The LinkedIn Retargeting Ad Campaign

[00:00:00] We’re back in the Ads manager right now and we are going to build the campaign to remarket to everybody who’s senior site. Okay? So this is how we do that. I’ll get back to my screen share here. Um, I’m at the campaign manager. We’re not gonna run this in a video views campaign. We’re gonna create a new one.

[00:00:14] So we’re gonna call this create a new group. We’re gonna call this, uh, remarketing and run continuously from a certain date. Sure. If that’s fine. We’re gonna click next, and in this case we are gonna do website visits. So we have brand awareness, website visits, video views, engagement, lead generation, website conversions, and job applicants.

[00:00:37] We’re just gonna do website visits right now cuz I’m gonna assume that my site is going to do it. Everybody in the United States is fine. We’re gonna delete all of this cuz I don’t want job titles and all that stuff anymore that’s taking it from our, our previous campaign. So I’m just gonna trash that.

[00:00:50] I’m gonna trash this, I’m gonna close this. and I don’t want video views either. Actually, we could, Right. [00:01:00] Let’s turn this off so we can start from scratch there. Remove close. Okay, so now we have no audience targeting in here whatsoever. And I know a lot of people, believe it or not, they just leave it wide open and they show it to everybody and they allow the LinkedIn algorithm to see what what will happen, you know, could be, uh, wildly effective, right?

[00:01:17] But I want to retarget all the people that either, um, watch some of my videos, 25% of my ad videos, or went to my. Or went to my page. This is how we do it. We’re gonna click on retargeting and we’re gonna go from video and it’s, I’m gonna put this in here. That’s good. And let’s get out of this. Let’s edit this.

[00:01:41] Let’s go to another one. So we’re gonna go back to retargeting again. And this time I’m gonna do, there’s my website one that I did. So it’s gonna say, did they watch 20%, I’m sorry, 25% of any of my paid video views, or have they gone to my site in the last, uh, 180 days? Or, uh, we’re gonna do company page.[00:02:00]

[00:02:00] They visited. So in this remarketing campaign, they’re gonna trigger on this based on any one of these, Not all three. They don’t have to do all three, but if they fall on any one of these categories, we’re gonna run this odd. Now it says, Do you wanna enable audience expansion? I’m gonna turn that off. And in this one you can do a single image ad, a carousel, a video, a text, a message, a conversion ad, or an event ad.

[00:02:21] Most of the time you guys are gonna do single image or you’re gonna do video ads. Uh, we tend to do video the most because video converts better for us in image, but we’ll just do image to make it safe so you guys understand it. Uh, we’re gonna, or, or so that it’s easy for you to implement is what I meant not understand.

[00:02:37] Um, we’re gonna leave both of these on. I’m gonna set this down to, I don’t think we can go lower than 10 on retargeting. Yeah. It’s still gotta be $10. , leave it on here. Maximum delivery is totally fine. Don’t care about conversion tracking. For this hit save. And now we’re gonna create an ad. So I’m not gonna use existing content, I’m gonna create a new ad.

[00:02:56] And this is very similar to the Facebook Ads manager. So [00:03:00] this is going to be, um, join our free challenge version one.

[00:03:13] We are going live,

[00:03:20] and then we’re gonna say, I don’t know the exact url, but I think it’s pages dot steve, I think is what it is. Let’s double check this. Yep, that’s it. So we’re gonna use that and we’re gonna go upload an image. . We’re gonna upload again. We’re gonna go to my desktop. There it is. This isn’t it, but this would be an example of something very similar that I would use for this, just because when you look at it, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

[00:03:54] So let’s set that. Upload really quick

[00:03:59] [00:04:00] or really slow, whatever it takes.

[00:04:07] Notice down here why that’s uploading. It says five recommended. We’ll just gonna select and see if that pulls it. There you go. Uh, the free, Yep. And again, this is not, um, this is not the headline that I would use, but we are going live nine and 10

[00:04:35] or copy this, delete, make that first. Put the second. . So we’ve got the headline, we’ve got the, uh, url, we’ve got images that wants us to create five. I would totally recommend we go five. Uh, going live on November 9th and 1110. I don’t know why I put ninth after that.[00:05:00]

[00:05:06] Call to action’s always gonna be learn more. Every time we use a different call to action, it does not seem to work for us, so we’re gonna leave it on learn more. And so this is really, um, like this is as easy as I would make it. I would not overthink it. I would create everything in the image. If I look at the image, the image should tell me right away, This is exactly what I want you to do.

[00:05:25] Uh, and this is our free offer. So this is, we take everybody through our free challenge. They should go through it. They should build their res irresistible brand. And then the whole purpose of the 360 Brand Academy is to help them implement the marketing procedures of, of taking that irresistible b offer to the open market.

[00:05:40] The easier that you create your sales process in regards to how people can engage with your. or you’re a business, uh, the more results you’re gonna get if you overcomplicate your irresistible offer. Like if it’s too long winded, if people don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter how big the outcome’s going to be, the ads will not convert.

[00:05:59] It’s su [00:06:00] super important to do this. Uh, so we’re gonna go to create. Ready to leave an add to add campaign or add to campaign. So now it’s, again, it’s gonna give you the same thing we said earlier. You need to create five ads to improve performance. So if I had a bunch of image assets, what I would do is I would create duplicates of this right here, and I would create the same thing, but I would use different images and every ad because LinkedIn’s gonna be able to tell you, Hey, we think this ad is doing the best.

