LinkedIn Ads Overview

[00:00:00] The final week of the Omni Brand Accelerator is here in today or this week, or this accelerator, however you look at it. Uh, we’re gonna talk about LinkedIn ads and um, I told you before, I’ll tell you again, Facebook, Instagram wouldn’t really cover TikTok too much on this. I think that’s gonna continue to evolve, but essentially it’s the same as Instagram advertising in regards to how you target.

[00:00:22] It’s just that that’s a creative play, whereas most of these are targeting plays to totally different things. Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You get content strategies from a paid perspective on all five of those. And, uh, that’s a very, very well rounded, very, uh, big perceptual brand that can happen in your market no matter what you’re doing.

[00:00:46] Now, why LinkedIn Over maybe Google search, right? Why aren’t we, why are we not including Google search? Um, and if you’re in the real estate space, this one makes sense to you. If you were running ads right now, New [00:01:00] homes for sale in San Diego, California, uh, chances are you’re getting leads somewhere in the $4 range, $5 range, $6 range, plus or minus, depending on competition at any given time.

[00:01:10] But what you’re likely finding is that the communication quality of those leads is on the low side, and the reason why is because of the offer that you are offering. Uh, meaning that, uh, somebody who is about ready to purchase a home in San Diego is probably not in research mode over what’s for sale.

[00:01:27] They’re probably in research mode over how to buy, how to find a real estate agent, what home inspection company to use what more like they’re in the final decision making stage. of everything it takes to actually purchase a home. They’re no longer in the research phase, right? So when you create content about specific ways about why you would buy real estate in my market and how to buy real estate market, and three things you need to know about the home inspection, you see people that are just starting their journey.

[00:01:54] don’t care about the home inspection. They don’t care about interest rates right now. They don’t care about where the market’s going and what they’re [00:02:00] doing and all that fun stuff because they’re not at that stage. But if they’re in the very initial research phase, the number one thing they’re gonna be researching right now is homes for sale.

[00:02:09] So, uh, Google search works really well. With homes for sale and answering questions. But here’s the really good thing, if you get really good at this video, blog and bed, all of that stuff, especially I think two weeks ago on the, on the webinar we talked about how to create a, um, what’s sold this week in Carlsbad, California Real Estate blog post.

[00:02:28] If you get really good at that and you stay local, And you don’t try to vary too big, it’s, it’s not all that hard to rank for that content. You can do it relatively quick. Now, if you’re going after Manhattan or New York, New York, right, it’s gonna be a little hard. But for most of us, even if you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, if you’re.

[00:02:47] Anywhere relatively specialized, that content will work. That’s why we’re doing LinkedIn over Google search, because LinkedIn is just another way that you can target specific people, specific areas [00:03:00] with content driven ads, because content driven ads is what promotes the brand. Um, Google search will not, you know, you could, somebody could search Carlsbad Homes for sale 500 times.

[00:03:13] And click the number one result 500 times and you’re still not gonna get brand recognition for that because there’s no trailing content play o of of them learning how your real estate agent, Now you might argue that like, well, um, sure, maybe, um, , if they click my ad enough and they go to my website enough, they’re remembering before that.

[00:03:32] And, and you’d be right, that that could be possible. However, with the use of good imagery and video and content, it’s a lot easier. You’ll get there quicker, and you’re gonna find that when people reach out to you, uh, they’re gonna be farther along the sales cycle than if you’re just straight up advertising homes for sale.

[00:03:49] Okay? So in LinkedIn, this is gonna be a very similar process to Facebook and Instagram. It’s gonna be very post driven, it’s gonna be very video heavy. It’s gonna be. Uh, image he heavy. [00:04:00] Um, you can do this the same way in Facebook where you can advertise posts that you put up or you can build a post in the ads manager.

[00:04:05] It works the exact same. The only difference is it’s gonna be a little bit more expensive on LinkedIn than it would be in Facebook. In some cases we’re seeing double or triple, but most of the time it’s about one and a half to two and a half times more, uh, to spend the money on LinkedIn. And you might think like, Okay, well that doesn’t make sense.

[00:04:21] I’m gonna spend more. , Uh, in my opinion, it may be more effective depending on the person, uh, that you serve. It’s very executive heavy. It’s very business heavy. It’s very finance heavy. Uh, it’s v it’s just very work heavy. So if your client, uh, is, is a LinkedIn client, like you serve people in the financial sector, the, the, um, hedge fund, the medical, the attorney, like, if those are your types of clients, LinkedIn is absolutely a no.

[00:04:48] Because in, you know, just for full transparency, I’m in my early forties. A lot of people think that LinkedIn is like, Oh, that’s where the people go to get jobs. And I’m telling you it’s not. It’s a very powerful [00:05:00] platform. Uh, you could even have an organic LinkedIn strategy right now, and if you do it right, LinkedIn will reward you for it.

[00:05:05] So this week’s all about LinkedIn. Uh, it shouldn’t be hard to implement any of this. We don’t need to worry about pixels or any of that crap. It’s just literally putting content out there, seeing what works, throttling, or, you know, turning up the good stuff, turning down the along stuff and set it up.

[00:05:19] Believe it or not, it’s not all that different than Facebook. The ads managers are, uh, relatively similar. So, uh, let’s dive into it and let’s get the LinkedIn content going.