Day 2 Session 2 – Getting you Unstuck Q and A session

Raw Session Transcription

Day 2 Session 2

[00:00:00] Hello. Hello. Welcome to the second session. We will get started in just a moment. Maybe a couple moments. I just refill my water here.[00:01:00]

[00:01:36] All right. Hope you guys are doing well. We’ll get started here in just a moment.[00:02:00]

[00:02:05] Ola. Ola.[00:03:00]

[00:03:04] Good afternoon. If you’re just joining us, give me one second. We’re gonna get started here in just a moment.

[00:03:56] All right. I’m not sure why my screen share does not want to shift [00:04:00] over here. Give me one second and we’ll figure out what the issue is.

[00:04:38] Okay, I think we’re good. So let’s talk about q and a really quick. I’ll turn off my screen share really fast. We got a lot of feedback earlier from the session and the building. And believe it or not, a lot of the feedback comes down to the technical aspects of building a scalable business.

[00:04:55] And this, the, we get these questions all the time and especially if I go back to my full time [00:05:00] where I was just coaching people, not really like implementation and actually consulting to build. Sizeable funnels is that people would always come into, let me put these AirPods away here. People would always come into a coaching call or something to that effect.

[00:05:15] And they would always say things like, I need a new tech stack, or I need to become more organized, or, I need systems, I need operations. And what they really mean is that I don’t understand the tech. And they get stuck on the tech part. They get stuck on the button pushing. They get stuck on the the, what I hear all the time are things like, I’m not tech savvy.

[00:05:34] And I didn’t come I didn’t have a computer until I was a freshman in college. And I don’t know how old you guys are. I’m 42 years old. I’m super tech savvy. But the reason why I would tell you I was super tech savvy came from two reasons. A, I wasn’t born this way cause I wasn’t born like my kids were born with, my, my son had a phone when he was still in the, bassinet.

[00:05:52] I joke, but you know what I mean. I wasn’t born with technology, but two things happened in my life that forced me to learn it. Number one I was in a [00:06:00] rock band. Some of you guys know this back in oh two to oh five or oh six. Towards the end of it, when the whole label thing blew up and the band disbanded, Facebook had just come out.

[00:06:10] So there were no ads. There was no like Google Ad Sense and Google AdWord had just released. No bands were using that back then. It was basically like, how much drama can you put on MySpace and how many followers can you get and can you do it in such a way that those followers are local so we can get them to the shows?

[00:06:28] That was the entire marketing plan for any band who wanted to make it back then, and believe it or not when I was 23 years old, 24 years old, when I got the gig to drum for Grow Kicks, I was not the, I was not a founding member of the band. I came in later, the last couple years of it.

[00:06:44] If we had a big show like at Nitas Hideaway or Bashon Ash, or oh my gosh I’m, I can’t even marque theater, these are all venues that would hold like 1500 to 3000 people. There was no Facebook ad that we could run. We couldn’t afford radio. We couldn’t afford radio ads. There was [00:07:00] no YouTube that we can run.

[00:07:01] Ads are, do you wanna know? What we did is we got on our piece of crap MacBooks that barely worked back then. And we made these stupid four by six flyers. We went to Kinkos. You guys remember Kinkos? I don’t know if Kinkos is still, I think it’s FedEx Copy Center now, or whatever they’re called. But we would go to Kinko’s and we’d print like 5,000 flyer, 5,000 sheets.

[00:07:20] And I remember one time I had to go there and it was like $270. And I remember thinking, Where the fuck am I gonna get $270 from, and so we’d go print 5,000 sheets of paper, we’d cut ’em into fours because we could print four flyers to each paper. And for two days we’d go around the venue, we’d go to all the parties, we’d go to all the bars, and we would just hand out flyers.

[00:07:41] And we would say This is our band. There’s a link and you can view our music on MySpace. And if you use this to come, we’ll give you $2 off your ticket. And each one of us, there were four of us in the band, plus a couple of people that supported us. We would each be in charge of giving out a thousand of these before every show.

[00:07:57] It was freaking [00:08:00] exhausting, exhausting. But I will tell you, when it came time to perform the show, I got up behind drums and there was 1500 people in the crowd and everybody’s screaming and yelling you realize why you go through the hard work. I now realize why I had to walk up and down Mill Avenue and all over Mesa and around Nita’s Hideaway and Big Fish Pub and all these places that we used to play for.

[00:08:20] And I remember sending cold emails when email used to, cold email used to work and making cold calls to other bands that I knew were coming to town. And we would beg them like, You don’t have to pay us shit. We’ll find a way to pay you. I just need the opening slot, right? Just so I can make a flyer with your band on it so we can give out, so we can get a few more people to the show.

[00:08:39] Don’t pay us. You can take all the ticket shows, all the ticket sales. We just need a spot so we can get a little bit more recognition. It was a very grunt like learn as you go soul crushing activity that we had to go. And if I told you that we were a 10 outta 10 in effectiveness, we weren’t. I think on our best time, we were [00:09:00] probably a six out of 10.

[00:09:01] But what I found is that, when I got in that band, I wasn’t in advertising at that time. I had no idea how this worked. And I remember Stacy, our singer, telling me, Hey, we’ve got a show at your first show. It was at I remember this, it was at a static. The static, the, oh my gosh. Actually, if you have the 2005 Fender catalog and you go to, I don’t know what page it is.

[00:09:19] I’ll show you guys one day. If you go on, it’s in the middle of it. There’s a, My singer was sponsored by us, endorsed by Fender. You can see her on the page. And I’m the drummer in the background. I looked totally different. I actually had hair and much skinnier back then. But I remember that first show was with that picture is from that very first show.

[00:09:37] Right? And I remember when she said, It’s in Scottsdale. It’s in, the, where the alcohol district is the bar dis alcohol district, the bar district. And I said, Oh man, there’s 20,000 people there on Saturday night. She goes, Yeah, but nobody’s there to see Grow Hicks. Boy, we still have to hustle.

[00:09:51] And I said, Okay, what does that mean? She goes this is what we’re gonna do. And I remember thinking like, Wait, how many shows a week do we play? We typically play two to three shows and we have to do this every time. Yeah. [00:10:00] She goes, Do you wanna make money? Do you wanna get a record deal or not? And I said, Okay, fine.

[00:10:04] And again, it sucked. It totally sucked. Do you have any idea what it’s like to go up to 200 people and ask to go to your show in 199? Tell ’em don’t give it to me. That’s how it was. But somehow it worked, right? We always had people there at the shows. We already always had fun. Like it was one of the most memorable times of my entire adult life so far.

[00:10:26] I’m sure the best is still yet to come. And I still play drums every day, believe it or not. Maybe you know that about me, maybe you don’t. But the activity of going through that grunt work, the activity or the process of going through the just the mud and the grit and the shit it taught me at in early twenties that like when you do things that you don’t wanna do, or not even that you don’t wanna do, when you do things that are difficult and they seem insurmountable and they, I don’t understand this.

[00:10:53] Like I’m I’m still not a graphic designer, but back then I had no idea how to do this stuff. Like I’d never opened Photoshop or I’d [00:11:00] never made something in Corral Word Perfect. Back then, or, soon to be Microsoft Word. Like I had never used any of that stuff. But if I wanted to get known as a drummer, and look, we had no camera phones back then.

[00:11:12] There was no video cameras that were cheap and easy. They didn’t record on like a digi aid or anything like that, like the tech. And this was just like, this was 2004. 18 years ago. That’s crazy to think that was 18 years ago. Nobody had iPhones back then. Blackberries didn’t have cameras.

[00:11:27] The Sano Y 5,000, which was like the phone that came out right at that time. The camera resolution on that was horrible. So the weird thing about this is I have very little documentation of that whole part of my life because it was just too expensive, too manual and too out of reach right now.

[00:11:45] I would argue that you have all that stuff now, and I would say, oh, if we were abandoned today’s ecosystem, we’d kill it. But you know what? When we were band in 2004, there were bands that were bands in 1994 and they would say, Gosh, if we were a new band in 2004, we would’ve killed it. So [00:12:00] everything in the world is cyclical.