[00:06:24] We think this ad is not doing really good. Now, this would be for a lead magnet. our, our lead flow for the 360 brand campaign is very simple. It’s engagement and content registered for the daily email. It’s join us on the free two day challenge and it’s take us up on the onetime offer at a fairly big discount to join the 360 Brand Academy.

[00:06:45] And then I have a select group of people that I coach one on one to help implement this at a very high level based on the size of their. There is nothing else outside of it that that is as simple and as big as I want to make the offer because anything outside of that, me or anybody else on the team, we’re just not interested [00:07:00] in fulfilling on something like that.

[00:07:01] So it allows us to create very specific content based on where they are in that funnel, and then overlay that on all the different social channels. So if you are in the real estate space, and we’ll talk about this in the next video a little bit, like we only want. a little bit on there, right? Like this is the process.

[00:07:20] Like, join my free one day, um, you know, event. You could do this recorded. It doesn’t need to be live, but we’re gonna only, this is only gonna be available on November 6th. You don’t even have to do it live. You can just make it available for one day, right? And you can say the seven step process to buying a home in, in this new market of 2022 and 2023, and people could register for that on and on November 6th.

[00:07:40] I don’t know why I’m using that date. Um, you know, the page unlocks your cr unlocks the page. They get the video. You send them a couple videos or emails saying, Hey, we’re live. We’re live. We’re live. We’re live. We’re live. And at the end of the day, we say, two hours left. If you haven’t watched it. And once they’ve watched it, we shut it off and we put them through a five email sequence of scheduling a call.

[00:07:59] This doesn’t have [00:08:00] to be a live event. In fact, . My hope is, is that in December, our free two day irresistible offer challenge is going to be something that we could run all the time. Uh, and it’s not cuz I don’t wanna do it, it’s because some people want to go through that two day challenge right now. They don’t wanna wait three weeks till we do the next one, right?

[00:08:16] So there are ways to do, um, evergreen content that we can turn off access on and off to create scarcity and, uh, I wouldn’t even say scarcity, to create urgency and then consuming the. and then you could always say like, If you missed it, let us know and we’ll unlock it for, you know, 12 hours at any time you want.

[00:08:34] Right? There’s a million ways we can do that. So don’t just think like, Well, I’m in the real estate space so I can’t do these free two day challenges. You 100%. Can we just need to localize that to how you think about that, right? So I’ll give you my funnel again, daily content on the blog and all the social channel.

[00:08:51] Lead magnets that lead to the free two day challenge and take us up on the six week. Uh, again, if you’re in legacy, you, you notice the Omni Brand Accelerator, if you’re [00:09:00] in recently you noticed a 360 brand Academy. Um, it’s the same thing. We’re just trying to make it a little less confusing, even though I’m giving you two different brands.

[00:09:08] Um, that’s really, and again, unless I coach you one on one, that’s, that’s our entire offer. We don’t do anything outside of that. So that allows me to create unlimited content on a very narrow. Of how we help people. Doesn’t matter what business you are in, once you identify that, uh, it gets very easy and it gets very, uh, effortless to scale content.

[00:09:27] All right? So that’s how you do retargeting. Again, we can do this with a free offer. We can do this with a league magnet. We can do it with a free two day challenge. You can do it, you can do it with a schedule or call. Um, but if you’re gonna do a call funnel, meaning like, Hey, if you’re thinking about, you know, investing more money in your 401k or rolling your 401k over to real estate investing, or anything like, Uh, there’s three things you need to know.

[00:09:46] Schedule a free call with me or my team and we’ll walk you through those with no obligation, no sales pitch, no bs. We just want to help. That funnel will work. However, we need to invest a lot of money in content creation up front cuz we can’t do $10 [00:10:00] a day and then run that as a second thing. People need to see a lot more content before you can take them.

[00:10:05] Right to a call. And I’m not saying you have to spend 30, 40, 50, $60,000 a month, uh, but it can’t be done on 10 to $15 a day. The budget’s gotta be bigger, and we’ve gotta have a much bigger variety of content. So again, the more commitment you want on that final offer and ads, the more content that we have up front.

[00:10:22] If you’re selling a $6, you know, um, Apple pencil cover or whatever, one piece of content, and then a retargeting ad on that all day. But if you sell anything that’s relatively expensive or requires a level of, uh, education or understanding or influence or consultation to sell, it’s a lot of content up front, right?

[00:10:42] Uh, so that’s it. That’s the entire LinkedIn funnel. Try to make that as easy as possible. If you have any questions, most people just get stuck on the tag creation. Um, and installing that on the website, just let me know on the, uh, Tuesday webinars or just send an email to members at Steve Olson dot. And we will jump on that and help you, uh, as much as we can and get you [00:11:00] unstuck with that.

[00:11:00] Otherwise, that’s LinkedIn and uh, pay attention cause I’m gonna add some bonus stuff here, uh, pretty quick in regards to content creation and all of that. Plus we’re gonna update some of the other modules to make it, uh, more modern and things that are working right now as well as we go. So this isn’t the end of the journey.

[00:11:16] This is the only beginning we are to, he here to help As much as you can, any questions, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the next.