Uploading the video to YouTube

[00:00:00] We’ve got the video, uh, dropped on the computer right now. The first thing that we need to do before we run the YouTube ads is we need to upload that YouTube as a private video on our YouTube channel. So I’m gonna go, uh, to one of my channels here. We’re just gonna go to create here in YouTube. We’ve already gotta have a YouTube account upload video.

[00:00:16] Okay? So we’re gonna upload the file here. I believe it’s over Steve Olson. That downloads right here. There it is. So it’s 39 megs. Click open. And look, while this is uh, uploading, I will tell you the more raw the video, the more selfie it looks, I’m telling you it’s gonna do better, right? So you can go out there with a dslr, you can go out there with a mic, you can do all of that if you want.

[00:00:38] Uh, it will still do well, but the raw va, the raw videos will do well as well. So that’s uploading right there. So I’m just gonna call this, uh, New Carlsbad. And uh, the title is going to be, um, Visible in the ad. So I’m gonna say New Carlsbad listing hitting market on 10, [00:01:00] let’s say sometime, couple weeks.

[00:01:03] Don’t worry about a description, we’re not gonna use that. Don’t worry about a thumb yet. We don’t care about this. Uh, don’t care about any playlists. . No, it is not for kids. Uh, this is not a paid promotion. You may think this is a paid promotion. It’s not. Paid Promotion is when you go on YouTube and you say like, This is really good lipstick.

[00:01:20] You should buy this lipstick. And I get a commission for that. That’s not what we’re doing right now. So we’re gonna uncheck that. Sure. You can do chapters, automatic places, whatever. Not gonna worry about any of this cuz this is just an ad. Uh, and we’re go to next. No subtitles, no cards. I don’t care about any of.

[00:01:36] Uh, no copyright, of course. And then we’re gonna make this private right there. Uh, we may need to make it unlisted, actually. So let’s make it unlisted and we’re gonna go to safe. So now we’ve got this video here. If I go click on it, uh, listen. This week we’re going to list a new home for sale. Carlsbad, California.

[00:01:55] It’s got four bedrooms, three baths. It is the, that’s it. So I’m good with that. I’m not [00:02:00] really gonna do anything else. Let’s turn that off here. Okay. Uh, I’m not gonna do anything else with it. I’m gonna leave it there. So in the next video, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this video and we’re just gonna a advertise it to basically everybody in Carlsbad, California.

[00:02:15] It’s only 20 seconds long, so my gut’s gonna tell me that if you do something like this, you’re probably gonna pay somewhere like in the pennies for these to get viewed. Uh, it’s really freaking cheap. Um, like it’s ridiculously cheap. So let’s go to the next video. Let me show you how to launch this and you guys are gonna think.

[00:02:33] Like this is theft, cuz that’s really what it is. It’s theft. It’s that easy. All right