The LinkedIn Video Views Ad

[00:00:00] Now that we’ve got the video uploaded, and that was a, uh, half a gig file, took about 15 minutes for that to process down. Now that we’ve got that uploaded, there’s an actual post on the page. Now we want to boost that for a few bucks a day, $10 a day or more. To see if we can do that. Now remember, like I told you in the previous video, I don’t want you guys just running right to the ads right away.

[00:00:18] If you’re doing a, you know, if you’re really paying attention to the video and you’re giving away really good content and it’s very thoughtfully produced, I think what you might find is that LinkedIn over time is going to give you a little bit of juice to push this because they’re still in the business of doing that, unlike some of the other platforms, right?

[00:00:34] So, um, just because you post one video doesn’t mean we need to rush right away to spend money. I’m just gonna show you on this video how it would spend money on that if you were ready to do that. So let’s go over to the screen share right here. So I’m at my, uh, LinkedIn post. There’s the post we just pasted, or there’s the, uh, video we just uploaded.

[00:00:52] We’re gonna click on work right here. And then we’re gonna go to advertise. And this is probably gonna take us to this account right here, individual [00:01:00] account. We’re going to create a new. . And so we’re gonna do a create a new group and we’re gonna call this, uh, Video Views campaign. We’re gonna make that active.

[00:01:14] We’re gonna start it today. 11 one. We’re gonna hit create. And there we go. Right there. We’re gonna go next. And we’re gonna say, Hey, what’s your objection? Well, for this one, I only want video views because I just wanna, I just wanna further the brand right now, not really worried about too much other than that.

[00:01:29] And you’ll notice right here, 30 day cost per video view. It’s super cheap, which is amazing. Um, again, this is probably, yeah, that’s, that’s based on a $3,000 ad spend. We’re obviously not gonna spend, spend that much. Now I am in the entrepreneur consulting space, right? So we help, you know, professional service based brands build a.

[00:01:49] Uh, brand. So I want to, um, audience attributes. I want to go to demographics, and I want, I want to start to look at, um, interests and traits rather. And you can go from anywhere. Now, if you’re in [00:02:00] the real estate space, you’re gonna be limited to this a little bit, but we want to narrow the audience. So you can either go to audiences and maybe you have, you know, your clients that are in here or look like audience or retargeting audience in third party or other.

[00:02:11] Uh, this is a video views campaign, so we are not retargeting at all. So we’re gonna ignore the a. But we are gonna go to audience attributes. We’re gonna make sure that everybody’s in the United States cause we don’t really help anybody outside of the country. And here are our options, right? We can go to company and we can say what category of companies are they in?

[00:02:28] Uh, are they connected with certain companies? Are they a follow of certain companies? Are they, you know, how big’s their company growing? What’s the industry they’re in? What’s the name of the company? What’s the company revenue company side? Uh, demographics. You can do age and gender education is basically how much.

[00:02:44] uh, contributed or how much they completed rather not contributed. I didn’t graduate, so that makes sense why I can’t say this. Um, you can search by job functions, seniority, titles, skills, years of experience, and then we have group interests, general interests. [00:03:00] You know, there’s a lot, right? So you go marketing and advertising, it’s gonna give you all this stuff and it’s just gonna keep going.

[00:03:05] Right? So depending on, you know, what, what you’re looking. , uh, it, it can get pretty deep. I mean, their interest graph that they have in LinkedIn’s pretty significant, right? So I’m gonna go back to interest and traits, and I’m gonna go to, uh, job experience and I’m gonna go to job titles and I’m gonna just gonna search for everybody in marketing.

[00:03:25] So I’m gonna go to sales and marketing specialists, marketing manager, director. I don’t really care about assistant interns or coordinators, uh, because they’re probably not going to purchase stuff. Um, job seniority is going to be senior or manager or director. So you notice our cost is going up a little bit.

[00:03:46] That’s totally fine.

[00:03:53] Um, we’re gonna leave that as, or I don’t really care about. And, um, actually we should do [00:04:00] job seniority may not be used for titles. That’s fine, we’ll close that off. And so right now, if I spend this much money, uh, we’re gonna get this many impressions video through rate. Um, it’s gonna view through rate, I think is what that’s called.

