The LinkedIn Content Workflow

[00:00:00] So let’s talk about the LinkedIn, LinkedIn workflow really quick because uh, it’s actually very similar to Facebook. Now, remember, LinkedIn is a combo of social graph and interest graph. And what I mean by that is when you post content to your LinkedIn business page, not your profile, but your business page, because that’s where we’re gonna be advertising from your ability to use hashtags correctly and effect.

[00:00:21] Uh, it is gonna be the make or break point on how successful these are. So if you don’t have a LinkedIn page right now, no worry about it. You should create one, uh, brand it to yourself. Uh, if you’re in an industry to where the brand is all about a corporate identity, maybe it’s not, you know, your name like ours, or it’s like the 360 Brand Academy or Omni Brand Accelerator, uh, you could create a page around that if you wanted.

[00:00:43] my suggestion is if you want to remain flexible in the future and you are the evangelist for the company, then I would just create the page as your name. Much like we’ve done before. I think we’ve got multiple of them. Uh, but I want to kind of draw out what this process looks like. So I’m gonna go back over to my, uh, super [00:01:00] fancy screen here and on, on LinkedIn, and remember what I mean by interest graph versus social graph.

[00:01:05] Before we get into that. Interest graph means you are following content based on a specific topic. So like if you look at. Instagram reels for TikTok or Instagram, or YouTube shorts, whatever. You’re gonna see a lot of drummers, you’re gonna see a lot of camera stuff. Uh, you’re gonna see a lot of, um, you know, Porsche stuff cuz uh, I’m a big Porsche fan.

[00:01:27] Uh, so that, that dominates to feed, that’s interest graph. When you’re on a social graph, your feet is dominated by who follows you and who you follow, right? So it’s not as much about content as it is about, about, uh, who you follow. So it doesn’t matter really what they’re posting. . So Facebook, other than reals, is an, is a social graph, right?

[00:01:45] You follow who you follow, right? You see who you follow. TikTok is interest graph. You see what you’re interested in, not necessarily the people that you follow, although they are mixed in with that as well. LinkedIn is kind of a mix of both, right? So if you use hashtags correctly, [00:02:00] uh, your your, your content’s gonna show up.

[00:02:01] It’s gonna be slow to start. Um, you can’t create a brand new page and put videos up there. And, and then this thing, I’m, I’m gonna put videos on. Uh, freshly created or a freshly, um, I, I shouldn’t say freshly created cuz it’s been up for a while. We just haven’t used it. So you’re gonna see us do things from the very start, just like you would as well if you had to link, uh, or rate LinkedIn amongst all the other platforms in regards to its effectiveness, I would say it’s probably dead, even with anything.

[00:02:28] TikTok, if you’re really good creatively, and we don’t talk about this in the 360 brand. Um, if you’re really, really good, TikTok can reward you almost out of the gate. When I say really good, your ability to create engaging content, to tell an amazing story, to elicit emotion and good video, like production quality in regards to, I don’t mean like expensive cameras and lighting and all that.

[00:02:51] I mean that based on how it’s film, is it easy to consume the entire story from beginning to. It’s something that a lot of people, I would be one of them can’t really [00:03:00] do right outta the gate. It takes a lot of work to do that. So if you’re not one of those type of creators, uh, then I think LinkedIn is just as good as anything else.

[00:03:08] Right. It’s really effective. So, uh, let me walk you through this. Again, this is really similar to Facebook, but uh, the easiest way, you’re gonna let me straighten this out here. There we go. The easiest way we’re gonna start with this is you’re gonna have a video and I would do this one, either square or landscape.

[00:03:26] So either square or landscape. And, uh, we’re gonna make this anywhere from, I would say, three to 10 minutes long. We’re gonna write a description above it, and we’re gonna use anywhere to four to seven hashtags. And then obviously, if it is a. Obviously if you’re driving them to a specific product or a lead magnet or some way they can register, we want to put a link right there, but we’re not gonna manage our expectations as to how many times that links gets clicked.

[00:03:58] Right now we are in a [00:04:00] straight up video view post, so this first one’s gonna be organic. , and you might let this sit for a couple days, right? Don’t, don’t do anything. Just see how it does. Right? And if you’re gonna decide to boost it, which we’re gonna cover in this accelerator, we’re then going to run an ad and we’re gonna essentially, you know, when you go, when you get to the stage in LinkedIn of what content you want to use, it’s gonna say, Do you want to create the content right here?