[00:12:02] It all repeats itself and everything is relative, right? That’s what I mean by this. So if you’re on the other side of this computer right now, if you’re looking at me in the screen and you’re like, What I saw Steve do would completely change my business, and I will tell you, I will. I will go on stage in front of every real estate agent in the country.

[00:12:18] And I said this before, not in front of every agent in the country, but I will tell you, for most agents, the only thing standing in between you and the business you want is the offer that you provide or the service you provide. The challenge that most agents have is they don’t know how to articulate what that value, what that offer, what that service is.

[00:12:38] It’s not that they’re not great agents, it’s that they don’t know how to quantify and articulate that to the masses. It’s like that story, brand story that I gave you guys, and I think I made a webinar about this for all our private clients. Is that you could go to a social place and you could say something like, Oh, hey, good to meet you, Steve.

[00:12:55] What do you do for work? Oh, I’m a, a realtor in Carlsbad and maybe you heard of me, maybe you didn’t. I don’t know. [00:13:00] I’ve been doing it for a couple years. I like it, whatever. It’s shit, man, the market’s tough and interest rates are 7%. I really don’t know where we’re gonna go.

[00:13:05] It’s, but I’m sh what do you do for work? I’m sure it’s just as hard for you, right? And now all of a sudden they’re like, Okay, I’m never talking to you again about real estate. But they never say that. But the way that we radiate what we do impacts who comes to us. And we could go to the total opposite thing and say, Hey, what do you do for work?

[00:13:24] You know what? I’m glad you asked. I’m the best real estate agent you are ever going to meet in your life. Now, how many of you guys could say that with that level of confidence, At your next cocktail party? I like I would tell you on a confidence level, and I’m like, I’m super arrogant, almost to a fault.

[00:13:40] And if my wife’s, she’s not in the office right now, but if she was in here, she’d be in the background going going like this, but, I don’t, and it’s probably the drums and the touring of yesterday year that kind of got me through this. But I know that I’m not gonna make everybody happy.

[00:13:54] I know that more people are not gonna like me than do like me. And once you find comfort in that and [00:14:00] understand that, like Logan Paul, if you know who Logan Paul is, I’m gonna pull my questions up here cause we’re gonna get to these in a second. If you know who Logan Paul is and I think it was Logan Paul.

[00:14:08] One of the things that a lot of people don’t know about Logan Paul is that he loves Beyonce. And in this interview I was watching like, what does Beyonce have to do with your fear of rejection? He goes, Look, I was at a concert and I think Beyonce is the greatest singer of all time, greatest female singer of all time or whatever he said.

[00:14:24] And he goes, And I still saw people in the crowd, this singer. And he goes, So if I can’t even be Beyonce and everybody loves me, there’s no way I can be Logan Paul and everybody loves me. So I just became at peace that they’re gonna be haters my entire life. And that one exercise of me seeing people hate on Beyonce removed all of my fear, right?

[00:14:43] So when I go back to the story brand example earlier, when somebody’s at a cocktail party and they say, What do you do? And you say I’m a realtor, blah, blah, blah. The difference between saying something like that and say hey, do you know how the market’s going crazy right now? Interests are sky interest rates are skyrocketing inventory skyrocketing and the market really doesn’t know what to do.

[00:14:59] [00:15:00] And they’re like, Oh yeah, I read about that all the time. We’ve crafted a very specific one week selling pro program that still allows anybody who wants to sell their home right now. So within seven days, At the highest price possible, and we do that about 25 times a month. Now all of a sudden you’ve injected scarcity, clarity, curiosity, and uniqueness in one simple piece of communication.

[00:15:24] That one thing of having an offer, here’s where I’m getting at right now, has nothing to do with your webpage. It has nothing to do with how technically savvy you are. It has nothing to do with the CRM that you operate. It has nothing to do with the clothes that you wear. In fact I’ve talked about this a lot of times.

[00:15:39] My biggest, most wealthy client when I was in Phoenix, that bought multifamily from me flew in. I had talked to ’em dozens of times on the phone based on some videos that we were running on YouTube and ads and all that stuff. This was 2011, give or take, right when YouTube ads were kicking off. And he comes over and I pick him up in the car at the airport and I’m wearing a.

[00:15:59] [00:16:00] I, I used to wear a suit back then, believe it or not. And he gets in the car and he looks to me, his name was Nate. And he goes, Huh, It’s the first thing he says to me. And I said, What are we on a date? And he goes, No, you’re just not how I thought you would show up. And he goes, I gotta be honest with you, I that you were like a polo shirt and hat guy.

[00:16:15] And I said, How do you know about that? He goes I watched all your videos. That’s how you and I met. And it was in that moment I realized, It doesn’t matter who you are going to attract people that like you for you, and you are going to repel people that don’t. So whether I’m a suit guy, a hat guy, a t-shirt guy, a surfer, a drummer, a father, a husband, a soccer, it doesn’t matter what you are going to attract people who are like you and you are going to repel people who are not.

[00:16:43] So if you’re on the other side of this webinar and you’re thinking like I don’t know enough about technology like Steve does, or I don’t have the funnel experience that Steve does, or I don’t have the, I don’t have the confidence in talking to clients like Steve does. I wouldn’t call myself, again, I would call myself arrogant.

[00:16:57] I would call myself ignorant. That’s also [00:17:00] just stupid traits of a driver. Analytical, right? But I don’t know that I’m necessarily more confident. Things affect me just like they affect you. But what I have that most people don’t, Is the ability to be very repetitious at almost a painstaking cadence, right?

[00:17:14] Because I know that if you do even something crappy over and over again, you will learn from it, right? You make a hundred ticks and they all suck. You’ll learn why they suck. You won’t be able to learn. Before you do that. You start a YouTube channel, you go all in. It doesn’t do well. You’ll probably be able to figure out why it didn’t work well, because when you’re uploading YouTube videos over and over again, and they continue not to perform, eventually you’re gonna say, Huh, let me go to YouTube and find out what makes a successful video.

[00:17:40] Oh, I didn’t realize that titles and thumbnails are the name of the game, so let me try to make that a little bit better. You can’t Google that stuff before you start, because you’re never going to know to Google that stuff before you start. So if you’re on the other end of this right now and you’re thinking like, I know I need a [00:18:00] unique irresistible offer and I know that if I had one, my business will change.

[00:18:03] Cuz I will tell you, your business will change because now people understand how to operate with you. They understand how to communicate with you, They understand when they should talk with you. They understand when they shouldn’t because you’ve created clarity over what that offer is. Nobody would ever call me even though I live in California, I’ve lived here for seven years.

[00:18:25] I live right off the water. I’m in the water all the time. I can’t go in the water now cause it rained the other day and I don’t wanna get sick and a bad sinus infection. So trust me, I’d much rather be surfing than doing anything else in life. But if you knew me as that person, you would communicate with me effectively.

[00:18:40] None of you would ever call me and say, Hey, I have a 75 million client that wants to buy a home in Beverly. I’m in the Beverly Hills mls. I have a active real estate license. I’ve been selling real estate since 2007. I’ve done over a thousand transactions. Why would you not refer me a 75 million buyer in Beverly Hills?

[00:18:55] I’ve never told you that I work in Beverly Hills and I don’t. I’ve never told you that I’ve sold a [00:19:00] 75 million home, which I haven’t. So I have an automatic mismatch on how you are going to communicate with me. The common denominator that solves that entire problem is the offer. It’s the only thing that solves the problem.

[00:19:15] If you don’t focus on the irresistible offer, you have nothing to talk about other than, here’s where I’m ranked, or this is what I do, or, I’m client first, or, I have good communi. You’re and I know you feel awkward saying this, and because you feel awkward saying this, you won’t create content and because you won’t create content, you won’t get clients, and because you’re not getting clients, you’re.

[00:19:37] And so that whole circle of getting what you want, the one missing element is not like I need to go to a sales training and learn how to talk to people. Dude, you don’t need that. It’s not gonna hurt. You need something to talk about. You need something to talk about. I’ll give you a different example.

