YouTube Ads Overview

[00:00:00] YouTube, In my opinion, this is the most powerful platform you could possibly spend money on in 20 22, 20 23, probably 24, probably 25 ago on. Uh, it’s because the number one reason why people search YouTube is how to do things. So if you’re in a service based business, uh, the examples I’m gonna give you are gonna be the real estate slide because that’s what we focus on.

[00:00:20] Uh, there is no better platform to where you could just continue to give, give, give, give. And if you get your titles right, if you get your, uh, captions and thumbnails and all of that stuff. Today we’re gonna talk more about ads and we are organic content. But if you really understand how to go deep within your local market, So if you were a real estate agent in Denver, Colorado, uh, I would be making nothing but Denver, Colorado videos.

[00:00:44] I would have Denver, Colorado in every single one of my videos one way or. Now, it could be three things you need to know before you write a contract in Denver, Colorado. Top three neighborhoods I would consider if I was looking for a four bedroom home in Denver Co. Colorado, right? All these D, and we can [00:01:00] run ads on this.

[00:01:00] These can be organic videos. There’s anything that we can do where there are a lot, there’s a lot of things that we can do rather to push this content out here. And I’m telling you YouTube video. , it’s crazy cheap, right? Uh, I’m gonna focus 99% on this week’s accelerator, on on normal landscape videos. I’ve actually got an ad that I’m gonna show you how I would, how I would run if I just wanted to do a very simple, uh, listing advertisement that I wanted to run like right now with very little production whatsoever.

[00:01:27] It’s super easy. The benefits to this, uh, is you get branding for free. This is by far the biggest opportunity for branding for you. You get that all for free. Number two, your cost per click. It’s gonna be a little higher than you will, uh, be on Facebook or Instagram, but they’re gonna be so much more engaged.

[00:01:43] Uh, that click in regards to a click from Facebook or Instagram and the targeting options are just totally ridiculous. So the example that I’m gonna give you today would be, uh, maybe you just signed a new listing. I recorded a video right here on my phone. I’ll actually give you the video inside the accelerator this week.

[00:01:59] I’ll show you how to [00:02:00] upload that as a private video to YouTube. We’ll run it as an ad and, uh, you know, a page that I would run that to, um, in regards to how I would convert that to a lead. Now you may choose just to get an obscene amount of traffic and know that the more traffic that you get, the more people will reach out to you.

[00:02:15] Or you can run them all to a squeeze page. I would do it both. Uh, in fact, every listing you take, I would have a strategy for open. Squeeze and remarketing so that we can continue to build this audience over and over and over again. I would argue that one of the number one reasons, especially in the real estate base, to specialize in area in an area is because you can continue to run these video ads on top of each other over and over and over and over again, and then pretty soon it’s like, Whoa, Steve, I like, I see you everywhere.

[00:02:42] Like your stuff’s all over YouTube. I see you on all these websites. I see you on Facebook, and again, we’re not spending that much money. YouTube is the very vehicle. That will be the, the, the social media platform that will set you apart from everything else, right? So you can do Facebook ads really well.

[00:02:59] [00:03:00] Google, uh, display ads really well. Instagram real ads, really. You’re gonna get a lot of traction, but the glue that holds ’em all together or that makes you real or that does the selling without you having to do the selling, is 100% YouTube. So in this course, I’ll walk you through a very simple setup on how I would run a listing video to very specific, uh, subset of people in your market, uh, using just your phone.

[00:03:22] And you can record it right here in the office. You don’t need to actually go on location. Uh, this is a good one. If there was one that you paid attention to for all six weeks of the accelerator, this would be the one that I would implement, right? This would be the very one. Uh, I hope this is valuable.

[00:03:36] Let’s get through it and I’ll see on the next one.