Day 2 Session 1 – Building the landing page for the irresistible offer on wordpress and elementor

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Day 2 Session 1

[00:00:00] [00:01:00] [00:02:00] [00:03:00] [00:04:00] Good morning, good afternoon. We’re gonna get started here in just a couple seconds. We had somebody come through, but in the last minute just now, they said they didn’t want to use the example cause they’re gonna change it. So we are gonna build something. I would say not generic, but you’ll still be able to download this template.

[00:04:35] No worries if you do not have yours figured out yet. We are still gonna move forward. I’m gonna check email and make sure that we’re good.

[00:04:58] Just for a quick [00:05:00] refresher as we’re, as you guys are all hopping on the recordings will be posted by tomorrow, close of the day. They are not up yet. A couple of you guys have emailed yesterday saying you couldn’t make the second session. The recordings will be posted tomorrow from all they’re not posted yet.

[00:05:23] Keep rock and rolling here. Make sure we’re all set up with tickets and emails and we will get right into it

[00:05:35] while we’re waiting for everybody to hop on. Saw Elton John last night. Never saw him before. It was an amazing concert. Some really good highs, some things that I didn’t really quite expect, I thought would be a little bit different, but it was good. So if you guys get a chance to see Elton John in his final.

[00:05:52] Farewell Tour, probably first of nine. Farewell Tours. It’s a worthy show to go to.[00:06:00]

[00:06:04] All right. We’ll get started here in about one more minute, give or take. I’ll get back to a screen share and we’ll get rocking and rolling.

[00:06:23] I’m just gonna,

[00:06:50] Okay, for those of you just joining us, welcome. We’re gonna get started here in about 15 seconds, give or take,[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] maybe 20 seconds. I don’t know. We’ll see.

[00:07:14] Yeah. Welcome. Welcome. I see the questions popping in, which is great.

[00:07:24] Today’s gonna be a building day. So I hope you guys I don’t expect you if you’ve never used elementary before. Don’t worry about it. There’s plenty of YouTube videos on how to build it. So I’ll cover a little bit about what we’re gonna do today. I’m gonna build in a irresistible offer webpage template for you live.

[00:07:42] I have no templates for this right now. That’s not true. I do have templates, but we’re not gonna use any of those. I’m gonna build this from scratch so that you guys can see a little bit about what goes into behind the scenes of building something like this and how we can deploy this to your business.

[00:07:56] So we’re gonna cover that today. Those of you guys that opted for the recordings, if [00:08:00] you still want it, I’ll still honor the $45 price. I will give you this template. You can install this on your website, assuming you have WordPress and elementary. Elementary I think is $45 a year, something like that for the pro membership, which you will need for this.

[00:08:14] And assuming you use any level of an enterprise level CRM that has a connection to Zapier then you can take all the leads from this and direct them right into your CRM and kick everything off. Without further ado, I think we’re good to go. We’re five minutes in. Looks like all of you guys are on.

[00:08:28] If you have any questions, please use the form here on the sheet and I’ll just give you guys a quick recap of where we are right now. That way we can get cranking. Housekeeping rules. As always, if you have a question you use the form on there. I have my iPad I’ll get the little notifications on here.

[00:08:46] I will take all those questions. In this case, I will take them as they come in because chances are they will be about specific questions and where we are with the build. So just use that to ask questions. And if we can’t get that on today’s webinar, I’ll [00:09:00] answer ’em after it is gonna go a little quick cuz it doesn’t take five.

[00:09:03] This. But by you watching me build it in real time and having access to the recording and getting the template, my hope is that you can take this and neutralize it for your business. Of course, if you ever wanna work with me one-on-one to do this with you we can do that as well. Just email me at daily, steve

[00:09:19] I can tell you what that will look like. But just as a recap on session one yesterday, we covered understanding why you need an irresistible offer. On session two, we covered the formula and the strategy and the framework of how to create that irresistible offer, what your market is, who you should be focused on your negotiables, your non-negotiables, like who you should work with, who you shouldn’t, all of that great stuff.

[00:09:42] Today we are gonna cover, or right now we’re gonna cover building the offer, like the actual squeeze page on it. And then we’re gonna get you unstuck later on today at two. So it’s gonna be largely a question and answer session later on to say, Hey, I’ve got questions about this, or This is what I’m thinking, or what do you think about that?

[00:09:58] Or How do I [00:10:00] do this on the website? How do I do that? Any question is totally cool. We, I’ll answer anything you want, right? There’s no limits to that question, those questions. And I think yeah, we don’t need to go through that anymore. I think that’s gonna be really about it. So I’m gonna go and let me reorganize my windows here.

[00:10:16] I’m gonna take this off cuz. Put that over there, and I’m gonna go full screen on Elementor. Let’s go back to the screen share. Let’s talk about Elementor really quick. There was a link in your email. It’s an affiliate link. I make millions of dollars off my affiliate link. So if you use those, I’d be greatly appreciative.

[00:10:36] just kidding. That already make a hardly anybody five bucks or something like that. But I do get elementary bonuses on the back end with because of how many people we support. So if you use it, great. If not, that’s fine too. Elementary is nothing more than a page builder that literally has unlimited use cases.

[00:10:50] You can build any type of page you want on this. I’m gonna tell you, like literally if I was to create a brand from brand new in the real estate space, I [00:11:00] would only be doing content. I would try to stay away from IDX as much as possible. And the framework that I would use to pull this off would be elementary.

[00:11:08] Right here. The reason why we use elementary, again, if you go to pricing, and I think it’s only 50 bucks a month.

[00:11:18] Yeah, one website is $50, $49 per year. You don’t need this or that. We pay for this cuz we have a bunch of sites. But there’s no feature benefit to this or that. You just get more websites you can put it on. So I would just use that. I wouldn’t overanalyze this whatsoever. But the other reason we use elementary, If you go to YouTube, you get stuck.

[00:11:37] Number one, you don’t have to use any code, but if you just Google Elementary on YouTube, there’s like literally thousands of videos you can watch about anything that you want to build on, on, on elementary. And, this can be, you can get crazy ninja with this if you’ve got a marketing team or you can be very basic.

[00:11:54] That’s the great part about it. It requires no code whatsoever. And that’s what we love about this. There’s Beaver [00:12:00] Builder, there’s Thrive Themes, there’s Gutenberg, there’s a whole bunch of other options. You. But elementary is by far the big guy on the block. And if you ever wanna farm this out to a va or anything, then it’s very easy to do because the talent for this is just unlimited.

[00:12:15] And guess what? It’s not tied to the real estate industry. So you don’t have to worry about it being like, bought by somebody else or you don’t have to worry about any of that crap. It’s just. It’s industry agnostic, and I think it’s great, right? You have to have your own hosting, you have to have your own WordPress.

[00:12:30] So don’t worry about any of that. We can cover that in a future video. I’m gonna model, now, I wanna be very clear about something we’re not going to rip off. We’re not necessarily going to copy, we’re not gonna steal, we’re going to model. So with irresistible offers, there are all I gave you a bunch of examples yesterday and I’ll pull down, I’ll pull those up in the web page below.

[00:12:49] There are already a lot of companies that have done this very successfully and they’ve already proven because they’re spending boatloads of cash, more money than you and I have on traffic and all of that stuff. So they’ve already figured out the [00:13:00] flow of how the website looks. So what we wanna do is we wanna see if we can un uncover what that flow is.

[00:13:05] So I’m just gonna go to That’s the first one I’m thinking of, right? And you’ll notice right here, they’ve got a menu bar up here. They’ve got a phone number, they’ve got get offers. They all start with an address only. So we’re gonna do that as well. There’s some social proof on where it is, like you guys aren’t on Yahoo or cnn, so we’re gonna ignore this.

[00:13:23] We’ve got the promise, or in other words, how this works when you should work with us. A little bit about how it works. On our four step guide, we’ve got reviews, and then we’ve got, some testimonials from some famous people. Again, we don’t have this, so we’re gonna skip that part. We’ve got a little video testimonial here.

[00:13:43] We’ve got a pricing structure. Remember when I told you yesterday that anytime you have more than one option, you’ll convert more. They’re using that framework, but instead of saying we have multiple options, they’re saying, Oh, okay. If you do it traditional, it looks like this. If you sell it to an investor, it looks like this.

[00:13:57] But if you use our fancy process, [00:14:00] it looks like this. Meet your advocates and then you’ve got a footer. So that’s how that works. Let’s go to open door. Not open door finance. Open door’s probably gonna be the same. Same again. I want you to look at the modeling right now, right? Number one, you have header and then you have put your address in.

[00:14:22] Let’s go to Sunday header. Put your address in next section. Why are we famous? Who’s featuring us? Go to Sunday, Same exact thing, right? Then we go to, this is step one, two, and three, like step, not step one, two, and three. They really cover that right here. But again, three items right there.

[00:14:45] Little bit of social proof. This is why you could argue. That’s why, and we go right into reviews. Then we get into what the process looks like. We get FAQs really important on FAQs, and then you have the footer. [00:15:00] So far the pages are almost identical. Home Light, I think was the other one we talked about yesterday.

