The Google Ad Campaign Launch

[00:00:00] So we’ve got the creative done, we’ve got all the audiences set up now, which is time to launch the campaign. So I’ll go back into my little, uh, screen share here with this good looking kid. We’re gonna go back to ads and what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna go out of the audience manager and we’re gonna go create a new display campaign, new campaign.

[00:00:19] And so, um, the, if you guys are familiar with Facebook and all the other ad, it’s very similar. It looks a little bit more intimidating. There’s a lot more data that Google has. I, I think that Google is your friend with all this stuff, right? So I’m gonna do for here because I am still gonna do like brand awareness and a reach, but I do, I do want people to come to my site.

[00:00:37] So I’m gonna go click website traffic and it’s gonna say, Do you want to add this? No, I don’t care about phone calls. And then, um, conversion action. We did signups.

[00:00:49] we’re gonna do submit lead forms and we’re gonna go to continue. And so it’s gonna say, do you want to run a search campaign, a performance max, a display, a [00:01:00] shopping, a discovery, or a video? We want to run display, and this is gonna be a standard dis display thing. Now we need to say like, where do you wanna send these people?

[00:01:08] Well, for this thing I wanna send them to a, uh, back to, um,

[00:01:20] The Omni brand squeeze page, which I believe is this. So I’m gonna send ’em to this page. And this is, uh, traffic display. I’m probably gonna change the name of that campaign earlier. Google campaigns work very similar, right? The campaign controls the objective, the ad set controls, who sees it, the creative controls, who you know, what they see, right?

[00:01:47] Very similar to Facebook. So we’re gonna go to continue. Uh, no, we’re gonna go to start new. You guys probably won’t see that, and we’re gonna say, Okay, who do you wanna see this? Well, I wanna say only United. [00:02:00] Uh, presence. Presence or interest? That’s fine. Uh, it’s people regularly in who’ve shown interests. I want people in.

[00:02:07] I don’t want people that have interest. And it exclude presence. And you’re exclude, leave this blank. You’re not gonna do this. English is totally fine. More settings. It’s gonna say optimize, perform, be best performing ads. Leave that on all days. Fine. All devices. Um, and again, we can. , uh, we can turn off mobile and tablet and we can only do, uh, that we can do mobile.

[00:02:33] And I think that, um,

[00:02:39] yeah, I wouldn’t worry about any of this

[00:02:46] Windows phone. How, how freaking funny is that?

[00:02:55] I’m gonna leave all this stuff on show, on all devices, more [00:03:00] settings, uh, dynamic ads. We don’t have a dam domain field campaign url. Uh, we could start to put URL PRS on that. We’re gonna do that later actually. And then content exclusions. We want to, uh, ignore opt out of showing your agile content. So we want to ignore, um, we don’t care about park domains.

[00:03:24] turn off sexual stuff.

[00:03:32] I think that’s fine. We’re gonna click next. Okay. So I’m gonna spend, uh, just $4 a day on this. I want to focus on conversions, which is fine. We’re gonna leave it to automatically maximize. Uh, you can set a target if you want. If you don’t know what that is, leave it blank.

[00:03:57] uh, I’m gonna leave mine on clicks because I think our page [00:04:00] is probably gonna do. Uh, the majority of the work, uh, I’m not gonna set a maximum to click. I’m gonna allow Google to tell me what that is. Let’s talk about targeting. So we have audience segments, demographics, keywords, topics, placements. Okay. Now what we created earlier was an audience segment that would be all traffic that aren’t leads.

[00:04:19] So we don’t need to worry about anything on this page, but the very first section, so we’re gonna click audience segments and you’re gonna note, Oh, sorry, I might have labeled that wrong. Hold.

[00:04:33] uh, this is going to be web.

[00:04:45] Why is this taking forever to load?[00:05:00]

[00:05:07] Oh, here it is right here. Your custom audience segments. Uh, no, that’s not it.

[00:05:19] There it is. I That’s buried now. That’s crazy. So let me take you back to that audience segments browse, um, how they’ve interacted with your business website visitors. And now you’re gonna see right here, all website traffic, no leads. And I did this as today’s. , and again, it’s gonna say I can’t do it because we’re building this audience right now.

[00:05:44] That’s totally fine. Optimized targeting. We’re gonna leave on, we’re gonna leave all this other stuff off. I don’t care about any of that. I want to send them to the final url. The business name is the Omni Brand Accelerator.[00:06:00]

[00:06:00] Um,

[00:06:04] And now it’s gonna say, Hey, you need to do images. So we can do this one of a couple ways, right? So the way that it automatically defaults is it says responsive display ad. If you change this, you can go to upload display ads. We don’t want to do this, we wanna leave this in responsive, because I want Google to create a whole bunch of different versions of this.

[00:06:21] So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go add my images right now. So I’m gonna go, uh, upload.

[00:06:30] right here. Upload from computer. I’m gonna go back to my desktop. I’m gonna find that Omni brand. I’m gonna go to Wow child. Let’s upload these first and it’s gonna say, Okay, let’s take a look at these. Let’s see where they’re gonna fit. Oh, that’s a square one. This one. Good job. We don’t need to do anything.

