tells me they’re up and coming maybe. But same thing. Sell your home. Really convenient. Home. Again, we [00:11:00] can refer you to an agent. We’ll buy your home directly. We’ll rehab your home. There’s a whole bunch of different things and listen, I wanna stop right here really quick.

[00:11:09] You may be thinking like Steve talks a lot about sell your home value propositions. And I don’t think you really need to do that. I think you can do this a million different ways, but imagine that I’m the agent in your home right now and you engage me because you don’t, you want the convenience of selling your home direct and you just wanna be done with it.

[00:11:26] Which is great like that’s a really good offer, right? But let’s say you don’t have people that can buy homes, or maybe you’ve got four investors in your pocket, they’re gonna write cash, offers the conversation’s. Very simple. Mr. And Mrs. Seller my, my goal with you today, it’s really quick. It’s only gonna be 15 minutes.

[00:11:41] I’ve got my camera right here. I’ve got my phone. I’m gonna walk around. I’m gonna take a bunch of pictures. I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions about the home. And at the end of this, I’m gonna go to my exclusive partners. I’m gonna give them all the media. We’re gonna have a conversation, maybe they’ll schedule a showing, maybe they won’t.

[00:11:55] And we’re gonna give you a no hassle, no obligation, no aggressive sales pitch offer from your [00:12:00] home, for your home. Now you can take that offer, you can counter that offer, or you can reject that offer. And either one of those scenarios is totally okay with me. My job as a real estate agent is to provide you with options to where your goals are best met.

[00:12:13] Now, you may not think that getting a cash offer from an investor, as we call them, is in your best interests. And if you believe that to be true, I’m more than happy to hop on a zoom with you or sending a, send you our full blown red carpet four day launch system that will sell your home for more money in the competition in under a week.

[00:12:32] If you wanna go the traditional open route. So working with us, Mr. And Mrs. Seller, you actually have more options than anybody else you’re gonna interview. But you can’t give all of that in marketing up front that is all part of the sales process. We need to give them an offer that lets them know Hey, I’m totally different.

[00:12:50] I’m not like everybody else. And this is why. And then once you start to, to, I would say not convert, but qualify them based on what the offer is. Sorry, this thing’s like red in my face. [00:13:00] Once you figure out, where they are, maybe they don’t qualify. Maybe it’s not, if you go to the best home in the neighborhood that’s completely remodeled, that’s gorgeous, that’s turnkey.

[00:13:08] That is going to break a record price. My investor’s not gonna write an offer for they will write an offer for it, but they’re not gonna write it at a price you’re happy about. So you don’t wanna walk away from that deal. You wanna say Hays in lieu of if our compelling offer isn’t a fit, Right?

[00:13:21] So this is all sales, that’s all this is. Right? I just wanna make sure we’re clear on that as we go through some of these examples that you may be thinking like Steve I don’t have $20 million to go buy a whole bunch of homes. And you don’t need to, you need a couple key partners that will write offers on homes right now for you to be able to execute on this.

[00:13:37] So this one’s home light again, you guys are probably pretty familiar with them. You’ve got 72 sold for all my homies in Phoenix, Arizona. They’re killing it over. Open door. The only reason why Open Door went through all the layoffs they went through is because they’re the biggest one, and the biggest ones typically tend to take the biggest hits when the market shuffles.

[00:13:54] Nothing wrong with that at all. So let’s talk about crafting your offer. For those of you guys that [00:14:00] did not buy the recordings, you’re gonna wanna screenshot and write a lot right now. Cause I’m gonna give you the framework and the process of how you get from whatever’s in your head right now to where you need to be to make this super effective, right?

[00:14:12] Or super impactful. And the most important thing is that within a week or two weeks, or however long you think this takes you, assuming you’re gonna do this on your own this needs to get out the door. This isn’t one of those you’re gonna go through business planning sessions. You’re gonna go through like, where’s the market?

[00:14:29] Competitive research analysis and all this garbage that all the go gurus are gonna tell you over the next three months about how, it’s so many door knocks and it’s so many leads and it’s, and look, it’s all true. All of that is totally true. But in absence of a comp, a compelling offer, most agents are not gonna do anything wildly different next year than they did this year.

[00:14:48] And so my hope is that if everything you’re going through right now, whether you choose to work with me in the future or you don’t, that’s totally okay. A win for me is that you took something from these, this two day live challenge and you [00:15:00] actually got it out into the market, right? There’s a million different ways we can do this in regards to squeeze pages and all that.

[00:15:06] Don’t worry about any of that right now. We’ll cover all that tomorrow and I’ll probably even release a whole bunch of recordings in the future, about a million different ways that I would do this, right? So don’t worry about the how, We just need to worry about the what and the why right now. So let’s focus on the offer.

[00:15:20] I’ll go back to a full screen. First we need to go all in on who we can serve and why. If you don’t know who you can serve, this whole thing’s pointless. You need to know who you can serve. And most importantly, why do you wanna serve them? And I think there are four parts to this. Number one, what are your non-negotiables and working, I want you to write this down.

[00:15:40] So on a piece of paper, what are your non-negotiables? I’m gonna I’ll take a breath right now. Non-negotiables will be like, these are the things that no matter what you are not doing. So again, I’ll go back one, one screen. What are your non-negotiables?[00:16:00]

[00:16:00] And no matter what, these are not happening. So I’m gonna give you this little super fancy, super tech forward. You can screenshot this or you can just write this on a sheet of paper or write it on your phone or in notes or however you take notes. I want you to write down right now in business with your new competitive offer or irresistible offer, what are your non-negotiable?

[00:16:20] And I’m gonna give you examples of all these four parts later on. Right now, you may say, I’m not working on Sunday. You might say like for example, my son Peyton is in he plays for the city, sc, mls. Next team in soccer here in Southern California. One of the top teams there’s one teams in this league in the country.

[00:16:40] It’s all, I guess you would call it semipro. He plays seven days a week. I’m in every practice in every game. That’s a non-negotiable for me. Doesn’t matter how much money you offer me. And matter of fact four or five months ago, I turned down a massive opportunity, money wise and influence wise because I knew that if I took it, I’d have to give up his soccer commitment.

[00:16:58] I’m not doing that. So that was [00:17:00] one of my non-negotiables. I’m not missing soccer, right? What are your non-negotiables in the business? I’ll give you another 30 seconds to write this down. Take notes, and this is your time to take a stand for the business. I don’t know about you. I don’t wanna look at my phone.

[00:17:16] It’s seven 30 at night. See a text message if somebody’s pissed off. And I, now I’m in a bad mood. I don’t wanna do that. So I, some of you guys know this, like nobody gets my cell phone anymore in regards to like real estate, or they all use our paid business line. We use an app called Just Call for that.

[00:17:33] That doesn’t mean I don’t get text messages, I just don’t see ’em until the next day. And again, it’s not, Cause I don’t wanna hear from you. I wanna hear from everybody. I love everybody, but I don’t wanna hear about anybody’s problems at eight o’clock at night. Just like you don’t wanna hear about my problems at eight o’clock at night.

[00:17:47] So what are your non-negotiables? What are you absolutely not willing to do? I don’t wanna take a listing in this neighborhood. I don’t wanna show anymore of the three homes at a time. I don’t want to, one of the things that I made that, that took a [00:18:00] significant amount of stress off of my plate years ago when I sold full time, is I made the commitment never to put anybody in my car again.

[00:18:06] Like again, you guys, we can go back to the screen show right here. Like I, this whole room is all Pearl Jam posters, right? There’s no, no secret that I’m a big Pearl Jam fan. Like I listen to music in my car. It literally is my therapy, and I don’t wanna talk to you in the car. And I know that sounds super selfish, but if this was ever a time to write down your non-negotiables to craft your perfect business right now is the time to do it.

[00:18:29] Because you’re gonna build an offer and you might as well build it to service you in the way that gets you excited. Not that it’s oh my gosh, another one of these clients are coming through. All right? Hopefully if your non-negotiables list, if you have a question about this, submit it on the form and I’ll answer it at the end.