[00:15:08] They’re a little bit different. So do you wanna buy a home? You click there, it’s gonna take you into this. Where do you wanna buy? If you wanna sell my home, what’s your address? They all start with the address. Same thing. Here’s our options. Here are some testimonials. Here’s a little bit of social proof.

[00:15:26] Here’s options, ready to get started. Let’s talk tools and resources. This would be another example of FAQs. Frequently asked questions. You can look for Homes for sale. It knows that I’m in Carlsbad. So it’s, using our surrounding cities. And are you an agent? So very similar. What was the other one that we used?

[00:15:44] Or maybe you have one local in your market that you’ve used before. Sell My Carlsbad home. Let’s see what pops up with that. Ibi sd. I know those guys up. Nest.[00:16:00]

[00:16:01] So again, three step process. Enter your address right here, enter your address. Again, why work with this is just an agent referral network, but similar structure. Okay, so let’s do this. I’ve got this page in elementary right now, blank page. I just created a new webpage and WordPress, I’m gonna edit with elementary up here.

[00:16:20] And this is just re is where we build all our templates. It’s not actually, it is a live site, but we don’t use the site for anything. So again, you’ve got a generic header, you’ve got a generic footer, and then you’ve got the page that we’re not gonna use any of that. So we’re just gonna go to settings and we’re going to go to Canvas and that’s gonna strip everything off it and just give us a blank webpage to work with.

[00:16:41] So I personally like the reason why I like Sunday is because there’s not really a whole lot of local stuff on it. It’s just really clean, meaning you don’t have to worry about images or anything like that. If you want to go after an open door and you want to go. Where you wanna go after home light. And this is fake that they made this an illustrator.

[00:16:59] Then the [00:17:00] site that I would look at, if you don’t have ’em right now would be un And Unlatch will give you the ability to use all these photos for free. And you don’t have to get an attribution. So if we just go in for neighborhood, you could use, this is clearly San Francisco, right?

[00:17:17] But you could use any of these neighborhood images as your background image and that’s totally fine. Now, if you serve like a million dollar plus market, or like you serve Lake Tahoe, like for Linda Granger, I probably wouldn’t use this photo cuz that doesn’t represent Lake Tahoe. You could use a previous listing photo that you have, a neighborhood photo, an aerial drone, photo.

[00:17:37] You can use whatever you want. Or you can go to and you can use one of those. But to keep everything simple, I think we should model Sunday because there’s not. Like a whole lot of stuff that we need to go get. Everything is pretty much white and gray. So let’s just model that. So the first thing we need is a header section.

[00:17:58] So I’m gonna go drag a [00:18:00] header up here. We probably need our logo, so I’m gonna put a image above the header. I’m gonna go find my logo. We’ll just use the generic E x P one, we’ll make that full. We’ll go to style and we’ll change the width of that. And then we’re gonna center this. That’s gonna be an H one.

[00:18:20] And then we’re gonna make this we’re gonna click on the main section here. And again I don’t want any of you guys to like, hold on. You’re going too fast. I need to learn elementary. That’s not the purpose of this video. The purpose of this video is for me to create this for you, and then you guys can use it if you have the recordings or you can follow along, later on and build it yourself.

[00:18:41] So if you notice on Sunday is they have their logo and they have their irresistible offer on top. So let’s say we use mine from yesterday, right? The easiest way to sell your home for a higher price in under [00:19:00] a week that you may not use this font, you may use a different font. Maybe that’s too big, Maybe that’s too small.

[00:19:07] That’s fine. Don’t worry about it. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna put another intersection and go ahead and save the draft. Every once in a while, this happens where you gotta refresh.

[00:19:24] There we go. I’m gonna drag another intersection. Not sure why that’s not letting me do it. So we’ll just copy this and duplicate it. Take this stuff outta there. Delete that. Click here, delete it, and then I’m gonna add a form. We’re gonna stylize this in a second, so I know that looks bad but we’re just gonna get all the placeholders in here first.

[00:19:48] And then the next thing that Sunday talks about is some social proof. We don’t have social proof right now, so we’re gonna ignore this. They’re gonna talk about the Sunday promise and an open door skip. This [00:20:00] is their process, how it works. Home light is their options. And then social proof, and then how it works up.

[00:20:08] Nest is how it works. And then a little bit of, so let’s just do how it works. So we’re gonna do another intersection down here,

[00:20:19] and we’re gonna click the main section. I’m gonna go to advance, I’m gonna add a little padding above and below. So we’ll do 80 picks on top, 80 picks on bottom. We’ll delete this right column and then we’re gonna do another heading. And we’re just gonna say, Know it works. That in the center make the background of this.

[00:20:40] You probably won’t be able to see this on the actual webinar, but we’re gonna make this little bit of gray, okay? And then it looks like most of them are a three step process. So I’m gonna add another intersection below this, even though it’s not gonna let me. So I’m just gonna duplicate this one[00:21:00]

[00:21:03] and then I’m gonna duplicate that, duplicate this. So now I have my three sections.

[00:21:13] I’m padding below that. So how it works is gonna be step one,

[00:21:22] step two,

[00:21:34] step three. And again, we’re gonna stylize and fill out the content in a second. So this looks like crap right now. We’re gonna, we’re gonna fix all of this. It’s gonna look great by the end of the thing. So let’s duplicate this twice. So now we have our three steps. Okay. So now if we go model this again we’ve got, there, we’ve got a little bit of social proof.

[00:21:59] So we can do [00:22:00] that if you want. So here’s what I would do. If you want the social proof part,

[00:22:09] here’s what we can do. We can put it I think it’s called a counter. Yeah. It’s, let’s say in the past five years, you’ve sold the homes

[00:22:24] since 2001. Of course you’re gonna spell this right.

[00:22:32] Let’s add a little bit of picks to that.

[00:22:38] And you may have let’s say that you also wanna, you wanna call out, what type of client you work with, right? Or what type of like you may, maybe your average sales price is 1,000,004 70. And then this is going to be starting number suffix. There’s a way we can put a dollar in here.

[00:22:59] Yeah, they’re right [00:23:00] there. Average sales price. So if we were to save this and just go look at a preview really quick, every time the page loads, these are gonna add up. So that’s some pretty good social proof. Okay. Let’s go back to, and I’m gonna make this pop. So I’m gonna go to style. I’m gonna change the background color to our primary color, and then now, oh crap, I lose everything.

[00:23:26] So I’m just gonna click on this. Go to style, change the text color to white, and then on the title, I’m gonna change the text color to white. And I’m gonna do the same thing. I’ll just right click, copy this, and then I’ll right click copy and paste style. Okay, So that’s gonna stick out. So if I gotta save this draft and I go look at this again, now that’s gonna stick out like a sore thumb that looks a little weird spacing wise.

[00:23:53] So I’m gonna make this column a little bit smaller. So that’s [00:24:00] 700 5900.

[00:24:11] Okay, let’s save that. All right. Now we’re gonna go back to not elementary. We’re gonna go back to Sunday. So we have the process, we have a little bit of social proof when to use us. I like this.

[00:24:27] We already have how it works. We have some reviews right here,

[00:24:36] some frequently asked questions,

[00:24:43] and then another call to action. So if we did how it works, some, a little bit of that, this reviews. So let’s add another section here. Always put an intersection inside of column. Delete that. So it’s tell you one column and I can go [00:25:00] search here for testimonials. All right. The, yeah. I’m gonna do.

[00:25:06] Let’s see what this looks like. There’s a whole bunch of different options. I don’t really like that one. Let’s see what this one looks like. That one looks a little better. Let me see what the other ones look like. And these are all included with Elementary Pro. See what reviews look like. Oh, we already used that one.

[00:25:35] I think this, that one.

[00:25:42] What’s this one? Ooh, I like this one. But that is a scroll. And now we’re gonna use this one right here. I’m gonna delete this. I’m gonna delete this one, and I’m just gonna look for three. Linda [00:26:00] Granger, since you emailed me just before, I’m gonna show you how to use yours. So I’m gonna add some things right here.

[00:26:07] Again, I’m gonna do 80 on top, 80 on bottom. I’m gonna drag this inside the intersection. Sometimes this works, sometimes it’s not working right now. So we’re gonna save this and I’m not sure I, this is on a sample site, so I probably need to update it on my, on our main site. We don’t have any of these issues.

[00:26:26] Everything works perfectly. Okay. So I’m gonna drag this inside there and all I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go to Zillow.

[00:26:37] I’m gonna go find my Zillow page. So there’s Linda. Great. She’s got 40 reviews. That’s perfect. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna scroll down here to reviews. And so I’ve got this one from 11. Oh, you got one today. Freaking amazing. So I’m gonna copy this. I’m gonna go back to my page, click on the review, paste it.

[00:26:56] I’m gonna delete the image cuz I don’t have their image. [00:27:00] And then this was from coming to copy. I’m gonna type that right here and I’m gonna do, just be honest, a Zillow review it. Okay, so now I got one. I’m gonna duplicate this, right click duplicate. I need another one. So I’m gonna go back to Zillow.

[00:27:18] Let’s go find this one. Five Stars Show more. I’m gonna copy this. You’re probably gonna pay a little bit more attention to this than I am in regards to the type of review. That’s totally fine.