[00:19:55] Six years ago, my son Peyton was on the second to lowest level soccer team, [00:20:00] and at City SC here in Carlsbad, it used to be called LA Galaxy. And there he was finding his way with soccer and he would play a little bit of defender, a little bit of midfield. He was never up front.

[00:20:10] Cause unfortunately to me, we are not a family of running. I don’t know how to run. I can’t run. I have short legs Sorry, Peyton and Burke. If one day you’re watching this challenge, that’s my fault. Has nothing to do with you guys. And he was just existing in soccer, and then, he got a new coach and the coach taught him some things and then I don’t know what happened, but one day he’s like, Why don’t I try being a goalkeeper? And so the coach was like we really don’t want full time goalkeepers at your age, but yeah, you can play a half game here.

[00:20:36] And then, and I remember him playing his first half of the game as keep. Totally different player. Something turned on and he goes, Dude, this is amazing. Even though I think they keep her in Striker, the two hardest positions on a soccer team, most stressful. But something activated with him and now all of a sudden he started watching more soccer at home.

[00:20:54] And then he started talking to his friends more about soccer, and then he wanted private lessons. And then the next year he [00:21:00] moved up a team. He went up to the D team, we went with the fourth team, and then he got better. He took more lessons, we put him in some camps. Then the next year he moved up. He leapfrogged two teams.

[00:21:08] He went to the second team. But the keeper on the first team was like one of the best keepers in all of California. His name was Will. And so he is kinda never gonna be on that team cuz you know, he’s really good. He’s leapfrog’s all of a sudden we get the call that Will’s moving to Utah.

[00:21:21] And so now he moves up in a series of one year from the fifth team all the way to the first team. And now he’s in the mls, he’s, it’s a semi-pro league. On the Uther team, MLS next team for csc. And all of that happened for one reason. It’s because he’s specialized. It’s not because he got better.

[00:21:38] He did get better. He’s a much better, soccer player now than he was six years ago. But it’s because he decided not to be a generalist anymore. And rather than telling everybody that he knows that he’s a soccer player at literally everybody that is at his school, he’s on student council and very public at school, and everybody that knows him as a keeper.

[00:21:56] They don’t know him as a midfielder or a defender or a striker or a bench. [00:22:00] Like he is known as a keeper. Everybody who knows Peyton knows he’s a keeper, right? That’s what an offer can do for you, right? Yeah. Aaron, I got your I got your question. I’ll deal with that here in a second. Thank you for sending that. So my point for you is like you think about your coi, think about your lead base. Think about everybody that you know, like professionally. How do they know you? Do they know you as a soccer player or do they know you as a goalie?

[00:22:23] Because there’s two totally different. Do they know you as a real estate agent or do they know you as somebody who owns the four day or Zillow or 72 Sold or whatever your compelling offer is. Right? How do they know you based on what it is? My brand as a coach when I work for Tom Ferry actually Aaron, I coached Aaron for a couple years.

[00:22:42] Aaron’s an amazing agent, but during, I would say the last four years of my, I think I was with Tom for eight years, I only worked with teams that were doing a hundred deals and they needed to get to 500 to seven 50. That was my brand. If you needed to hire Tom Ferry the company as a coach, and the reason why you hired them is that[00:23:00] you were having motivation issues or consistency issues, or maybe you were doing 20 deals a year, you wanted to get to 30, they need a coach’s help.

[00:23:07] But that wasn’t my brand. And me helping teams scale is just as valuable as a coach helping somebody get from 10 to 25 deals, it’s just a completely different set of specialties. My specialty is not in, in the solo age and stuff. My specialty is in marketing and leverage. I know that better than anybody you guys will ever meet.

[00:23:27] And it’s not cuz I’m smart, It’s not cuz I’m gifted. It’s not because, it’s just because that’s what I obsess. And once I figured that out within the Tom Fair ecosystem then I had a waiting list. And then I had no turnover. And again, it’s not because I had been with Tom since almost the beginning.

[00:23:44] It’s not because of anything other than I became known as a very specific subset of all the coaches that were in the ecosystem, right? I know systems, I know leverage. I know things at mass. And for me to talk about anything outside of that would just be stupid because I gotta think too hard [00:24:00] and I don’t wanna think hard.

[00:24:01] It’s the same thing with you guys, right? Find out who you wanna serve, who’s effortless for you to serve, and only do that and either refer out or cut everything else. Easiest way that we get there is with the offer. Okay. There was a question that came in before yours, Aaron, but because yours up, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do yours.

[00:24:19] What a seller’s offer in nine days be compelling enough we aren’t permitted to do coming soon in our market. So looking for inspiration on an irresistible offer, but wanna make sure it’s actually good enough to get traction. I’d love to hear some other examples to get started. Would a seller’s offer, meaning you’re saying a seller’s offer, meaning would an irres irresistible offer that attracted sellers to sell your home in nine days be compelling enough?

[00:24:40] I don’t think the amount of days matters. And what I mean by this, Erin if I go to, Can I do some Gimme one second and I will, let me, I’ll pull this, I will pull this down to the screen share really quick.[00:25:00]

[00:25:07] Okay. I’m gonna go find I think it was Lancey, right? Is that the right? Lacey, Yeah. So DuPont, Tacoma, Olympia, Edgewood DuPont. Okay. So I’m looking at your listings right now. So here’s what I would look for. The first thing I would look for is how does the market perform in general? Is your average days on market 31 for the market right now based on this new market reality?

[00:25:28] Is it Like what does an average home perform at? That would be the first question I would ask. So if your average home right now is performing at 31 days, what would you have to do if somebody came to you as a seller right now and said, You have to sell my home in seven days, or I’m gonna die, what would you do?

[00:25:43] Of course we’d price it effectively, right? Of course we’d stage it, of course, I’d probably kick him outta the home. Of course we’d probably inject a bunch of money in marketing. We’d probably do a whole bunch of viral stuff. There’s a lot of things that we would do if we had to save somebody’s life.

[00:25:56] What I’m suggesting to you, Aaron, is whatever that action process is going to be, [00:26:00] you do that for everybody and you brand it. So pre C, like especially the final two years before I moved to California, we figured. And I don’t know if I was the first person that’s doing this, I’d love to take credit for it, but I don’t know where I got this from.

[00:26:14] But we figured out that if we launched listings on Thursday and tried to do two, glorified open houses on Saturday and Sunday and take listing and take offers on Monday, that worked for us in Phoenix. It was a very, it worked very well. That was in a normal market. Things weren’t flying off the shelves.

[00:26:28] It really weren’t multiple offers. But we knew that if we priced it right and we marketed right, we could get multiple people through the door. Actually, you know what I know exactly where it came from and I use ’em all the time. It came from Concierge auctions. It was when they really pitched us on their process for a listing that I had and I realized like, Hey, you guys are doing this when you’re charging 10%.

[00:26:48] Like I could easily do this on a local level and only charge 6%. And so that’s essentially all we did. We built a glorified fake, marketing or auction process and we just told all of our listings, This is what you [00:27:00] have to do. If you don’t wanna do it this way, we understand you’re awesome. You can’t work with us cuz this is how we pitch listings, so that’s all we did over and over again. And it worked, right? So I don’t think, Erin it’s the nine days. I think it’s more the process. I think you need to find a different way to, to look at that process, right? So I would say you could do your home sold in 14 days or you can fire us.

[00:27:23] The way that I would probably, instead of saying, or you can fire us, I would say the risk free way to sell your home and under two weeks for a higher price. The only risk free way to sell your home in two weeks for a higher price. That’s probably where I would go in. Will you submit a form and let me know if that’s compliant.

[00:27:50] The only risk free way to sell your home in 14 days for a higher price. Don’t use the word [00:28:00] highest cuz you wanna know why we don’t use max in minimum terms, cuz that’s what people get sued on. I don’t wanna break a record for you and then you tell me, Oh, three months ago the neighbor down my street sold for $719 a square foot.

[00:28:13] We only sold for 712. So you didn’t honor the promise. Don’t use the word lowest, don’t use the word highest. Don’t use the word shortest. Don’t use the word longest. Use shorter or longer, higher or lower. Not minimum, not maximum. Get that completely outta your vocabulary. So Aaron, that’s what I would be looking for.