[00:18:44] Next thing I wrote down, who your raving fans. Who are your raving fans? These are people that will help spread your message. In business raving fans are not people that you broke price records for. That is not a raving fan. A raving fan is when somebody is in a [00:19:00] social circle and real estate comes up.

[00:19:01] That person’s You know what? I know this agent, Denise Brown, that would freaking kill it for you. Can I can let me have her call you. It’s not let me see if I can connect you. It’s like I’m going to put her in touch with you because she will crush it for you. It’s not a matter of, Do you want me to, It’s a matter of when, who are your raving fans and how do you get, We only need, in all honesty, we need about 10 of these people. We don’t need many, but we need 10 to be able to articulate your message right now. So your raving fan may be people, it could be past clients. It could. I know that somebody that I coached last year who was doing nothing but running a podcast locally that the way that we set it up is that we had some cold email outreach to all the CEOs in the market, and he just said, Hey, I don’t want anything from you, but I wanna hop on a podcast and I just wanna interview you to uncover what makes you successful.

[00:19:52] Didn’t mention real estate. Didn’t put, didn’t ask for any referrals, didn’t say, Hey, can I have your relocation contracts? Just Hey, I wanna [00:20:00] see what makes you tick, and I wanna see if there’s something I can take away from that and give to my tribe to make everybody’s life better. And that became his only lead generation source because he knew that if he got in front of all the CEOs in the market, they, correct me if I’m wrong, not only the CEO’s home, but the CEO probably controls a lot of real estate with everybody that works with them and the influence they have.

[00:20:20] So that was more of a attack one and get to everybody. That would be an example of a raving fan. Because if I can convince all the CEOs in my market that I’m a rockstar, then all the CEOs can convince everybody that they know is a rockstar. It’s like how it’s like the naming rights of a stadium, right?

[00:20:36] So you may think that like paying, I don’t know what Chase paid for Bancor Ballpark or Chase . It’s not funny I said Chase, but I said Bank one ballpark Chase Field where the Diamondbacks play, I don’t even know if it’s even called Chase Field anymore. But they paid like some crazy amount, like 70 million or something like that.

[00:20:52] But here’s the funny thing, what they paid for is that every time you say the Diamondbacks, you have to say Chase Field. Every time you [00:21:00] go to a game, you, nobody says to Diamondbacks Field. They say Chase Field, right? So think about if you were able to attach your brand to something where people had to say it every single time they mentioned something that was day to day, that’s the power of an offer, right?

[00:21:16] That would be another example of a raving fan. People that will, without question, without coercing, without bribing, without begging, will spread your message because they believe in who you are. Again, I think that if you do this right, you need 10 and raving fan. Again, I’m gonna recap this. They are people that without instruction, are always going to cheerlead you to everybody else they know.

[00:21:39] That’s a raving fan. All right, So I’m gonna give you a quick second. Screenshot this, write it down on a note. Do whatever you need to do. I want you to write down either do I have specific people that are my raving fans? Or are there types of people that I need to go after to create a raving fan?[00:22:00]

[00:22:02] Again, you might be writing down specific names right now, you might be writing down groups of people. You might think that podcast idea with all the CEOs is a good idea. There could, you could do this. I know a lot of people that have done like industry level. The guys that I’m thinking of right now on oh my gosh, shame on myself for not remembering your name.

[00:22:22] I know you both very well. I guess because I wasn’t prepared to talk about, I can’t remember, but the two, the guy in the gal that do the video podcasts on Inman, like they do a lot in its industry. Are you gonna get a lot of referrals from that? Maybe from agent to agent, but I don’t know that you’re gonna get it from the consumers cuz the consumers are never gonna identify with that content.

[00:22:42] Mainly because it’s not what they’re looking for. But again, you might be writing down names of people. You might be writing down a demographic of people. You might be writing down people that you already know, like a group of people that you’re just not in touch with. You may be writing down a marketing process by these people.

[00:22:58] You might be thinking like, [00:23:00] Hey, maybe this is time for me to go to my local market and say I’m going to find the 25 best, most ambitious people in my market. And I’m gonna find a mastermind like we’re gonna meet every single month, last Thursday and Friday of the month of the Omni at Carlsbad. It’s gonna cost you 2000 bucks a month cuz I have to rent the room and bring food in and all that stump plus stuff.

[00:23:22] And I wanna make a profit cuz I’m gonna do all this and every single two, every single month for two days, I’m gonna bring a video crew in there and we’re just gonna talk about business growth. I’m gonna film the whole thing. I’m gonna put it in a members area and I’m gonna use that as a lead generation tool for my entire market.

[00:23:36] Again, this is content tool and this is stuff that’s gonna get you way ahead of your competition because nobody else wants to do this when you can just go pay Zillow. And I’m not saying don’t pay Zillow, but I’m saying don’t pay Zillow. You shouldn’t can pay Zillow. There’s no reason to.

[00:23:53] You just gotta get creative of how you get your message out there. So again, podcasts will create raving fans, the Mastermind. And look, there’s nothing [00:24:00] wrong with charging for the Mastermind. There’s nothing wrong with making a profit on that. The person who is the ringleader of the event always gets all the benefit.

[00:24:08] Always. Would I join a BNI group? No, I mean you could, but if you think that joining a mastermind group and paying somebody else is valuable, then you should just go through the work of setting one up yourself and being the ring leader of the whole thing and getting all of the. Heck, I will tell you right now, you get 30 people in that group to pay you $2,000 a month.

[00:24:26] That’s 60 grand a month in fees. Assume the event’s gonna cost you 20 grand, so now you’re down to 40. You take half of that as your ad budget, 20 grand, and you advertise that and all the other content where you’re done. You you get to write your check for anything. You get to flip as many homes as you want.

[00:24:41] You get to broker as many homes as you want. You are in complete control of the market. You just need to start thinking a little bit of outside of the box. None of this stuff is in the slides, by the way. You need to think a little bit of outside of the box of how do I take my influence and spread it like wildfire in my local market, again, you could pay Zillow, [00:25:00] you could run IDX ads. You can go buy a BoomTown site and great, it’ll be profitable, but your business will never scale because there’s no trailing brand effect with that stuff. It’s just what can you convert now and who’s ready to buy right now? It’s just not a very good model.

[00:25:14] I could go on and on about that. All right. You guys have your list of raving fans. Mark Rock and roll. He just sent a question in that said that he already has 25. That’s amazing. Good job. Okay. Who are your wrong fit clients? Sounds pretty easy, but you need to write this down. A wrong fit client. Like these are proof people that want a discount.

[00:25:35] They freaking negotiate. I don’t know why they do it, but they do it, they don’t wanna be exclusive. They want to interview multiple agents. They wanna do it their way. They won’t do it your way. They have expectations that are out of reach,

[00:25:52] right? We don’t want to do, we don’t wanna work with any of those people. You guys ever been in a listing presentation when somebody’s like, All right, [00:26:00] we love what you had to say. It’s really great. We’ve interviewed seven agents. They’re all really good. We really like you, but agent number three agreed to do it for this commission percentage.

[00:26:08] And you say, Great, why didn’t you go with them? We like what you like, but we really like what they charge. And my honest answer to that is I don’t understand and I stop talking. What do you mean you don’t understand? I don’t understand. You like their commission rate, but you don’t like what they offer.

[00:26:23] You like what I offer, but you don’t like my commission rate. So if you had to make a choice today of the two of us, which one, one bigger impact on the final sale price at your home. And if they don’t say me, then I walk out. I am not in the business of arguing and begging and pleading because guess what?

[00:26:39] You guys have probably figured this out, Argue, beg and plead and go all in with objection handlers and just freaking beat them up at the table. And let’s say they agree to take the listing. Are they the best client to work with the next three months when you’re marketing, negotiating? And man no, they suck.