[00:27:32] Copy his username. Put it right there. If you’re gonna do reviews, don’t say like Steve from Carl. They’re not real people Won’t believe you. But I want three reviews. So I’m gonna do one more. I’m gonna right click here. I’m gonna copy, go back over to Zillow. Here. Let’s go find another one. This one’s a short one.

[00:27:50] Great. Click on this one, Paste it. Go back to Zillow. Copy the username [00:28:00] past it. Okay, this one’s a little small, so we’re gonna move this over here. Now these obviously don’t look that good, right? So one of the things that I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to style, I’m gonna change the text. I’m gonna make this a little smaller, so I’m gonna do 12.

[00:28:16] Yeah, that looks a little small. So 1818 I think is totally fine. And then inside here we’re gonna add some padding around it.

[00:28:28] And we’re gonna do the same background here,

[00:28:36] but on the columns we’re gonna do a white background.

[00:28:46] Now those are white. And then, current design standards are definitely round edges. So we’re gonna put 12 picks and around edges around that. And then in each column here, we’re gonna add some margin to it as [00:29:00] well. So let’s do 15,

[00:29:07] I think 10. And we probably could do 20 right there.

[00:29:15] I think that’s fine. So I’m gonna do, now I already made all the design changes to this, so all I have to do is click on this, hit copy, and then click on this and go to pace style, and then go over here. Copy paste style, right click pace, style. Okay. And then if I click this button, that will show me a little bit of a preview, right?

[00:29:38] So far I’m happy with that. I think that could look better, but it’s fine right now. That’s good so far. Let’s add another intersection right there. Let’s make this one column. Let’s add a heading right here. What our clients are saying. Let’s center this.[00:30:00]

[00:30:03] Okay, let’s save it. Let’s see what we got so far. So now we got our header that looks like crap. We’re gonna fix that. We have how it works. We have a little bit of social proof and we have this, Oh, we didn’t save draft yet.

[00:30:19] Let’s refresh it. Okay, now we’ve got our things. This needs to be spaced a little bit more, but we can fix that. We only need three. So you may think Oh, I only have 15 reviews on Zillow. That’s fine. You don’t need more than that. That’s totally okay. So we’ve got a little bit about how it works.

[00:30:36] We’ve got our process, we’ve got a little bit of social proof. The spacing on that looks a little weird. I think that’s just because this is a small number and this is a big. We’ve got some reviews, so let’s go back and see what we have after that. We have when you should turn to Sunday, which I like.

[00:30:51] If you need these icons, you may think I don’t know, a Photoshop or any of that shit. I don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to learn Photoshop at all. All you wanna do is go [00:31:00] pay a couple bucks for a company called Flat Icon. It’s really cheap. Yeah, One, it’s 12 bucks a month, 13 bucks a month.

[00:31:12] You don’t need to sign a contract, just use it for one month. And what this gives you the ability to do is Google House or search House icons, and you have all these icons you can download. Now, here’s the cool thing. Let’s say your brand colors are a little bit different. So when you pay for this, you now have the ability to go in some of these you can do it.

[00:31:31] Some of them you can’t.

[00:31:40] You can download this for free and use this however you want. So you can do these icons or inside elementary. So let’s just build this section right now. So let’s add a single column

[00:31:54] and then we’re gonna add a heading here. And then we should say who should [00:32:00] sitter whatever your brand is before.

[00:32:16] And again, we’re gonna add some padding here. Turn off all sides. 80 picks on top, 80 picks on bottom. We’re gonna add another intersection right underneath this cuz we want columns. And again, I’m not sure why this is doing this. Let me see if I need to update this really quick. That’s probably what the issue is, so you guys can see me do this in real time and hopefully I don’t crash this.

[00:32:41] It’s just a test site. Elementor plugins, installed plugins.

[00:32:49] Oh yeah. We’re way behind. Way behind.[00:33:00]

[00:33:03] Okay. I bet that was the issue. So let’s save and let’s refresh.

[00:33:19] Nope, that wasn’t the issue. That wasn’t the issue.

[00:33:25] That is so bizarre.

[00:33:33] Okay don’t worry about that. We now have the ability to do, I think it’s called an icon box right here. So this icon box is like this. That’s an icon box. You need to find, no, don’t worry about the icons yet. Maybe somebody who wants the highest net should work with us. Let’s duplicate this. Maybe who’s somebody who wants to avoid the hassles of an open [00:34:00] house

[00:34:03] or say open house hassles, duplicate this again, and then somebody else who may wanna work with this.

[00:34:27] I click here, we’re gonna duplicate it. Go down here.

[00:34:42] See highest net open house hassles, Tenants vacant homes, nicest homes, flex ability.[00:35:00]

[00:35:08] I’m not really in love with any of those, but we’re gonna leave those as it is. We can come make this better in a second and we’re gonna go back over here to Sunday. You got a video? So let’s do Frequently asked questions.

[00:35:29] So let’s duplicate this

[00:35:47] and then I think there is a, is it called Tab? No, not Coggle. This is what we want.

[00:35:55] So you can put your frequently asked questions in here. Again, we’re gonna [00:36:00] spread this out. Turn that off. 80 picks on top, 80 picks on bottom.

[00:36:09] Let’s make the background our gray color. F a, f A.

[00:36:20] And then let’s make this whole section here, white.

[00:36:35] Okay. And then where’s the border?

[00:36:44] That’s what that looks like.

[00:36:52] Okay, so that looks looking okay so far. This obviously the styling needs to change, so we’ll fix that. The reviews are [00:37:00] good. That works. This’ll look better in a second. So let’s go back to open doors. So they got frequently asked questions. I don’t really know what this is. That’s how to contact us, so we’ll ignore that. Ready to get started? Let’s talk. So let’s add that down here as well.

[00:37:29] I’m gonna add a button.

[00:37:41] Let’s make the text color white. Let’s make the

[00:37:51] brown black.

[00:37:56] And then we’re gonna say[00:38:00]

[00:38:03] address. And then what we get to do now is we they have this cool thing called menu anchor. We’re gonna drop a menu anchor up here, and we’re just gonna call this address. So we save that and we go look at the preview. This is what this does say, ready to get started. We click start here. It brings us all the way back up here.

[00:38:22] That’s what that is. That’s what a menu anchor is. And then anytime you put a button down here with a hashtag, whatever the name is at, as long as the name of this hashtag is in the, is the enable that menu, that’s called a page jump. That’s how people do. So we’ll put some picks on top of this.

[00:38:45] Let’s see where we’re looking so far. Okay, so we’ve got our ugly header, we got our ugly form. We have no background, we have no header, we have no content. We got some social proof. We have some reviews who will work for some frequently asked questions. Are you ready to get started? [00:39:00] That’s spaced out a little bit better.

[00:39:05] Okay. Let’s see if I’m gonna pause here while I get some water. Any questions? Do me a favor. Use the form on the right side of the video if you have questions so far.

[00:39:21] I’ll refresh my little question thing.

[00:39:30] Okay. I think we’re good. So let’s start to make this look a little bit better. So the first thing that we wanna do, because Open Door and everybody else starts with their address. Let’s do that. So I’m gonna take out name, message, and I don’t care about email. This is just gonna be text and I’m gonna call this address.

[00:39:46] We can say start with your property address. Little asterisk at the end of it saying it’s required. And we’re gonna make this [00:40:00] 60% wide. I’ll show you why in a second. We’re gonna turn off the label and the button. Let’s see what Open Door says. Probably get my offer, get my free offer. I’m buying compare agents get cash offers.

[00:40:19] We’re not offering to buy your home, we’re offering to launch your home. So I’m gonna say, show me.

[00:40:29] And then the button needs to be 40%. That’ll put it next to it. Okay, We’re looking, So we’re good so far. I want the button to be medium. I want the field to be medium.

[00:40:44] This is going to be for the launch address. Okay. So we’re starting to get there. I’m gonna stylize the button now. So I’m gonna go into style, go to buttons, go to background color, change out to black. Or you may do like a [00:41:00] more friendly color. And then the typography I think is fine. I’m not gonna screw with that.

[00:41:05] But the form still doesn’t really look good. So I’m, we have a, we have an intersection, then we have the column right here. So right here in the intersection, I’m going to add some padding around it. Let’s do 20. Okay, that looks good. And then the border, I’m gonna do a 12% and I’m gonna put a little shadow behind it.

[00:41:33] Why is that showing up that way?

[00:41:41] Does this need to be another

[00:41:42] oh, you know why? I know why,

[00:41:50] Because it needs to be in this element.[00:42:00]

[00:42:00] There we go. So in this one we’re gonna add 20 picks of padding around it. There we go. We’re gonna go to the border right here. We’re gonna make that 12. We’re gonna put a little shadow behind.

[00:42:17] And then on the actual form,

[00:42:23] check out that border. Okay, let’s see what this looks like now.

[00:42:33] Right now. Something that’s presentable. So I need to add some spacing on top of this.