[00:28:33] That’s what I would be looking for. So now all you have to do on the page is when you say we are the only risk-free way to sell your home in 14 days at a higher price. Now the job of the page is just to explain how you get to that result. Oh Aaron, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us.

[00:28:49] Listen, we love what you have to offer. I wanna show you around this home. We wanna list this home for 9 25. Great. Aaron’s thinking, this home is worth eight 15 all day long. There’s [00:29:00] no way you’re gonna get 9 25. Does Aaron give a guarantee around the 14 days? Apps are freaking not. Does he do that? No way.

[00:29:08] Don’t ever commit to something you can’t honor. And you might be thinking in your head like that’s bait and switch. It’s not bait and switch. You know when people say that, we’ll buy your home for cash, that doesn’t mean they’re gonna buy your home for cash for $200,000. Over asking. That just means if you and I can come to an agreement to purchase your home, I will pay for it in a convenient cash way.

[00:29:28] That’s all that means. Guarantees are the same thing. Now, if you say your home sold with 20 offers in 24 hours or less, or I’ll pay you $25,000, you’re going to get a shit ton of people to say, I wanna do that. But if your term is that you have to list your home for sale at 50% of market value, you will get zero conversions.

[00:29:51] So it’s an ebb and flow and a take of I like it. 14. So the only risk free way to sell your home in under two weeks for a higher price. I like [00:30:00] it. 14 days or two weeks? I don’t know. Days sounds quicker than weeks to me. That’s how I think about it, right? So I would use 14 days, two weeks. It’s the same thing. People are smart. They understand that 14 days and two weeks is the same thing.

[00:30:17] Now we’re splitting hairs. I would probably use days. But if you use weeks, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. That’s just, those are just my thoughts on it, right? Now what we need to do is we need to come up. I didn’t talk about this and that, so Aaron will use you as an example. We need a a one to three word domain name that we can use.

[00:30:35] That makes sense. Now, if I go to my GoDaddy account, If you guys don’t buy every domain that you think of that’s available, whether you use it or not, you’re nuts. If you knew how much money I made a year just from selling random domains that I’ve owned forever it’s crazy. I we’re down right now, I think I only own maybe 175 domains.

[00:30:55] I, at one point I was well over 300. Let me see what I own here. And I [00:31:00] can tell you an example I think it was the coaching Mastermind that we owned a while ago. I don’t know why I bought that, but I bought it and we got a random offer for $1,500 for it. I’m not using it. Go ahead and take it. All right. Portfolio. Why is nothing showing up here?

[00:31:26] . Here we go. Domains manage all. Huh, I’ve never seen this interface before.

[00:31:38] Anyway. I’m pretty sure that I have four day Four day

[00:31:48] Maybe it’s the four day, because I can’t access my GoDaddy, I can’t tell you what it is. But I would wanna make sure that Aaron, I could brand that in two to three words and buy that domain. Now, we can put this page on [00:32:00] your website. If you’re using word WordPress and elementary, we don’t need to create a whole nother install.

[00:32:04] Like we could easily put this on the site right now, and we would just blind mask it to it. There’s no reason to have all these different assets all over the place. I think that’s totally fine, but I think that the only risk free way to sell your homeowner two weeks for a higher price, like all you have to do now is on the pages.

[00:32:21] You have to honor the promise. That’s literally all you have to do.

[00:32:30] Hold on. I’m refreshing this here.

[00:32:39] Shane says, Your AZ listing launch still works here. Launch late Wednesday night, no showings. Thursday, final seller prep. Send sellers away Friday, Saturday, Sunday, offer deadline Monday, Tuesday, offer review Wednesday contingent on event pricing. Three to 5% under Yep. So what Shane is saying is that if he lists three to 5% under the pending and [00:33:00] sold.

[00:33:00] A comps in the market, then a launch price still works. It does. Now, if your seller has a piece of crap home and they’re trying to market it like the best home in the market, they’re overpriced. They make it hard to get into. There’s work that needs to be done. It smells weird. Like of course, the two day launch, is it gonna work?

[00:33:15] So if I’m Aaron Thomas, I’m in somebody’s home, and I go through the same thing I talked about earlier. Hey, based on everything that we do from a marketing and a process, I’m sure you’ve probably figured out that there’s not really another agent that you are gonna interview that has this process down like we do.

[00:33:28] Am I right by at least saying that? Okay. So based on your professional opinion and everything that you’re looking to achieve in real estate, do you believe that we’re the right team to sell your home? Because if we’re not the right team to sell your home, how I would position your home from a pricing and a terms perspective is completely worthwhile or worthless.

[00:33:45] And the reason why we say things this way is because I don’t wanna negotiate terms. I don’t wanna negotiate our fee. I don’t wanna negotiate pricing. I don’t wanna negotiate anything if you don’t think that I’m the right agent for the job. And we tell people and a lot of you [00:34:00] guys that have known me for a while, we are very clear in our marketing and in the emails and in the prep videos that we send clients, we are very clear and we tell them, You should never pick us based on the price that we believe your home is going to sell for.

[00:34:14] You should never pick us based on the commission we charge, because any agent can give you any price. Any agent can give you any, commission terms. Any agent can give you any terms of an agreement that the very thing that sets us apart is the exact process we take you through from meeting to closing is why you should choose us.

[00:34:32] And the reason why I wanna come see you at your home is because I want to demonstrate why we are different and why our process will get you more showings than any other agent you will interview. Because what I figured out in these 17 years of being a licensed real estate agent is the more showings I can get you, the higher your home’s gonna sell for the math is just that simple.

[00:34:51] And our process will get you more showings than anybody else your interview. So based on that, And I’m just laying this on as much as I can over and over again to [00:35:00] where it, it literally feels like uncomfortable for the seller to say, Yeah, but Susie q realtor who we knew from church, is only gonna charge us 1%.

[00:35:08] That is an objection. If you hear that objection and I’m getting on a little tirade. I’m so passionate about this shit. Like I, I can’t even see, and I’m yelling at the camera right now. That’s how, like how much I believe in how much this stuff works. If somebody says, if Susie q from search or from church, we really like her and she’s gonna do it for 1%, literally pick up your shit and walk out the door.

[00:35:29] Just, what are you doing? Listen, I, our value proposition that we bring to the table, all of our experience, our proven process, all of this, it’s clearly not what you’re looking for. And I don’t wanna waste any of your time. If you are a value. Conscious consumer, meaning you will always choose the cheapest option and hope for the best result.

[00:35:49] I respect you. In certain areas of my life, I’m that way as well. However, I am not the professional that can deliver the result at the end of the day that I’m comfortable with because you’re cutting my legs off with money, [00:36:00] meaning I don’t have enough money to advertise and go through this whole process because you took it all away in commission.

[00:36:05] And I understand there are people out there that will gladly lose money on listings just to get a listing cuz they’re starving. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I’m not that agent. So in effort, in an effort to save you time I think we should part ways as friends right now, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this multiple times, sometimes they sit you back down and they’ll say, Wait a second, hold on.

[00:36:26] We just wanted to see if you’d take it for less and Look, I would love to give you guys a deal, but even more importantly than me giving you a deal is me having the ability to get you an exemplary result. Because at the end of the day, you could have saved all the commission that you wanted to, but if you didn’t get the result you were after do you really care about how much commission dollars you saved?

[00:36:45] I don’t either, and I don’t wanna give you a deal and sell listing really quick, make less money, but not feel happy about the work that we did. And by taking a lower commission amount, you’re suggesting to me that we should be okay with that. And I’m just not right. It [00:37:00] has nothing to do with, sales skill set.

[00:37:02] It’s just a standard that we’ve set in the business. I only deliver exemplary results. The only way that we can do that is that we treat every listing the same, and we put every listing whether it’s gonna sell right away with 25 offers, or whether we go out and grind this thing out and get on the phone and call every agent no matter what.