[00:26:58] Like I, I had a commission check.[00:27:00] It wasn’t a six figure commission check, but it wasn’t far. And I’m telling you, I remember sitting in First American title in Scottsdale, Arizona at the table. He this client was not local. They’re a title rep. We’re getting all these things signed and we go back and forth and everything’s done.

[00:27:14] I’m, we’re not FaceTiming. We had to use not Google Meet. What was the, This was before like iPhones, I think. And but we’re on a call, or no, we’re on a conference call on one of those three-way phone things on a conference table, the Polycom things. That’s what it was. And so we’re having this conversation and I remember looking at the title rep.

[00:27:29] Her name was Holly. I knew her really well. And I just, I, we hung up the phone, everything got done. And I said, You know what? I would’ve given anything three months. Not to even be here right now. I’m glad to get paid. I’m glad we’re here right now. But look, this was like not worth what happened at home and the loss of sleep and the frustration and all that stuff.

[00:27:48] I’m glad they give you this check back. This is ridiculous. This is what happens when you have to beg people to work with you. And the only reason we have to beg people to work with us is because we don’t have an irresistible compelling offer that separates us [00:28:00] from everybody else. So I’m just suggesting you do it.

[00:28:02] So I, I want you to write down really quick, who are my wrong fit clients? Who are the people that should not be working to get really clear on this? Because when they show, it’s now your fault if you move forward, meaning when you’re in that listing presentation or you’re in a buyer presentation and the home they’re looking for on average is 755,000, they can only afford 5 99 and they refuse to get pre-qualified.

[00:28:26] My friends, that is not a. Even though they said they wanna work with you, even though they said, Yeah, sure, go show us homes. Even though they answer all of your emails, even though they’re really responsive, even though you may jive with them, somebody who can only afford 5 99 that refuses to get pre-qualified, that’s looking at $750,000 homes is not your client.

[00:28:47] It’s not one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my career. While you’re writing down your wrong fit clients, I’ll give you another example. I get this call from one of our listings in Mesa, Arizona. It’s a family of four, and they say, Hey, we wanna take a look at it today. I said, [00:29:00] Okay, great. I’m actually right around the corner.

[00:29:01] I’ll meet you there. So I meet ’em, I show ’em the whole home and they’re just like, they’re overly emotion. I’m like, God, this is gorgeous. And I’m like, These are like, this was a 6,000 square foot home. It was big, but it was like, do you remember when Toll Brothers used to make like builder grade stuff as one of those homes?

[00:29:17] Cool layout, but like nothing was upgraded. I’m thinking like, God, this is weird, dude, this emotional about this. And so I started asking questions about, where do you live? Oh, we live in Las Vegas. Great. We’re moving out here in a couple months. We’re waiting for some investments and, to fund themselves.

[00:29:31] I’ve heard this before. And so I’m like, Oh, great, this isn’t gonna work out. So they started to get like really knowledgeable about the market. Three months later we’re still looking at homes and then all of a sudden the daughter says something. And daughter was older than me, she was in her late thirties, and she goes, Yeah, when this whole Iraq thing smooths over, God, this is gonna be amazing.

[00:29:49] I said, what do you mean? The whole Iraq thing when that was smooth over? She goes, Oh we’re just waiting for the Iraqi dinar to reset. And I said, Oh, okay. I’m like, Is that the investment you mentioned [00:30:00] a couple weeks ago that you guys need to wait till it, it manifests itself or matures?

[00:30:04] Yeah. Once it resets, we have a hundred thousand, it’s gonna be worth like 20 million. And I remember, think, and again, at the time I was in my twenties, right? I’m like, I don’t really know if if this worked, like then why have I not heard about this yet? So I go home and I google it really quick and sure enough I wouldn’t say scam, but and here we are, 13 years later, the Iraqi Dinar never recited 20 million.

[00:30:24] So I had to go back to them and say, Look, I love you guys. You guys are amazing family. You’re super fun to be around, but you’re not a client and you’re never gonna buy. And if the only way you’re gonna buy one of these homes is you’re waiting for this Iraqi Dinar to reset. I’m being disingenuous as your real estate agent telling you that you have a shot to win these homes.

[00:30:42] You don’t. And it was a difficult conversation and it was an offensive conversation. They didn’t like it. But I’ll tell you the incident I had that conversation. I went home and I told my wife, we had just gotten married at the time, and she goes, What about that $2 million deal? And I said, You’re never gonna believe it.

[00:30:57] There is no $2 million deal. And I told her the story and she was so [00:31:00] disappointed and so heartbroken. I said, Look, We don’t get the $2 million sale. Be dis like, be excited that we no longer have to go show these people homes that will never result in a commission check. This is all because I didn’t know who my wrong fit clients are.

[00:31:14] So in your notes right now, again, super technical, write this down. Who are my absolute wrong fit clients? Somebody I talked to somebody on the phone the other day or on Zoom the other day, right? That working with clients and a part of I won’t say the area, but a very specific demographic that are downsizing and right now I’m not saying it’s a bad per, If you’ve been in a home for five years, you got a boatload of equity and your interest rate is 3%.

[00:31:38] Trying to get somebody to part with that equity at a higher price, at a 7% interest rate is gonna be a really tough business to scale right now. It just is. Right? And it, this, it’s not take the emotion out of it, right? Great leaders remove the emotional catastrophe of growth. They’re just not emotional about growth.

[00:31:59] It [00:32:00] is what it is, right? So hopefully by now you’ve written down your wrong fit clients. Who are your right fit clients? These are your people that are perfect fit for your offer. Hey, they’ve got equity in their home. They have to sell right now. They know what they want. They’ve sold before. They value like experience, they value terms, they value the process.

[00:32:20] They don’t need to call me 95 freaking times, right? One of my values was, I don’t want any clients that want open houses. I’m not going to do an open house. I’ve had three really bad experiences in open houses and in everyone, none of them were that were overly safety driven right? But like those three experience were like, I’m just never going to do an open house.

[00:32:42] I don’t care how much you want. One, I don’t care if they work. Like I, I can give you six opinions both ways, whether they work or whether they don’t work, right? I am never going to do an open house again. That is one of my commitments that I have for every single thing that we do. I’m a little emotional about that.

[00:32:59] Maybe you don’t [00:33:00] care. I do care. But you have who are my right fit clients? And you know what’s funny is kinda like your wrong fit clients when you’re really I remember Tom Fairy when I first got together with him back in 2011. I remember him taking everybody through the exercise of, he literally wrote down every single attribute of his ideal mate, like his future wife, his girlfriend, whatever, brown hair, athletic, whatever the terms were. I’m trying to think of Cathy in every way that I would describe her. And I’m sure that I wouldn’t be far off, he’s Look, I wrote this down and a year after I met her, I remember pulling this list out saying, Holy shit.

[00:33:32] Like she is every single thing on this list. Now I would love to tell you that Jenny is like that. I didn’t write down the list, but if I did, and I don’t get credit for this cause I didn’t do it, but if I did write down the list, she would meet it all for it’s be. Could I was looking for, and sometimes we don’t even know what we’re looking for.

[00:33:48] It just, it feels right. That’s how you know what you’re looking for. Shows up. So when you think about your right clients, I want you to think about the perspective of, can I get so clear on [00:34:00] this, that when they show up I just get this weird feeling like, I’m nervous. You start to think of the terms like, this is too good to be true, right?

[00:34:09] These people they pay my fee, they do my process. They meet me when I want to. I’ve done two hour listing presentations in homes. I am never going to do that again, ever in any business. I am never going to sit in your home on your turf with all of my papers when you know the AC is not at my liking.

[00:34:29] When you’ve gotta go, you keep checking your watch, your kids are screaming, Your dog won’t stop nipping at my feet. I am never going to put myself in that situation again. That is a non-negotiable. So my right fit clients understand that a process or a proven outcome in an offer will always trump the relationship with an agent.

[00:34:48] If you don’t value that, I’m not your agent, right? And that’s okay. I’ve had clients, literally they want, I had one listing client tell me one day, I want daily updates by phone every day at five. . [00:35:00] And I remember just sitting there and I said, No, excuse me. And he was a multifamily client, right? Not, he didn’t live in a multi-family.