[00:42:49] And then I don’t think that’s a wide nephew there, so we’ll do seven 50.[00:43:00]

[00:43:02] Okay. Now do you see how this header’s really starting to take effect right now? Alejandro, the font that we are using right here. I just saw your question come through the headline font. I think it’s called Babe New. Yeah, I’m, It’s either Babe New or Oswald. I’m pretty sure it’s

[00:43:22] let’s change it. Let’s see what it says.

[00:43:28] Yeah, it looks like Oswald, If it was B,

[00:43:35] I don’t even know how to spell B. Is it B e u? No, b u e I guess. Yeah. Oswald. I don’t have babies in this one.

[00:43:49] And then it’s all caps is what I have it set to. So again, if we save this and we go back to here,[00:44:00]

[00:44:01] That’s looking good so far. And again, you wouldn’t have ex P or Remax or Keller Williams, you would’ve your logo. So I would put like Steve Olson’s logo up here. I’m just using a generic logo cuz that’s how it is. So we’ve got that done. Now in the form we need to add a couple things cuz we want tracking.

[00:44:16] So I’m gonna go back to the form fields. I’m gonna add items. I’m gonna add a hidden field and I’m gonna call this UTM Medium.

[00:44:27] Copy it. Go to advance, put UTM medium right there. I’m gonna click Dynamic code. And I want if you don’t understand this, just Google it, right? But I want to request a parameter and I wanna say, whenever there’s a UTM medium in the url, I want you to pull it into this form because we are gonna use track links for all this.

[00:44:45] So we’re gonna do campaign, UTM campaign, those of you guys on the 360 Brand Accelerator. You know exactly what I’m doing right now. This one’s gonna be source copy [00:45:00] that put in right there. Okay. So what we just did is I added these three fields, but you don’t see it right here cuz they’re all hidden. And the reason why we do that, and I’m gonna just put one more hidden thing in here and I’m gonna pull in the page title so I know where this lead came from.

[00:45:16] I, there it is, title and then advanced. I want to pull in the name of the page. There it is right there.

[00:45:29] Oh. When I get a lead that comes in, again, I’m gonna save this. And because these are all hidden fields, they didn’t do it. But what I just created is when I’m on this page and I send traffic to this, normally what would happen when you send traffic from social is you’re gonna use your domain, then the page, and then at the end of that you’re gonna put UTM source equals Facebook and utm medium equals traffic and utm source equal or campaign equals the name of the Facebook ad because when people give me their address, I wanna know where they came from.

[00:45:58] And so what we just set up right [00:46:00] there in that hidden form, and I can create a separate video of how this works, but we essentially said, Hey, it’s a hidden field. Label it UTM medium, and we want to request a UTM parameter that a get and says, Anytime you see this in the url, put it in this field. So that way when I get leads with people’s address, I know, Hey, this came from Instagram, this came from YouTube, this came from Facebook, this came from Google Display.

[00:46:24] We want to track that because if you guys are gonna spend money on this, I want you to know where that traffic is coming from. Okay? Now you might be asking like, Okay, Steve, they give us their address, great, but like I need to be able to contact them, no problem whatsoever. We’re gonna send them to a second page that address through to that next one, right?

[00:46:43] So we’re gonna do that in a minute. So far we have how this works, step one, two, and three. How this, let’s stylize this really quick. So the way that I’m gonna style this is I can click this and highest net would probably be dollar. I’m gonna change that to a dollar sign. [00:47:00] And I’m gonna put my accent color.

[00:47:01] So the icon, I want the primary color to be my brand color. So I’m that’s my teal color that I put right there. I think the size is okay. Probably make that a little, it’ll probably do 72. I think the title is too big, so we’re gonna do 24. I think that’s fine. Hello. We’re gonna make that, I think the text is also too big, so we’re gonna take that down to 16.

[00:47:29] I think that looked better spacing wise. So because I edited one, all I’m gonna do is right click on this copy and then I’m gonna right click on all these other ones and paste style. And it’s automatically gonna change

[00:47:47] that of, Okay, so that looks a little bit better. But on this, I think they need to be spread out a little bit more. So I’m gonna add 20 picks of padding. So same thing, right click, copy, paste, style,[00:48:00] past style. Then I’ll space it out a little bit better paste style. And then on this one, I need a little bit of a gap between that.

[00:48:10] So I’m gonna go to advance padding on the bottom. Let’s do 40 right here. There you go. That looks. Let’s save that. Let’s go back to the preview again. Okay. That looks a lot better. So now all I have to do is find an icon for each one of these. Open house. This one I, Let’s go see if they have a door.

[00:48:31] Open door. There you go. Perfect Tenants. So that’s people. So I’m gonna go search users and we’ll use this one. Vacant homes. Let’s go to house. No, that looks like a broken home. This looks like people are in it. I don’t know what this is. Not using that. So let’s go to home.

[00:48:55] Nicest home. So let’s do, I don’t know if there’s anything for quality. There’s not. [00:49:00] What would we use for nicest home?

[00:49:23] And all these icons come with elementary.

[00:49:47] That reminds me of a hospital. We don’t wanna use that.

[00:49:59] We use this [00:50:00] for now. Even that doesn’t really make sense. Don’t put too much effort in this. Because people don’t care, just make sure it’s somewhat

[00:50:25] okay. So assuming that you were okay with those icons I still think these icons are a little big,

[00:50:35] so I think that’s fine. Copy. Pay style. Pay style.

[00:50:48] Okay, so we’ve got frequently asked questions. This is really easy. How long? This is all like you’re frequently asked questions. Just so you know, the way that you build [00:51:00] frequently asked questions, it’s all of your objections. So every objection you get when you go on a listing presentation, you just ask questions because we wanna address all those objections before I even talk to you.

[00:51:12] Most people write frequently asked questions from a perspective of giving information away, and you can give information away, but the whole purpose of FAQs is to handle objections before they even get on a call with you. Okay? I just wanna make sure I’m clear with that. Oh, yeah, good idea. Shane says nicest home could be a luxury or a diamond.

[00:51:36] Oh, diamond. Come on, man. Freaking weird. Is that, let’s say stone? Nope. Luxury. You’d think they’d have a diamond here, Shane. Whatever. Leave it. Leave it alone. How much does this cost?

[00:51:58] How long [00:52:00] is the process?

[00:52:05] Can I cancel the agreement?

[00:52:16] Why no open houses, right? Again, I’m going to my not negotiables yesterday and I’m just gonna keep putting every single one in there that we do. Can we meet over Zoom? Of course we can. I don’t wanna come to your house. What else is there? Is this more expensive? Now you could say, What’s the commission?

[00:52:40] Don’t say that is this or will this? Cost me more than working with a traditional real estate agent. What did I do there? I just told you that I’m different than everybody else. How many [00:53:00] offers will,

[00:53:06] what happens if my home doesn’t sell in seven days or do all homes sell in seven days? No, they don’t. But here’s how we can do, here’s how we can make sure we can do as much as we, and you just put the, whatever the answer of the question is right here. Insert answer to the question here. And of course you guys are gonna not type with five and a half fingers.

[00:53:41] Ready to get started. So do me a favor in q and a.

[00:53:50] Yes. Shane. Shane asked, will we send the JSON file? Yes. For those of you guys, and Shane, you do have the recordings this json file, this template, I will give you directly. I do not expect you, [00:54:00] any of you to build this from scratch, right? If you wanna build it from scratch, you totally can, but there’s no reason to.

[00:54:06] We’re already doing it for you.

[00:54:16] Add a little bit more picks to that copy paste style. So again, how many FAQs can you have in this? As many as you want, as many objections that you think you’re gonna get at the listing table. Put all of them in there.

[00:54:36] Let’s look at the preview and let’s see what else we need here.

[00:54:43] This is going to be, 90% of your sales process is going to be right here. This is a and everybody thinks this is what sells and this is what sells. And this is what sells. And this is what sells. It’s not, This [00:55:00] right here is what sells. So your question of everything that you think a potential seller would ask in a listing presentation, you are going to address right here in the Frequently Asked questions.

[00:55:11] Now, once you get all your content here, so again, let’s go back to Open Door and let’s see if there’s anything. If you have social approved, great. We probably need some more reviews.

[00:55:34] We got some blog posts here that’s really smart.

[00:55:40] You could probably do something like , right? Again, if you wanna separate who you are, then we’re gonna add another section down here and we’re gonna add an intersection right here. Actually, you know what we’re gonna do is we can just duplicate this,[00:56:00]

[00:56:09] duplicate this.

[00:56:24] And then we can just use an icon list

[00:56:30] and then we’ll make this I don’t know, 600 wide. Here we go. Let’s say we do San Diego. Change this to a map right here. I like that logo. And then we’ll delete these. Let’s say you cover six markets,[00:57:00]

[00:57:05] and we’re gonna duplicate this, delete this one.

[00:57:22] Your zip codes too.

[00:57:26] And let’s stylize this really quick. So list, I think the icon needs to be a little bit bigger.[00:58:00]

[00:58:00] Okay. I’m just gonna right click here. Copy paste style. Oops.

[00:58:14] Okay. And then, so let’s make this background gray cuz we’re gonna go opposites, fa, f a entry.