[00:37:20] I wanna make sure at the end of the process, you look at this entire thing and say, You know what? We chose the right agent. And if the only reason that you say we chose the right agent was a discounted commission percentage. I understand and I don’t fault you for it, but I’m not the right agent for the job.

[00:37:38] And you just part ways at that. And some people say, You know what? I disagree with you, but I totally respect that you took a stand. If anything changes, we’ll let you know, and at least you can walk out with your head up high. I can’t tell you how many coaching calls that I’ve got on, Hey, I’ve got an opportunity to take this listing.

[00:37:52] But they wanted it 1%. Where did you screw up? I didn’t screw up anything. I freaking crushed it. They just don’t wanna pay 3%. Come on.[00:38:00] There was something you missed because they don’t wanna pay your fee. So there was a value prop in there somewhere that you didn’t uncover, right? Having an offer solves all of that thing.

[00:38:10] Okay, Mr. West, where would we be advertising the offer? How much ad spend should we allocate? Here’s a simple answer. Everywhere and as much as possible . That’s my answer to everything. But if you want me to get more realistic with you in regards to what I would do tactically right now, if I had an unlimited process of creating content.

[00:38:31] So you see like my little Canon R five over there with my lens and the little microphone on it, I would have that in vertical mode every day. Or your phone, whatever you’re using. I use DSLRs cause I’m used to it. And I would be recording 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1 minute videos every single day talking about just random micro topics.

[00:38:52] Hey, my name’s Steve Olson. I am the owner of the four Day Listing Launch here in Chandler, Arizona. Listen doing some research for the client today. I found out [00:39:00] that more homes got listed this month than last month, but Lester under contract. So if you’re thinking about selling right now, The process that you use to go to the market with the home is more important than ever.

[00:39:10] And we have a way to bypass all the commission. If you wanna learn more, go to four day and I’ll show you all the details over there. Do you see how we use the process of Hey, I learned something, this is what I learned, and then I wrap it up with the offer. Now we don’t need to make every single short form video to say, Buy my stuff, right?

[00:39:30] Cuz if you do that, it’s not gonna work. But if you give enough tips away in the market and you talk about enough stuff, That’s going on right now. Like even if it’s Hey, doing research for a client right now, Does you know the most expensive home for sale on all of Chandler is in Circle G Ranch?

[00:39:46] And it was listed for 3.7 million. It’s been on the market for 41 days. I think this thing should have sold in two weeks. And I’ve created a blog post of why I think So, do me a favor. Click the link in the description and I’ll tell you why. And again, we’re using that short to drive [00:40:00] the content back to the blog, back to the long form blog post.

[00:40:03] Now the, obviously the long foreign blog post is going to lead to the offer. The offer leads to the communication. And in your head right now, you’re probably thinking Oh my God, that’s a lot of process just to get to a call. Are you going to get $6 leads? That’s that wanna take you up on your irresistible offer?

[00:40:18] No, you’re not gonna get $6 leads. It’s gonna be more expensive. But here’s what you’re gonna find. The people are going to be so much farther down the sales process. Than like a dry Facebook lead where you have to beg them that Hey, it’s Steve ols. I’m calling cuz you inquired on one of my Facebook ads, blah, blah, blah.

[00:40:35] Who? Why Facebook? I wasn’t on Facebook today. Are you, Is this illegal? Are you spamming me right now? That’s what’s going through their head, right? And now all of a sudden you’ve gotta recover. What? No. Hold on a second. Now I’m a real estate agent and this is my Facebook page. Check your email. And it’s it’s, you’re already done.

[00:40:50] It doesn’t matter how you recover, you’re already done. Because the modality of how they came into your system was based on a homes for sale ad that has no emotional connection. What.[00:41:00] The only way to create emotional connections through video there is, I hate to, Oh, you could launch a podcast, but there is no other way to do it.

[00:41:06] You can’t do it with a written blog. Although if you’re a really good writer, I would do a written blog. They’re wildly effective. It’s just really hard to transfer an emotion when somebody can’t put a face to the message. You need to be able to put a face and a voice to the message. That’s when the magic really happens.

[00:41:22] You with me on this? If I had no ad budget right now, Mike, here’s what I would do. I would get my offer together. I’d build out the entire page, whether you do this on your own or however you do this. And then I would be creating, I’m not even joking right now, I’m probably going to do a free masterclass on YouTube shorts.

[00:41:37] We’re launching two different channels right now. We’re only using shorts. And so far it’s crushing. I’m telling you. Now I have a pretty good workflow of getting small one minute videos off of that camera into the computer, edited and out. Like I’ve got that stuff down pretty well. And you can learn to do it too.

[00:41:53] It’s nothing, it’s nothing or shattering. I didn’t invent anything. There’s no proprietary process that I use. But what I tell you is what I would [00:42:00] tell you is when you get the thumbnail, the description, the title and the video in sync, and YouTube understands who you’re trying to go after, they will pour freaking gas on it.

[00:42:11] You miss any one of those and it’s gonna struggle. Now Mike West is in Chandler, Arizona. So if I’m creating content around Chandler, is it, am I gonna get 32 million views on a short about Chandler real estate? No, you are not. But if you were to upload Mike four to five of those shorts every single day and really learn, and every short that you pushed was getting one 50 to 200 views organically a day, you wouldn’t need an ad budget at.

[00:42:36] You would have enough to go on, but you have to give everything away. And the easiest way to give everything away is to have an offer. Because when you have an offer, it’s like how you know how a lot of coaches when they do webinars and they, you go through their webinar and they’re I just spent three hours with this guy, but I didn’t really learn shit.

[00:42:51] It’s because they don’t know the difference between giving stuff away for free and coaching. They think if I give you all the secret sauce, you won’t coach with me. So they have to give you [00:43:00] bullshit. And then you look at the, and you’re like, Wow, this was kind of garbage. So why would I coach with you?

[00:43:04] Because that’s it’s a really common problem in the coaching industry, right? So I think real estate’s the same thing. I think a lot of real estate agents know they should create content. And I’ve heard this before. I don’t want to go all in because I’m gonna give all my competitors all my secrets.

[00:43:18] Dude, what secret? You don’t have any secrets. You didn’t invent any of this stuff. Get over your own ego. You know what I mean? So what I’m, so what I’m talking about Mike, is when you have that offer, And just use Aaron’s. I’ll go back to Aaron’s thing right here, which I think was well perfectly saved.

[00:43:34] The only risk free way to sell your home in under two weeks for a higher price, or 14 days for a higher price like that’s so easy to talk about. Hey, my name is Aaron Thomas. I’m a real estate agent here in Lacey Washington. I’m also the founder of the 14 day listing launch or whatever you would call that, Aaron.

[00:43:52] Today I want to tell you something really important. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the market right now, there’s two things that you need to do. Number one, [00:44:00] You’ve gotta stage the property and make it look like a home that belongs on hgtv if you want certainty in selling your home.

[00:44:05] Number two, you need to learn how to price your property to market, not to evaluate. It’s really important you understand the difference between price to market and price to value. One’s an appraisal, one is a marketing tool. And if you don’t understand the difference between those two and today’s market, you’re in trouble.

[00:44:21] If you wanna find out how we can help you understand the difference with those, go to the 14 day Lacey, real estate launch, whatever, right? Erin, your wife would kill this content. You just tell her to make it all, not that you can’t do it, but she would totally kill this stuff. That, that’s how I would think about that.

[00:44:36] And I would just come up with as many different ways to talk about that as possible. And you guys may think I’m gonna run outta content two weeks. You won’t. You could make something as super simple as in Arizona, there is a clause to get out if you’re a buyer in the event of an active go active God.

[00:44:51] Any of you guys have that in your contract? In the event of an act of God, this contract will become null and void. How do you quantify that?[00:45:00] Does somebody say, I prayed on this last night and God told me not to buy the house. I’m not poking fun. I’m literally being honest, and I’m sure that’s happened before, and I’m sure the attorney says we view that as an act of God because according to her religious beliefs, the prayer that she came went out with, came back with a response of not to do that.

[00:45:16] So we’re gonna cancel. How do you fight that in court? I don’t know how you fight it, right? Because how does she prove that God spoke to her or she didn’t? This has nothing to do with what religion you, you’re with, or whether you’re a religious or not religious. It has nothing to do with that.