[00:35:08] He was an investor and he wanted to sell three, I think two of ’em were four plexes. One was a 10 unit, and they’re in Mesa, Arizona. It was like two 50, a four plex, and I think maybe six 50. So it was like, a little over a million dollars, which, at 5% in the commercial space, that’s a lot of money, right?

[00:35:22] And he goes, I want daily updates. And I said, No. And he goes, Excuse me. He goes you realize you’re interviewing for all three properties? I said, Sure, but why do you need a daily update? The daily update of the contracts I bring you, if you don’t have a contract, I don’t have an update, but I’ll give you the ad reports.

[00:35:36] I’ll even give you access to, all of our ad reporting we were using not ad zula. No, we were, I can’t remember the dashboard we were using, but we had a dashboard that we could invite clients to. And I told him, I’ll give you a login to your own dashboard and you can look at it in real time that connects with our Facebook, all the accounts, and we’ll know exactly what’s going on, but I’m not calling you every single day.

[00:35:55] And he goes, And you can’t be my real estate agent. And I said, You know what? If that’s the [00:36:00] only way that you are gonna judge my effectiveness on the ability to sell your home, that I gotta be honest, I’m not the right fit for the job. And he goes, Fine. And we stopped it right there. I walked out, picked up all my papers left, and again, I’m in the car thinking like, Steve, you are like I’m a driver.

[00:36:15] Analytical, that’s what my disc is, 98 D and probably 65 C low I lows. And I remember sitting in the car, I had just taken this at Beth Pearson, my manager at Keller Williams. And so I’m thinking about this and I. Was that a total mistake to walk away from like 35, 40 grand? Like That was probably really stupid.

[00:36:34] And I thought about it and I’m in the car and I leave and whatever. I get a call two days later and he goes, You know what? I really respect the fact that you stood your ground and you know what you do and you know what you don’t do. And he goes, We can move forward. Just send me the paperwork and I got the deal.

[00:36:47] And here’s the greatest part. I sold it before we even put it on the market to an all cash buyer for over list. And it was like the quickest money I ever met. So sometimes having very specific this is how we do things. Could be the difference [00:37:00] on all that. You’re right. Fit clients, right?

[00:37:01] Let’s keep going. I want to connect these four things to the real estate process right now. So the way that we do that is you wanna focus on what type of business you want right now. So you, maybe you wanna go after listings, you want investors, you want flips, buyers, property management rentals. There is no wrong answer to this.

[00:37:18] Buyers are not worth less than listings. It just depends on what your non-negotiables are. I know I have some friends that are freaking, they go to a party. My uncle Greg is like this. He goes to a party, he’s a real estate agent, super successful in flags, South Arizona. He goes to a party and everybody just pays attention to him.

[00:37:33] Like he just commands the attention. That’s not me. I wanna go to a party and stand in the freaking corner and probably face the corner until it’s over. Cuz I, I have like too much stuff in my head going on right now. I don’t wanna socialize, right? So I’m probably not gonna be a very good buyer agent. You don’t want me walking through the home when you’re complaining about two and a half inch baseboards that they should be three and a quarter.

[00:37:54] I’m going to lose it on you. So I’m never gonna do anything that attracts buyers, right? I work really well with [00:38:00] listings, investors, and flips. Property management. I’m a driver, analytical, but I’m not a line by line and cross my t’s i’s. If you guys have known me for a while, like I spell shit wrong all the time, I really don’t care.

[00:38:11] If that, and I know that offends people that, I remember somebody telling me at an investor pitch like, You should have somebody proofread your stuff. And I, I remember saying that, Is that the reason you’re not gonna invest with us? No, we’re still gonna move forward. But it got me to second guess and I said again if you’re second guessing the fact that I spelled something wrong, like what we have to offer probably isn’t good enough.

[00:38:29] So what do you wanna work with before you take the easy way out? And for most people, the easy way out is, I want more buyers because they feel like they don’t need to be a great agent, to be a buyer’s agent. I’m here to tell you it’s just as easy and it’s just as hard to go after buyers as it is sellers.

[00:38:45] So you might as well go after something that you really want right now. What you do not wanna do is you do not wanna say things like, I help people buy and sell, invest in real estate. This is not what we are after right now. I don’t want any of you ever [00:39:00] to say, I help people buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

[00:39:02] I see this in all social profiles like you are telling people I am a what is it? Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s what you’re telling people. Don’t put this on anything. That would be a bad one. Thanks to I don’t know if it was Brian Melville this morning, an earlier that talks about the brand versus the offer.

[00:39:20] And this is what I said this earlier, Taco Bell is the brand, the combo number one. And according to this combo, number one is three tacos. I was way off. Combo number one is three tacos in a drink. The three tacos in a drink and a discounted price is the offer. Taco Bell is the brand.

[00:39:34] So the best thing about the brand is we can change the offer whenever we want, but the brand never changes. That’s why we wanna focus on an offer. You don’t need to switch brokerages. You don’t need a new I would still buy a domain for it, right? But we don’t need to change everything that we do in the email address.

[00:39:49] Don’t change any of that stuff. We just need a new offer, right? Remember, Taco Bell’s the brand. That’s it. Let me give you a personal example. This isn’t all that far off of what we did. And when we [00:40:00] lived in Gilbert, Arizona, it was very successful for us. This was before social. This was before our ability to really go all in, like in YouTube.

[00:40:08] We did this a lot with direct mail. I had a team of six that was cold calling. Both equity sales and short sales doing this, and we crushed at the listing table like nobody’s business because I knew exactly who I was looking for and exactly who I wasn’t. So my non-negotiables, and this would still be true today I’m not doing open houses, as I told you that already 19 times on this webinar.

[00:40:29] And I’m gonna tell you again, no aimless open houses. I’m not gonna sit your home for two hours and hope that the person that walks in isn’t a crazy person that wants to shoot me. Don’t wanna. , right? I drive nice cars. Like I don’t want my nice car sitting in front of a $300,000 home. Nothing wrong with $300,000 homes, but I’ve been in the time when I’ve had like a Mercedes e-class when I had to go evict 10 people out of an apartment complex during the res, and it’s just really freaking uncomfortable.

[00:40:56] So I don’t wanna put myself in a situation that I don’t know exactly who I’m [00:41:00] talking to, when I’m gonna talk to and who I’m, and why I’m talking to them. I’m never putting myself. And look I’m not a small dude. I’m like 218 pounds. I’m six two. I don’t, I wouldn’t say I’m like, in amazing shape, but I am athletic.

[00:41:12] I surf multiple times a week believe it or not. Fun fact, I’ve never been in a fight. I’m 42 years old. So it’s not like I’m very vulnerable walking down the street. I just don’t wanna be in that situation ever. So I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do any private showings. I don’t ever wanna take a listing where the seller tells me you need to be there.

[00:41:28] All the showings, never gonna do that. Doesn’t matter how much money you can pay me, 30% commission, I’m not going to do that. And the other non-negotiable that I have, where I would say negotiable or non-negotiable, that had to be present is that every bit of in-person work that I needed to do for these listings has to have been handled by a showing assistant.

[00:41:46] So if you’re gonna get offended that I’m gonna send somebody else to the house to fix the sign, or put the lockbox up, or fill the flyers, or meet the appraiser or the inspector or the other agent, if that offends you, that I’m using somebody else and I’m paying a portion of my commission to have that [00:42:00] happen, I am not your real estate.

[00:42:02] Because at Wednesday, at four, when I want to go see a Pearl Jam show and you tell me that, Hey, there’s something wrong with the house, you need to go over there and fix it. I’ll go over there and we’ll make sure it gets fixed. I’m just not gonna be the one to do it. And if that bothers you, we can’t work.

[00:42:15] Not going to negotiate that. Writing down your non-negotiables right now, I’m telling you it, it’s so liberating and it’s so freeing because now the very things that we hate about the business, you don’t have to do anymore. Raving fans, the vendors, for me, it was the vendors I use every listing got paint a stager, media and lawn.