[00:58:26] So again, I want the whole purpose of this page is not to sell, although it is, the whole purpose of this page is to give you literally every single objection you could possibly have before you meet with me, what markets recover. And then obviously, like you’re gonna have a footer below it. Maybe you’ll have a header above it, your website header.

[00:58:49] So far.

[00:58:56] I think we’re okay. So I’m gonna pause here. Questions, do me [00:59:00] a favor. If this makes sense to you, just use the ask, ask questions, say, makes sense. Or if you have a question, use the ask me question and say, Hey, I have a question about this, or this part doesn’t make sense. So we’ll get into part two here in just a second.

[00:59:15] We’re gonna go a little bit over.

[00:59:28] Okay, Cool. Makes sense. Makes sense. Awesome,

[00:59:38] Shane says, Makes sense. Thank you. Okay, cool. So you’re gonna tweak this maybe you’re gonna do a video, right? If you want to do a video, I’d probably do a video right here. And to add a video, it’s just really simple. I’m gonna go back up here and I’m gonna add another section right there. Put an intersection in it, [01:00:00] delete that.

[01:00:02] Come back up here. Go to advanced 80 picks on top, 80 picks on bottom. And I’m just gonna go find the video EL element

[01:00:19] and I’m gonna put a video right there. Now I think that’s probably too wide. I think it only needs to be 700. There you go. I think that’s totally fine. So this could be a Vimeo or a YouTube video. Totally fine. Go back over here and refresh it. There’s your video right there.

[01:00:40] And I think you know, other than that, what we could do is we could just duplicate this. And put this right under here. And rather than have a page bump that goes back up there, we could put that down there. It’s totally fine. Now there’s a second thing that you need to do. So I’m gonna, let’s save this draft.

[01:00:56] Actually, I’ll go ahead and just publish it. It’s fine. Nobody’s gonna look at [01:01:00] this. And then I’m gonna go and create another page. So I’m gonna exit right here and I’m gonna go create another page, and I’m gonna call this for the launch. Step two, I’m gonna go to edit with elementary. And here’s the great thing that you can do with elementary to save yourself some time.

[01:01:20] Again, I’m gonna go back down here to settings, change this to canvas, to strip everything out. And now what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna come to this header. I’m gonna right click up here. I’m gonna click copy. And I’m gonna go right, click here. I’m gonna hit paste, and it puts that whole thing in here.

[01:01:37] So now I’m gonna say step two. Tell us a little. About your move. I already have the address. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make this hidden

[01:01:53] cuz we already collected this

[01:01:59] and [01:02:00] I’m gonna say in the advance, I’m gonna say request parameter and I’m gonna say address. So when I pass this through, I’ll show you guys how to do this in a second. When I pass this through, I want this to automatically pull in cuz I don’t want them to add it twice. So your conversion rate will plummet.

[01:02:16] They’re gonna be like, I already gave you my address. Why you ask me again? Let’s make the button a hundred percent wide,

[01:02:24] even though that’s okay. So that’s hidden. So the button needs to say continue and then we’re gonna add a little arrow to the button. I’m gonna make it after and I’m gonna put a little space on the side of it. So now we need to ask them a little bit about their thing. So I think I’m, I probably am gonna need to know their first name and last name.[01:03:00]

[01:03:00] This is required. I’m gonna make this 50%. And then, do you remember how I did the label or the field? I took the border away. Let’s turn that back on. There it is.

[01:03:15] Let’s duplicate that. Then we’re gonna do last name,

[01:03:24] and then obviously I want their email address.

[01:03:36] Required. We’re gonna make this a hundred percent wide. We want their phone number.

[01:03:50] Change that to a text field. We’ll call this phone

[01:03:56] or the best number to reach [01:04:00] you at.

[01:04:06] We have their address, we have their email, their phone. And you might ask like a couple other questions, right? When do they wanna move,

[01:04:17] say, moving timeframe.

[01:04:32] And then you could do a dropdown if you wanted to. We’re gonna copy that again. And then I am, this is going to be a dropdown or it’s a select rather

[01:04:46] call this moving needs. And we’re gonna say, I am looking to, and then I’m gonna say, Sell my home. [01:05:00] Purchase a home sell and purchase. I know that’s a small text. Okay, so far I think we’re in good shape. Let’s go back to the column. Let’s add some more padding to it. I think we’re gonna need 80 now. That’s too much

[01:05:20] 40. And I don’t think this, I think this can be skinnier. 600.

[01:05:35] Let’s go back to the form. And I’m also gonna add, when’s the best time to reach you?

[01:05:45] This is going to be a checkbox box. N is the best time to connect. Weekday afternoons. A weekday evenings. [01:06:00] Notice. I’m not saying mornings cause I don’t wanna do any calls in the morning. Weekend afternoons.

[01:06:09] We can do it anytime.

[01:06:19] So you notice there’s no header there, right? Because it Cause I took all the labels off. So we’re gonna go here and we’re gonna add an HTML and we’re just gonna say, Best time, when is the best time for us to connect?[01:07:00]

[01:07:19] Okay. Believe it or not, you know what, Other than a video on this page looks like we may have. Awesome. Mike, awesome. Aor, thank you so much. I’m seeing livestream slow here. Let me make sure we’re still good. Yeah, we’re still good. Other than putting a video like I, I would like, the only other thing that I would do on this page is I would throw, You’re gonna take this page, anchor off of it.

[01:07:46] We don’t need that. And then what I would do is I would duplicate this.

[01:07:56] I would clear all of this stuff out.[01:08:00]

[01:08:13] I would put a video right here.

[01:08:22] So in this video it would be like a talking head video, just like I’m looking at you right now. And I would say, Hey, my name’s Steve Olson. I am the leader of the four day launch. Thank you so much for requesting more information. I wanna make sure my team can get you everything that you need. I think this is one of the easiest ways to sell your home, even in this new 2023 market and the recession that we may or may not be going into.

[01:08:42] The details about your homes, your moving details, and I will have my team reach out. It may even be me with everything that you need to know. And once you have all of those details you can determine if a formal meeting would make sense. But right now it’s just a simple call. So do me a favor below.

[01:08:56] I’ve asked you a couple really simple questions about your home. Fill that out and I’ll be [01:09:00] in touch with you really quick. That’s like a 45 second video, right? Recorded video, just like that. In this space right here, that video’s gonna get uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube. It’s gonna be an unlisted video, and we’re gonna put it right there.

[01:09:13] So when I go to see this page now, this is it. And I will tell you this page 100% it will convert. I know it’s simple. I know you don’t think there’s anything special to it. It will convert. And the only thing that you need from here is just one more thank you page. And like I said, I’ll give you guys all of these pages.

[01:09:33] So we’re gonna exit here. I’m gonna hold down command. We’re gonna ex enter another tab. And we’re gonna go to New Page, and we’re gonna call this one for the Launch Success Elementor. Here’s the best part about this. Again, we’re gonna go down here, we’re gonna go to Canvas. So we strip all that crap out.

[01:09:53] We’re gonna go back to this, and we’re gonna right click here. We’re gonna [01:10:00] copy, we’re gonna right click here, we’re gonna hit paste. It’s gonna paste everything back in. We’re gonna delete the form. We don’t need that anymore. And then we’re gonna say, success here is what happens next. And then again, we’re gonna record another video.

[01:10:17] In this video, we’re gonna say, Okay, we’ve got what we need. Thank you so much for registering. My team is on it. We’re doing a little bit of research right now as we speak. We’re so super quick. If you submitted this form after business hours, don’t worry first thing in the morning. We will reach out right away with next steps and how we can schedule a call together.

[01:10:36] The only purpose for my call, I only have one. I’m not gonna sell you anything. There’s no aggressive sale pitch. There’s literally no obligation, there’s nothing. I just wanna make sure your questions get asked, answered, and once we answer all of your questions, you can make the determination if more of a formal process is needed.

[01:10:53] So I want you to look at your email, make sure you check spam. The email’s gonna come from [01:11:00] Sometimes it goes into spam. I have no idea why that happens, but it does happen. So check your spam, let us know what works for you. We’ll get a call on the schedule, and like I said, we’re just gonna get everything answered.

[01:11:11] No aggressive sales pitch, no obligation whatsoever, and at the end, you can determine what happens from there. Thank you so much for taking advantage of the four day launch. We’re here to help. Otherwise, check out that email and we’ll talk to you soon. Okay, And that’s it. Look, that’s your three step funnel for this entire process.

[01:11:27] Now let me explain to you how we link all this stuff. Because we have this page right here and we wanna make sure that this address passes through to this page. So the way that we do that is if this page is published, which it is, we’re gonna go look at this really quick. And you notice I have re pages four day listing launch step two.

[01:11:46] I’m gonna copy that domain and we’re gonna go to this form. We’re gonna go to actions after submit. And we’re gonna say Redirect. And we’re gonna put that link right here. But we have to pass through this property address so that you remember when we [01:12:00] created this form and we have the address. And then we go to advance and we have the short code is right here.

[01:12:06] This should say, shouldn’t say, it should say address. So we have Field ID address equals, we’re gonna copy this field id. And down here where it says redirect, we’re gonna say question mark, address equals, and then we’re gonna paste that right here.

