Posting to LinkedIn

[00:00:00] So let’s get into posting on LinkedIn’s very simple process. Remember, we’re gonna do very basic, uh, description. We’re gonna do some hashtags. We’re gonna upload a video up. Videos come anywhere from three to 10 minutes. They can be longer if they’re good. They can be shorter, they’re good on LinkedIn.

[00:00:15] We’re gonna use all landscape, uh, or wide videos. We’re not gonna do any square, we’re not gonna do any vertical. We’re gonna try to keep it as simple as possible and we wanna get as many video views as we can. So, uh, I’m gonna share my screen over here to Lincoln. and, uh, I’m on a company page, uh, that has no content whatsoever, you know, so we have no impressions.

[00:00:33] This is a brand new page. Nothing’s, um, bent done to this. So we’re starting from scratch, much like I would recommend you do. So I’m gonna put that up there. Right there. I’m gonna go to start post here and the first thing that I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a video. So I’m gonna go into our network here.

[00:00:48] I’m. There we go. Uh, real numbers of hiring. We’re gonna go here, bounce files, and this is a 511 meg. So this is, uh, the real [00:01:00] numbers of hiring sales people. Spell that right? And, uh, I’m not gonna worry about a thumbnail yet. We’re gonna do this earlier. We’re gonna do this later, rather. And so why this is, uh, while this is uploading, I’m gonna write this.

[00:01:13] If you are in.

[00:01:24] Okay, so now we’re gonna do some quick, uh, spell check. If you are going through the hiring process right now, you need to set some tape, what it’s going to look like. Okay. I explained below, and it’s, it’s recommending right here. These are the ones that I would look like I’m, use interview, I’ll use hiring, I’ll use team.

[00:01:42] Uh, that’s fine. Let’s put this on the next line. I’ll do, uh, business growth. I’ll do business advice.

[00:01:58] We already got hiring. We already [00:02:00] interview. We already got recruiting.

[00:02:09] Okay, so that’s, uh, that’s five hashtags. We’re not gonna go nuts on it. I think that’s okay. If you’re going through the hiring process right now, you need to set some expectation with the team of what’s this going to look like if you are holding, uh, a single, I’m gonna rewrite this. If you are hiring based on a single interview.

[00:02:32] your onboarding process is likely flawed. Now that doesn’t mean that, you know, you can’t hire on a single one. Every once in a while we get somebody who’s just freaking amazing, right? Doesn’t happen every time, though , At least not in my experience. Um, so if you are hiring based on a single interview, your onboarding process is likely flawed.

[00:02:50] Even worse, you’ll suffer from high turnover. I explain below that is going, uh, we’re gonna leave this to. , which is what we want, uh, [00:03:00] don’t care about team or like all this other stuff is cool. We’re gonna hit post, so it’s gonna upload, it’s gonna be three minutes left. And so what we just did is we created that video, we uploaded that video raw.

[00:03:11] I would not link to a Vimeo video. I would not link to YouTube. I would upload the raw video to LinkedIn because that’s how you’re gonna get all the video. Analytics. And then in a, in a future module, when we go over the Ads Manager, we’re gonna build an audience that has all the video views from that video in there.

[00:03:27] Now again, if you’re really good at content creation, the video that I’ve just uploaded, by the way, between you and me and the chickens, I don’t think is, was an amazing video. It’s not my best work. Uh, but what I will tell you, is that the more you upload, you will figure out what your best work is and you will figure out what not best work is, right?

[00:03:45] Um, the only way to do that is to keep going. You’re never, you’re not gonna figure that out before you load. And if you’re using a brand new LinkedIn page, not gonna matter anyway because, uh, it’s gonna take a little while for LinkedIn to say, Okay, this Steve Wilson guy is legit. Let’s start to give ’em a little bit of love.

[00:03:59] Let’s see what the, [00:04:00] uh, groups or, or the, the overall population, think about it. If they like it, great. We’ll give ’em more love and we’ll just keep going until the people say they don’t wanna see this. . So that’s how we post. Uh, and the next one, we’re gonna shut, uh, set up a very simple boost, add to, to give it a little bit of juice for $10 a day.

[00:04:15] Now with LinkedIn, the reason why I think it’s really important to post often is because we do have that $10 per campaign, campaign budget, minimum per day, that you need to, uh, conform to. So this isn’t like Facebook where we can put a dollar a day behind something and kill it in two days. Technically you can put $10 a day behind it and kill it in two days, uh, but it’s not gonna be as fluid and quick as Facebook is.

[00:04:39] It needs to take a little bit more thought. So, quality of content on LinkedIn, 100% is going to matter. Rawness of content on Facebook and Instagram works really well. I can’t say it’s not gonna work well on LinkedIn, but I will tell you that Polish content works very well on LinkedIn. All right, so in the next video, let’s take a look at how to do those ads.