[00:42:35] And we did it the same way every single listing. And I made sure that every one of my vendors knew exactly what we did and that they loved it, and that they did it for the same price every single time. I would say no joke, 20% of our business, maybe even more, came from these people on the slide.

[00:42:53] because they knew exactly what we did. And I’m gonna show you guys a way to do this here in a second. One of the most impactful things I’ve learned, probably I’d [00:43:00] say, I wasn’t this smart back then, but if I would’ve known this, it would’ve been easier. Wrong fit clients. If you don’t need to sell, I don’t wanna work with you.

[00:43:07] I remember meeting a client with Concierge Auctions, who I think is now owned by either Sotheby’s or maybe they’re owned by Compass. I don’t know who bought them. I think it was Sotheby’s. But I remember Jeff not Walker. Oh, Jeff you’re so impactful. I wish I could remember your last name.

[00:43:22] Jeff flew all the way out from New York to Northern Arizona and met with my client. And I had it listed for 4 million bucks. And Jeff looks at my client and he goes, You strike me as somebody who wants to know the truth. And my client, David says, Yes, I want to know the truth. And he goes, What happens if we go through this whole process and the final sales price drops at 1,000,008?

[00:43:41] And David looks at me, then he looks at Jeff, my client, and he goes, To be honest with you I’m gonna lose it. And somebody’s probably gonna get shot, and Jeff looks at me, shrugs his shoulders and he goes, Eh, we’re not the right company for you. And he goes, What? Why not? And he goes, Because I can’t promise you that the gavel is not gonna fall at 1,000,008.

[00:43:58] The home is easily justifiable [00:44:00] at 4 million. It’s unique. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I know the national buyer pool of people that are looking like this, and none of them are 4 million clients. So regardless of how much this home is worth, the buyer that we’re going to be able to bring you is probably going to pay 1,000,008 for it.

[00:44:15] And if you don’t like it, don’t even, I’m not even go over the marketing . And so David backed off. He goes, Oh okay let’s I’m open to it. And I’m think sitting here, think. We’re at 4 million, you’re open to 1,000,008. Gimme a break. How did I screw this up? Fast forward, he did not use concierge auctions.

[00:44:29] I lost the listing because I couldn’t sell it at 4 million. A friend of mine coincidentally got the listing a month later and he sold it 4 million, 3 75. Jeff was spot on. That was a, an example of a wrong fit client. He didn’t need to sell. He wanted to sell, but when I had the listing, he didn’t need to sell.

[00:44:47] Clients that don’t wanna price it, clients that don’t wanna pay our fee what can you do for me now and how fast can we get this on the market clients, right? If I’ve been in listing presentations where people would say it’s Thursday and they’re like, Can you get photos done tomorrow? We need to be on the market by [00:45:00] Saturday.

[00:45:00] And I would say, wait a second. If we go on the market on Saturday, I can’t honor our brand promise to you. Everything that we talked about right now goes out the door because you’re not giving me ample time to be able to do this. Oh no, don’t worry about it. Just do it anyway. Wrong Fit client, right?

[00:45:14] Right fit clients, people. This is back then people have to sell. People who live in Gilbert, Arizona, vacant properties, tenants moving out of properties that need to be sold. Single family homes that are turnkey or we can make them turnkey. The highest sales price is the key driving factor if you want to make the most amount of money for your home.

[00:45:31] A lot of people say they do, but they’re not willing to do or trust people to put them in a position to do so wanting the most amount of money for your home and then executing an action plan to get the most amount of money from home are two totally different clients. And you have to understand that, right?

[00:45:47] A lot of people wanna pay Taco Bell prices, but get Morton style food, it’s not going to happen. And you owe it to them to say, Hey, I can’t do that and I’m not going to do it right? Because it’s just exhausting. We don’t wanna do that stuff, right?[00:46:00] Let’s keep going. The offer we would create, based on this, what was our offer and we still owe the domain to this right now.

[00:46:06] The brand would’ve been the Steve Olson group, right? So that doesn’t change with anything that we do. And the offer is the four day listing launch. Now, you may say wait a second. The offer, the four day listing launch doesn’t really make sense. That’s the offer, that’s the title of the offer. The two liner is the easiest way to sell your home for more in under a week.

[00:46:26] That was our tagline. We are the easiest way to sell your home for more in less than a week. I’ll give that to you again. You should screenshot this, The easiest way to sell your home for more and under a week. The example that I gave you earlier, I don’t know what slide I’m on, I’ll go back over here to I think 72 sold is not all that different at a higher price for your home.

[00:46:47] I don’t know what that means, right? They have to quantify that a little bit more, but they’re using it and they kill it, right? So something’s working, I’m gonna go here so you don’t have to see me fast forward through all your slides so I don’t make you go sick.[00:47:00]

[00:47:03] Okay? There we go. The easiest way to sell your home for more than under a week. Let me tell you why this was impactful. There are three components to this offer. Number one, convenience. We use the word easiest. Easiest is pig Latin for convenience. I made that up. I don’t know if that’s actually true.

[00:47:19] Be funny if it was true. But easiest is another word for convenience. Price. Conscious people is more if you want more money, we’re gonna use more in the tagline. And we inject scarcity or a timeframe by saying under a week. So if you look at it from that perspective, and I highlight those words now, the two liner is the easiest way to sell your home for more and under a week.

[00:47:41] And you could say the easiest way to sell your home, the easiest way to sell your home for more than your neighbors. And under a week, like you could, if you, if this cracks all of your, non-negotiables, you can totally rip this off for. What about a buyer driven one? Should we do a buyer driven one?

[00:47:57] Why would we make a buyer driven offer if we want listings? [00:48:00] That’s probably what you’re wondering if, I’m gonna tell you what, a buyer driven one, use these to go identify listings, right? That would be the number one reason to do that because it’ll identify listings. Let me give you an example.

[00:48:11] Even in this market, we’ll find your home in the next 30 days, or insert guarantee even in this market. We’ll find your next home in the next 30 days, or you can fire us, or we’ll give you a full dinner at Morton’s, or we’ll represent you for free or we’ll rebate half of our commission towards closing costs, or we’ll pay you $2,000.

[00:48:31] Now what market would I use this in? If you’re in a market with no inventory, I’d be using something to this effect all day long because people wanna move, but they don’t wanna be a part of 91 offers. They don’t wanna pay $71,000 over list price. They know the current inventory doesn’t support their needs.

[00:48:47] That’s fine. Use that. I don’t wanna say against you, against them. We don’t wanna use anything against anybody. But we want to use that as ammo to identify more clients. Hey, we know inventory’s tough right now. We know that there’s not enough [00:49:00] listings on the market. We know that the ones that are desirable and that show up on the market are getting multiple offers and they’re selling for over Ask price.

[00:49:06] We have a proven process that even in this market, we’ll find your home in the next 30 days or we’ll take half of our commission and reimburse you in closing costs. I’m so confident in how our position works. I’m even the money where my mouth is, my mouth, where my money is, my money, where my mouth is.

[00:49:22] However that saying goes, right? This would be all like basically the same thing as I talked to you earlier today about mattress mat or whatever that guy’s name was, that won 75 million on the ast. It’s all the same thing, right? We’re backing up what we say we’re going to do with an offer, with a, And you look, that was one version of like how you can infuse a guarantee in there.

[00:49:44] Our listing thing had no guarantee, right? You could do multiple offers in your home and in under a week, or we’ll sell it for free. You could do that, right? Again, we have our four investor partners. We’re gonna go out there and get you four offers. You may not like that and you could say multiple offers on your home [00:50:00] before we even list it.

[00:50:01] Or you can fire us, right? Just make sure that whatever your brand promise is, you have to be able to honor it without fail. You have to be able to honor it.

[00:50:14] If there was one thing that you took away from today, this is what I would take away right now. Ask yourself the question, how do you spread this like wildfire in your day to day life? Cuz you might be. Sounds great. I know you’re gonna build the offer tomorrow. I know you’re gonna bring it to life tomorrow.

