The Pillar Content

5-10 Minutes long is the goal – ***No longer than it takes to tell the story. Longer is OK. 

It should tell a story. It should contain an opinion. It should lead to a result. 

You can use comedy, anger, sarcasm, sadness/pain or any combo of any of the above but there must be emotion.

Don’t play the middle. All of the money and influence is earned on the fringes, The stuff no one is willing to talk about.

The deeper you go, the better the results you will get. 

Do not fall into the trap of believing views are an indicator of value… This is a mistake in the first 12 months of content. 

In a local market, we are not looking to build content that gets 95,000 views. Hundreds to a few thousand is key.(If going on YouTube)

The easiest content to create is anything list based. IE 

  • The 4 best places for pizza in San Diego.
  • The 5 most expensive homes on the market (IDX Screen share)
  • The 3 most popular walkable neighborhoods 

Don’t overthink this. 

Every video should lead up to a lead magnet or your pillar USP.