[01:12:26] So let’s update this. So if I was to go look at this page where we have here, let’s refresh it. And let’s say I was gonna do 1, 2, 3 Main Street,

[01:12:42] sba, California, 90 2001 I hit. Show me, Oh, we’ll fix that in a second. So you notice now I’m on this thank you page and you’ll see right here it says re four day launch, step two, and then add 23 Main Street, Carlsbad, [01:13:00] California 92 11. So now I’m gonna fill this out, Steve Olson. My email address is steve

[01:13:08] I would love to have that, but I don’t. Phone number seven six oh five five five five five five. I am looking to sell my home. The best number to reach me at is, Oh, what was this one? Oh, I wanna move in 60 days. Best number to reach you at. And I would like you to contact me week afternoons and I’m gonna hit continue.

[01:13:32] Now, we did not redirect this to the thank you page yet, but I’m gonna hit continue anyway. It’s gonna say forms sent successfully. Now let me show you what happened here. I don’t have this connected with any crm, but if I go to elementary and I go to submissions right here, I should see two. There it is right there.

[01:13:53] So I see that this one right here, if I view this I collected the address. I [01:14:00] didn’t have a medium, I didn’t have a campaign. I didn’t have a source, but it did correct. Oh, okay. I pulled it in from that. So I got that. Now, the second one, if I go to this one, that’s, See how I got the address in because I dynamically pulled it.

[01:14:15] Automatically so they don’t have to fill it in twice. So that’s how we do it. Now, the cool thing is that somebody may go to your offer page, they may put in their address, and then they get to second page. They watch your video and they don’t like your balding that you wear a Travis Matthews shirt or oftentimes a San Diego hat.

[01:14:29] So I don’t give you my second info. We still collected the address up front and you can still have the ability to remarket them because they hit the page. You still have the ability to send them a letter says, Hey, my name’s Steve Olson. I’m the founder of the four day launch. I noticed that you went to get your more information about selling your home in four days or less at a higher price, but you didn’t give us your info.

[01:14:50] Here’s my phone number, text me, and we’re more than happy to collect or connect on a call. You could send that letter and that letter will convert. It’s not gonna convert it three letters, right? It’s gonna convert it [01:15:00] hundreds of letters, but I would still do that. And then the second page, I give you all the info.

[01:15:05] Now we could connect, keep or HubSpot and do all this marketing automation right now. Right now I don’t think it’s necessary. I think what you need to do is focus on getting your offer out there, get the incoming leads in there and the follow up is all 100% manual. Like it just don’t worry about any confirmation emails, anything.

[01:15:23] You get a little notification in your email that says, Steve filled out this, and then I’m just doing old school email right from my phone. Hey, just got your. Best on the four day launch. Would love to chat about it. What does your schedule look like? I noticed you said weekday, afternoons. Pick a time, Thursday or Friday after three o’clock and we can hop on a call and then just add them to your calendar and do it old school.

[01:15:44] Text them from, if they give you their phone number, text them at the number. Hey, it’s Steve Olson from the four Day Launch. Thank you so much for inquiring. I’ve got some time Thursday afternoon. What does your schedule look like? We don’t need to invest overly heavy on marketing automation. Now, if you’re already running Keep or you’re already [01:16:00] running HubSpot or Active Campaign or something like this, we can automate that entire process.

[01:16:05] If you run something like Top Producer or Boom Town or Market Leader or anything like that, unfortunately they’re just not set up to do things like that. They’re not traditional CRMs. They’re more like go register for Homes for sale and do all of that. If you guys want me to help you install, Keep, or HubSpot into your business so we can automate this whole process and you can do this at scale, send me an email daily at Steve.

[01:16:27] What that would look like. But that’s essentially how I would build the process. So if I go back to a screen share really quick here, let me show you what we created. We created this and all you need is a footer and a header, and I’ll save these page templates and give it to you. You guys can edit this whole thing.

[01:16:45] And then the second thing we created was a step two that passed in it. And the third thing that we created was a success.

[01:16:55] If we publish that and look at it, this is what that’s gonna look like. [01:17:00] And these are very blank. And the reason why we keep ’em very simple is because we don’t want people drifting. I don’t want people looking at a sales page and saying, Oh, there’s Steve’s blog, or here’s this about page or content. I don’t want them clicking any of that.

[01:17:13] I want them focused on the content right there on the page. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s why we don’t include our header at the top. I don’t want you going back to our homepage. I don’t want you reading the blog. I don’t want you searching homes for sale. I only want you focused on what this is now.

[01:17:29] I’ll probably create a separate video and email you guys later on how to create a dynamic header that links all over the page. I don’t think it’s necessary. But you can do it. Elementary will give you the ability to do that. It’s super easy to do. But in a nutshell, and I’m gonna go back to questions, I’ll take questions right now for q and a.

[01:17:45] I think we’re good.

[01:17:50] Mike says it makes sense. Adora makes sense. Glad you’re able to make it in Adora. And I’m sorry if I’m saying your name wrong, Shane. Makes sense. Awesome. [01:18:00] Great. Thank you.

[01:18:07] Yeah, if so how, if we wanted to do a background image, how would we do very easy. So if I go back to the main sales page, let’s say I wanted to do a background image to this, I’d click the main section, I’d go to style, I’d go to background, and I’d pick an image right here. So let’s say that I wanted to do this and I use That looks weird to me.

[01:18:27] Okay? So I’m gonna change the position to center. Center, and then size is gonna be cover. That’s starting to look a little bit better, but I can’t really make out this stuff. It blends in. So here’s what we do. We add a background overlay color, select my black color, that’s gonna tin it out a little bit.

[01:18:45] Now what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna make the background of this white, so that sticks out. This needs to be style text color, white. And then I’m gonna flip my Ex P Realty logo.[01:19:00] Oh, I already have one in there. Great. With white save draft.

[01:19:10] Let’s see what that looks like. There you go. That looks good. That’s how I would add a background image. I don’t think you need it. I would only add a background image. If you were, if you, if like you were going super. Like the, one of the things that I would make sure that I’m like super clear on is that like Linda Granger, I don’t know if you joined us on this one, but like Linda Granger is in Tahoe, California.

[01:19:33] So if I was only selling Tahoe and I didn’t go outside of Lake Tahoe whatsoever, I would say the easiest way to sell your right here, I would put Lake Tahoe home for a higher price than under a week. I would literally put Lake Tahoe and this image back here would be like, everybody who lives or wants to live in Lake Tahoe, they should know what this image is.

[01:19:55] So that might be an aerial view of Lake Tahoe. That mean maybe a piece of real estate [01:20:00] in Lake Tahoe. It’s gotta be anything like, I should look at that image and I should know exactly what that is. And look, it’s half, it’s six in one hand, half a dozen in the other, whether an image works or not, like whether an image is gonna make a difference.

[01:20:16] So Linda, I think I just got something from you.

[01:20:23] Yeah. So if you and Linda, I think you have the recordings I will send you, for everybody that takes the file from me that has the recordings, I will send you another video of how to edit this, like just a little instructional video. But if you have, if you want to email me, Linda, a bunch of FAQs I can paste those in.

[01:20:40] Just for examples, it’s super easy to do.

[01:20:46] Good question on that. But again, should I use an image? Should I don’t? I don’t. It doesn’t matter, right? Sunday is huge. They don’t use any imagery. The only thing, and after this webinar, I’m not gonna do this with you is that you can [01:21:00] click the preview button and we can go to mobile and you wanna make sure all this looks good on mobile.

[01:21:05] Okay, So that looks like shit on mobile. So I’m gonna go click here. And any changes I make when I’m in mobile view, it’s only gonna change it for mobile view. So I’m gonna change this to 22. It doesn’t look good. 28. I think that’s fine. I think this is fine. Step one, I think that heading is probably too big.

[01:21:25] Change out to 24. That looks better. Copy it. Pace style. Pace style. This is way too big.

[01:21:47] I think that’s fine. So right click copy. Right click paste style. Okay, that looks good. Video looks good. What’s this header up here?

[01:21:59] I wanna make sure all [01:22:00] the sizes are the same. 28.

[01:22:12] Okay, that looks good. Let’s copy this paste style right here. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. Pace, style. Those all look good. Pace, style. That looks good. That looks good. Pace style. So before I release these templates we will clean this up and we’ll add some more accurate content. This will probably be done end of day tomorrow maybe the day after.

[01:22:45] So by the time you guys download this template, it’ll, you’ll have content in here that will be usable based on that call to action. So just know that’s coming. Mr. Mike West how Mike says, How difficult is it to learn how to [01:23:00] edit the page you have designed for us? You know what, if you were to go to YouTube and just Google or YouTube, how do columns and intersections work in elementary?

[01:23:21] I think that if you watched this video for four minutes, if you watch this minute for, if you just like right here, 10 months ago, I would watch this eight minute video. And if you understand this, everything else will make sense.

[01:23:39] But you could here’s what I’m gonna tell you. And I will fight everybody to the death these next 24 months. You’re gonna go down one of two routes in the next 18 months to survive this new market. And I say survive. I don’t mean we’re going for a cliff, but it is going to get more competitive.

