The Google Display Custom Audiences

[00:00:00] So now that we’ve got all the tracking put together and uh, we’ve got a Google Ads account set up, we need to create an audience. Now we’re gonna do this in We’re not gonna do this over in analytics, and we’re gonna create a couple audiences. The first audience we’re gonna create is one that we’re going to target everybody that hits our website on any page for any given reason, period.

[00:00:18] So if you’re in the real estate space, this would be. You know, social proof campaigns, this would be like, Hey, I know you took the time to come to my site. I know you looked at some stuff. Maybe it was a whole bunch of, you know, homes for sale. Maybe it was what? We can get really ninja with this, by the way, and I’ll show you guys a couple like ideas where your brain can start get spinning.

[00:00:36] Now, a lot of this is only gonna work if you have a fair amount of traffic, right? You need at least a hundred page views in the last 30 days for this type of campaign to roll. Um, and a great thing about these campaigns on Google display, they’re super inexpensive. They’re, they’re, they’re very leverageable and they create the, the presence of like, you’re killing it right now.

[00:00:55] Right? So this, this is why we do this. So I’m gonna go into my, uh, screen share. . And the [00:01:00] first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click, uh, new audience and we’re gonna go website visitors. So if I just want all website traffic first, this is what I’m gonna do. So I’m gonna call this all website traffic first.

[00:01:12] Of course, we’re gonna spell this right, and you’re gonna go to visitors of webpages. And, uh, you can either leave this alone because if you’re, if your tag is only on your website, then. You know it, it’s gonna pull everything or you can get specific. So we’re gonna do visitors of webpages, visitors of webpages, and I’ll last, I’ll do 180 days and then we’re gonna go And keep in mind if you just installed the tag or the code on your website, even though you said 180 days, it doesn’t know that cuz the tag’s only been on your site for a couple days.

[00:01:41] Uh, so take that for what it’s worth, I’m gonna click refine action. It’s gonna say page URL contains, and I’m just gonna say htt, or I’m just gonna say Steve Olson. So anybody who’s seen Steve and any, any sub you know, folder of this is going to be included in this and you can say Prefill segment, [00:02:00] whatever.

[00:02:00] You can leave that blank. And then description, this is all website traffic

[00:02:15] And again, we’ll spell that correctly. I’m gonna hit create Segment. So now I’ve got this audience that I can run ads to, right? So this is going to be, uh, this doesn’t date it, unfortunately. , um, all website traffic right here. So this is gonna populate. We’re looking for this column right here, and this tag is not installed on our web assets, so don’t pay attention to the numbers necessarily, but we’re looking for this column.

[00:02:40] It doesn’t matter whether it says search or YouTube or anything like that. We’re looking for the number in this, and this needs to be over a hundred. So we’ve got. On some of our sub domains, we’ve got 470 in the last 30 days that have gone to the site. So we can market to them. You’ll notice on like site, which is search, that’s if they search like Steve Olson, I can’t send that to them because I think [00:03:00] you need at least a thousand.

[00:03:01] If we hover over this, let’s see what this says. Yeah, it needs at least a thousand users to run on. Search needs at least a thousand users throw on YouTube, but on Google display you only need a hundred, which is great. Uh, let’s talk about the second audience we’re gonna create. Uh, we’re gonna go to plus.

[00:03:17] page visitors. And remember when I go, when I send any traffic to any landing page, it’s always gonna be pages dot steve that I’m gonna send them to, right? So this would be the example of one of the landing pages you guys probably saw when, uh, you joined. So I know it’s always gonna say pages dot steve

[00:03:34] So I want to create an audience of everybody who has seen a landing page on my site but has not converted. So let me show you how we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna call this a landing. I’m gonna call it SoCo for Steve Olson Doco landing page views not converted. And again, we’re gonna say, um, uh, webpage visit, refine action page URL contains pages [00:04:00] dot steve cuz I know that’s where all my landing pages are.

[00:04:03] And we’re gonna say a a and sorry, that’s hard. Um, website vision and I don’t know if you can do, have not. . Yeah. So we’re gonna say anybody who’s seen pages dot steve and I wanna make sure they have not seen any page URL that does not contain, uh, this is page URL does not contain dash success.

[00:04:30] So what this says, cuz remember all of our success pages, the thank you page after you fill something like this. , they all say, you know, they’ll say like, Dash success in the url. We do that with all of our pages. So the way, and you should do the same thing, right? So this is saying if you’ve seen, but you have not seen a page that says Dash success, put them in this audience.

