The Page post campaign

Raw Transcription Notes

[00:00:00] Okay. Now that we have that set, we’re gonna go to campaigns again, Ads Manager, and we’re gonna go over here. There’s our engagement. We’re gonna set our filters to show everything. Delivery. Campaign delivery is either active or pending. So that’s gonna show that. Let’s create another one. And, uh, again, because we’re gonna do all page engagement, I’m gonna go straight up traffic on this one.

[00:00:28] For page engagements and for phase three, we’re gonna do traffic. So we’re gonna call this phase three, and then remember, this controls the objective, this controls who sees it. So the first one we’re gonna do is SoCo Facebook page engagements. I don’t know what the name of the ad is yet, so we’re gonna go to continue, we’ll select that video in a second.

[00:00:53] Again, P three traffic. No, don’t have to worry about categories. All this is fine. We’re gonna leave that alone. [00:01:00] Uh, this is going to be, Hey, where do you want this conversion to do? I want, I want it to be a website conversion, right? Cause I’m gonna send ’em to traffic. I’m gonna have them bill me based on link clicks.

[00:01:09] And this one I’m gonna put it at $7 cuz we’re still working on building the audiences right. , we’re gonna start it today. We’re never gonna turn it off. And for SoCo page engagements, we’re gonna come here, we’re gonna type in SoCo, I think it’s called FB page. There it is, right there. And it’s gonna say, Hey, we probably get, you know, a few hundred people a day with this.

[00:01:29] I don’t think you’re gonna get any link clicks. Don’t freak out if you’re says zero. That’s totally okay. Um, now if we jack this budget up to 50 bucks, you’ll start to see, okay, so if Facebook thinks at $50 a day, they can get you about 20 clicks. We’re gonna leave it at seven. And we’re gonna look at it after two days and we’re gonna see, is this really zero?

[00:01:48] I don’t think it’s going to be zero, uh, but if it is, we will come back and do it. We’re gonna leave the United States age. We’re gonna leave all that stuff alone. And now we’re gonna go to the new traffic ad. Change this to Steve [00:02:00] And again, we’re gonna do create ad manual uploads, single image. So let’s go find a video here that’s in our phase three.

[00:02:10] Let’s do this one square. So did you know you can get more clients? Like a few dollars a day? Okay, so we’re gonna call this page engagements and then again, we’re gonna, we’re gonna use the same format we use for all the other ads, so watch this to learn how you can get more clients while only spending a few dollars.

[00:02:40] Now I’m not gonna put the domain. Previously we were putting six, uh, week brand down here. We’re not gonna do that cuz we, this is a straight up lead gen conversion or website traffic one. So they’re gonna click down here. I’m not gonna rely on this. So how to scale a brand?[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] We’re got a website. Let’s go find that domain we’re gonna use, I think this is it right here. Nope, it’s six week.

[00:03:13] Yep. That’s what we want. So we’re gonna pace this link right there. We’re gonna build out your UTM parameter. And again, you don’t have to do this

[00:03:24] ad name. So we’re gonna say it is gonna come from Facebook. Uh, it’s gonna be Facebook page engagements, website, traffic ad, and then the name of the ad. So we’re gonna apply that template there. That’s good. We’ve got learn more. We’ve got the link in there. I don’t think we really need a description on this campaign, but we’ll probably put it in there anyway.

[00:03:46] So again, we’ve named this, we’ve selected this single image or video. I’m gonna leave these two on. I don’t know if that’s gonna make a difference or not. And if you remember before, um, this is processing the video and the [00:04:00] reason why these aren’t showing. Is because it’s not done processing. This happens every once in a while, so we’ll give this another second.

[00:04:07] If it doesn’t, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna refresh and re-upload it. Everything else should be saved.

[00:04:21] While we’re doing that, you wanna make sure that this pixel is installed. So that’s 99 6 is the end of the pixel id. There it is right there. So it is showing. This is just, uh, Facebook Pixel Helper. It is a Google Chrome extension plugging. It’s free, so just Google, Facebook. If you go to your Chrome store, there it is, right there.

[00:04:44] And you just Google, I think it’s called Facebook Pixel Helper.

[00:04:52] There it is, right there. Featured. You’re just gonna click on it and you’re gonna click. Mine says Remove from Chrome. You’re gonna click add to. [00:05:00] and then that’s how you can test if your pixel is live. So this is still processing. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna refresh the page and let’s see if that video took, It did not.

[00:05:11] So we’re gonna add video again. Let’s see if that’s up here. It’s not. So let’s upload it. We’ll go find that square one again and let’s see if this is only, you know, 50 seconds long, so it should process it really.

[00:05:28] There we go. And you know it’s processed cuz now you’ve got all these placements in here. So I’m gonna go to edit video really quick. I’m gonna go to thumbnail and I’m gonna make sure the beginning of the thumbnail is the first frame of the video. It’s safe. That way for the brief second, they’re gonna see the headline even though nobody’s really gonna see that.

[00:05:46] It’s gonna play really quick. Uh, I think we’re pretty much good. So let’s just do a once over really quick. We’ve got phase three traffic. Auction traffic. That’s all good. We’re gonna run this to the [00:06:00] Facebook page. Engagement. The last 365 days. It’s a website traffic. We’re gonna get billed per link click.

[00:06:05] We’re gonna spend $7 a day. Facebook saying, Hey, that’s not enough money. Uh, don’t listen to them. We’ll see if that’s the case or not. That page, the entire country, uh, ooh, we wanna do manual placements. Let’s turn off Messenger and audience network. , turn off all this stuff.

[00:06:26] Okay? It’s a good thing we caught that. We’re gonna come over here. It’s gonna say, Hey, this isn’t gonna work. No problem whatsoever. Don’t even launch it there. We don’t care. It’s optimized. Make sure there’s no spelling errors.

[00:06:51] I, I might try in the future to see if watch more makes a difference. I, we, I tend to do learn more. That does well for us. The [00:07:00] link is good, so we’re always gonna click preview url, make sure that fire’s right. It does. Don’t care about Facebook event or phone call. Tracking is good. Double check that pixel and we publish.

[00:07:15] There you go. Now, I don’t expect any results from this campaign yet because, uh, well, this one may get in because we’re doing page page engagements and the next campaign, I’m gonna show you how to do phase two video. It’s the same thing. We’re just gonna change the audience.