[01:23:53] We are gonna have to get better at sales because the real estate consumers right now are nervous. They don’t know where this market is going. Right? [01:24:00] Interest rates are up, pricing may be going down, up in your market. Maybe it’s going down, I don’t know. Every market’s different, but it’s gonna take a lot more to sell a lot of real estate these next 18 months, Yes or no.

[01:24:09] That’s true. I only have two paths for success these next 18 months. Number one, I have to go all in with my personal brand and I’m going to make sure Mike, everybody in Chandler, Arizona knows Mike West, right? My neighbor, what grew up growing up in Moon Valley was Mark West. He was a center or a forward for the Phoenix Suns back during like the Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson and all that.

[01:24:31] He was our, actually, he’s still our neighbor to this day. My parents live still live in Moon Valley. So every time I hear it, Mike West, I always think Mark West, and now I think he’s like the VP of operations for the sons if I’m not miss or player development or something like that. But anyway what I was getting at is you either are going to let all of Chandler know that Mike West is the dude and this is how you engage with us, right?

[01:24:53] I am your guy and here’s my offer, or you’re. Agnostic. Are you gonna say, I’m going to create [01:25:00] a home light, a Sunday, a whatever the irresistible offer, I’m gonna remove my brand and I’m gonna, I’m gonna market everything towards this offer. A perfect thing that I would think of would be more along the lines of a personal brand with an offer.

[01:25:12] That’s what I’m trying to get you guys to understand on this. So from here, all I do is create blog content and then all the blog content rolls up to the irresistible offer. That’s all we do. The 360 brand academy, that’s either the three payments of 7 45 or the one payment of 1595 that will teach you how to run ads that roll up to your offer.

[01:25:33] This free challenge, whether you took the recordings or not, is just about how to create the offer and a little bit of tech on how to build this out. Could you build this on a BoomTown site? Yes. But it’s probably gonna look like shit, and you’re probably gonna have to pay BoomTown a lot of money to customize it for you.

[01:25:48] Way more than. , right? Could you do this on all the other websites? Maybe? I just don’t know that you’re gonna be able to make it look like Offer Pad or anything like this. You wanna be viewed as a, as another local solution [01:26:00] to some of the big entrepreneurial people, right? The offer pads, the Zillow offers.

[01:26:04] I keep saying that. I know they’re not in, in business anymore, but Open Doors, Sunday, Home Light, all of those other companies there, there’s a reason why they all use a single one page selling process for this, and that’s because it works. You could build this in a million different formats. I’m telling you, it, it won’t convert it, it just won’t.

[01:26:23] They’ve already done the millions of dollars of r and d on what works and what doesn’t. Do not try to innovate right now. Don’t try to be the first to market. You just don’t have, and I don’t mean you, Mike, I mean me, I mean anybody that would be on any one of these calls, you don’t have the amount of money right now to test something different.

[01:26:41] So just model what we know already works. So Mike, if I was to say on a scale of one to 10 a four to six, it shouldn’t be that hard at all. But whether you hire somebody on the team, whether you work with me personally to build something custom for you, whether you take the 360 Brand Academy, what, whatever you do, it doesn’t matter.[01:27:00]

[01:27:00] The agents that do not learn how to build offers and send traffic to those offers, I’m telling you, forget about solo agent versus a team. I’ve even gotten to that point yet, right? That has nothing to do with what I’m talking about right now. If you don’t understand how to build an offer and drive traffic to an offer, the days of like just begging your friends to work with you, money with that, it’s just going to get a lot more competitive.

[01:27:24] And when people don’t understand how to use you based on irresistible offer, you’re gonna lose business to the uncles, the brothers, the friends, the Zillow agents, all of that stuff. It’s just gonna keep. So I don’t view this Mike as Oh, this is a piece of text. Steve understands it. Maybe I should understand it too.

[01:27:41] You could do Click Funnels, pay click Funnels, $300 a month, and you could have it up pretty quick. I think ClickFunnels is just as hard to learn as elementary. Even though they say it’s easier. You could do lead pages, you could do Unbound, but I think all of those are a lot more complex. And you’re paying a lot more.

[01:27:57] Click Funnels is gonna cost you $300 a month. This is [01:28:00] $45 a year, $49 a year, and you own all the content. This is your website. Your domain, like this isn’t once you stop paying Click Funnels, you lose everything. This is your content. All you gotta do is continue to play for the plugin, which is if you average it out over a monthly base, it’s like $3 a month versus $300 a month, and you don’t own the content.

[01:28:19] Meaning, sure, you can export all the content if you leave Click Funnels, but you can’t put it anywhere because it’s built on their framework, john, you could do it, but once you’ve canceled BoomTown, you lose all this stuff. You’re not paying the two random month anymore, but now all the content’s gone.

[01:28:33] This is why I’m suggesting like your offer, you need to own the offer. You need to own the site, and you need to own the content. If you’re doing everything else or you’re farming out your marketing or your lead generation of other people, that’s great. If you can pick a, pay a thousand dollars and make 15,000, I would do that until it no longer works.

[01:28:50] But the challenge with that is once you stop paying it, it all evaporates. It all goes away. All the branding, all the content, everything you do, it’s all gone. Using this process [01:29:00] and either having your admin team or you learn a little bit about elementary and how this works, you own the whole thing and you could just pivot and that way when you’re like, Oh, you know what?

[01:29:08] I wanna do a webinar I can do it Steve, steve, this playroom page that you’re looking at, everything that we do is built on elementary. Everything that we do. Now you can do it manual. You don’t need to worry about a marketing automation crm if you don’t have one. If you want to connect it to a keep, great.

[01:29:27] If you want to connect it to a HubSpot or active campaign or any of the other ones out there, it will work, right? You just need a system that can automate emails and automate SMSs and all that stuff. Again, we can do another challenge on how that sets up with but I wouldn’t use follow a boss.

[01:29:42] Follow A Boss may be able to handle it, but it’s gonna be clunky. You need to go outside of the real estate space to really make this work at a high level. Mike, I don’t know if that answered your question, but that’s my answer. I saw you do another one. Cool. Thanks. Awesome. Linda says should I use my team logo at [01:30:00] the top or Christie Soreno, I would use your team logo.

[01:30:02] Great question, Linda. Now in a perfect world, you have a logo that was designed, that was the brand of this. So if I had four day launch, I would go to flat and I would go find like the, I would,

[01:30:21] yeah, this, I wouldn’t use this. This is used a lot. Like something like this or this I would use Widget. Let’s see what comes up for Widget. Now that looks stupid. That looks like Microsoft Windows. You could do launch

[01:30:48] and for 1299 a month, you can do this. If you go to for example, if you go to the members dashboard, None of this stuff is live. You can’t access it. Yes. But this is where the, like that icon right [01:31:00] there next to 360 Brand Academy, that is just a customized icon that we got from I don’t know if it’s on this page.

[01:31:06] Just take a look. Yeah, it’s just a customized icon we got from flat icon, nothing, significant. And this is just plus Jakarta Sands. That’s the name of the font and it’s bold. That’s all that logo is. So if you built something like, oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I thought you guys were seeing this.

[01:31:22] We go to Flat Icon. You can search right here, Launch, and you can download any one of these logos. You can, they give you full rights to customize the colors and all of that. And then some of these, see you go to Edit Icon oh, I need to log in and pay. You can actually click Edit Icon and change the colors and then download it.

[01:31:39] Once you’ve changed the colors, they’ll allow you to edit the whole thing here, which is great. And like I said, all this is just the icon right there. Our font, our Plus Jakarta Sands or whatever it’s called, that’s all that logo is. So in a perfect world, Linda, you have this logo on the top of this page instead of ex p or your brand or anything like this.

[01:31:59] And then of course, in the [01:32:00] footer, you’d put your logo down here and your DRE number and all that stuff down there. But up here I would use whatever the brand of the Promise four day launch, whatever. That’s what I would do there. Hope that makes sense. Let me, Okay, good. So here’s what we got from here.

[01:32:19] I’m gonna clean this template up later on today, maybe early tomorrow. It’ll be in the members area. You can download the json file. I will give you an instruction video of how to download the file, then re-upload it so you can customize it for yourself. And I’ll do a little intro video on going line by line and how you change the fonts and all of that stuff.

[01:32:36] Tons of videos on elementary on how to do this. So if you have the recordings, I’ll include that as well in the course. Later on today at two o’clock, it’s only going to be a q and a session, right? So I’m gonna get on ask questions, and I’m just gonna go line by line and ask every question. That webinar may be 20 minutes, it may be an hour and a half.

[01:32:55] I’ll go as long as you guys have questions. And I want you to ask me any questions [01:33:00] that pertain to this whatsoever. Doesn’t matter. It could just be like, Hey, where do you think the market’s going? If you need to answer to that question and come up with your irresistible offer, you should ask it and I will answer it, right?

[01:33:10] That is the purpose for that. So that’s today At two o’clock, I will get you an email reminder from there. And you guys can take it from there. I’m gonna leave you with this one last thought. Right now I had a large uhnot la latte and then a shot after, and I normally only have two shots a day, and I’m at six, so that’s probably causing in my head, I’m stuttering.