[00:50:29] This is all gonna be amazing, but I don’t have $20,000 to build a brand right now, or to run ads or I’m new in the market, or you’ve got all these things in your thing right now, in your head right now. And I want to give you something that I learned from Don Miller at a keep conference.

[00:50:42] I think this was last year, I actually have this whole thing on video. I was the only idiot in the room that brought my DSLR and filmed the whole thing. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy, but I got the whole thing on video, which is great. And Don Miller was on stage and he was talking about this was keep, so marketing automation software was there icon or a [00:51:00] Pecon conference.

[00:51:01] So nothing to do with real estate, but he talks about the ability to tell a story and what a story can do for the right people. And this was like totally eye opening. I wish I would’ve learned this back when I was selling real estate full time because it totally resonated with me. And The example that he gave was something the effect of we’re in a social setting all the time, and somebody that you just met, they’ll say things like, What do you do for work?

[00:51:24] And we as real estate agents, what do we say? I’m gonna say average agent. I know that sounds bad, but we say, Oh, I’m just, I’m a real estate agent. And then we say stupid stuff like, I know the market’s weird and, I do it part-time. And we have all these like mumble that we just, we never say boom, I’m a real estate agent.

[00:51:40] I’m not saying you should say that. Don’t do that. Because then they’re like, Oh, what the chill out bro. You don’t wanna do any of that, but we need to show up in a different way that create safety to where people know Oh my god, this guy’s different. And when you talk to somebody and you say, Hey, man I love your shoes.

[00:51:54] I like Jordan’s as well. What do you do for work? Oh man. I’m not like financial planner, I don’t [00:52:00] do it all the time. I actually, I just started it. Have any cl like do you ever hear people say these things and you’re just like, Dude, fight for yourself a little bit. I see this in conferences all the time when people introduce themselves like that, and it’s just Do you hear yourself right now?

[00:52:13] Like your mom wouldn’t even work with you, cut that crap out. But that’s what we do because we’ve never been taught to do it a different way. So let me give you a different perspective. When you have a compelling offer, the way that you have the ability to talk about this all the time you can do it a little bit different.

[00:52:28] The other way that you could say, I am just a realtor, that’s why I have or right here, would be something the effect of, Hey, do you know how in the last six months housing inventory and interest rates have gone through the roof? And they’re gonna say, Yeah, I see that on CNN all the time. I run a real estate team that has a four day process to selling your home for more money.

[00:52:45] Even today’s, even in today’s market conditions, right? You probably wanna word that a little bit differently. I think that sounded different in my head than when I was writing it. But the way that you would say this, They would say Hey Steve, what do you do for work? Listen if you’re paying attention to CNN right now, do you know how [00:53:00] in our market specifically the last six months, like inventory’s going up, pricing’s going up and interest rates are going up, making it like a perfect storm for a really bad real estate market, And they’re gonna say yeah, I’ve totally heard about that.

[00:53:11] You’re gonna say we have a proven process. It, even today’s market, we can sell your home for a record price in under a week. And we do that dozens of times a month. And nobody’s gonna say, Oh, okay. They’re gonna say what do you mean by that? Or, How do you do that? Or, How’d you think of that? Or even in today’s market, they’re always going to ask a follow up question.

[00:53:32] Let me give it to you in a different perspective. What if you were talking to a financial advisor and you were the person, you asked the guy, Hey, what do you do? And he says, Do you know how the biggest concern in people’s investment lives right now is protecting capital in a recession? Oh, yeah, I’ve heard about that before.

[00:53:47] We have a proven process to take people’s money reallocated across four proven vehicles that not only protects their capital, but will grow it at over six and a half percent per year. And we do that with about 60 clients every single [00:54:00] month. Now all of a sudden you’re thinking like huh, I have money that’s not doing really right now, and my financial guy doesn’t talk to me that way.

[00:54:07] So now there’s a compelling offer and now we’re hooked. You got are you guys following me on, on, on how this works? Like when you have a compelling offer and you can give it to somebody in such a way to where it’s I’m not a realtor, I’m not a financial advisor, I’m not an insurance guy, I’m not a whatever, Like it automatically elicits more communication.

[00:54:26] That’s what I want from you guys. It’s okay to stop telling people that you’re just a realtor. You just need to rephrase it. You don’t need to say I’m a realtor. You can. That’s what you are. That’s nothing wrong with saying that. I’m just suggesting you give it to ’em from a different perspective.

[00:54:40] All right. Let’s talk about homework really quick. This went a lot longer than I thought it was gonna go. Number one, come up with your two liner. Don’t worry about the name of the offer, don’t worry about the brand. You probably already have those. The two liner is, Hey, we’ve discovered a way to help people sell their home for more and under a week.

[00:54:55] Come up with your two liner. I want you to support that with four phases of success. It [00:55:00] could be steps, it could be anything. But you need four phases of success. So step one, meet with an agent. Step two, we discuss the price of your home. Step three we stage the home. Step four, we go to market with our four day process.

[00:55:12] That’s what I mean by four phases of success. You want to come up with those all four phases of that need to align or line up to the big promise. And then number three you need to gather your reviews. Reviews on this page are gonna be very important. I don’t care if they’re Zillow reviews, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, mom reviews.

[00:55:31] If you don’t have any reviews, go to your 10 friends right now and say, Hey, if you were to use me as a real estate agent based on what you know about me, what do you think I would do well? And have them write your review. Not fake, not bogus, but how would they review you as a person, assuming your real estate business.

[00:55:49] If you could get 20 of those, that would be amazing. Here’s the promise that I’m gonna give you, anyone who can email me their two liner, their four face support process, and a link to all the reviews, I will pick the best one [00:56:00] that I can find and I will use that and I will build your one page offer, Onward press and Elementor, and deliver it to you so you can inject it into your business.

[00:56:09] I’m only gonna do it once, but it has to be complete. You need to have your two liner. It needs to be legit and you gotta promise me that you’re gonna use it. If you put all this stuff together and you don’t use it, shame on you. Like just shame on you. But you need the two liner, you need the four face support process and I need to link to your reviews.

[00:56:27] Don’t worry about the branding, don’t worry about colors, don’t worry about images. We can fix all of that, right? Anybody who can send that to me tonight or early tomorrow morning, I’ll use you as an example and then I’ll actually give you the template files that you can put in your own business. You’re gonna send that to daily, Steve Olson dot.

[00:56:45] Again, I’ll give this to you again. Take a picture of it. Anyone who can email me their two liner and their four face support process, like the four things that lead up to this, and I’ll link to all the reviews. I’ll pick one and I’ll use that as the example. It’ll be super fun. That way I don’t have to use [00:57:00] anything like bogus.

[00:57:01] I could just do this for you. You’re gonna do that Steve Daily at Steve Olson co. Sorry. And let’s get to q and a. What happened here? Livestream offline. Not offline yet. I don’t know why you’re doing this.

[00:57:18] Standby.

[00:57:25] Okay, cool. Q and a I think we’re good. Yep. I think we’re fine. All right. So it looks like we have 1, 2, 5, 6. Okay. Number one. What do you mean by how much and by when? When I say how much and by when? What I mean by that is when you say you’re gonna do something, say if like how much? And by when would be, We’ll find your home in the next 30 days.

[00:57:45] That’s by when? Or we’ll pay you $2,000. That’s the how much? So we’re giving somebody a black and white scenario of how we perform. That’s what I mean by how much and by when. You could take that like a goal. If I was coaching you right [00:58:00] now and we talked about next year’s goals and you told me I just wanna make more money, I would say, That’s not good enough.

[00:58:04] You’re fired. You have to tell me like, This year I made 250,000. By the end of next year, I will have netted 375,000. That’s how much. And by when. Okay. And I know we’re at, Yeah, we’re at 1 58 SA push. If you were new, would you only focus on buyers? No, I wouldn’t. I think Alexis asked this in this mor, in this morning’s session, I would not only focus on buyers, I would only focus on buyers if that’s who you wanna work with.