[00:04:54] And sure we want to prefill them, right? We want to go to description. These are, uh, [00:05:00] landing page views. That did not convert, that did not register. Now if you’re sending, uh, and we’re just gonna, this is gonna be, again, this is gonna be a generic, uh, audience. That just says like, Hey, you agreed to receive something from me, but you didn’t convert.

[00:05:18] Now, you may have in your business like four core offers, right? If you’re in the real estate space, it may be like, Buy a home from me, sell a home for me. Invest, or get a direct offer, right? So I would create an audience for every single one of those pages that didn’t convert, because the Google display ads that we’re gonna say that is, we’re gonna say things like, You looked at this, but you didn’t convert.

[00:05:38] Come on back. We want to, you know, we wanna help you. Now you might have the thought of like, Well, Steve, if they look at a page and they don’t convert, doesn’t that mean they’re not a good lead? And the answer would kind of be yes. Um, but I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I make bigger purchase decisions, like I need to see it way more than one time.

[00:05:54] So we wanna stay very mindful of that. All right, So I’m gonna create the third audience right now, [00:06:00] and I’m going to, uh, do only leads. So let’s look at what that looks. So we’ll share our screen. We’ll come back over here. Website visitors, lead registrations, visitors of webpage. Refine action Page URL contains success.

[00:06:18] It’s all we need to do. So we’re gonna describe this. All lead registrations. Steve Hit create segment. And now we’ve got that segment done. Now, let’s say you are in the real estate space and you’re running traffic to a whole bunch of different. Uh, or a whole bunch of different searches, and you wanna, um, retarget all of that Google display does this obscenely Well, so for, for this to work, what I would do is I would create a bunch of Facebook ads and they would say things like, um, New Homes for sale this week in Carlsbad, California.

[00:06:52] So, and I wouldn’t squeeze them. I, I’d leave this wide open, right? I’d send them to the search results. I wouldn’t do force registration. I’d let them click as much as they. [00:07:00] and in most of your IDX platforms, the city is in the domain. Let me, let me show you what I’m talking about. Uh, we can go here to Holmes dot Steve share my screen, and, uh, your connection was interrupted.

[00:07:14] There we go. So, uh, this is one of our landing pages for real estate. So let’s say that I click on this, uh, horribly photo photographed Million dollar home here in Carlsbad. People wonder why their listings are sitting. So I’m looking at this right now and you know, maybe I like it, maybe I don’t. Right. Um, there’s three lovely photos.

[00:07:34] Again, this like, This pains me to show you guys this because this is horrible, but you can see in my domain it says home dot steve IDX details listing. I don’t know what this is. This is the MLS number. This is the address. This is the city. This is the zip code, right? So I use IDX Broker for those of you guys in the real estate space.

[00:07:56] Uh, if you’re looking for a new IDX provider, that’s who I would use as well. Uh, they give you [00:08:00] the most amount of flexibility. Um, and this should be wide page. I’m not sure why this is, uh, not wide, but maybe it’s cuz they only have a couple photos. Let’s go to another property here. Maybe this great one in Imperial Beach.

[00:08:11] There we go. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. And look, even the page looks like crap when they don’t have photos. So again, Address up here, Imperial Beach. So if I’m running a lot of traffic to Carlsbad listings, what I’m gonna, and I wanna retarget them, and the offer would be, you know, on Google Display, if you’re thinking about buying a home in Carlsbad, there’s three things you need to know.

[00:08:30] Click here to find out. Right? That’s a very unique ad to a very unique person. All I have to do now, if I go back to this Carlsbad listing, I know in my URL it says Dash, carlsbad dash. So now I’m gonna go back here and I’m gonna. Website visits. I’m gonna call this all Carlsbad

[00:08:53] property views and we’re gonna say webpage visit in the past 30 days, you can do past 180. Even [00:09:00] though your tags probably need refine action page, your all contains dash, carlsbad dash. Because remember, it’s address dash Carlsbad, California dash 9,209. Could you do this with the state of California? Yes.

[00:09:15] Could you do this with the zip code of 92 9? Yes, you can do that. It just depends on how much traffic you have going. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna run Facebook ads, you know, 3, 5, 10, $15 a day. I’m gonna get as much traffic as I can from Facebook for people to look at homes. And then I’m gonna have Google pick this.

[00:09:33] Right here. And then we’re gonna just describe this, All Carl’s bad

[00:09:41] property views.

[00:09:48] We’re gonna save this. So do you guys see how we’re starting to look at traffic on our site and how we can build audiences in Google? And based on who’s seeing those pages, we can now run. And the only [00:10:00] thing you have to do in Google is create the image assets. And when it says, Who do you want to run this to, you just run that to everybody in the United States.