[00:04:23] Or do you already have a post that you’ve already created? So we’re just gonna. This post, uh, to my knowledge, um, I don’t think there’s any difference in creating content in the ads manager versus using posts that you’ve already written. Just understand that every post that you write, that you put on your wall, your LinkedIn business page is gonna be used as an ad as long as you always have that in the back of your head.

[00:04:44] I think it’s good. I think sometimes we wouldn’t want to use organic posts from Facebook or Instagram or anything like that because we didn’t write them, uh, conversion based. We kind of half-assed it. We were just trying to get that piece of content out there. In that case, of course, I wouldn’t use that.

[00:04:58] But with LinkedIn, if you [00:05:00] just operate with the assumption that every time I post something, I’m always going to use it as an ad, then I think you’re gonna be okay. So once we do an ad again, the minimum on LinkedIn is $10 a. Can’t spend any less. Can’t do a dollar a day, can’t do $3 a day, you have to do $10 a day.

[00:05:17] So everybody that watches this video, same thing as Facebook. Whoops. Let’s delete this really quick. We’re gonna put into a video views audience, and I’ll show you how to do that as well. And then we’re gonna run our conversion ad, which may be like you right here with, you know, you guys see this format from me all the time.

[00:05:33] Text hashtags, and then you’ve got a headline right here and then a. , uh, we’re gonna run this ad to everybody who’s watched all of those videos. Now, just like Facebook or Instagram, they will take video views, uh, from paid sources and organic. So if you do really well and you get a bunch of video views organic, you don’t need to put spend any money.

[00:05:52] Pushing this on LinkedIn. Um, it, like I said earlier, it’s not gonna happen early. Right. It’s gonna take a little while for that to, for that to, um, I was gonna [00:06:00] say have happened, it’s going to take a little while for that to kind of kick in. Uh, but consistency with LinkedIn is your friend one post like.

[00:06:09] You know, once a week or once every 11 days or once a month, LinkedIn is not gonna reward you whatsoever. It is a complete waste of time on LinkedIn to do this. Uh, is that, Can you post too much? No, you can post as much as you want. They’re not gonna throttle you in, in any way whatsoever. Uh, we are not as strong in LinkedIn as I would like.

[00:06:26] In fact, one of our goals for the end of 2022 and all of 2023 is really to dive deep on LinkedIn because a lot of, uh, people in my network. who have gone all in with LinkedIn. Every one of them will tell you, uh, it’s one of their most valuable channels that they have right now. So organic post video, we’re gonna get video views.

[00:06:43] We’re gonna put that in an audience. Then we’re gonna run conversion ads to that audience. That’s it. That’s all we’re gonna do right now. You may have a two step conversion ads, so like those of you guys watching this, you know that our step one is to join us on the free challenge so we can build our offers.

[00:06:58] Step two is to join the 360 Brand [00:07:00] Academy or your legacy, the Omni brand Acceler. and, um, you know, that’s, that’s it, that’s all we sell. Unless you’re working with me one on one, there is no other product or membership a above and beyond that because I believe that most professional service businesses, uh, that take advantage of that and actually implement what’s going on inside this course, even if you only do it at 40% effectiveness, it will change the way you do business.

[00:07:23] It will change the way people buy from you. Uh, it’ll make it a lot easier. So, uh, I don’t think you need to overcomplicate this. So it would be conversion ad maybe to a lead magnet. and maybe another conversion ad to the final purchase thing. But other than that, uh, it’s really content conversion ad fi or uh, lead magnet ad rather than conversion ad.

[00:07:41] And that’s it. And your entire LinkedIn strategy is taken care of. Uh, how many times a day would I post on LinkedIn? If you can do, uh, two to three videos a day, LinkedIn will reward you. Okay. I know it’s hard. I know it’s a lot, but again, we’re creating content and hopefully the way you’re exporting it, you’re exporting it for all the platforms so you don’t have to create a ton of content.

[00:07:59] We just create a little bit [00:08:00] of content and use it every. That’s the hope. Alright, so, uh, in the next video we’ll talk about, uh, how to post it. Then we’ll run an ad, then we’ll create the audience, then we’ll do the conversion a.