[00:06:44] Let’s add more and we’re gonna go back to the dark colored ones. Add those. . And again, you may get like a little area, uh, error that says, Hey, we can’t format this, but because we built that with the right aspect ratio, we don’t have to do anything [00:07:00] and now we’re gonna go to white.

[00:07:08] And so now it’s gonna create a whole bunch of dynamic ads based on this. So as you start to upload images, it’s gonna tell you this is what these ads are gonna look like. Now, obviously it’s not gonna say Steve Olson group that says it down. Uh, but it’s gonna start to crop all these and make it look correct.

[00:07:23] So I’m gonna change my logo here. Let’s go to upload. Upload from the computer. Let me go find my mark.

[00:07:40] Let’s see if we can get that cropped right. Yep, that works.

[00:07:50] We’re not gonna use that for the wide select one ratio. We don’t want this one. Let’s add one more. File. Upload.[00:08:00]

[00:08:03] That’s the one we’re looking for right there. Let’s see if we can fit that one in wide.

[00:08:16] Uh, bummer.

[00:08:23] So we probably, I’m gonna leave the square logo off. Do not use image. So we’re just gonna use this for logos. That’s fine. You don’t need to do a wide one if you don’t have it. Okay. So now that we’ve got that done, we’re gonna say Steve Olson is the company. Right? So that ch that changes. Oh no, that’s, uh, this is a headline.

[00:08:40] So now we’re gonna start writing copy. Okay. So remember these, this is, we’re sending this to all traffic that already hit the site. So we don’t need to like say, I’m Steve Olson. This is what I do. We need to say like, you need to go back to the site and you need to go look at this cuz this is what we want.

[00:08:55] So we’re gonna do a bunch of different versions of this headlines. [00:09:00] So scale your brand in six weeks.

[00:09:08] It’s gonna say you only have, you only have, uh, 30 characters. Totally fine.

[00:09:29] Um,

[00:09:34] so I’m gonna write as many versions of this as I can.

[00:09:52] So, so far it’s given you all these different options, right? Like that? I think that’s a good, [00:10:00] that’s gonna stick out, right?

[00:10:06] Uh, we’re gonna come up with some other headlines.

[00:10:36] Okay, so I’ve got five headlines now I’ve got four images. So again, this is gonna create like a whole bunch of different versions of this and. , kind of click through all of these and see what that’s gonna look like.

[00:10:55] And then descriptions, we’ve got one description right here.[00:11:00]

[00:11:56] Okay. I don’t know. Descriptions you can, Do you have up to five? It looks like we’ve [00:12:00] got four.

[00:12:08] And again, it’ll start to tell you how many headlines, how many descriptions, how many logos, how many images. And it’s gonna give you a little rating up here. So it says good so far, which is great. Unfortunately, we don’t have any videos for this one, so we’re not gonna do that. Uh, we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 description.

[00:12:22] Uh, it says we only have, Oh, those are headlines.

[00:12:30] That’s great. We’ll simplify the way you attract people searching for

[00:12:39] how you can help them.

[00:12:50] So, so far so good. We’ve got that created. Now all we have to do is if we’re gonna do, uh, URL parameters, you can do it. Google’s gonna do this automatically asset enhance it. We’re gonna turn on [00:13:00] use autogenerated rules. We’re gonna leave that on use native formats. We’re gonna leave that on. Uh, and we’re gonna go create ad.

[00:13:06] So that’s one ad. You can create as many of these ads as you want to go in there. So we’re gonna go to next, and now you’re gonna confirm this. It’s gonna say, Your targeting signals are too narrow. Don’t worry about that because this audience has a brand new audience it’s gonna send to this one, Uh, goal is to submit.

[00:13:25] Um, well, we should probably change that goal.

[00:13:43] I thought that was up here.

[00:13:55] Hm.[00:14:00]

[00:14:06] Yeah, maybe you can’t change that after the fact. That’s fine. We’re gonna leave that on there. Cuz the reason why I’m saying like I would probably change that is because right here, when you’re looking at the, the, there is no form on this. You either want to do this at the huge discount or you can schedule a call with us.

[00:14:21] So I’m not too worried about that. We’ll probably change that in the future. , um, and take that goal off of it. But that would be good. I think that campaign as it is, I would let that run and that’s set for, you know, $4 a day. Nothing crazy. And again, it’s just once you hit the site, but you don’t become a lead, we’re just gonna constantly remind people, Hey, here’s how you can work with us.

[00:14:40] If you’re in the real estate space, it’s, you want to give them an offer of something that you want to do. Three things you need to know before you sell your home. If they’re looking for homes in Carlsbad, uh, because they use that Carlsbad domain, or San Diego or Houston or Jacksonville or Westfield, um, you can run ads to only people that have seen that.

[00:14:57] And the ad would say before you buy a home in [00:15:00] Westfield, like that would be one of the headlines that I use because if I’m thinking Westfield, And I go to your site and then all of a sudden now I see these display ads, like that’s gonna pull me back in. Right? That’s the way that I would think of this.

[00:15:11] Um, that’s Google display. In a nutshell, that’s how you would do remarketing. The question you might be asking, I’m gonna cover this in the next video, is what I run this to cold traffic, and I do have some thoughts on that, but I’ll cover that in the next video. All right.