The Instagram Page Engagement campaign

Raw Transcription Notes

[00:00:00] Okay, now that we have the phase two video views, the SoCo Facebook page engagements, we’re gonna edit this again and we’re gonna duplicate this. We’re gonna hit duplicate and then it’s gonna create another one right here. So this one’s gonna be SoCo Instagram

[00:00:20] page engagement. So we can delete the copy here. And again, the only thing we’re gonna do here, just, we’re just gonna change a couple things. We’re gonna leave it $7, cuz this one will probably do. , and I’m gonna just type in Insta. So if Facebook’s gonna say, Hey, we’re gonna only reach a hundred, you know, a couple hundred people and we’re not gonna get any link clicks.

[00:00:39] You need to spend more money. Maybe they’re right, maybe we’re not. Maybe they’re not, we’re not gonna worry about it. Again, everybody in the United States all ages, all genders. We’re not gonna mess with any of that stuff. Gonna leave manual placements on. Um, and we can run ’em on Facebook and Instagram.

[00:00:53] But really this is an Instagram, uh, only campaign. So I’ve never done this before, but why don’t we just [00:01:00] turn Facebook off. Okay. Well, it’s not, Let me do that. I’m not really sure why this is, Let’s turn off Facebook feed. Okay. I guess we have to have it there. Marketplace. Don’t want any of this stuff. I’m not gonna do stories or real, I’m not gonna do Instream.

[00:01:21] We’re not gonna do overlay. We’re not gonna do search and turn all that stuff off in article. Don’t care about it. And again, it’s still gonna threaten us. Hey, we’re not gonna give you any results again, we’ll let the campaign tell us that.

[00:01:36] We’re gonna go to the next ad right here. And again, we’re gonna go Insta p PE for page engagements. , when you use the same video, Instagram, select the Ride Instagram account. So make sure we did that on this as well. Yep, that’s correct. Yep, that’s correct.[00:02:00]

[00:02:02] Leave all that alone. This is good. We’re just gonna change the URL parameter. So this is Insta page engagement’s, website traffic ad. We’ve got the name of the ad campaign source. Uh, it’s probably gonna be Facebook, but it could be either. because technically it could come from Instagram, but we’re not gonna get that unique.

[00:02:23] Uh, once you get a really high, uh, ad budget, then you can start to break this up. But I don’t think you need to break it up right now, so. Well, I’m good with this. We’re learn more. We’ve got that turned on. It didn’t turn on the pixel, which tells me that this probably doesn’t have the pixel turned on. It does not.

[00:02:43] So a again, I’m not gonna publish that again cuz I’m just gonna send it right back into. . Let’s make sure this one is turned on. That one’s turned on. That one’s turned on. So we’ll turn on the other one later. Once he go live again, you don’t wanna get in the habit of like, you know, taking these [00:03:00] down and putting ’em back up and taking ’em down and putting ’em back up.

[00:03:02] Cuz you just screw with the algorithm and you don’t really want to do that. So, from a retargeting perspective, we really have three groups that we’re working with right now. We have everybody who’s watched a video in phase two. We have everybody who’s ever engaged with a. Post on our Instagram page, we have everybody who’s ever engaged in the last 365 days actually with a Facebook page engagement.

[00:03:22] Uh, now you might find that, you know, the video views convert the best. Maybe, you know, everybody that just engages with your posts on one way or another, they, they do it as well. Uh, is there gonna be overlap with these three groups? Yes, there’s going to be a lot of overlap. Uh, so will you have a quantifiable.

[00:03:37] Result after looking at this for a few days or a few weeks, maybe, maybe not. Um, but you may find that just straight page engagements are, are enough and that sometimes we don’t need to track video views. I don’t think it’s gonna go that way. Uh, but it could, you know, time will tell. So we’re gonna exit outta here.

[00:03:54] We’re gonna go back to campaigns. We’re gonna go to P three traffic. We’re gonna refresh this [00:04:00] and let’s hope that’s in review. By now it’s not, cuz I think we just changed it unfortunately. . Yeah, it’s still processing. So it’s Monday. This, these should go relatively quick. Um, but on the next video I’ll give you guys some updates on, on what we’re looking at so far.