Retargeting the video views from previous ads

[00:00:00] Let’s say you wanna retarget all those video views with that 22nd video we just created, right? You wanna put all of those in an audience, and this time we’re gonna create a video that says, Hey, my name is Steve Olson. I’ve lived in Carlsbad for seven years. We’ve been a part of over 300 home sales. I know how to break a record here.

[00:00:13] I know every corner in this market, if you’re thinking about purchasing or selling a home in Carlsbad, California. I would encourage you to schedule a free call with me to be 20 minutes. I’ll get all of your questions answered, and at that point you can decide where you want to go from there. I just wanna make sure you’re empowered.

[00:00:28] All right? So click somewhere on this video, schedule a call with us. We’d be more than happy to help. That’s a 22nd video. Let’s say we want to run that video to a let’s talk page. First, we have to build the audience. So let’s, uh, let me show you how to do that really quick. I’m in Google Ads edit editor.

[00:00:42] I’m gonna go to tools and settings. I’m gonna go. Audience manager right here, and we’re gonna go to, Plus we’re gonna say YouTube users and we’re gonna call this, uh, Watched Property, YouTube video ads. [00:01:00] Let’s say I’ve got a bunch of these running. Uh, you’re gonna select your YouTube channel and you’re gonna say, watched a, uh, certain video.

[00:01:06] You could say, Watch any video as an ad. So if you wanted to, if you wanted to, uh, capture everybody who watched any of your video ads in the. Uh, I think you can do 185 days, or maybe it’s only 180. No, you can do 185. Let’s see how far we can go. 365. Oh, gonna go 700 0 5 40 or smaller. So a year and a half or smaller.

[00:01:28] I, I don’t think we need to go a year, so let’s just do 90 days. So if anybody’s watched any of my video ads, and you can prefill with everybody, or you can start from scratch and you can say if you want an audience segment, maybe you only want people in Carlsbad. So you just hit. So this is going to be watched any in the last 90 days, and this is with my SoCo channel.

[00:01:51] I’m gonna hit safe. So let’s say you wanna create another one of these, but you want a specific one. Maybe you only want a [00:02:00] property view ads. And so again, we’re gonna select our YouTube channel. This one right here, we’re gonna say certain videos in the last 90 days, and we need to go find that url. So I’m gonna come back over here to my little studio.

[00:02:16] Actually, it’s probably right. Here it is. I’m gonna copy this link. I’m just gonna paste it right there. There it is. So I’m saying if you watched any of these, if you watch this video in the last 90 days, put them in this audience. Now I can add, let’s say I want to do all of. , if you watched any of these videos in the last 90 days, put the, But I don’t want that.

[00:02:34] I only want the ones that I’m running as an ad. And then I’m gonna say again, this is off my Steve Olson doco channel. I’m gonna hit save. And there we go. We just created a custom audience, uh, that retargets, everybody that watched any of or specific of this. Now, um, with YouTube, I’m gonna look right here.

[00:02:53] You have to. Um, 1000 active users to run remarketing on YouTube ads. So [00:03:00] that means a thousand people need to watch that video. It sounds like a lot. It’s really not. You’ll hit that probably in a day depending on what your budget is, but you need to have at least a thousand people that watch that before you can remarket to that.

[00:03:11] Remember, we have, Hey, I created this blog post. You should go watch it. You have those type of videos. You have, uh, this is the only home for sale this week in Carlsbad over this, or whatever. Then that’s gonna go to a squeeze page. You have those type of videos. We can put those in two different audiences, or we can say, Hey, if you watched any of my videos whatsoever as an.

[00:03:30] I want you to go in this audience. In that audience, we’re gonna say, My name is Steve Olson. I live here in Carlsbad, California. Uh, you’re seeing this video because you watch some of our other videos on Carlsbad Real Estate, and I’m sure you have questions. Click on this video. I’ll take you directly to a page that has, uh, my direct calendar on it.

[00:03:46] You can pick a time that’s convenient for you. There’s no obligation, there’s no sales pitch, there’s no bs. I just wanna make sure we can help. All right, so click this video, Schedule a. And I’ll help you with whatever you want. That would be the video that I would retarget over and over again. And [00:04:00] that’s essentially the entire YouTube funnel, right?

[00:04:02] Long blog post, short video, driving them to the blog post small videos about, um, this listing’s coming soon. Click here for more details, remarketing for a call. And we just do that over and over and over and over again. Too many agents right now want to create very vanilla content because they believe they need to talk to everybody, and I’m telling you right.

[00:04:23] Do not talk to everybody. Only talk to your avatar, but Steve and YouTube, I can’t talk to rich people. That’s correct, but you can create content over its very expensive homes, right? So if you talk about the cheapest homes in the market, or no money down options, or rent to own or any of that stuff, you are going to identify people that don’t have money.

[00:04:43] Now, of course, they need to get served as well. This isn’t about who we should serve and who we don’t, but if you serve the luxury market, Make sure you are running luxury advertising, right? Even though we have to advertise to everybody, let everybody in the market know that if you want to buy 5 million or more expensive homes [00:05:00] in La Jolla, California, I am your option if you wanna buy a $600,000 home in Claremont.

[00:05:04] I don’t know if that even exists, but if it did exist, I’m not your option. You’re a great client. $600,000 homes in Claremont, amazing. That’s not who I serve. We only work in the 5 million plus market in La Jolla. This will be like literally the best thing you’ll ever do for your business if you do it right.

[00:05:21] It’s gonna take a little bit of testing. Uh, it’s gonna take some blood, sweat, and tears to the point to where some of you at the end of this are going to go out there and buy a DSLR camera, a microphone. You’re gonna wear it all day and you’re gonna pay somebody 20 bucks an hour to literally. Just follow you in film all day long because you’re gonna figure out that video is the key to unlocking an obscene amount of local success in your market.

[00:05:43] All right, that’s YouTube. Any questions? Hit me up on the Tuesday webinars. I, I said it in the last video, I think I said it in the first video. I’ll say it in this video again. Content wheel number one, like the overview. And this week number five, if these were the only two things that you. This would completely [00:06:00] change your business.

[00:06:01] That’s how big video is. That’s how big YouTube is. Trust me on this. Get on this really quick. You’ll thank me later. Look, YouTube has been huge since pre covid and real estate agents still have not figured it out, right? Massive opportunity right now. Don’t let yourself down. Don’t let me down. Get on it right away.

[00:06:18] Again, questions, let me know on Tuesdays and uh, we’ll see you on the next accelerator.