The LinkedIn Video Views Custom Audience

[00:00:00] In the previous video, we talked about how to launch a very basic video views campaign in LinkedIn Ads Builder. Now what we want to do is we wanna run a second campaign to everybody who’s engaged with those. Now remember when I show you how to create this audience, LinkedIn is gonna put people in this audience just like Facebook and Instagram does.

[00:00:16] It doesn’t matter if the video view is paid or if it’s organic, they all go in there. So lemme show you where that’s at really quick. We’ll go back to a screen share. Now I’m in this campaign that we almost launched here a second ago, and if we go over. To audience, you’ll notice that we had this option to do audiences list, upload, lookalike, retargeting, third party or other, and we had audience attributes.

[00:00:37] And you notice that we’re running this ad to sales and marketing specialists, Marketing manager, marketing director, and marketing specialists or director, senior manager, right? Uh, but let’s say that we want to create a second ad, but we only want to run it to everybody who’s ever watched any of our. In audiences right here, you’re gonna see a retargeting option, and then you’re gonna go video, and then it’s gonna say you haven’t created [00:01:00] any of these video audiences yet.

[00:01:01] So we’re gonna click this button right here that says Create Video audience. And we’re gonna call this, um, phase one video Views. Um, we call it phase one because these are very high level videos. There’s, they’re not conversion videos. This is just so you know who I am. Uh, I was at, you know, for a Halloween party where I was talking about video creation with one of our neighbors and he goes, Dude, how much video do you create every day?

[00:01:26] I said, Not much. Maybe a couple videos every day. Some are only a minute long. Summer, five to 10 minutes long. Plus I do coaching calls and webinars and. and he is like, I see your videos all the time, and my neighbor is an entrepreneur, but he’s not our avatar of our client. Now he follows my pages, which is why he sees the content.

[00:01:42] But that’s the very thing that you want when you’re meeting with your sales, uh, opportunities, is you want people to see or say, I see your stuff all over the place. Like when they say that you’ve already won. Right. That, that’s what we’re after right now. So let’s go back to the screen share and it’s gonna say, how do they engage people who watch 25, [00:02:00] 50, 75, or 90?

[00:02:02] Remember when I told you on LinkedIn we’re gonna do three to 15 minute segments. So if you only put people that have watched 97% of your video add, right? This isn’t, this is, uh, ads, right? Um, then that’s gonna be a small list unless you’re spending thousands of dollars. So I’m gonna leave that at 25% and it’s gonna say, Hey, which one you want to do?

[00:02:22] I’m gonna say any video in this. and if you had a whole bunch of campaigns, you can put it in there and we’re gonna say, when did they engage? Uh, and I’m just gonna say 180, even though this is a brand new, uh, thing. And I’m gonna go to agree and create. So now we’ve got P one video views. So the way that we set this up is that anybody who joins or, or, or launches, like let’s say right here where we have setup up.

[00:02:47] We’ll go back to this. Let’s say I have like 10 ads in here that are all running at different times. It’s gonna say any of these videos in the, in this campaign will count towards this, even though I’ve only got one. Right? Uh, so that’s how we set that up. If [00:03:00] you go into, I don’t think we can do this normally, uh, cuz it’s a little bit different here.

[00:03:09] Let’s go back over here and we’ll go to create. We don’t want to create a, Oh, there we go. It’s under, That’s weird. It’s under Planed audiences. That doesn’t make any sense to me. So if we go to create an audience and we go to, uh, retarget by, let’s see, website, video, single image, lead gen form, event, company page.

[00:03:28] Yeah. It’s only ads now. So I misspoke in the previous one that you cannot do organic videos. It is only. Now if you wanna get people that are engaging with you on organic content, there’s still a way we can do it. You’re gonna go to audiences, create audience, and you’re gonna go to company page. And you have all these options right here.

[00:03:45] People who visited your organization page or people who click to call to action button. And the header, I don’t know how value this is, but people who visited, so I’m gonna go to Steve Olson, page visits. [00:04:00] Uh, let’s do last 180 days. So this, it doesn’t matter what they do on the page right here, uh, all that it matters is they go to the page.

[00:04:07] I’m gonna go to agree and create, and right now I’ve got 12 unique visitors. Uh, and you notice like before when I posted that video, I think I only had six. So in just the last, you know, 10, 15 minutes, there’s already six more organic visitors that saw that video. No idea what they saw or how they saw it or anything like that.

[00:04:23] It’s growing. So now I’ve got all my phase one video views that are paid, and I’ve got everybody who’s visited my page. That’s on here. Now, I don’t know that this is gonna populate if they see my video in their feed and play the video. I think it’s only going to populate if they actually click the video and go to the page.

[00:04:41] But nevertheless, with LinkedIn, you wanna have this turned on because everybody that visits your page for any reason, we want them in this audience so that we can say, Hey. Join my email, take advantage of this league magnet. Schedule a call with me, here’s how I can help. And again, very low dollar spend.

[00:04:56] No more than $10 a day, $300 a month on that. [00:05:00] Uh, and just because your budget, this is really important to understand. Just because your budget is, uh, $10 a day doesn’t mean LinkedIn’s going to spend it. Right? So if you’re doing retargeting it, it’s $10 a day and we’re gonna, we’re gonna launch that retargeting ad.

[00:05:13] uh, in the next video. Um, just because your budget is set to a certain dollar amount. If the audience isn’t big enough, it’s not gonna hit it. They’re not just gonna arbitrarily spend that money. So you got a little bit of protection there. Um, LinkedIn’s a very, people are very proud to have built out LinkedIn profiles, so I don’t want you guys to like, I know this is the last module of, of the accelerator and, and we’re actually gonna launch a couple bonus ones going forward.

[00:05:36] Um, but just because this is last doesn’t mean I think it’s the least effective for a lot of you guys out there. LinkedIn is probably your best platform overall, especially if you’re in the consulting space. Um, we have a couple other pages that we’re trying to migrate, all of the one that I’m showing you right now.

[00:05:51] Um, and when we focus on LinkedIn, we get really, really good results. It’s just that it’s not as, set it and forget it as some of, some of the other ad platforms are. So you [00:06:00] need to pay a little bit more attention. And I don’t have a whole ad team on our, our team doing this, so I wish we could pay attention in much more greater detail, but we can’t.

[00:06:07] Right. So that’s how you set up the custom audience. Uh, I’ll give you links to those below this in the, in the show notes. In the next one, I’ll show you how to build a campaign with a very specific call to action to those specific audiences.