[00:04:19] Yeah. Views. Your ads are gonna receive how many video views we’re gonna get, and then how much I’m gonna pay for that. All right, so that’s good. Now you notice right here it says Enable, Enable an audience expansion. And what this means is they’re gonna say, Hey, we think we know who you’re going after, but we’re gonna take this group up here and we’re gonna make it bigger because we think we know a whole bunch of people that are very similar to them.

[00:04:41] So if you want that pay attention. Seven to 10 cents and 22 to 62,000. If I turn that off, it’s going to go a little bit bigger. It’s gonna go cheaper. Uh, and you may think like, Well wait a second, why is this 82 to 220 like it? This went smaller. This went like, Why is that happening? I [00:05:00] don’t have an answer to that.

[00:05:00] I have no idea why it does that. So we normally leave this off even though we don’t have a whole lot of experience with LinkedIn. Uh, it’s gonna say create your ad right here. Uh, do you want to do LinkedIn and the audience network? I’m gonna turn audience network off, but check this out. Um, you see how these costs just skyrocketed?

[00:05:19] It’s because this LinkedIn audience network is gonna put this on a bunch of LinkedIn related sites. So if you just want straight up video views and you want to get as many people as you can to watch this, then I would leave that. For the retargeting ads, uh, we wanna leave that off because we only want to hit them on LinkedIn, but for this one, I think it’s totally okay to leave that on.

[00:05:38] Again, I’m gonna change this down to $10 a day. We can’t change that. And you know, the numbers really didn’t change. This isn’t all that far off from Facebook. If you crush a Facebook video views campaign, you could probably get a half cent video view. Uh, so it is a little bit more expensive, but it’s not far off.

[00:05:54] So now let’s create the ad. Click there. Conversion [00:06:00] tracking, Don’t care cuz we’re just doing video. Let’s save it. We’re just doing video use and now we’re gonna go to ads campaigns. So you notice we have these two options up here. Create new ads or browse existing content. I’m gonna browse existing content and this was that post that I just posted earlier, so all I have to do is check it right there and click sponsor.

[00:06:20] Close this off. And so now I’m already at the third step of this and it’s gonna say, Hey, you might want to create five different ads for this audience because we think we can do better if we have five different ones. Well, I don’t have five right now that I can use. Uh, but normally I would do that if that, if, if I could do that, if that was possible.

[00:06:36] So I’m gonna hit next, and now it’s gonna say, Hey, this is everything that you wanted to do. Do you wanna launch? And that’s it. That’s all you have to do to launch a video use campaign inside LinkedIn to get more people to focus on the videos that you want to create. Now, you’ll notice in the post that I didn’t put a link in there.

[00:06:55] I didn’t say, Go here to join. I didn’t do any of that. It’s just a video view, [00:07:00] the discipline that you have that you need to have to have. with a 360 brand Academy is that you must possess the belief system that the more people who understand who you are, the easier it is to sell. And the easiest way to undo that process is to say, Here’s a little bit of content.

[00:07:19] Buy my stuff, a little bit of content, buy my stuff. If it feels like. You know, it gets very like tone deaf at all. In fact, one of the people that I think does this amazingly well, uh, two people is Grant Cardone and Gary Vayner check, uh, Grant’s very loud, does it, you know, a million times a day. And then he also runs, you know, millions of dollars in ads.

[00:07:37] Gary v’s. A little bit different. He’s like, Hey, if I just get everybody in the world to know who I am, they’ll just go search for how we can help. We’re not gonna run ads. And um, I may be mistaken on this, but from what I’ve heard, I don’t know that Gary spends any money on his personal brand on ads because they’ve got a content creation team.

[00:07:53] Freaking crushes content, right? Uh, I wish I had that. I wish you had that as well. If you had a bunch of money to spend right [00:08:00] now, arguably your best spent dollar would be on a videographer that followed you all all day around with a, with a camera, and then somebody else who took all that footage and just created a massive amount of content.

[00:08:10] But until you get to that point, these short form videos that we’re covering in this accelerator, uh, are the way that you can expand that brand or build that brand in your local. Uh, so in the next video I’ll show you how to create that custom audience. We’ll just go back a few steps and we’ll add that video.

[00:08:25] And then after that we’re running add to that custom audience, uh, based on a lead magnet, and then everybody that takes advantage of that and that we can go to a call schedule page. All right, let’s keep going.