Linking Google ads to Analytics

[00:00:00] We’re gonna link you a Google Ads account with your analytics account, right? So we can pull all of the audience segments from Google Analytics. That’s what, that’s, you know, the Google’s property of looking at all your site traffic. And we wanna sync that data with Google Ads so we can run traffic against that, right?

[00:00:16] Uh, in the Facebook world, this is just really a Facebook pixel, but this is how Google does it. So we’ll get into our screen share right here. Uh, this is leftover from our previous video, so we’re gonna go over here to our ads manager or analytics rather. And we’re in the settings right now. So if we scroll down here and see what says product links, Google Ad Links.

[00:00:35] So we want to link our Google Ads account. So it’s gonna say, link to this, choose Google Ads account and see how it says 28 42. I don’t think, Yeah, that’s the right one. It’s gonna find it cuz I’m logged into both. I’m gonna say yeah, go ahead and link that. No problem. Hit. go to next. Do you want to personalize advertising?

[00:00:56] Yes. Do you want to enable auto tagging? Uh, yes. Hit [00:01:00] next and then, uh, yes, that’s on. It’s converting. Hit submit. And now we’re linked. Literally all you have to do to link Google ads with analytics. That’s all we need to do.