[00:45:29] There’s a piece of the contract that went exposed correctly, could have a level of controversy. I could create 20 videos on that one little piece of content alone, That one little piece of controversy or clause or whatever you want to call it alone, I could create 20 pieces of content on that. You guys are probably thinking too big.

[00:45:48] You’re thinking too Gary Vaynerchuck or to Ryan Sirhan or too, whoever else you look to. MK bhd or two Mr. Beast. Like you’re thinking too big and you’re trying to hit a grand [00:46:00] slam. You can’t hit a grand slam at three to four shorts a day. It’s just impossible. All right. Mike but let me get back to Mike’s original question cuz I know you want an answer to that.

[00:46:10] Two things. You can’t advertise YouTube shorts. You can’t do it. I think in March of next year, YouTube’s gonna roll out advertising for shorts. So you cannot run YouTube short advertising, but you can run YouTube advertising and you can run it to very specific demographics as we speak. Right now I would be doing that and I would be doing video view ads on Facebook and Instagram.

[00:46:31] As long as they’re getting one to 2 cent video views, I’d push it till the cows come home. How much would you need to spend Mike before you got a result if you got the offer right, That’s resonant with your market right now. If your offer, and I know some of you are thinking about this right now, if your offer is I don’t wanna leave anybody out like I service all of Maricopa County.

[00:46:52] Mike and I actually personally spoke about this last week. I wanna service all of Maricopa County. Look, unless you want to compete with 72 [00:47:00] Sold or Open Door or any of the bigger enterprise guys, it’s gonna be really hard with a low marketing budget to get traction behind of it because you like, it’s too general.

[00:47:08] Now, if Mike got on the phone with me and told me he had a hundred thousand dollars a month to spend in advertising, I’d get super generic and I’d go after the entire market. And Mike, at a hundred k, we could probably get you anywhere between 70 and I would say 130 new listings a month. And I know that sounds crazy, but that’s all that’s standing in between you and being the number one listing agent in Phoenix is probably a hundred k.

[00:47:31] And when you think about it in that, that those terms, a hundred thousand dollars spent in a month, like you cherry pick, you don’t pitch, you cherry pick. You only work with the people that are gonna work with you no matter what everybody else, which don’t worry about I’m not losing sleep over you. I got 90 other people that wanna list their home.

[00:47:48] Why am I gonna fight you on commission? Why am I gonna fight you on the terms? Why am I gonna fight you over one of your co-listing agent? I’m not gonna argue with any of that. I love you. I hope you have success, but you can’t get on my boat.[00:48:00] So how much money will it take, Mike, before you get a result?

[00:48:02] I think that if you do it right, you have the right offer and you run it to Chandler and like we talked about on the phone, you stay within Chandler, I think within $1,500 easily, you’d have your first layup deal. It’s not gonna cost much. Cuz again, we’re not doing conversion ads, we’re doing content ads, right?

[00:48:19] And at 2 cents a video view, let’s do some math here. If I spend $1,500. We do all video views, which I would not do, but let’s say you did, we divide that by 0.02 cents of video view. That means 75,000 people are going to see the video. Okay? Or they’re gonna engage with a video more than that are gonna see it, right?

[00:48:42] So that’s good. But let’s say we only took 1200 of that and did video views divide that by 0.02. I’m gonna write this down my notes. That means 60,000 video views we’re gonna get, I’m gonna take the other $300 and I’m gonna remarket all of those video views with the offer, right? I’m just gonna say, if you wanna sell your [00:49:00] home, we’ve uncovered a the risk free.

[00:49:02] Again, let me use right ones The only risk free way to sell your home in under two weeks for a higher price. To learn more, you should click here and I’m gonna, I’m gonna do a a image that has me going I have it written right here on the image. This is gonna be like super low technology, right?

[00:49:16] We’ve uncovered the only way to sell your home in 14 days for a higher price risk free in Chan, Arizona. Read this to learn more, and we send that to the site. Let’s say that costs me Mike 30 cents a click, because remember, it’s gonna be retargeting on all the video views. So I’m gonna spend $1,200 of video views.

[00:49:33] I got 60,000 video views. Then I’m gonna retarget all those 60,000 people with the offer, and I’m gonna spend $300 a month on that and it’s gonna cost me 35 cents. So $300 times 0.35 means I’m gonna get about 857 clicks, okay? I think you could probably get 12% of those people to give you their address, which would be about 102, which would be amazing.

[00:49:56] And I think you’re probably gonna get about 8% of those [00:50:00] people to fill out the lead form. So that’s gonna be times 0.8. So that means you’re gonna get eight people and you’re thinking like, Oh my God, eight people out of $1,500. It’s $187 50 cents per lead while all of these eight people consumed your content, all of these eight people took the time to give you their address.

[00:50:20] All of these eight people went through step two, gave you all their info, and they saw the sales video and they saw the thank you video. Do you think you could convert one of those eight people to a deal? And Mike, if your average deal over there

[00:50:35] is $655,000 just using simple math here, that’s not simple number, but you get it. And let’s say Mike gets it at 3%, that one person that elects to do a deal with him has a gross commission amount of $19,650 and he spent $1,500 to get them. If I divide 1500 by 19 6 50[00:51:00] that’s 7.6% 19 6 50 divided by 1500. That’s 13 to one. That’s a 13 x y on ad. Mike, Dude, that’s no brainer. Like you give me any business that has a 13 to one ROI and I’ll write you a check for 50 grand right now for lead generation, I would do it in a heartbeat. We get the ability to do that in real estate.

[00:51:23] Now you might be thinking, Yeah, but Facebook leads are $4 a lead and I get one of those every, but you gotta chase and beat them down and it’s exhausting and they don’t do it your way because they don’t know who you are because they came in on a home and there’s all this stress. It’s profitable. If I had an ISA team, if I built out like Mike, another way that we could do this, you could go get 10 ISAs and build a call center in Chandler, Arizona.

[00:51:45] And I would go out there and I would get as many $1 Facebook leads as I can on homes for sale. And I would have 10 people make 500 phone calls a day each. And you would print money in Chandler, you would print. But most of you guys aren’t set up for that type of sales process. [00:52:00] You need a legit you probably need to be running HubSpot.

[00:52:02] You probably need to be having a really good way of video marketing. You need to have retargeting down to a science, and it’s not hard to do. It’s a lot of process, but it’s a different business. Maybe Mike doesn’t wanna run a call center. Maybe he wants him and his wife to just make a million dollars a year and net commissions, and they want to take half of that and live off of it.

[00:52:21] The other half they want to take and invest and they just wanna repeat that over and over again. They don’t want to grow a team of 75 agents or a call center or, they don’t want to be. Mike, I’d be curious, does Russell Shaw, is he still active in the business?

[00:52:37] Let’s see. I haven’t heard of this guy in so freaking long.

[00:52:44] Yeah, it looks like he’s still going.

[00:52:50] Yep. It looks like he, he’s still there. Oh, I think you were. Oh yes. Yeah. He says, Oh yes, he’s still there. He’s an example of a one to many really good marketer. He got in [00:53:00] early before everybody else did. And I’m not bragging and I’m applying for a job. I wanna be your realtor.

[00:53:04] Like I, I haven’t been in Phoenix in eight years and I could probably recite his commercial, word for word, right? That’s how effective the, And what is that, Mike? It’s an offer. It’s all it is. I’m not bragging. I’m applying for a job. I want to be your realtor. Now, you may a argue that’s a very dry call to action and it is.

[00:53:21] But you say that 75,000 times a day, 365 times a year, you are going to sell 500 homes a year. Rinse and repeat. So again, it’s equal parts market, equal parts offer equal parts, cadence of how you communicate that it’s equal parts, everything. You just have to have a way to yell it from the freaking rooftops still on tv, right?

[00:53:46] No hassle listing pitch. 100%. But listen, Russell’s a you know he’s a the godfather of real estate, right? He’s been doing this and there are so many people that have emulated his system across the country wildly effective. [00:54:00] It’s just an offer. It’s just an offer. Nobody cares about his opinion. Like at least I don’t think they do.