[00:58:27] Because if you’re new, and it’s no easier to work with a buyer than it is a selling. Now, you may be like my example earlier. Maybe you hate people . I don’t hate people. I love people, but maybe you don’t wanna be in social settings all day long. I, so I’m not gonna lean on buyer stuff. I’m gonna lean on listings because I’m a procedural driven person.

[00:58:44] So I don’t think newness has anything to do with buyers or sellers. If that didn’t answer it, let me know. In the q and a form, what if Oh, that’s a good question. What if my team doesn’t rally behind the offer? That’s a great question. I would love to tell you to fire the team. But I would ask you [00:59:00] number one, why would they not rally behind the offer?

[00:59:02] Is there something that’s out of integrity with it? Is it so aggressive that they don’t feel comfortable talking about it? Do you just have a team that won’t do things your way or they don’t wanna do things the team way? Sometimes it’s just as simple as that, right? So I would try to uncover why they don’t wanna do it.

[00:59:16] Now, what I would not do after this is say, tomorrow at three o’clock or whenever we’re done, I just went on this two day challenge. It’s amazing. I got all these ideas. We’re gonna do all this and I’m gonna change everything. And by Monday morning, we’re gonna be a brand new team. If you do that, it doesn’t matter how good your idea is, your team will push back on you, guaranteed.

[00:59:34] So don’t do that. That would be a mistake. Alright actually question number three is really simple. Number two or question number four. I have an idea of what I want to do, but my broker I don’t think will approve it. I would come up with the idea first. I’d come up with a brand, a two liner, the process, how you view, how you think you are going to execute on it.

[00:59:52] Make sure that there’s no gray area whatsoever. So like we, we had all these guys like, we’ll sell your home in 45 days, or we’ll buy it [01:00:00] right now in the fine terms. Sure they’re gonna buy it at 70% market value and that’s not dishonest. It’s totally legit. It’s totally true. Of course, if I can’t sell it to the public at a record, I’m not gonna pay record price for it.

[01:00:12] That’s not gonna happen, right? But just make sure that whatever your irresistible offer is, it’s clear, it’s measurable, and there’s as little to no gray area as possible. Once you have all of that mapped out, Cindy, I think that was, Yeah, Cindy. Then I would go to your broker and say, Hey, I have this idea.

[01:00:28] I’ve already done all the research, I’ve already done all the math, I’ve already done all the work, and I wanna run it by you to see how we need to twist, flex, manipulate this to fit within the confines of the brokerage. Again, I don’t want you going through this two day thing and at the end saying, My gosh, this is gonna completely change my life, but everybody around me, including my wife or husband, is not gonna support it.

[01:00:47] So I’m gonna cut everybody and start over. Trust me. Don’t do that. That’s very painful. I’ve done that before. You don’t wanna do it. Find a way to make it work and you would be better. Better for it. Number five, how do I find people that wanna buy homes? Really simple.[01:01:00] You create a one page squeeze page, have a video with you, talking on a Google sheet or something like that.

[01:01:05] I would type all your notes out and I would just do a little loom recording walking through everything. Explaining exactly how the program works, what it is, and just let everybody in the public know. If you’re looking to buy homes right now in, in the market, like we have a marketing platform that identifies motivated sellers that wanna receive cash offers that will close within 30 days.

[01:01:23] And if you want us to give you an exclusive direct opportunity, this is how you become a client of ours and you just run Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to the entire market. And you only talk to people that are industry or not industry that are investor or institutional buyers only. You don’t let you wouldn’t give all of your buyer lists cuz they won’t perform, right?

[01:01:44] So you basically are gonna create another funnel or another sales process alongside this one that identifies all of those institutional buyers. The other thing that I would do, and we actually do this right now, is I would pull all of the title. I’d pull every home sale in the past 90 days. I’d [01:02:00] only search for company or buyers that have the words LLC or the letters LLC in their name, and that bought at least two properties in 90 days.

[01:02:07] And I would have a va, like on online or not workable, but there’s a bunch. I just can’t think of what they are the top of my head. I’d have them research all the contact information for all of those, and I would just cold call. Hey, my name’s Steve Olson. I’m a real estate agent here in Carlsbad.

[01:02:20] Listen, I’m calling you because I noticed you close on 1 27 and one 19 Main Street. We’ve got a couple deals that are probably coming up in the next 30 days that I think you may be a good fit for investments when we come across exclusive opportunities that are not on the market. Would it be okay with you that I called you and gave you first write a refusal?

[01:02:37] Oh yeah. That’d be amazing. Great. Would you describe to me a little bit about more about what you’re looking for? We gotta make the, again, this is nothing more than an offer, right? When I give you an offer that you’re not gonna get anywhere else, and it comes through me, do you want me to let you know?

[01:02:48] Some people say, No, I’m gonna do it on my own. Okay. Again that’s a wrong fit client. If you wanna do it on your own, that’s totally fine. You should do it on your own. But don’t beg, that’s a wrong fit client.[01:03:00] So hopefully that answers the question. All right, next one. This one is Miss Super Linda Granger.

[01:03:07] I’m afraid to make an offer with a guarantee of selling the home with a certain number of days or finding a buyer home with a certain number of days. How can you be so confident in that? Number one we’re gonna agree to a price. This offer does not apply. If you and I don’t agree to price now I’m going to tell you that we found a way to sell your home and under a week right now, of course, we need multiple offers.

[01:03:26] Of course, we need to stage the home. Of course, we need to market the home correctly. Of course, we need to price it correctly. There’s all these, I don’t wanna say rules, but and believe it or not, a lot of people can’t honor this. They can’t stage their home cause they’re living in it.

[01:03:37] They’re freaking pack rats and. With four day launch, we’re still gonna do it. And there’s no guarantee. I’m not guaranteeing that I’m gonna do it in four days. Like the market still has to respond. So I wouldn’t do like we found a process to sell your home in under a week for a price higher than your neighbors.

[01:03:54] And I don’t say, or we’ll sell it for free, like we don’t say any of that, but what we [01:04:00] can say is, look, I’m prepared right now. Linda, as I sit here and I look at your gorgeous home and everything that we have the ability to do and to maximize the equity that you have, and I’m gonna give you an offer that, listen, I don’t do this a lot, but I believe in the property and I wanna make sure you are protected and that you feel confident going forward because some of the things that we traditionally do in our process, like repainting the house and staging and repositioning some of the assets, I know you can’t conform to that because you got a family of five and like it’s just a ma.

[01:04:27] I get it cause I’m a family of four and my kids are running around with their heads cut off all the time. But here’s what I’m willing to do. I’d still like to put your home to the four day process. I’d still like to do all the pre-marketing. I’d still like to do the open house event. I’d still like to get my showing agents in here and show as many clients as that we can.

[01:04:42] We’re gonna, we’re gonna commit to the same market. I understand that some of the things you can’t do. So what I’m willing to do is because I’m so confident that our process is at least going to get you the result that you want or get us on a path to get the result because of all the data that we gather from that is that I’m willing to agree to a listing agreement that goes [01:05:00] to a one day listing agreement after the first week.

[01:05:02] Because if at any time you don’t feel that I’m doing everything absolutely possible to sell your home, if I haven’t overturned every stone, then you should have the right to fire me. So if I’m willing to put that clause into the contract, it gives you permission to give me 24 hours notice to get out at any time.

[01:05:18] Once we’ve completed this entire process and your opinion, is there any reason why you wouldn’t choose to hire us to sell your home? Like we’re gonna use your very fear and I’m just gonna roll risk, reverse that entire thing. I’m gonna make it so painful for you to say, Yeah, but agent down the street is only doing it for this percent.

[01:05:35] I’m gonna make it so hard for you to tell me that because I’m just gonna layer it on so thick. And look, I wouldn’t say things like, I typically don’t do this if you typically don’t do it. If you do it every time, don’t say that. Because now they’ll be like hold on a second. I know that you met with Bob Jones down the street and you sold his home and he told me that you did this.