[00:10:06] That’s also a part of this list. And so then now when I go to your website and I look at Carls. Literally within seconds, and now I’m on CNN or gizmoto or Mac Rumors or The Real Deal, or Inman or wherever, has Google Display Ads installed a bit. Now I start to see these image ads of every of like, Oh, I was just looking at Carlsbad Real Estate.

[00:10:27] Oh yeah, Steve Olson’s, that guy that I was looking at. This is how we create that omnipresent brand locally. , uh, by just using select targets. And again, with Google Display, we only have to have a hundred unique visitors in the last 30 days to launch that campaign. So if you’re running Google Ads right now or Facebook ads and you’re getting, I’m gonna do some basic math, you’re getting.

[00:10:48] I don’t know, 15, 18 cent clicks on that because you’re not squeezing. If we go to calculator, obviously that’s gonna cost us no money to get a hundred. But 18 cents times a hundred, that’s gonna be, you know, a whopping [00:11:00] $18. Um, you can create that brand like literally right away. So what I’m gonna show you guys, if you’re watching this on this week’s webinar, I’m gonna, I’m gonna talk about how to.

[00:11:11] A, uh, social proof Google Ads campaign. Like we could create another Google display campaign that just displays every listing that you’ve ever sold in Carlsbad, California. So we drop them into that campaign that we’re just spending like a dollar a day on, like literally. No money whatsoever, cuz we’re just, we’re just doing it for impressions.

[00:11:30] Um, and then, you know, let’s say you’re running traffic to La Jolla, California, and you’ve sold 10 properties in La Jolla. I don’t care that you sold one, two years ago, you sold it. The whole purpose of the campaign is to say we have experienced so selling homes in La Jolla, not, we have experienced selling homes in La Jolla in the last 48 hours.

[00:11:46] Like, we always get caught up with this stuff. We believe that like, well I want to, I want to position myself as like a, you know, a local celebrity. In order to do that, I have to sell like 700 homes. And look, that would make it easier. But we’re not lying. We’re not saying that these 11 homes [00:12:00] we sold in the past week, we’re just saying like, these are all the homes we’ve sold in La Jolla, right?

[00:12:04] That’s all we’re doing. And we’re gonna drive them to a page that talks about, if you’re thinking about selling your home in La Jolla, these are the 11 things you need to know. If you wanna book a call, here’s my link below. Like very simple. And we just turned this on and we, and we just let all of these.

[00:12:18] We just let them all go. Meaning we, we let them run all the time. Cuz some people are gonna react to their listings. Some people are gonna react to the, Hey, come back and look for more homes. Some people are gonna react to the blog posts. Some people are gonna react to the lead magnets. Some people are gonna act, react to the videos.

[00:12:33] It’s everywhere different. But if you were in a local market right now, and I’ll stay on real estate, and you had Google display running a handful of campaigns, You had your front end lead generation happening through. Facebook and Instagram. You had your process driven ads that we’ll talk about next week, uh, happening through YouTube, and then you’ve got TikTok just to make you likable.

[00:12:52] With not an amazing ad spend across all those platforms. It’s a couple weeks and you are the only [00:13:00] preferred choice in your market. And again, could you do this with 20 grand a month ad spend? 100%. Could you do this in recruiting? 100%. Could you do this with a $5,000, a $2,000, $1,800 ad spend? 100%. Yes you can.

[00:13:13] And I think once you figure out, wow, every single time I. $800. I get a client every time that I get a client. I need two of those to get a deal. My average commission check is 18,000. So like, how many times can I spend money to get an $18,000 check like clockwork? And that’s the secret to all this. I, I will tell you, I’ve spoken acro about this across the country.

[00:13:32] I’ve done webinars on this. Back when I was at Tom Ferry, we talked about this all the time, and you have a lot of people that say like, Oh yeah, I sent, I spend money on social. But my guess is, is if you’re on the other side of this video right now, you probably can’t name one agent that is doing this right now.

[00:13:47] I don’t think you could name one. Right. That’s how like the opportunity is. Sure. Can we spend 10 grand a month on Facebook ads? It’s gonna be hard, but can you spend 10 grand a month with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google display, Google [00:14:00] search, all day long. And you’re never gonna run outta things to do.

[00:14:03] And like I said, the great thing is, is after a set amount of time, everybody’s like, Wow. Like this dude’s everywhere, man. He must be killing it right now. , that’s what we’re atish. So those are the audiences. You can get really creative with those. If you have any questions, let me know on the webinar. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll address those with their, uh, but now that we have the audiences, so really we have website traffic that we know, and we have cold audiences would be, which would be like everybody in Carlsbad, California, right?

[00:14:27] Let’s look how to set up those actual campaigns right now so that they’re profitable and they create that good will right away.