[00:54:07] They just want their home listed by the guys on TV all the time because they believe that somebody who’s on TV all the time must have good reach and good reach must mean I’m gonna sell my home for more. Whether that’s true or not, I have no idea. The offer is the most important thing, Mike. That’s what I’m getting at.

[00:54:24] Okay, so we got that part answered. There was another question.

[00:54:32] Shane says, My new ad spend benchmark is 20 to 25 top Ndci basis on if I’m willing to pay 25% referral fee, why not pay that for listing promo? I totally agree. Look if you guys wanted to scale a business. Okay, Shane, I got both of yours. I’ll answer both of those really quick. Let me take a, like me yelling at the camera and yelling at you guys.

[00:54:51] My throat’s gonna go,

[00:54:57] if you came to me right now and said, Look, Steve, I’m onto something [00:55:00] and I think I could sell 500 homes a year and I’m selling 75 a year right now, and I really want get to 500 a year. Can I get there? Most coaches, gurus, and people that don’t know what they’re talking about will tell you, No, it’s not possible.

[00:55:12] If you sell 75 right now, you gotta sell 90. Then we sell one 50, then we learn how to do, fix some stuff. Then we get to 200, then we get to 300, and then maybe if you’re lucky, within five years we get to 500. It’s all bullshit. Here’s what I mean by this. You either do the activities that are required to get to 500 homes a year, or you.

[00:55:30] It’s just that it takes you a long time to figure out what those activities are, right? So if I was looking to scale and I wanted to buy my way to the top, here’s the mathematical formula I would use right now. First thing that I would find out is, number one, what is the money that I need every single month to live?

[00:55:45] So maybe my mortgage payment is $8,500 a month. I’ve got a couple of expensive cars, so there’s another $4,000 a month. My, my kids are crazy about the dumb things that they do. So that’s another couple thousand. Soccer’s a couple thousand, travels a couple thousand. So let’s say that I [00:56:00] all, all in, I need $25,000 net in my pocket every single month to operate the family.

[00:56:06] I’m making this number up, right? I hate to tell you about our number is higher than that because of where we live, and that’s just the way it is. But let’s say it’s 25,000. I gotta pay taxes on that, right? So I’m gonna multiply 25,000 by 1.4. And so that means every month I need $35,750 in my account deposited every 31st of the month.

[00:56:29] You guys with me so far? So I now know my taxed number that I need to get. Okay. Now maybe I wanna buy another portion right now. Maybe I need more surf boys. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I gotta fluff that up a little bit to make sure that I can afford to get the other things. Gross that up if you need to.

[00:56:45] But here’s where things start to get interesting. My first goal, now that I know that money is to get three times that in an account. Three, that’s it. So I need multiply that times three. I need $107,250 to get. [00:57:00] So what is the action plan that I need to do other than what I need to make month in and month out to get to $107,250?

[00:57:07] That would be goal number one, Shane. Then goal number two is I would take a percentage of every closing. Let’s say that I’m averaging for closings a month, right? And to use Mike’s example, that’s 19,000 a commission. So I’m gonna multiply that times four, that’s 76,000. Obviously I’ve got expenses of maybe 15% in there.

[00:57:25] Oops. So multiply that times point 85, and then I’m gonna subtract my 37 500. So now I’ve got $27,100 left over from that month, I’ve got my three months of reserves, plus I’ve paid the current month. So technically I’ve got four months right now. How much of that $27,100 do you think I’m gonna spend on advertising right now?

[00:57:47] And I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with mall, all of it. I’m gonna spend all of it on Advertis. Most of you guys are not where you want to be because you didn’t [00:58:00] have a good savings plan. You’re not where you want to be because you didn’t have the right spending plan. Again, you can’t spend unlimited amount of funds like we’re not in this business.

[00:58:11] But if we are, like, let’s say that Shane was selling basketballs and Shane says, I have this new revolutionary basketball that we’re gonna sell, it costs $35. I sell it for $35. It costs me $11 to make it. So we have a profit margin of, I don’t even know what that is, $24, right? We have a profit margin of $24 every time I spend it.

[00:58:30] Okay. Can I say, Okay, great. So as long as we get a sale for half of that, which would mean $12 and 50 cents or $12 rather, how many of those basketballs do you wanna. So that means I have a net profit of $12 per ball. Yeah. I would wanna sell as many as I could. So now our, we, at this point when we have the mathematical formula, I don’t sit here and think let’s talk about leads.

[00:58:53] And it’s no. What do we need to do marketing wise to sell a basketball from advertising for $12? [00:59:00] And we just keep doing it till we figure it out. And then all of a sudden, this one funnel works, this one type of ad works, this one sales page works, and we’re getting basketball sales for $12 on ad spend.

[00:59:10] And then we have to pay $11 to make the basketball and the profit we make is $12. And if I asked you at that point, now that we’ve figured out that mathematical formula, how much money do you wanna spend a month in advertising? And Shane’s correct answer would be unlimited because in Facebook ads, at least in e-commerce, I can run all of those ads on a credit card and before the credit card payment is due, I’m already getting paid on the E-commerce.

[00:59:33] So I just keep doing that until I can’t do it anymore. And there are a lot of people, guys that are spending millions of dollars a month on social ads right now because they’re getting paid instantly and they’re just, It’s legal money laundering. That’s all business is. It’s legal money laundering. Now, between you and me and the chickens, the reason why that’s hard for real estate agents to do is because we take a delayed payment, right?

[00:59:56] I get a perfect client today. I may not get that commission check for [01:00:00] 90 days, right? So I can’t do unlimited spending unless I’ve got such a huge pipeline that it doesn’t matter, right? So I can’t have unlimited spending. But once you figure out, once Mike West figures out, or Shane, based on his question, figures out that every $1,475 or every $1,500 I spend, I make 20 grand.

[01:00:19] Now you just gotta go out there and find as many $1,500 checks as you can spend. And you just keep doing that. Are you telling me right now, Mike, that if you had a hundred thousand dollars to advertise, we took a hundred thousand divided by 1500, that’s gonna give you 67 listings. 67 times 19,500 is gonna make you 1.3 million just off of that a hundred thousand dollars.

[01:00:42] That’s a 13 to one roi. You tell me you wouldn’t do that right now. And then Yeah, but how much taxes am I gonna pay on that? A lot. You’re gonna pay like a half a million dollars in taxes on that. So we’re gonna back out your a hundred thousand.

[01:00:58] Now we’re at 1.2 million. I’m [01:01:00] gonna assume it’s gonna cost him 35% to run that. So we’ll back out 35%. Now we’re at 780,000. And let’s say Mike has a gross terrible split, which he does, and I know what brokerage he’s at, but let’s say he does and he pays them 25%. So now we’re down to $585,000 in net income from 1,000,003.

[01:01:17] And you’re like, Oh my god, that’s almost a million dollars in expenses. Sure, but it’s $585,000 in net profit. Now, what has Mike spent? He gets us 37,500, so let’s back that out. And now he has a net profit left over of four hundred and forty five hundred forty $7,500. How much of that am I gonna spend on ads?

[01:01:37] I already know that a hundred thousand gets me 1.3. I don’t need $547,000, so why don’t I go out there and spend $250,000 on the offer? Will the numbers hold true? The thing that you and I get to benefit from in the real estate space is the money compounds itself at exponential numbers because of commission checks.

[01:01:57] You’re just not thinking that way. You’re thinking about how cheap can I [01:02:00] get leads and how many calls do I need to make? It’s the wrong way to think. You need tos. You need to start thinking like a business owner. So Shane says, What about what you said before it may take 10 listings to sell six. What would you be willing to flex on?

[01:02:13] Especially this would be a 2023 market. Yes. I do think we’re going on in a market to where it may be likely that you have to take 10 listings and only sell five of them. I think that is going to happen and I think that’s okay. This number is still profitable at that number and cut it in half.