[01:05:52] So I know you do this with everybody, so don’t lie to him. But you can flat out tell him like, Listen, I don’t I’m willing to bend the rules a little bit because I like you. I love the [01:06:00] home. And listen, I gotta be honest. Like I’m the agent to sell this. I really am. And I wanna put my money where my mouth is.

[01:06:04] So here’s what I’m willing to do. And then we just give them the risk reversal offer right there. That’s what’s good, Fells? Or what’s the other mob movie? I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. That’s what we’re doing right now. We’re just laying it on so thick that they can’t do it.

[01:06:18] We had two more come in. Oh so I don’t know. Selling Glendale. I don’t know. Oh. Yeah. Adore. Okay. So can you be more specific about the two liner? I’m not clear on what you’re asking. The two liner, if I go back to the screen share let me take you off this so you don’t get busy.

[01:06:37] This is the two liner, the easiest way to sell your home for more in under a week. Now, the, what we called, this was the four day launch. That’s what we, that was the domain name or the four day listing launch, I think is what we called it. We still own all those domains, I think. But the two liner was how we quantified the four day launch.

[01:06:57] The four day launch is the easiest way to sell your [01:07:00] home for more money than your neighbors in under a week. That’s the two liner. So you could come up with a one liner, that would be like the four day launch, but the two liner is really what, that’s what you get to say when you’re meeting everybody else.

[01:07:13] Hey, do you know how in our market. Inventory’s going up and interest rates are through the roof, and the market doesn’t know if it’s gonna go through a crash or an adjustment. We’ve put together a proven process that even in today’s market, we’ll sell your home for more and under a week, assuming we can position, like whatever, you have to answer it after that.

[01:07:27] That’s what that two liner is. That’s a great question on that. I’m going out of order here. I should probably go in order, but I’m not going to. Okay. Alejandro. Dude, it’s been forever, man. How are you? Alejandro, from the own IT group. How do I find out what type of content our marketing is looking for?

[01:07:43] I don’t know. How do I find out what type of content our market is looking for? I don’t think that you need to uncover the content that your market is looking for. I think what you need to uncover is content that leads up to the offer you have now in, in your market. Alejandro and Henry [01:08:00] May, may agree with this, he may disagree with this.

[01:08:02] It’s not overly transactional, meaning people just don’t buy there because they have to buy there. It’s a fairly destination based market. So I don’t know that I would worry about what the market here’s, I don’t know that I would worry about what the market needs as much as you’re committing to an offer that you know you can deliver on, or a promise that you know you can deliver on, and that will give a great result to everybody that you wanna serve.

[01:08:21] That’s the most important part and the best thing about creating an irresistible offer, we’re not changing the brand. If the offer doesn’t work or you guys just don’t feel comfortable, putting life into it or anything like that, great. Just freaking change it, Change the offer. Nobody’s gonna call you today Alejandra, and say we want to talk to Henry, but listen, we know two months ago you had this offer where you were gonna give us like a check for in and out if we like.

[01:08:43] Are you still doing that? No, we don’t wanna do that anymore. Big deal. Who cares?

[01:08:52] Yeah, so Linda I just saw your comment. The video keeps, I am hard recording this right now, and I’m not sure why it keeps cutting out. It might be maybe our web [01:09:00] server’s overloaded. I have no idea. I have it on my screen as well. And for me it looks okay, but I don’t know, maybe it’s something totally different.

[01:09:07] So if you’re seeing that’s breaking up. I apologize.

[01:09:13] All right. Henry says, I agree with you brother. What the San Diego’s gonna win the title next year. I’m just kidding. Thank you for agreement. And let me refocus now. We’re, now we’re actually em blurry. Okay. So this is the way that you guys have to think about this business going forward. You can continue to beg your COI and you can continue to pay Zillow and you can continue to do all that shit and it will.

[01:09:34] But it’s stressful and it’s not sustainable. Those of you guys that knew me in the Tom Fairy days, I’ve, I was very vocal about this. I don’t know, like other than like the famous teams right now I was sick and tired of seeing teams like figure it out and go up and up and up and up and up and up, and they go through a massive turnover event and then they fall, right?

[01:09:52] Takes on average I would say somewhere between 24 and 36 months for a team to really achieve scale. But it can fall in as little [01:10:00] as six. Think about that for a second. I believe most of them fell because of a couple reasons. Number one they didn’t grow the team the right way. Number two was a glorified mlm.

[01:10:08] Everybody was on a low split and it was bunch of agents always renegotiating their split and what can you give me now and I want more money for this? And it’s just exhausting. So the team leader says, F it, Dude, I’m out. I don’t wanna do this anymore. That’s not a business. It’s just. Compelling offer.

[01:10:23] Think about it this way. If you own a Chick-fil-A and one of your cooks who makes the chicken sandwich leaves, like you don’t sell less chicken sandwiches, you just, somebody else has to make more of them. But most teams are set up in the way that like every time you have turnover, you lose revenue.

[01:10:38] So you gotta stop doing that. That’s not a sustainable business. It’s not, I don’t care what anybody tells you, it’s not a sustainable business cuz most team leaders don’t stay with us for 10 years at a time. They stay with us for two to four, which is great. It’s amazing that the team should be able to function where somebody that stays with you for two to four and you should groom them to be a competitor.

[01:10:58] I know that sounds counter predictive to [01:11:00] what everybody else is telling you, but I’m telling you every other way that you think works doesn’t work long term. It’s too stressful. But when you have a compelling offer and a system like, again, I’ll use 72 Sold or Zillow offers or offer pad that, do you think that offer Pad or open door cares if one of their listing agents leaves?

[01:11:17] No. Cuz the listings that come in will just go to another agent. Good rids to you. I hope you do well, but we’re not losing business because you choose to no longer work with Offer Pad or Open Door, or I know Zillow offers isn’t going anymore. But that’s how you gotta think about this, right?

[01:11:32] It’s the only way to think about it. Okay? I thought this was gonna be a 30 minute one. We went way over and all of you guys, but one I’ll stay with me. Or oh no, maybe two, I think left so good on that. Let me go back to the homework really quick. I’m gonna fast forward here. I’ll leave it on this screen,

[01:11:51] crying out loud,[01:12:00]

[01:12:01] okay? Come up with your two liner support with four phases of success. Gather your reviews. That’s your homework. Again, if you send me an email to daily Steve, I’ll build yours for you. We already did q and a tomorrow at 11 o’clock we’re actually gonna build the offer on elementary. I’ll send you an email with all the tools that you need if you want, with me live cuz you won’t be able to keep up.

[01:12:22] I know this stuff way too well. But you should already have the tech stack before you do this. And if you have questions on that tomorrow is where I answer all the questions on how you do it. But look, some of you are going to put this together and today is Wednesday, November 9th. Some of you guys are gonna put this together and it’s gonna be live by next Tuesday.

[01:12:40] And it’s not gonna be perfect. It’s gonna be broken. Things aren’t gonna work. The form’s not, whatever. But you’re gonna learn from it, right? And others of you and I don’t mean this negatively, you’re gonna get in your head or this is why this doesn’t apply to my market, or My clients don’t like this.

[01:12:53] Or, I’m a second home market, or, I’ve been doing this forever. And if I change, people are gonna freak out. I’m not asking you to change your brand, [01:13:00] I’m not asking you to change anything. I’m just asking you to give an offer so we can attract more dream clients as much as we can. All right? I actually see the video freezing on my end right now.

[01:13:11] I’m dancing like an idiot. So if you’re seeing that as well, I apologize. It might just be maybe I’m, I went live too long and, Vimeo doesn’t like me. That’s it. I hope you guys find value in this. I’ll get you more emails later, but that’s session two, Day two. Have an amazing rest of Wednesday.

[01:13:29] I’ll get you some emails in regards to tech and all that fun stuff. I’ll do one more quick refresh here on questions. I think we’re good. Yeah. Rock and roll. I love you all. Have a powerful Wednesday. Talk to you tomorrow.