[01:33:30] Maybe it’s not coming outta my mouth. I don’t. Know, but here’s what I would be thinking right now. You know how business operates based on how you operate right now. And you know right now that when you go on a listing presentation, you’re either dialed in and you know your shit, or every time somebody wants to sell your home, you’re one of those agents that like all of a sudden the world has to stop cuz we have to prepare, right?

[01:33:53] And what I’m suggesting is, if you’re the agent right now that when somebody says, I wanna sell my home, can you meet me tomorrow? And you now have to [01:34:00] cancel soccer practice, you have to order dinner, you’ve gotta leave the office, you’ve, and you’ve gotta prepare and everything has to stop that. I’m telling you, that is a symptom of not having an irresistible, compelling offer that you sell over and over and over again.

[01:34:14] In a perfect world, here’s what I think this looks like for you. You create a bunch of small content. Talks about selling your home in Chandler, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Carlsbad, California, whatever. All of that small content leads up to the compelling offer or a lead magnet. People take advantage of the lead magnet.

[01:34:31] Then in the email follow up, we lead under the compelling offer. They inquire on the compelling offer, and via email, we deliver everything in advance, the listing presentation, the video, the how to, the what to expect. Here’s how the process works, Here’s how much it costs, here’s what we do. The only thing that you and I need to do now, I’m not gonna come to your home and I’m not gonna lay out all these papers on your desk or on your kitchen table, and I’m not gonna go, line by line with my [01:35:00] iPad or say Hey, check this out.

[01:35:01] Whoops, check this out. Hey, here’s another example. I’m not gonna do any of that. We’re gonna sit down at the kitchen table and I’m gonna say, based on what you’ve learned so far, do you believe that our four day launch process, Option for making you the most amount of money and the least amount of time based on today’s market conditions.

[01:35:17] Oh, I don’t know. Great. It sounds like you have some questions. Let’s deal with those right now. Number one, from a marketing perspective, does everything make sense? Oh, yeah. How much do you spend on ads? We’re gonna spend thousands, and you’re gonna get more exposure on this listing than any other agent that you meet.

[01:35:33] In fact, here’s a couple case studies on ads that we’ve done in regards to process. Here’s what I need done. I need these three things done. We need to pre-market it four days in advance. We’re gonna go live for five days. We’re gonna accept offers on day six. Based on your timeframe right now and when you wanna be moved on, In your opinion, when do you think the right day to start the process would be?

[01:35:55] What did I just do right there? I closed, That was my closing. Hey, I’m sure you have questions [01:36:00] around pricing your home, and I have some thoughts around where we should launch. Value of your home, but I know you’ve done research before. What price are you thinking right now so I know how to structure this process to get you the most amount of money?

[01:36:14] There’s some NLP there. Yes. I’ve said this a thousand times before. Yes, I’m pigheaded discipline in regards to my confidence in delivering this at the listing table, but the average agent’s gonna say let me tell you what I think your home is worth. And what does that do? It creates an argument.

[01:36:29] I don’t wanna argue at the table. I wanna get an a. Mr. And Mrs. Seller, I have an idea of where we should launch this listing to maximize the sales price and make you the most amount of money pro possible. But what I know to be true, cuz you’re probably just like all the other clients we’ve worked with in the past, is you’ve likely done research already in regards to what you’d like your home to sell for.

[01:36:51] I’m curious, what have you found so far? 50% of people are gonna be like I think it’s eight 50. Great. If you want to end at eight 50, [01:37:00] here’s the action plan that I think we should take right now. We’re gonna have to do some remodel, We’re gonna have to market it this way. We’d probably need to launch on this date.

[01:37:07] I’m just gonna tell you, here’s what I think it’s gonna take to get to eight 50. If I don’t think that’s the right number, I’m gonna tell them, Look, it sounds like you guys are really focused on making the most amount of money possible and you likely value that over time. Do I have that right or am I incorrect?

[01:37:23] No, we really want to have time. We really wanna sell fast, but we wanna make the most amount of money. Great. Brought that up because every one of our clients that we’ve already brought success values that exact same thing. So in my opinion, if you want the most amount of money for this home in the least amount of time, with the least amount of Hass hassle, with the least amount of stress, here’s my recommendation.

[01:37:45] We actually turn up the advertising a little bit more than we would typically do for a listing like yours. We would go to market at a price at 825,000. I’m actually going to delay showings about four days, and I’m gonna throttle up the advertising as [01:38:00] much as possible so I can get as many people to your home in a really short amount of time.

[01:38:03] And my hope is that by doing that, even in today’s market, we’re gonna get three offers and you are gonna choose the best one. But Mr. And Mrs. Client, listen, it gets easier because even if I get you three offers, there’s no risk. You don’t have to sign anything. In fact, if all of them are to your liking, you can fire me right there on the spot.

[01:38:20] And I’m even willing to put that in the listing agreement right now so that you have all the protection of no risk. So I have just one more question to ask before we do a quick walkthrough based on our marketing plan, based on our go to market strategy, based on everything that you consumed before today’s meeting and your individual goals, in your opinion, is there any reason why you wouldn’t choose us to sell your home when you’re ready to go and look.

[01:38:44] I like, if you guys think about the, all of that has nothing to do with like scripts and dialogues and understanding like the psychology of a seller. It has nothing to do with any of that. It all boils down to, I know my, I’m gonna put the process of my offer on top of your [01:39:00] listing. And when you commit to doing everything right and I commit to doing everything right, I am your only option to bring you the most amount of success.

[01:39:07] I have that confidence un until the freaking roof comes off. Like I, I remember I’ll leave you guys with this. Sharon and I were in a meeting a long time ago, it was like six or seven years ago, and we were in the Tellus office here in Carlsbad and we were talking about the launch of Kingston Lane.

[01:39:21] This wasn’t even a company back then. And I got a sign call. That means all my agents didn’t pick up the phone. I got the call and he goes, What is that? And cuz there was a weird thing on the phone, I’m like, Oh, it’s a sign call. And he goes, Oh, this will be interesting. So I answered the phone. Hey, it’s Steve Olson.

[01:39:33] Tell us properties how can I help? Oh, I’m in front of your listing at whatever. Great. The price is 1,000,004 85. We just launched it the other day. We’re about to open showings. Are you looking for a home in wildflower states? That’s where this home was. He says, Yeah, we’re just starting the process.

[01:39:48] Fantastic. How long have you been looking? Oh, we’ve been looking for a little while and I don’t know what possessed me to ask this. I asked a bunch of questions and at the end I said, It sounds like you’re looking for somebody to represent you and get you the best price possible [01:40:00] on your next purchase.

[01:40:01] Do I have that right? And they said, Yeah. And I said, Are you okay with me being that agent? And Sean’s, sitting at the other table. Yeah, sure. I said, Great. When can we meet? I’m in the office now or I’ll be back tomorrow. They came in an hour later and signed a buyer broker exclusivity, just based on the question that I asked.

[01:40:16] Would you like me to be the agent to make that possible? Oh, sure. All that boils down to is your ability to lead up, to have confidence around your offer and what you offer, because when you know your offer works, you can commit to being their only solution. Like I know for a fact if I sold real estate full time right now, I know that my four day listing launch process will get you a better result than anybody else you work with.

[01:40:40] And so I have an obligation right now to go all in for the close because I know if you commit to working with anybody else, I am putting you in a worse situation and I’m not making the commitment to do that in my real estate career. That’s what having an irresistible offer, that’s the level of confidence that this is going to.

[01:40:59] I remember in short sales [01:41:00] when somebody was had a little bit of insecurity around whether this was gonna work, we brought in 300 short sales that we closed, and I said, I will go through every one of these files to show you why we had success. And if at the end of this you don’t believe that you were your best option, like you shouldn’t talk to me, and we signed listings like nobody’s business, right?

[01:41:17] That’s what a compelling offer can do for you. So it’s not the magic landing page, it’s not elementary, it’s not your imagery. It’s not the ninja form building stuff. It’s not your testimonial. It’s literally just the offer. You could build the greatest webpage, the, and I know real estate websites out there that don’t convert because nobody understands why they should.

[01:41:39] It’s just a glorified business card. So once you figure out that offer, then we put it on the page, and once it’s on the page, we just talk about it to nobody’s business. And we get so much confidence for it that people like they’ll choose you based on not arrogance but the confidence alone. They’ll choose you based on that.

[01:41:57] But the easiest way to get the confidence, the average agent thinks Oh, [01:42:00] I just need to sell a hundred homes and I’ll be confident. No. You don’t need to sell any homes to be confident. You just need to be confident that the result you’re offering will lead them to success. And once you understand that, you go have that conversation 250 times a year.

[01:42:13] That’s it. Any questions, Let me know. I’m gonna go refresh here. I think we’re good. Send your questions to if you have any. Otherwise, I’ll see you for a q and a session at two o’clock. And then for those of you guys who took the recordings you’ll get the template files tomorrow.

[01:42:29] They’ll be a little cleaned up. I’ll have a more accurate data in there and it will be off to the races. All right. I love you all. I didn’t think we were gonna go that far over, but thank you for staying with me and I’ll see you here in about an hour or so. Alright, rock and roll.