[01:02:26] It’s a six or seven x roi. Totally fine. If that really happens, we start blending marketing in like we start doing one ad campaign for all the listings, not one ad campaign per listing. We can get a little bit more scrappy with that. But I think you guys are gonna have to get very comfortable with taking listings that you’re not gonna sell.

[01:02:44] I definitely think it’s going. So Shane, I wouldn’t based on those numbers. Now again, if you’ve got a proven process and everybody fits within your process, you’ll have success. Doesn’t matter. I’d keep doing it. I think that is. [01:03:00] Question was answered. We’re good on that, Erin. Okay. I think that’s about it.

[01:03:04] So where do we go from here? Some of you have already sent emails about Hey, I know I need to do this. I know I can’t afford not to do this, but I don’t understand the tech stack is there’s some other way you could help me. And the answer would be yes. Be no, I am not interested.

[01:03:16] And I hope you guys take this with respect. I did get another question, so I’ll answer that from you, Shane. Oh yeah. Okay. I’ll answer that in a question Shane in a minute. Shane. I am only interested in helping people, like with massive results. I don’t want to get on a call with anybody for somebody to save.

[01:03:30] I, I got one more deal a month from Steve. That’s not my brand. That’s not what I do. If you are 100%. To scale. I think I was very transparent in what we do. It’s, the 360 Brand Academy is 1595 or three payments of 7 45. If you wanna work with me personally, I will help you marry the CRM with the web tech stack, with all of the advertising.

[01:03:52] It’s not, I’m not gonna coach you on how to do it. We’re literally going to implement it with and for you so that at the end of that three month process, [01:04:00] Like you have everything. I don’t own anything. You own it all. And if you go longer than three months, great. But I don’t think you lead longer than three months.

[01:04:07] The investment of that is either 11, 9 95 up front, or it’s $4,500 per month for three months straight. We don’t do anything shorter because there’s a fair amount of work to do with that. You couldn’t hire an admin at $4,500 a month to do what I’m and my team are gonna implement for you. It was like, I know it sounds like a lot, but when you equate what we’re gonna do to salaries, you are going to have to pay to get this rolled out.

[01:04:30] Like it’s a steal. So that’s my, I told you there’d be no pitching. I don’t wanna pitch. That’s the end of it. But I did get three emails today saying, this is great. I really wanna do it. Will you just do it for me? That’s how I do it for you. I don’t know what the schedule looks like and how many people I can take on right now, but if you’re interested in that, you can go to daily or email and we can hop on a call and you can do that.

[01:04:52] I will tell you with a thousand percent certainty, when the offer meets the demographic meets your [01:05:00] content, you will scale even in this market. Like there, there’s a reason why Zillow didn’t hire, Think of any, influencer. I don’t know who the biggest influencer, There’s a reason why they went process over influencer.

[01:05:12] It’s because process and the offer will beat a person like a hundred percent of the time. Very rarely will a person beat a process. So my suggestion to. Based on what you’ve learned on this challenge is that you need to focus and go all in with a process that scales. And once you figure that out and listen, the first offer may not work.

[01:05:33] Aaron Thomas is the risk of your way to sell your home in 14 days for a higher price that may not work. I think it will work. It will work. If he pours enough gas onto it, it will work. If he talks about it enough, it will work if he gets enough social proof or enough case studies and all that stuff.

[01:05:46] But maybe Aaron doesn’t wanna do that. Maybe he doesn’t have the commitment level to sink something in that aggressive, what else is easier to do when you have an offer that works? It’s easy to scale a brokerage. It’s easy to scale a team. There’s [01:06:00] a lot of fringe benefits that come from having an offer that works, right?

[01:06:03] So it’s not just about how to protect your commission and how to get more deals. There are a lot of other things that happen when you have an offer that works, again, if I own a brokerage Oh, look, if I have a process that every time I spend 1200 or $1,500, it gets a listing, now I gotta go find enough people to join my brokerage that are already doing enough business to where I can self-fund that advertising.

[01:06:22] And I just give those deals out at 35, 45, 50 5%, and I just do that 300 times a month. That’s a wildly profitable brokerage. Again, it’s not the brokerage brand, it’s not whether you’re in ex P or Keller Williams or Coldwell Banker or Real, or any of those brokerages. It’s just the offer. It’s just the offer.

[01:06:43] That’s all that is. So here’s what I owe you. I will do a quick overview video for those of you guys to get the recordings on how to change the fonts. We will normalize that webpage with like design things and accurate content. Of course I’m here if you have any questions is where you guys can.

[01:06:59] That step [01:07:00] away if you guys paid for the recordings, those will be up sometime later tomorrow. We will have all that up and then we’ll probably add a few bonuses in there to make sure that you can get unstuck with some of this stuff, just because it tends to be what we always do. There will be an email that goes out when those get launched.

[01:07:14] If you don’t have the recordings right now, I will send you the private link. The $45 link will go away today for the general public, right? But I’ll still send it to you and you can use it. But it will not be $45 for this. We are gonna continue to do this challenge but the pricing structure around that is going to change and how we offer this will change a little bit.

[01:07:31] But if you still want the discount because you guys got in first, I will always honor it. Just let me know how I can help. Listen. There’s only one thing that you do between now and the end of the year. I know you’re gonna go through business planning. I’m even gonna do a business planning webinar.

[01:07:45] You guys are more than welcome to join that if you want. Sure. We’re gonna talk about how many leads to conversion, to appointments, to money, how to save money, what’s the financial model of a team. We’ll go through all of that stuff. And the easiest way to win going [01:08:00] forward is the offer that you have, right?

[01:08:02] So if there was one thing that I would focus on, even if you don’t build a webpage, it’s just the offer so that you have the ability to go to a cocktail hour and say do you know how this is happening? We have a process that solves that. If that’s the only thing that you achieve from this two day challenge, you’ll kill it.

[01:08:16] I promise you’ll kill it. You gotta honor the promise as well. Cause if you don’t honor the promise, people are gonna hate you on reviews. You know that you’re gonna get a lot of hate, but just make sure you can on, own it and you’re good. Last question. Shane was referring to the listing presentation and what you would be willing to flex on with a difficult seller.

[01:08:32] My answer would be nothing. I wouldn’t flex at all. I wouldn’t flex on commission, I wouldn’t flex on fees. I’d flex on price, right? If they’re adamant about going a little higher I’m gonna say, Hey, look, there have been times in my career where I’ve been wrong on pricing that sometimes it sells for under, sometimes it sells for way over, and I didn’t think it would sell for that much.

[01:08:49] I want to give you the opportunity to explore that. So I’m still willing to take the listing. I’ll still put all of the marketing behind it that we always do. But to be honest, between you, me and the [01:09:00] chickens, I don’t know that we’re gonna get the result as quick as our process can do it, but I think our process will help based on all that.

[01:09:05] It sounds like you’re ready to move forward. So when in your opinion, should we put the home on the market? And that’s how I would close. So I do have flexibility on price, terms, money, and our process. Zero. I’m not flexing at all, not in this market, commission and process. And the offer matters now more than it’s ever mattered.

[01:09:23] These last five years. Don’t ever vary from it, ever. Not once. So only price to list 10 and sell six. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, sure. Of course. Mike. Yeah I just having expectations that the days of selling every single listing, they’re just not here anymore. And that’s okay. That’s totally okay. But if you wanna forecast ad budgeting, understand you’re not gonna sell everyone.

[01:09:43] But when you really understand a market pro properties on social and YouTube, like the leads that will come off of that, even on overpriced listing, they’re worth their weight. It’s called Ingold. So look, if you told me I had a way to take 150 listings right now in North Candy San Diego, and I’m only gonna sell 40 of them, I’d still take them.

[01:09:59] I [01:10:00] would, Is the real estate community gonna make fun of me and hate on me and sell? Oh yeah. But Yout sell all those listings. That’s fine. But why don’t you tell me that when I’m, doing whatever in the house, wherever with the car, wherever, like you can’t fake some of the things that come from a successful business.

[01:10:15] You just. So I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that. All right, I love you all. Any questions, let me know. Otherwise, crush that challenge. Look for emails shortly and I will talk to you guys all very soon. Thank you so much for joining me.